2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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  St. George Bookshop: 

We start this day in the bedroom of Gabe where Grace to wake up Gabe and that works ....Listen to Grace ........ 

Grace has followed Gabe the previous evening to the Bayou and she has seen the whole Voodoo gathering from the edge of the forest.... Grace has taken Gabe out the clearing and brought him back to the bookshop . Grace also knows that Malia Gedde is the High Voodoo Priestess of the clan, who is responsible for the killings here in New Orleans . And Grace knows that Malia is "possessed" by Tetelo. Gabe, however, is not willing to give up on Malia just yet. Grace urges Gabe to call his uncle Wolfgang Ritter again, to tell him about the meeting in the swamp and Gabe promises he will do this. Gracie disappears to the store. 

When you have control back then left click the telephone and call Uncle Wolfgang Ritter on the number 011 490 9324 3333 and........Gabe tells his uncle about the events of last night and then the list with the options appears. Ask Uncle Wolfgang about certain topics and then keep using these topics until Wolfgang tells nothing new about it. 

Start with "Schattenjäger" and then continue with "Tetelo". The "Talisman" topic then appears in the list, so ask further about the "Talisman" and you will get the "Tetelo's Remains" topic. So ask about "Tetelo's Remains" and then about "African Homeland" and ........ Wolfgang then suggests the possibility that Tetelo's remains are buried somewhere in New Orleans. Wolfgang will further investigate Tetelo and he warns Gabe that he should take no risks. You now have 242 points

Make sure that you have the Flashlight in inventory and if that is not the case then you take it now from the cupboard behind Gabe's bed. Go through the curtain to the store and pick up the fresh morning paper from the counter again. The newspaper reports about "Strange events in the Marsh last night" and also reports that several people claim to have seen a Spirit at the tomb of Marie Leveau. Wolfgang suggested that Tetelo's remains may be buried in New Orleans .... maybe in the Tomb of the Gedde family?..... So travel, via the map to the: 

St. Louis cemetery.

Gabe is at the tomb of Marie Leveau again. Ignore the old attendant and walk on to the Gedde tomb. 

The small box, next to the gate of the Gedde tomb, is now open and in that box you can now see a red Switch. Click with your gears on the red Switch and .......You hear the sound of glass that breaks and then the gate opens and Gabe walks into the tomb. It is pitch dark inside the tomb, so your screen is now black but you see a red button. Do not click on the red button because Gabe will then step outside again. Take the Flashlight out of inventory and click it in your black screen (Darkness) and .... In the round light of the flashlights you will see drawers in the back wall. 

The light from the flashlight is now your cursor and you can move it around the screen. There are 9 drawers in the wall, in 3 rows of 3 drawers each. In the left wall is a niche that's full of skulls and bones. On the ground lies Broken Glass shards. Look at  the shards of glass with your eye ....... someone has broken the lamp. A name plate, with the names of the deceased Gedde's, sticks on 8 of the 9 drawers and they are all women from the Gedde family. The middle drawer in the middle row does not have a nameplate but a picture with a Vévé on it.  Make sure that you see the middle row of drawers in the light and then click with your gear cursor on the middle drawer of the middle row and ....... the drawer is locked ...... 

Direct your beam of light to the niche with the skulls and bones in the left wall (Ossuary) and then "use" the niche by clicking on it with your gear icon

you end up in a close-up screen .... The niche is full of the remains of male members of the Gedde family .... in 5 skulls sticks a green jewel in one of the eye sockets. Bottom right is a drawing of a man and on that man a cross is drawn .... the cross has 5 red dots ..... those 5 red dots are the 5 green jewels in the 5 skulls and you could say that those 5 green jewels also make a cross. 

Left click on the 5 jewels in the order of a cross, to press them .... Number the 5 jewels A, B, C, D, E, and then press them according to the order of the cross on the drawing of the man.....so click: Jewel A, Jewel E, Jewel B, Jewel D, Jewel C and ......... You automatically go out of the close-up and you see that the middle drawer, in the middle row, now slide open  ..... Left click on this drawer again and then use your gear icon again and ....

Gabe is scared stiff because in this drawer lies ....... Mosely .... 

Gabe drops the flashlights and when he bends over to pick it up he is knocked unconscious by someone. When Gabe gets back to the world, he picks up the flashlights. 

Look, with the light of the flashlight, again in the middle drawer from the middle row and open this drawer again and ...... Well .... Mosely no longer lies in the drawer ...... 

.........so probably it was Mosely who has knocked Gabe down. In the drawer lies Mosely's Wallet so take it

Click with the magnifying glass on the wallet and ..... Gabe takes Mosely's the "American Repressed Credit Card" from the wallet.  Close the close-up screen and click the EXIT next to the close-up screen of the opened drawer. Gabe close the drawer again. Now click with your gear cursor on the red Button to leave the Tomb and return. via the map, to the: 

St. George Book Shop: 

Upon arrival, Grace tells that uncle Wolfgang has called with the announcement that "It is time for him to do his duty and that Schloss Ritter now belongs to Gabe". Enter the bedroom and use the phone again ....Gabe tells you that the phone number of a travel agency is  one the phone book page, but first call up Schloss Ritter again via the now known phone number ..... Unfortunately .... the number of Schloss Ritter is now terminated. 

On the phone book page you read the telephone number of the "C ... The Worlds Travel Agency" 585 1130, a travel agency specializing in travels outside America. Dial the number of the travel agent and book the trip to Rittersberg Germany. Pay the $ 1400, - that the trip costs, with Mosely's credit card. 

Leave the bedroom and talk to Grace and use the "Chat" option and do this a few times and then use the "Germany" topic to tell Grace that you are going to Germany.

 Exit the conversation and travel via the  map to the Airport and Gabe flies to Germany


Schloss Ritter: 

Hall: Gerde: 

Gabe is welcomed by Gerde, the delicious  housekeeper / secretary of Uncle Wolfgang. Gerde reports that Uncle Wolfgang is not at home. 

Gabe can stay in uncle Wolfgang's room. Gerde is going to work at her desk again

Look around the hall. On the left is the staircase leading to the bedroom of Wolfgang. At the stairs stand a Lion Head and, right next to the Lion's Head, there are weapons, including a Dagger. Gerde is sitting behind her desk and there is a salt shaker on her desk. To the right of Gerde is the door of the Chapel. First go talk extensively with Gerde about all the topics you get and exhaust them as completely as possible. 

Gerde gives Gabe a lot of information about Uncle Wolfgang, Schattenjäger and Schloss Ritter. Gerde also tells about the village of Rittersberg and about the "Curse of the Ritter family". 

Exit the talk screen when Gerde tells nothing new. Take a look at the Lion's Head and the Weapons. There is a dagger ...

 Left click on the Weapons and then use the gear icon and ... Then take, in the close-up , the Dagger

There is a salt shaker on Gerde's desk. If you try to catch it, Gabe does not want to grab the salt shaker now because he has no reason to do so. Click the Chapel Doors and ..... we end up in the: 


 In the chapel there is an altar, where two candlesticks with candles are placed on. Behind the altar is a large stained-glass window. Left and right are tapestries with an image on it, hanging on the walls. There are a total of 6 of those tapestries. Take a look at the altar and the stained glass window, but especially look at the 6  tapestries, so you can ask Gerde about them. If you have looked at everything here, you walk back to the hall, via the EXIT at the bottom of your screen. Back in the hall you go talk to Gerde again.  Ask Gerde about 6 tapestries in the chapel, so about the 6 Chapel Panels ...... Gerde says that the 6 tapestries depict the "Schattenjäger Initiation Ceremony" . So ask further about the "Initiation Ceremony" .... Gerde does not know much about it, but you have earned another point with this

Exit the conversation screen and enter the Chapel again and look, with your eye, at each of the 6 tapestries. Start with the 3 tapestries on the left wall because the order of the tapestries is: Left: green = 1, red = 2, blue = 3. Right: red / blue = 4, blue = 5, red = 6. 

The Narrator explains what is depicted on the tapestries: 

  • On the 1st tapestry, hands are being washed in water. 
  • On the 2nd tapestry hair is cut off with a dagger. 
  • On the 3rd tapestry, a chalice stand on a table with waves in the background. 
  • The 4th tapestry shows a knife and drops of blood. The blood is collected in a chalice. 
  • The 5th tapestry shows someone who kneels. 
  • The 6th tapestry shows a scroll. 

These 6 tapestries tell you what Gabe has to do to go through the "Schattenjäger ritual" and in which order he has to do that. 

Gabe has to wash his hands, cut his hair, put a goblet on the altar, fill the goblet with his blood and then kneel and pray to God

Leave the chapel again. Back in the hall again you know take the Salt Shaker, which is on Gerde's desk ........You do this with the hand icon of the action menu .... 

Because you have looked at the 6 tapestries in the chapel Gabe now has a reason to take the salt shaker, after he first asked Gerde if he can have it.

 Now go up the stairs, via the Exit to Bedroom .... we end up in the: 


Right next to the entrance door stand a low cupboard against the wall. A mirror hangs above the cupboard and a  display cabinet hangs on the wall, left of the mirror. On the low cupboard stand a washing bowl and lies a scissors.  look at, with your eye, the display cabinet which hangs next to the mirror ...... the Narrator says that there is a Scroll in the display cabinet ... Click again on the display cabinet and now use the gears and..... 

Gabe takes the Scrol out of the display cabinet. Read the scroll, via the magnifying glass .... On the Scrol is the "St. George" poem and Gabe reads the poem aloud. Take the Scissors

In the wall, next to the bed, is the door of the library. Try to open the library door ... but the door is locked, as Gerde has already told Gab and she also said she does not know where the key is. A poem is engraved on the wall above the door. Read the poem above the library door ............... the Narrator reads the poem but it is in German, and so Gabe has no idea what it means. 

Leave the bedroom again. Gabe ends up down in the hall again. Go and talk to Gerde again and ask her about the "Portal Poem", the poem that is above the library door ....

Gerde translates the poem in English and it goes like: "Only the purest here may pass, He whose heart is pure as glass, He whose soul is pure as fire. Through this portal passes higher". Exit the conversation screen. In inventory, select the Scrol and click on Gerde again and then the Scroll to show the scroll to Gerde ...... 

Gerde then tells Gabe that it is "the Scrol of St. George, the patron saint of England and of the Ritter family". Go back to the:


To perform the "Schattenjäger ritual" Gabe must first wash his hands and cut his hair. However, no water or soap can be found in this strange castle. But it has rained and rain water is also water. Click with your gears on the bedroom window to open the window. Then click with your gears, next to Gabe, on the Puddle and ............ 

Gabe washes his hands in the puddle of rainwater. 

Close the window again and stand in front of the mirror. Select the Scissors in inventory and click with the scissors on Gabe and ................

 Gabe cuts his hair and puts the scissors back on the cupboard. 

Now take the Chamber Pot from the cupboard

 Leave the bedroom and go back to the: 


The "Schattenjäger Initiation Ritual" 

The Chamber Pot is the last item you have taken so the thing is already selected in inventory. Place the Chamber Pot on the altar

Select the Salt Shaker in inventory and click the Chamber Pot to sprinkle salt into it. 

Select the Dagger in inventory and click with the dagger on Gabe and ..... Gabe cut himself in the arm and the blood drops fall into the chamber pot.

Now click with your gear cursor on the Altar and ..... Gabe kneels before the altar. Select the Scrol in inventory and click on Gabe to complete the ritual and ........ 

Gabe reads the St. George poem aloud again and then ........ he hears a sound and thinks that it has worked ... but alas .... it is Gerde who now enters the chapel and reports that she has been vacuumed the place. It's late and it was a long and tiresome day, so Gabe goes to sleep and ..... 

Gabe has a strange nightmare in which a dragon "cleans" Gabe and in which he receives the "Schattenjägerzwaard". 

Is it a dream ? The Dragon "cleans" Gabe with his fire and Gabe kills the dragon, but also himself, with the sword. And then Gabe receives the Library Door Key the library and we go on with:

 It is the morning of Day 8 and after his rather heavy nightmare, Gabriel stand awake and cheerful next to the bed in the bedroom of Schloss Ritter. There is a bench against the foot of the four-poster bed, and on the bench now lies the Library Door Key. Eh ..... so....was it really just a dream last night ?. 

Take the Library Door Key ..... 

it's the key from Gabe's dream .... Use the Library Key on the Library door to open the door and .........

Gabe ends up in the: 


There are 2 bookcases in the library. Gabe has to find 5 books in the bookcases and read them. But first we have to do a puzzle here. On the right wall hangs a blue tapestry and a panel. On the panel is a coat of arms Shield but the coat of arms is a little mixed up. Left click on that Shield and then look at it with your eye ... You hear the Narrator. 

Left click on the Shield again and then click the gear icon and .... you end up in the: 

Cote of Arms Sliding puzzle: 

... a sliding puzzle  ..... do not panic because it is really not that difficult. You have to move the tiles in the panel until you have made a coat of arms. Click on a tile to select it and then click in an empty spot to move the selected tile there .... I'm not going to try to give you a step-by-step solution .... too much work .... this is a simple sliding puzzle that you can solve completely by yourself and this is how it should look like when you're done with it

NB: Don't ask me for a save game for right after this slider puzzle. I didn't kept my saves for this game and...let's be frank about this.....if you can't even solve this simple slider on your own, then why the hell are you playing computer games

 ... You hear the Narrator when you put the last tile in the right place and you automatically leave the puzzle and ....

 A secret passage opens up. Walk in, via Exit to Secret Passage ...Gabe enters the

Schattenjäger Trophy Room ........ 

You see this in a close-up screen. On the wall is a display cabinet with a candle stick with burning candles.  Weapons are displayed in the display cabinet but there is also a book in it ... it is the "Peoples Republic of Benin" book and the author is Loel Caley. Left click on the book and then click the Hand to take the book out of the closet ....... 

The Narrator reads a bit from the book aloud and then tells you what next book you have to read and that is the book "The Primal Ones" by John Roots. Gabe then puts the book back in the closet and closes the close-up screen to return to the Library. Gabe has to read several books from the 2 bookcases. The bookcases are divided into several sections and contain "Historical books (History)", "Ritter Journals", "Religion books", "Science books", "Occult books", "Geography books", " Sociology books (Sociology) "and" Archaeological books (Archeology).

 Reading the books: 

You're done here in the library, but if you want  you can read the Ritter Journals that are in the left bookcase. Leave the library and leave the bedroom. Back in the hall, Gabe is warmly welcomed by Gerde. Talk to Gerde and use the "Snake Mound Book" topic and ........ Gabe shows Gerde the book and they conclude that Wolfgang has traveled to that Snake Mount in Benin. Gabe wants to fly to Benin ...... Gerde can book the flight but she wants to know if Gabe can afford it. Use the "Can't you pay" and / or the "Ritter estate can't pay" option and then use the "Credit card" option ...... Gabe will pay the trip again with the Mosely's credit card and .. ..He goes on a journey and  end up in: 

Chapter 9: Day 9

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot