2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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 It's the early morning of day 4 when Malia sneaked out of the bookshop,  just before Gracie started her new workday. 

Gabe comes out of his bedroom but is not cheerfully welcomed by Grace, who remains silent ..... 

Grace is a bit angry, but must off all disappointed, with Gabe because he has been fucking with Malia all night. 

Outside the bookshop a Creole person is peeping through the window and both Gabe and Grace are frightened by this

Grace has left the fresh morning newspaper on the counter again, so first read the newspaper again.

Gabriel does not believe his eyes because ....... The newspaper reports that the police have closed the investigation into the Voodoo Murders. The official reading is that those murders were the result of a war within an underworld cartel and that war is now over. Gabe also reads his daily horoscope and an advertisement from a jeweler, Sam Springler, which can be found in the Napoleon House.

 Put the newspaper away and then talk to Grace and ask her via "Request Research" to do research on the Vévé via "Research this pattern", so on the patterns found on the various Crime scene and where the Artist has made a reconstruction drawing off. Gabe then gives the Vévé drawing to Grace.  Then ask if Grace has "Messages" and do that twice ...and that turns out to be the case because Gabe's grandmother has called and has asked if Gabe can finally stop by to clean out the stuff of his father. Also Wolfgang Ritter, from Germany, has called again and he claims that he is family of Gabe. Ask Grace now for the phone number of Wolfgang Ritter, via "Wolfgang Ritter's Number". Exit from the conversation screen and ......Grace gives Gabe a piece of paper with the telephone number of that Wolfgang Ritter.

 It is high time to visit Grandma, so open the map via the map button, or leave the shop. 

Open the second screen of the map and click the "Grandma Knight's House" location to visit Grandma now. 

At Grandma's home: 

Gabe calls and Grandma opens and she is happy to see Gabriel. Grandma is pretty much the only person in the world who is always happy to see Gabriel. Gabe is not always such a nice boy, especially not to women, but to Grandma Gabe is always a nice boy

Talk to Grandma and ask her about all the topics, but especially about her and about the "Knight Family". Through the "Knight Family" topic you then ask Granny about Gabe's grandfather, "Harrison Knight", and about Gabe's parents "Philip Knight" and "Margaret Templeton Knight". Keep asking about Gabe's grandfather and his father and mother until granny has nothing new to say about it. 

Gabe's grandfather and father both suffered from nightmares, just like Gabe now has. Gabe's father and mother died in a car accident when Gabe was 8 years old. Gabe's mother was of rich Creole origin. You find out  that the tomb of Gabe's mother is on "Cemetery 1". Grandma asks Gabe to visit the tomb. You have earned another point with this. 

If you have asked everything about Gabe's grandfather and father and mother, then you give grandma a compliment and then you finish the conversation via "Exit". Then click the Exit to Attic and ..... Gabriël lifts himself out of chair to climb up the stairs to the

 Attic: The Clock puzzle: 

In the attic we see an armchair and a chest. The armchair is covered with a sheet. Between the armchair and the chest stand a beautiful old clock on the table. Left click the old Clock and then use the gears to view the clock in close-up. The Clock Face of the clock has a Minute Hand and a Hours Hand and 6 symbols .... 

You can turn both the big hand and the symbols around. The Big Hand is now at 12 o'clock. The symbols are in a ring around the Clock Face and you can rotate that ring to put the symbols in a different position. The symbols are: Sword, Sun, Angel, Eclipse, Nose, Dragon. A drawer (Design) sticks in the base of the clock and you can not open it now. In the left side of the clock's base you see a Keyhole. Exit from the clock close-up.

Left click on the big Chest and then click again the Gear icon to open up the chest..... You look into the chest and it is full of stuff from Gabe's grandfather ..you can view a number of things that are in the chest with your eye and you will hear the Narrator who tells you what it is. Bottom left you see a Cross on a photo ..... Left click on that Cross and then click the gears to move the cross to the middle of the chest .... Do this also with the Photo and then pick up the Key

 Close the close-up screen. Click on the Clock again and then again the gears to get back into the clock screen. At the beginning of Day 1 you have read the "Drei Drachen" poem in the bookshop, in the "Poetry book" by Heinz Ritter. In the German-English dictionary  you also looked up the English translation of a number of German words such as  "Drei" and "Drachen" so Gabe know that they translate as "Three Dragons"

Around the Clock's Face of the clock are 6 symbols. If you click on a symbol and then hold down the left mouse button you can rotate the symbols counter-clockwise and clockwise, to set the symbols to another hour. You can also do that with the big hand of the clock.  The Dragon symbol is now at 10 o'clock (X) and the hands are now at 12 o'clock (XII)

Now turn the Dragon symbol to 12 o'clock (XII) and then turn the Big Hand around until the Small Hand is at 3 o'clock (III) and the Big Hand is at 12 o'clock (XII) again. 

Then click on the Keyhole and then click the Key to insert the key into the keyhole. Left click on the Key and then the gear icon and ..... You turn the key and this causes the drawer to open in the clock.

In the drawer there is a Photo and a Letter. Take the Photo and the Letter out of the drawer. View the "Clock Letter" with your eye ...... 

The "Narrator" tells that the letter comes from "Schloss Ritter", in Rittersberg West Germany. The letter is addressed to "My son Heinz" and written by Wilhelm Ritter......A recurring word in the letter is the word "Treasure hunter"

To view the Photo you have to open the inventory .... Then first click the Loupe and then the "Ritter Photo" to view the photo in close-up ........ The "Narrator" report that the photo was taken at "Schloss Ritter in 1925". If you look at the photo with the eye then the "Narrator" reports that one of the three young men in the picture is Gabe's grandfather

Close the close-up screen and click the "Exit" on the attic ladder fence to return to the living room, where grandma is still sitting on her sofa.  Click on the chair .... Gabe sits down again Select the "Clock Letter" in Inventory and show the letter to Granny ..... Granny doesn't no any German, so select the "Ritter Photo" "and show it to Granny .... 

Granny then points out the middle young man as being Gabe's grandfather Harrison Knight .......Granny doesn't know the other two men in the photo

Talk to Grandma again and now ask her about "Heinz Ritter", of which Gabe has read in the letter from Wolfgang Ritter. 

Keep asking Granny about Heinz Ritter and "Wolfgang Ritter" until granny has nothing new to say about it. You earn 2 points.

Granny now tells that Heinz Ritter was the real name of Gabe's grandfather, who was from Germany but has changed his name to Harrison Knight when he emigrated to the U.S.A. Granddad Knight has never wanted to talk about his life before he emigrated to America, so Granny can't tell anything about it, except that Heinz felt that the Ritter Family was "Crazy" and that he never want to have contact with the Ritter's again. When Granny has nothing more to say about Heinz Ritter then you can also ask her if she knows what "Schattenjäger" means. Granny then says that Gabe's grandfather kept shouting this word during his nightmares. 

Exit the conversation and open the Map via the map button or leave Granny's house. Click on the Lantern pole to get the map of the "French Quarter" and now go back to the cemetery: 

St. Louis Cemetery: 

You end up at the "Marie Leveau" tomb again. Now click the "Exit to Tomb", left behind the Leveau burial house ...... Gabe ends up at the tomb of his family. 

On the front side of the tomb are the names of Gabe's family members, who are buried in the tomb. A small green vase stand in front of the tomb and ... in the background a squirrel is running around. Read the names of Gabe's family ..... Harrison Knight, Phillip Knight and Margeret Knight .... Then click with your talk cursor on these 3 names to "greet" them and .... When Gabe is done greeting the souls of his grandfather , father and his mother then ..... the squirrel appears and this little animal breaks the green vase in smithereens .... Between the shards of the green vase lies a piece of paper ..... Look at the Broken Vase....and... that piece of paper appears to be a $ 20 bill ... take it

Close the close-up, open the Map and travel back to your bookshop: 

St . George's Bookshop: 

The Creole man is still staring through the window and .... neighbor Bruno comes in .... Bruno is the flower man and he wants to buy the snake painting that hangs on Grace's wall. Well ..... Gabe needs money to buy the crocodile mask "Willy Jr." and that thing costs $ 120, -.... Gabe has just stolen $ 20, - at the cemetery, so he still need $ 100, -. 

To Grace's horror Gabe ask Bruno now "How Much" and ..... Bruno offers $ 100, - so sell the painting to Bruno via "Fine. It's yours". 

Grace does not understand it, but.... it is not her business either ... Bruno is crying for joy that he has obtained the painting so cheaply and he quickly leave the shop with the thing. You now have 143 of the 362 points, but we are going to increase that number right now because it is time to give that Wolfgang Ritter a call. So enter the bedroom again and select "Wolfgang's Number" in inventory . Left click the Phone and then click the Phone Number and ..... 

You end up in the close-up of the phone again. Wolfgang's number is top left number and Gabe says that you must first dial 011 to call outside the USA. 

So key in 01149093243333 and click the Dial button and ...... we get Wolfgang Ritter on the line

Wolfgang Ritter is the brother of Heinz Ritter, so Wolfgang is Gabe's uncle. Wolfgang reports that he has premonitions and dreams about Gabe .... Gabe is in danger and he wants Gabe to leave New Orleans immediately and come visit him in Germany, in Schloss Ritter. Gabe does not like that. Wolfgang will send his diary (Journal) to Gabe and Gabe promise that he will read it carefully. Exit the close-up screen. 

Gabe has no intention to fly to Germany  ....That's far to expensive. Gabe now has $ 120, -  and that's enough to buy the crocodile Mask at the drug store. So open the Map and go back to the: 

Dixieland Drug Store: 

Select the $ 120 in inventory. Left click on owner Willy and then the $ 120, - and ..... 

Gabe buys the Crocodile mask and Willy goes to take the mask to give it to Gabe and Gabe now also gets a free bottle of "Master Gambling Oil". 

At the beginning of the day, Gabe has read an advertisement from jeweler Sam Springler, in the fresh morning newspaper, and that Sam can be found at the Napoleon House. This Napoleon House location is now on the map. At Madame Cazaunoux, Gabe secretly made a clay print of the bracelet. Perhaps Sam Springler can make a real copy of that bracelet. 

So travel to the Napoleon House now:

Napoleon House

Notice the Rada Drummer, which you see through the window. At one of the tables 2 men are playing a game of chess. Those two chess players are Sam and Markus. At the other table sits a couple in love. The chess player with the gray sports jacket is called Markus and he always seems to win and his opponent, Sam, is not happy with that. 

First talk to the bartender and ask him about everything, but especially about  "Voodoo", "Street musicians" and "Bar Patrons" and then about "Sam and Voodoo" 

Via "Bar Patrons" the bartender talks extensively about that loving couple and about those 2 chess players and he reports that Sam, the chess player who has been loosing for 20 years now, is very much in Voodoo. Gabe finds this very interesting. So ask further about "Sam and Voodoo" and the bartender tells the story of Sam and how he won his great love through a Voodoo love potion. This will give you another point.

 EXIT the conversation when the bartender has nothing new to report. Then try talking to Sam, the chess player. But Sam does not want to talk during the chess match. From the bartender you have been informed that Sam has lost every chess match for the last 20 years from his opponent Markus. Take the bottle of  "Gambling Oil" from your inventory and click on Sam and .... 

Gabe asks Sam if he has a moment and Sam then gets up to talk to Gabe about the "Gambling Oil". Sam asks what the "Gambling Oil" is for. You have to give Sam the right answer ..... 

The Barkeeper has told that Sam has a strong hankering for Voodoo, so say "Mark uses it" and then "This is a powerful Voodoo oil" and then "This Voodoo could make a NUN get lucky ".... and ...... Sam then drinks the" Gambling Oil "and .....For the first time in 20 years Sam wins a game of  chess from Markus. 

 Markus turns out to be a bad loser, but Sam is very grateful to Gabe. Now take the clay model of the bracelet from Madame Cazaunoux from inventory and click on Sam and .... 

Sam is a jeweler and he will make a copy of the bracelet for Gabe and Gabe can come back later on the day to collect it here. Open the Map and go back to the: 

Police station: 

Go inside and then enter Mosely's room again. Talk to Mosely and try to convince him that he has to reopen the "Voodoo Murders Case" via "Reopen Case". However, Mosely has been given order to close the "Voodoo Murder case" from his superiors. Mosely only wants to reopen the case if Gabe can prove that there is a Voodoo sect in New Orleans and that the sect is a threat and is responsible for the killings. Exit the screen, open the Map and now travel to the Jackson Square Overlook: 

Jackson Square Overlook: 

This is a viewpoint, high above Jackson Square. You see St. Louis Cathedral. 

There are 4 public binoculars here. Left click on the rightmost binoculars and then click the Gear icon and ..... 

Gabe looks through the binoculars and sees that junk Crash and he says something to the Rada Drummer, who still sits at the statue beating his rada drum.

Crash then walks away to the Cathedral. Gabe finds this highly interesting. Take a look through the other 3 binoculars, to make some time goes by, and then return to the 

Napoleon House: 

Sam is back and Gabe will talk to him automatically

Sam gives Gabe the bracelet , which he has made from the clay model. 

NB: If Sam is not back in the Napoleon House now, when you come from Jackson Square Overlook, then go back and forth to some of the other locations, for example the cemetery or your bookstore, and then go back to the Napoleon House .... Sam will be there. 

When Sam has left, to go on a world tour with Markus, you open the map to travel to the: 

St. Louis Cathedral: 

Junk Crash sits in the pews and he is very ill. Go talk to Crash, but he does not want to talk. Show Crash the Bracelet you just received from Sam. 

Crash shows Gabe his tattoo ..... the tattoo is a snake and it is the "Voodoo Clan" sign .... It allows Crash to talk to members of the clan, like the Rada Drummers . Click on Crash again and use the talk icon again and .... Now Crash wants to answer some questions. So ask Crash about "Voodoo", "Voodoo Hounfour", "Drummer" ..... 

Through the Rada Drummer Crash has sent a message to the Voodoo Sect .... the drumming is a code. Crash goes on to say that here in New Orleans there is an underground Voodoo Cartel that has its tentacles up to the highest level of the city council and the members of the cartel meet regularly in their secret temple, the Hounfour, ..... Crash then dies ..... 

Zoom in on the body of Crash and then open the red shirt of Crash via your door icon .... You will see the snake tattoo on Crash's chest .....

......... the tattoo looks like the snake bracelet. Click with your Sketchbook on the snake tattoo to draw a copy of it.

 Then watch the Body of Crash with your eye ....... Crash's face shows traces of strangulation. 

Close the close-up screen and open the Map and ...... Day 4 ends here... 

Gabe automatically returns to his bookshop, throws Gracie out the door and calls Malia to go to her big house to spend the night there with her. We go on with

Chapter 5: Day 5: 

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot