2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Grace starts her new workday at the bookshop with the fright of her life .... someone has left a nearly dead chicken on the carpet ... Gabe comes out his bedroom to calm Gracie and to clean up the mess and then ... a Envelope swirls through the letterbox. Notice that the Creole guard has now disappeared ... no one peeps in through the window anymore. 

Pick up the Envelope, which is thrown on the doormat. Left click on the envelope and then choose the magnifying glass to take out a Note and a Key from Mosely

Mosely reports that he is going "underground" because the Voodoo clan has even infiltrated into the highest regions of the police. The key is from Mosely's office. 

Close the close-up screen. Read the new morning newspaper again ... The newspaper reports that tonight it is "St. John's Eve" and Gabe reads his daily horoscope again. So there will be a secret Voodoo meeting tonight and Gabe has to find out where that meeting is going to take place,  because he wants to attend it. We have 203 points. Travel, via the map to: 

Jackson Square: 

Walk up, on the left side of the statue, and see ...... Lorelei is back .... Talk to Lorelei and see what happens ..... 

oops ..... Lorelei is "possessed" and warns Gabe that he should leave Malia Gedde alone. Lorelei "flies" away. 

Walk to the other side of the statue, to the Rada Drummer, who is still beating his rada drum, on the right side of the statue. 

Select the Rada Book in inventory and use the book on the drummer and ...............


You end up in a close-up screen of the Rada book and Gabe note down the Code that the drummer drums . You must now translate the code into a sentence. 

The book has 3 pages. Use the arrows at the bottom of the page to scroll back and forth between the pages. On the black right side is the drum code that Gabe has just written down and on the left pages of the book you read the translation of that code. Compare the Code, which Gabe has noted down, with its translation on the book pages ... Click on the right translations on the pages to get the translation in the empty frame. 

You start on the first page ... 

  • 1st page: Click on: Tonight. 
  • 2nd page: Click on: Swamp. 
  • 3rd page: Click on: Call conclave 

The Voodoo meeting is tonight in "The Byou". Open the floor plan and return to the: 

Police station: 

There is now also a car parked at the police station and the 3 girls are still jumping rope and the drummer is still playing drums .... Enter the police station and click on Mosely's door again......But .... Gabe is no longer allowed to enter Mosely's office So go back outside. Gabe must now break into Mosely's office. To the left of the police station is an alleyway. Go look into the Alley. In the alley we see the side window of Mosely's office ... 

If you click the window then Gabe does not get the window up ..... Gabe needs a crowbar or something like that. Exit the alley and click on the parked car and then click the gears icon ..... you come in the close-up of the back of the car .... There is a bloody heap of dead crow behind the car ... 

The crow is apparently first run over and then beaten to death with the Tire Iron. Take the Tire Iron and close the close-up.  

Dive back into the alley and use the Tire Iron on Mosely's side window and .......

Gabe open up the window and crawls inside. Walk to Mosely's desk. The upper left drawer of Mosely's desk is locked. Use Mosely's Key on the top left drawer ..... 

You end up in the close-up of the contents of the drawer .... there is only one item of interest and that is the Tracker .... Take the Tracker

The Tracker also has 2 transmitters. Close the close-up and ...... 

Gabe is shocked by the police zombies, who peer through the inside window ..... In blind panic Gabe  crawls back out through the window and you automatically land on the map. Go back to the 

Voodoo Museum: 

Go and talk to the slimy Dr. John .... you do not get a conversation options ..... Gabe asks Dr. John if there's something interesting to do tonight, but Dr. John answers negatively. Near the door stand the small coffin, the Sekey Madoule, on the table. Zoom back into the small coffin (Shrine) ..... Dr. John reads his book and does not notice what Gabe is doing. In the close-up left click on the coffin, the Sekey Madoule and then click on the Tracker to put 1 of your 2 transmitters in the coffin. 

Now let's make sure that "they" take this Sekey Madoule coffin to the Voodoo meeting tonight. Travel back to the: 

St. Louis Cemetery: 

The Rada Drum Code puzzle:

We of course end up at the Marie Leveau tomb again. Look again at the code, that's been written on the tomb, with your eye ..... the Narrator tells you that a new code has been chalked on the tomb. So select the Sketchbook in inventory and copy the new code with it. 

Gabe wants to translate the new code using Moonbeam's translation .... Close the close-up screen and dive into the inventory. Click the "Combine button" and then combine the "Voodoo Code Page 1" with the "Voodoo Code Page 2" and ...... 

Gabe then has the translation for all the symbols, except for 3 of them. 

The new message says: "Dj Keep E? Es on GK B? T Do Not Har?" 

Well ..... there are 3 letters missing but you can fill them yourself .... they are the Y, the U and the M ..... Select the Voodoo Code and close the inventory.  

Gabe now wants to put his own message on the tomb, to tell the Voodoo madmen to take the Sekey Madoule coffin to the meeting. Use the Voodoo Code notes on the tomb and ..... 

Gabe wipes the code from the wall and you end up in the close-up of the tomb. You have the translated Code in the screen. Top right is the exit button and the red Brick. 

Gabe must put his own message on the wall and that message must be "DJ BRING SEKEY MADOULE". Click, on the pages, on the relevant letters  to make the sentence on the wall ... 

Via the "dogs ear" you can browse to the next pages .... You can only use one letter on every page ..... so you can not use the same letter twice. If you go wrong then click the red brick to clear your message and start over again. 

The translation of 3 letters is missing, but they are the Y, the M and the U. On the screenshot below you see which symbols / letters you have to click and in which order you have to do that. 

When you have put the message "DJ BRING SEKEY MADOULE" on the tomb correctly you automatically leave the close-up and you hear the Narrator tell you that you have done it well. 

NB: If you do not automatically leave the puzzle but click the EXIT button you will hear that you have not done it properly and Gabe will wipe the message off the wall. Then click again with the "Voodoo Code notes" on the tomb to try again.

Go back to the: 

St. George Bookshop

In order to attend the Voodoo meeting, Gabe has to dress up as a member of the voodoo clan and he needs their sign on his breast.... that "sign" is a snake. If you've always talked to Grace in full, and you've had several occasions, then you know that Grace does a bit of art painting as well. Behind Grace stand her suitcase with her painting stuff against the wall

 In the church  You have made a sketch of the snake tattoo, that was on the breast of the unfortunate Crash ..... Select that Snake Tattoo and click on Grace and .... 

Gabe asks Grace if she can paint  the snake on his breast with her paint ..... Grace wants to know why Gabe wants a snake on his body, so say that you go to a fancy dress party via the option "Costume Party" and ....... Grace assumes Gabe goes to the party with Malia and asks why she would cooperate, so say "Well, if you're jealous" .... 

Grace does not want to admit that she is jealous and .... We end up in the bedroom where Grace then paints the snake on Gabe's belly, while parrying Gabe's remarks.

As soon as it's done, you travel, via the 2nd page of the map, to the forest / swamp......the Bayou St John:

 Bayou St John:

Gabe has parked the engine at the edge of the marsh. Walk, between the trees,  into the forest. 

You end up on the 1st swamp / forest maze screen. Select the Tracker Device in inventory and click it on Gabe and ..... 

The Tracker now appears in the upper left corner of your screens and you'll see a bleeping "light" in it. That bleeping light  indicates the location of the Sekey Madoule coffin, where you put the transmitter in. You now have to find, via the Tracker transmitter, the meeting place where the Voodoo ritual will take place. 

This forest is a maze. You can always go screen up, screens to the left, screens to right, or screens down. You can wander around for hours and hours if you do this "blindly", so you have to follow the bleeping light of the Tracker ...What you can do best is to make sure that the bleeping light in the tracker always remains on the second upper circle line.  

Here is the right route through the forest to the place where the Voodoo meeting takes place ...... the screenshots show you which route to go ..... 

From the Start Screen go 1 screen up, then a screen to the right, then a screen up, then a screen down (2, 3, 4, 5) .........

........ The drums become louder. ... Continue a screen to the right, then another screen up and then another screen to the right and (6, 7, 8) 

We have reached the clearing in the forest where the Voodoo meeting will take place and the Tracker disappears from your screen. 

Voodoo Ritual: 

 if you go straight to the right, to enter the clearing, Gabe will be killed.

Select the Crocodile Mask in inventory and click on Gabe and ..... 

Gabe puts the crocodile on his head and walks to the meeting and ....he  meets Brother Eagle and that is of course Dr. John. 

Dr. John demands that Gabe proves that he really belongs to the clan .....Dr.  John asks Gabe 2 questions on which you must give the correct answer.

 If you answer wrongly, or wait to long, then Gabe dies and you have to do it again. 

NB: When you give wrong answers, or wait too long with answers then Gabe gets murdered .... But you get the chance to try again but don't  choose "Restore" but choose "Retry" to start again from where you put the crocodile mask on Gabe's head

When you have paid attention during the lecture of Professor Hartridge, and have read the Graphic Novell and the Journal of the Ritters, then you know the answer to both questions .....

When you've given the correct answers then the game takes over.....

The answer to Dr. John's 1's question is of course: DAMBALLAH. The answer to the second question is of course: OGOUN BADAGRIS. ....

Dr. John is satisfied and Gabe is allowed to go to the "party" ......  a chicken gets slaughtered and blood is blown into Gabe's face ..... the drums whip up the mood to ecstasy.......

The blood, which was blown into Gabe's face, contained an intoxicating substance and Gabe gets under the influence of it .... The Voodoo Priestess performs here sexual tinted dance within a circle of fire .... Gabe manages to tear the mask from the face of the priestess and .....the Voodoo priestess is ...... Malia Gedde ... the Creole girl that  Gabe has been fucking for the past couple of nights ........ Malia comes to her senses for a short while when she sees Gabe but then the ancient Tetalo takes hold of Malia and ..... Gabe succumbs and .....

Day 6 is then ended and it becomes Day 7

Chapter 7: Day 7

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot