2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Grace starts her workday and Gabe comes back from a steamy night with Malia. Gabe drinks his usual morning coffee. 

Grace reports that a package has came from Germany ... it is the Journal from Wolfgang Ritter and Grace gives it to Gabe

Then Professor Hartridge calls .... Hartridge has examined the Vévé and he really wants it and talks about the "Agris" and an uprising in 1791. Hartridge wants Gabe to visit him as quickly as possible. Grace has also found something about the line patterns .... she says that in 1810 a murder was committed where such a line pattern was found and she gives Gabe the relevant article. 

Read the fresh morning paper again ..... Gabe reads his daily horoscope and you have earned another point .... so you now are the proud owner of 165 points. Put the newspaper away. The article about the murder from the year 1810, the "Voodoo Article" is at the bottom right of your inventory bag. Use the magnifying glass to read the article ..... The article also contains a sketch of a Vévé. Close the close-up screen. Go talk to Grace and request her to do research on  "Rada Drums" (Investigate Rada drums) via Request Research. Exit Grace and open the inventory and read the "Gunter's Journal" and also "Wolfgang's Letter" In the diary.

Gabe reads that Gunter Ritter, his great-grandfather, was a "Witch Hunter" and we also learn about "Tetelo" and about the "Schattenjäger Medallion" ...... the game also gives you the advice to read the "Graphic Novel" now. The Graphic Novel describes the last case of Schattenjäger Gunter Ritter. Exit the inventory. 

The Creole guy is still looking in through the window. That professor Hartridge sounded quite excited, so let's go and hear what made the professor so excited . Open the Map and travel back to the: 

Tulane University: 

Gabe is back in the lecture hall. To the left is the door to the office of the professor, so go through that door into the office and ..

.... Oops .... Hartridge is dead .....He's been murdered. Gabe refuses pertinently to look at or touch the corpse. Left click on the Desk and then click the gears to get into the close-up of the desk. 

There is a notepad, Notes,  on the desk ..... next to the notepad is a Pencil. Take a closer look at the Notes with your eye ....... Gabe reports that the top sheet, with Hartridge notes on it, has been ripped out of the block. Click on the Pencil and then the hand to grab the pencil ..... The pencil is then your cursor ..... Press and hold down your left mouse button and rub over the notepad with the pencil to make the printed text visible to make ....

 .......you automatically hear Gabe, who then picks up the paper automatically to put it in his pocket. Then view the "Hartridge's Notes" in more detail via your inventory magnifier.  Open the Map, switch back to the "French Quarter" Map ..... That Magentia Moonbeam should be home again today, so now go to: 

Magentia Moonbeam: 

Magentia Moonbeam warmly welcomes Gabe and invites Gabe to sit down . Next to Magentia's chair is a cage and in that cage is a green snake and also a red snake skin. 

Look at the snake in the cage so that the Narrator talks about the snake and the snake skin.

 Then talk to Magentia and ask her everything you can, but especially about "St. John's Eve", "Snakes" and about "Animal Masks"

The "St. John's Eve" option gives you a point. Magentia then talks about her snake Grimwald, the snake in the cage. Ask further about "Grimwald" and you will receive a new list of conversation topics. Use all options in this list but save the "Show me" option for last. First ask the other Grimwald questions.  Gabe has found a snake scale on the Crime scene and he now wants to compare that scale with a scale from Grimwald's skin. But Magentia refuses to give Gabe a scale from Grimewald's skin. So finally say "Show me" and .........

 Magentia will now perform her dance with snake Grimwald for Gabe .......BE QUICK .... as soon as you have control back left click quickly with your hand cursor on the Cage and ......

Gabe stands up and walks to the cage and steals the red snake skin out of the cage and then sits down again. 

Magentia is finished with her dance and will sit down again. Examine, with the magnifying glass, the red Snake skin .......

The Narrator reports that the scales of the Crime scene and this red snakeskin do not match. The Crime scene scale does not originate from this red snake skin. 

Select in inventory the sketch of the Voodoo Code, from the Tomb of Marie Leveau, and click on Magentia and ......... 

Gabe asks Magentia if she can and wants to translate the Voodoo code for him. ...... Magentia can translate the code but she will not do it, because Gabe is an "outsider". Magentia returns the paper to Gabe ... Click on Magentia again and click again on the code paper and ..... Magentia says that Gabe has to convince her, via her "Ask the Loa machine" that he is a true Voodoo adept and then you end up in the: 

Ask the Loa puzzle: 

Gabe has to put "Trusted Friend" on the machine. The Start lever is on the left ... If you click the Start lever, the letters in the 13 boxes will change. At the bottom of the machine there are 13 levers. In the 13 squares are tumblers, there are orange squares, green squares and purple squares and there are orange levers, green levers and purple levers ... Each lever changes the letters in 2 squares so every lever influenced 2 squares ..... So you have to put the words "TRUSTED FRIEND" in the squares with the 13 levers. 

Try it yourself first .... If you can't figure it out, here is the solution:  Number the levers, from left to right, 1 to 13. 

Then click .... 

  • 1 time Lever 3, 

  • 2 times Lever 5, 

  • 2 times Lever 7, 

  • 2 times Lever 8, 

  • 1 time Lever 12, 

  • 1 time Lever 11, 

  • 1 time Lever 4, 

  • 1 time Lever 6 

  • 2 times Lever 1

and .....You read in the boxes "Trusted Friend" ..... 

You earn a point and you automatically leave the puzzle and ..... Magentia will translate the Voodoo Code for you.

 Magentia says that it is a "Voodoo code" with which the Voodooists pass on secret messages to each other. 

Magentia "translates" the red symbols as "DJ, conclave tonight bring kash" and gives the sketch back to Gabe. Take a look at the translated Voodoo Code via the magnifying glass ....... 

you see that Magentia has translated each symbol into a letter. Save your Game now because Gabe can die in the next bit. Open the Map and go back to the: 

Voodoo Historical Museum:

 It is dark in the museum and that Dr. John apparently not present.... and ..... Oops .... the green snake is loose and attacks Gabe ...... 

Quickly .... as soon as you have control back left click on the Switch, left of the window, and then you click the gears and ...... 

With his last bit of power Gabe managed to operate the light switch to turn on the light and ..... The snake lets go and disappears and Dr. John comes in. 

Dr. John plays the innocent and says that the museum is closed today and Gabe gets back on the map. Travel back to the: 

St. George Book Shop: 

Grace notes that Gabe still looks startled and she takes a Snake scale from Gabe's face and put it in the green Ashtray, which stands in front of Grace on her desk. 

Select the Magnifying glass in inventory and click on the Ashtray and click the magnifying glass icon. 

You end up in the close-up of the ashtray and the Snake scale. Select the Tweezers from inventory in the inventory and click on the Snake Scale ..........

 Gabe picks up the Snake Scale from the ashtray with the Tweezers. 

Open the inventory and click the "Combine button" and then combine the scale of the python with the scale of the crime scene and ....

..... The 2 Scales "Matches" ....... this is proof that Dr. John and his python were at the murder site. 

Close all close-ups. Gabe now has enough evidence to convince Mosely that he will have to reopen the Voodoo Murder Case. Go via the map, back to the: 

Police station: 

The Rada Drummer is still beating his drum but also there are now 3 girls jumping on the string.  Go back in again and click on Mosely's door again to enter his room. 

Talk to Mosely and use the following options: "Hartridge's Death", "Crash's Death" and then "Reopen Case ".............

.....but Mosely still wants proof that there is a" legitimate Voodoo Cult " operating in New Orleans and that they are responsible for the murders and are a threat to the entire city. 

Exit the conversation. Now give Mosely the 4 items that will convince him to reopen the Case." So give Mosely the "Reconstructed Vévé", then the "Hartridge's Notes" and then the "Voodoo Article" from 1810 and finally the 2 combined "Snake Scales" ....... 

Gabe gives Mosely the items and Mosely will reopen the "Voodoo Murder Case", but not "officially". 

Mosely warns Gabe to be careful. Gabe leaves Mosely's room 

Open the Map and ..... Gabe goes back to his shop because this day has come to an end..... 

Gabe calls Malia because he wants to fuck her again, but unfortunately Malia does not answer so Gabe must sleep alone and has his nightmare again ...and then we land in

Chapter 6: Day 6

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot