2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot    


After a long flight and a ride through the jungle, Gabe arrived at the "Snake Mound" near the place Benin in Africa. You have 284 of the 362 points. 

The "Snake Mound" is  below ground level and consists of an outer ring and an inner ring. In the outer ring is the entrance to the underground chambers. 

From the jeep taxi a path goes down to the entrance of the "Snake Mound". Click with your walking cursor in the Entrance and ..... Gabe continues and lands in the underground: 

Snake Mound: 

I shall explain a few things first

Gabe is now in the underground "Snake Mound". This underground complex consists of 12 chambers that are connected to each other and they form the outer Circle, around the Inner Circle ..... it is a "Wheel within a Wheel". The entrance is Room 6, so Gabe starts in room 6.  Mummies lie or stand in the rooms. Those mummies will not yet come to life, but later those mummies will come to life and then they are a threat to Gabe.

In most rooms you will find a square tile that either sticks into the wall or lies on the floor. However, these tiles are not in the right rooms. You must collect all the tiles and place them in the right rooms in the wall. 

On the tiles are snakes and the number of snakes determined which tile belongs in which room. So I call those tiles the Snake Tiles and in the middle of each Snake Tile there is a small round hole. You also need to find a Snake Rod. That Snake Rod fits in the round hole of a Snake tile. 

If you find the Narrator annoying then you put her out through the options. 

Gabe can die here and that is possible at different times, so SAVE often so that you do not have to start over from the beginning when Gabe dies.  Those mummies come to life as soon as you have used the Snake Rod. If Gabe is touched by a mummy, Gabe dies and then it is Game Over. 

It is quite possible that in your game the various Snake Tiles are scattered through the rooms in a different order. I can not take this into account, so I simply tell you which tiles I have found and in which room I found them

First we go through the rooms to collect the 12 Snake Tiles and the Snake Rod

Find the Snake Tiles and the Snake Rod

So you start in Room 6. 

There is a mummy on the floor. In the wall there is a square "Slot" where a Snake Tile has to be put in. Around the tile slot is a mural (Cave Painting). On the ground lies a snake tile (Tile). Look at the mummy. Take the Snake Tile, which is lying on the ground. Look at the Snake tile through your inventory sling ..... There are 10 snakes on the tile, so this is Tile 10 and it belongs in Room 10, in the middle of the tile is a hole .. 

Go to:

Room 7:

 In room 7 see you  a wall Mural of a mask with a snake underneath. This is the Snake door and it is the entrance to the inner ring, the "Inner Wheel". Gabe must get this door open. A Snake Tile sticks in the door. If you look closer at the Snake tile, via the gears, you will see that there are 7 snakes on it. So this is Snake Tile 7 and it belongs here in this room 7. Therefore you can not take Snake Tile 7 and that is not necessary because the tile is already in the right place. On the left is a Mummy sleeping on the floor. Walk up and through the gate to: 

Room 8:

 In room 8 there are 2 Snake Tiles on floor. Take both Snake Tiles from the floor and view them in inventory. For me, they are the Tiles 5 and 2. Walk up and through the gate to:

Room 9: 

On the ground lies Snake Tile 6.  Right of the gate to room 10 lies the "Snake Rod". Take the Snake Tile and take the Snake Rod and walk through the gate to room 10..... Let's speed up things now.......

  • Room 10: Take Snake Tile 3, which is lying on the floor here. Walk up and through the gate to: 
  • Room 11: Take Snake Tile 9, which is on the floor here. Walk to: 
  • Room 12: There is no Snake tile on the floor here, but Snake tile 12 is already in the wall here. Walk through the gate to: 
  • Room 01: Also no Snake tiles here, so walk through the gate to: 
  • Room 02: Here you find Snake Tile 4 on the floor, so pick up the tile. Walk through the gate to: 
  • Room 03: Here is Snake Tile 8 on the floor. Take the Snake Tile and walk through the gate to:
  • Room 04: Take Snake Tile 11 off the floor and walk to:
  • Room 05: Pick up Snake Tile 1 from the floor and walk on to. .........

Room 6:

Gabe is back in Room 6, the Entrance room. If all went well, Gabe has now picked up 10 Snake Tiles and the should be the Snake Tiles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11. 

Snake Tiles 7 and 12 you could not take because they are already in the right rooms in the wall. We will now place the 10 Snake Tiles in the right room in the wall, but that must be done in the right order. In Inventory you always select the right tile and then you click,  in the room,  the "Slot" in the wall and then the tile to place the tile in the "slot". 

We start with this in Room 8

Place the Tiles in order in the wall slots

  • So, go from Room 6 to Room 7 and then to: 
  • Room 8: Place Snake Tile 8 in the wall. Walk to
  • Room 9: Place Snake Tile 9 in the wall. Walk to 
  • Room 10: Place Snake Tile 10 in the wall. Walk to 
  • Room 11: Place Snake Tile 11 in the wall. Walk to 
  • Room 12 and immediately to Room 1. 
  • Room 1: Place Snake Tile 1 in the wall. Walk to 
  • Room 2: Place Snake Tile 2 in the wall. Walk to 
  • Room 3: Place Snake Tile 3 in the wall. Walk to 
  • Room 4: Place Snake Tile 4 in the wall. Walk to 
  • Room 5: Place Snake Tile 5 in the wall. Walk to: 
  • Room 6: Place Snake Tile 6 in the wall and ........

When you have put all the Snake Tiles in their wall Slots in the right rooms and you're back in Room 6 then you will hear the score music. You now have 288 points. If you do not hear the Score music, then you have placed the wrong Tile some where in a room, or rooms. You will then have to go back through all the rooms to view each tile again to find out where you have placed a wrong tile and then correct your error. You have now placed all the Hose Tiles in their proper room and scored another point.

 Gabe is back in Room 6. We are now going to use the Snake Rod to open the door in Room 7, the Snake Door. Go from Room 6 through rooms 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2 and you are back in Room 3 

Room 3: 

Check that you are really in Room 3 by looking at the Snake tile here . If there are no 3 Snakes on the tile then you are not in Room 3. SAVE YOUR GAME NOW because as soon as you have used the Snake Rod here the Mummies come to life and then Gabe can die at any time. You have to put the Snake Rod in the Snake Tile here to open up the Snake Door in Room 7....... however ......... As soon as you insert the snake rod here in the snake tile, ALL the  Mummies will come to life in all the rooms. Gabe has to get back in Room 7 but he has to avoid the Mummies. In most rooms you can quickly run past the Mummies but there are a few rooms where you have to be more careful to avoid the mummy in that room. If Gabe is touched by a Mummy, he dies and you see his death scene. Save often to avoid doing this whole thing over again when Gabe dies.

Take the Snake Rod from inventory and click it in the Snake Tile and ..... 

Gabe sticks the rod through the hole in the tile and .... You hear that somewhere else a door is sliding open. Gabe puts the Snake Rod back in inventory. The Mummies now come to life and Gabe has to go back to Room 7. 

Avoid the Mummy ........Quickly run through the gate to room 4 and then straight on to room 5. 

Room 5: 

In Room 5 Gabe can not just run to room 6 because the Mummy is in the gate. Quickly run into the top right corner. The mummy also change direction and comes towards to Gabe. Run back down quickly. The Mummy is still running towards the corner and the gate is now free, so quickly run through the gate to Room 6. 

Room 6: 

In Room 6 there are 3 Mummies that comes to Gabe .... 

Quickly ..... Left click on the thick vine, which hangs right in front of Gabe, and then use the gear icon and .........

............Gabe jumps, via the vine, into Room 7

Room 7: 

The Snake Door is now open and ....... Uncle Wolfgang is here and he tries to keep the Mummies at bay with his burning torch. Wolfgang screams that Gabe must close the Snake Door again to stop the Mummies. 

Quickly ..... take the Snake Rod out of inventory and use the bar on the Hole that is in the Snake Door to close the door and.....,..

The Snake Door slide down and ...... Gabe and Wolfgang end up in the

Inner Wheel: 

By the closing of the snake door all Mummies are going to sleep again and there is here a dead mummy on the floor. Walk to the right and ..... 

Gabe and Wolfgang end up at a round Stone Table. There is a conversation between Gabe and his uncle Wolfgang, who has clearly been injured in the battle with the mummies. 

The Round Stone Table has a cover with a large hole in it. There are also 4 holes in the edge of the cover. On the lower part of the table is a story engraved. Behind the table are two iron bars on the wall. Look,  with your "glasses" at the lower part of the round table and .. .... Wolfgang reads the story engraved in the lower part of the offering table. When Wolfgang is done with the story, click the hand cursor on the top of the table and then click the gear icon and .... Gabe and Wolfgang will then try to lift the lid but they will not succeed. 

Now look at  the top of the offering table with your eye and listen to the Narrator and to Wolfgang. The "Narrator" now report that there are 4 holes in the edge of the lid. In the middle of the lid (lid) is a large hole (Through) .... Look at that hole with your eye and ....... Wolfgang reports that a Human Heart fits in the hole. Behind the offering table hang two iron bars (Bars) on the wall. Now click with your Hand Cursor on those Iron Bars and ...... Gabe and Wolfgang take the left bar of the wall and then stick the bar through the holes in the edge of the Lid. 

Click with the Hand cursor on the right iron bar, which is still hanging on the wall, to grab it now and also stick it through the table. 

Both iron bars now protrude through the sacrificial table. Now click with your gear cursor on one of the endings of the iron bars and ..... 

Gabe and Wolfgang try to raise the lid again, but this does not work either. There is a conversation in which Wolfgang reports that this round Table is a Sacrificial Table and that a Heart should be sacrificed to lift the lid off the table. Wolfgang wants Gabe to get the heart of that mummy. 

So walk back a screen to the left, to the mummy lying on the floor. Take the Dagger out of inventory and use it on the mummy and ...........

 It goes on automatically now.....

Gabe start to cut the heart out the Mummy ......... But then it appears that Wolfgang has lied .... a mummy heart is not good .... it must be a human heart and ..... While Gabe is busy with the mummy he hears Wolfgang scream .....Gabe gets it that Wolfgang has lied and in panic he runs back to the Table but ....... Gabe comes too late .......... 

..... Wolfgang has sacrificed himself ... Wolfgang has sacrificed his own heart to Tetelo and .... this way Gabe can now lift the Lid and ....... 

In the round Offer table lies the Schattenjšger Talisman and thanks to Wolfgang's sacrifice, Gabe can now take the Talisman. 

We leave Gabe for now and return to the St. George Book Shop where Grace is telephoning with Gerde. 

Then we see that something, or someone, runs to the book shop and ...... we hear Grace scream ... and .......we end up in: 

After Gabe has fulfilled all the formalities to transfer Wolfgang's dead body to Germany, he flies back to New Orleans. 

When the plane flies over New Orleans, Gabe sees Jackson Square and ...  The layout of the park looks much like the "Snake Mound" .... a "Wheel in a Wheel"?. 

We end up in 

St. George Book Shop: 

Grace is not there and her chair is upside down on the floor. On the counter is the newspaper of today. Read the newspaper. 

On Grace's desk lies a Note in front of the cash register. Take the Note and ... 

it is a message from Malia that reports that Tetelo knows that Gabe has the Talisman, Tetelo has kidnapped Grace and in exchange for the Talisman Tetelo will save Grace. Then Gabe hears a stumbling sound in his bedroom and ...... Mosely gets out of the bedroom. There is a conversation that makes it clear that it was Mosely who had beaten up Gabe in the Gedde Tomb. Gabe and Mosely then walk into Gabe's bedroom to continue talking. 

So click on Mosely and then talk extensively with Mosely about all the new topics of conversation ..... do this until Mosely has nothing new to say about any subject. Gabe and Mosely then devise a plan to liberate Grace. If you have discussed everything with Mosely then EXIT this conversation. Gabe has an idea where the secret headquarters of Tetelo / Malia is ........ Under Jackson Square.

 Mosely first has a few other things to do. Gabe gives the Tracker to Mosely and Gabe will then place the transmitter at the entrance of the "Snake Mound" so that Mosely can find the entrance with the Tracker. Mosely then disappears. Open the map and travel via the "French Quarter" map to the: 

St. Louis Cathedral:

 In the left wall of the large church hall are the 3 confessional booths ..... You have already been in the left confessional booth and there you saw a hole in the wall. Enter the right Confessional again Take the Snake Rod  out of inventory and click it on that Knothole in the back wall and ......... Gabe puts the snake rod in the hole and .......

Oops ..... the confession room turns out to be a little elevator and Gabe drops down with the lift. If Gabe has said "Ride's Over" then we are down. You have 317 points. Now take the Signal Device from the Tracker from the inventory and click on the kneeling bench to hide the Tracker under the bench so that Mosely can pick up the signal with the Tracker. Take also the Snake Rod from inventory and also click it on the bench to hide the snake rod under the bench so that Mosely can grab the snake rod. If you forget to do this now, then you will get hopelessly stuck later.

Go through EXIT at the bottom of the screen out of the booth / elevator and ...... Gabe arrives in Room 6 of the secret "Snake Mound", also called "Houndfour", under the St. Louis Cathedral. The elevator goes, without Gabe, automatically back up. 

Houndfour under Jackson Square 

The Houndfour has the same layout as the "Snake Mound" in Africa, so we start here in room 6, the Lift Room. The door on the left is the elevator door. The door on the right is the exit to the round corridor of the Outer Ring of the Houndfour. To open the door you have to click on the "Door opener" (Keypad), which is placed on the left or right of the doors in the door frame. 

Click on the right door and ... Gabe opens the door and steps outside and he is in the round hallway. 

The hallway is the Outer Ring of the Houndfour and gives access to all 12 rooms. above the doors of the rooms there is a small Sign showing the number of snakes. The number of snakes tell you the number of the room/ Walk up and down the hall to go from room to room and then look at the Signs to see what the room number is. There are only a few rooms of interest and 3 rooms are closed. Gabe needs the key card from Dr. John to get in his room.

Room 7:

 First go to room 7. So walk up to the door of Room 7. Opposite Room 7 there's an entrance from the corridor leading to the Inner Ring, the Ceremony room

Click on the door of the Room 7 to go inside ..... Gabe automatically enters the door code and enters inside. Room 7 appears to be a storage room and you see the room in a close-up screen. 

There are long Robes in the closet  and a Boar Mask) hangs on the back wall. On top of the cupboard is a Wolf Mask. Take 2 long Robes out of the closet and take the Boar mask off the wall. Also take the Wolf Mask from the closet. The robes and the masks serve as a disguise for Gabe and Mosely .... Gabe decides that he will be the Wolf and Mosley the Boar. Combine the Boar mask with the dark Robe and the Wolf mask with the lighter Robe. When you're done, close the close-up screen to return to the hallway. 

Follow the corridor again 1 screen up to Room 8. Room 8 is locked, so you can not enter it now. Walk further up the hall to Room 9. You can enter Room 9, but it is not really necessary. At Room 9 there is also a corridor leading to the Ceremony Hall. Room 9 appears to be a guest room. There is a bed and it even has a bathroom.  Walk to Room 10. You can also enter room 10. Room 10 is the Snake Room. A tree grows in room 10 and a big fat snake crawls in the tree. In the cages are the animals that serve as a sacrifice for Tetelo. 

Go back up the hall and walk on to Room 11. Room 11 is locked and you can not enter now. At Room 11 there is another corridor leading to the Inner Ring, the Ceremony room. Walk to Room 12. Room 12 is another guest room, such as Room 9. Walk to Room 1. Room 1 is locked, but here is another corridor leading to the Inner Ring. Walk to Room 2: 

Room 2: 

Enter Room 2. This is Malia's room and ...... Malia enters and Gabe hides quickly behind the low cupboard and ......

.... sees how Malia, behind the folding screen, has a "conversation" with her alter ego Tetelo. 

Leave Room 2 when Malia has entered the bathroom again and walk on to Room 3. At Room 3 there is another corridor to the inner circle room. 

Room 3: 

Enter Room 3 and ...... Dr. John is preparing himself for the upcoming ceremony. 

Do not stay here too long, because Gabe will then be murdered by dr. John

Do nothing but just keep looking and notice the Key Card that hangs on the wall. Gabe needs that Key Card  to get into the closed rooms 1, 8 and 11.

But to steal the Key Card, Dr. John must be lured away here. . Leave Room 3 again and walk on to Room 4.

 Room 4: 

Enter Room 4. Room 4 serves as an office. There are 4 desks. On the front right desk lies  the black "Record Book" in the inbox. 

Take the "Record Book" and listen to the Narrator while you see the book  in a close-up screen. 

The book contains the Rada Drum Codes of the Members of the Gede Sect. "Brother Eagle" is the code name of Dr. John .... remember this.

 Close the close-up screen, .... You have the "Record Book" in inventory. Leave the room again. You can take a look in Room 5, but Room 5 also serves as an office and there is nothing to be found. However, there is another corridor opposite Room 5 that leads to the Inner Ring, the Ceremony Hall.  You now have seen all 12 rooms and you now know that rooms 1, 8 and 11 are locked. You also know that in rooms 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11, you can walk to the Inner Ring via the corridor in the right wall. Now go, through the corridor at Room 5, but you can take one of the other corridors, to the Inner Ring, the Ceremony Hall. 

The Ceremony Hall: 

The Ceremony Hall has the round Stone Offering Table and a deep hole. There are also drums in the room. Watch the Stone Table and listen to the Narrator who tells what Gabe sees around on the table. There are 6 Exits from this room .... All EXITS lead back to the round hallway and then to the outer circular hallway.  If you count from top left to bottom left, 

  • Exit A returns you to Room 11. 
  • Exit B brings you back to Room 1. 
  • Via Exit C return you to Room 3 where Dr. John is meditating.
  • Exit D goes back to Room 5. 
  • Exit E brings you back to Room 7. 
  • Exit F takes you back to Room 9. 

Gabe must now lure Dr.  John from room 3 to this room and then quickly enter Room 3  to steal the Key Card and quickly leave the room again. To lure Dr. John here, Gabe has to hit the drums to summon dr. John to this Ceremony room ..... Dr. John will leave Room 3 and enter the Ceremony Room via the corridor (Exit C). Gabe must quickly leave the Ceremony room via one of the other Exit rooms to quickly go to Room 3 ...... You can let Gabe run by double-clicking. 

There are 2 sets of Drums in the room .... it does not matter which of the 2 sets of drums you take. Select in inventory the black Record Book and then click on it on 1 of the 2 sets Drums .... I take the right drums because they are at Exit B and via Exit B I leave this room again ... 

You now need to summon that Dr. Call John. The book with drum codes has multiple pages ... via the arrows at the bottom of the pages you can scroll back and forth between the pages. Click on a code from the booklet ..... that code will be placed in the black area ..... 

Dr. John is Brother Eagle .... Browse to the page where the "Summon" Code is located and click on that "Summon" code. Browse to the page where the names are and click on the "Brother Eagle" code and......

...... then click on "Play" and .....

You automatically leave the puzzle and ... Gabe drums the code .........

 Once Gabe has stopped playing drums, the Narrator tells us that Dr. John leaves his room .... 

Quickly ... Double click EXIT B to end up in the hall again ..... Double click the left gate to get back in the round hall .....

Gabe is back at Room 1 and .... Run up to Room 2 and then 1 screen further up to Room 3. Click the Room 3 door to enter again .... Dr. John is gone, because is on his way to the Ceremony Room. Be quick .... Click the Key Card and then your Hand to grab the Key Card and ....

.... then quickly click on the door to go back to the corridor. Run down a screen quickly and .... The Narrator says that Dr. John returns to Room 3. You are back at Room 2 ... Go down one screen, to 

Room 1. 

Use the Key Card on the "Keypad" panel of the door and .... and ... .Gabe enters  Room 1

Room 1 is the Safe of the Gede Sect and it  is full of money. Take as much money as you can. Click with your hand on one of the compartments of the cupboard, where banknotes are stacked in, and keep doing that until Gabe says he has stuffed all his pockets full with money. 

Exit Room 1 and go down the corridor to Room 11. 

Room 11: 

Use the Key Card on the "Keypad" panel of the door to unlock the door. Gabe then enters Room 11. Room 11 is the Operating Room, where the Sect takes the hearts out of the corpses. Just look around here. There is a corpse on the operating table and in the steel bucket there is a bloody heart. Leave Room 11 and follow the corridor down to Room 8: 

Room 8:

Use the Key Card on the "Keypad" panel of the door and ..... Gabe will enter. Room 8 also turns out to be a guest room and .... Grace is lying on the bed. 

The Narrator reports that the Ritual is about to begin. Mosely now also enters Room 8. 

There is a conversation between Gabe and Mosely. When the have finished look at Grace with your eye. Grace lies unconscious on the bed. 

Select the Talisman in Inventory ..... Click with the Talisman on Grace to wake her up. Gabe puts the Talisman on Grace and ...... 

Grace wakes up and there is a long conversation ........ When Grace and Gabriel have finished talking, you quickly select the Boar Costume in Inventory and click it on Mosely and ......

 NB: were you too slow to dress up then Mosely and Gabe are murdered by Dr. John. 

When you were fast enough then Mosley dressed up as Boar and Gabe as Wolf and Gabe and ...... 

Dr. John, aka Brother Eagle, comes in and he sends Brother Boar and Brother Wolf to the "Circle", the Ceremony Room

 The End Game in the Ceremony Room

The game has 2 endings! 

We end up in the Ceremony Room where the "Party" already is in full swing. Dr. John brings Grace in and he puts Grace on the Sacrificial Table. 

Grace will be the human Sacrifice to Tetelo. It goes largely by itself but keep paying attention because when you get control again you have to act very quickly. 

Malia is already obsessed with Tetelo and she starts to do her dance and dr. John paints Grace. 

Malia / Tetelo pulls her knife out and is about to kill Grace and ..... Gabe decides to intervene .........

 Now you get the Control back over the game ..... Open the Inventory and take out the Talisman again and click with the Talisman on Malia / Tetelo and ......... 

Gabe will swing the Talisman back and forth and this will stop Tetelo ........ and Gracie quickly jumps off the offering table and ... 

Tetelo screams to Dr. John that he has to strangle Grace and that's what Dr. John tries to do but Mosely kills Dr John 

The Cover of the Sacrificial Table has now risen and in the Sacrificial Table you'll see the Idol figurine. 

Tetelo / Malia comes with a drawn dagger onto Gabe and she demands the Talisman or she will cut Grace and Mosely's throat.

 As soon as you have control again you click with the Talisman on Mosely and ........ Gabe throws the Talisman to Mosely

Mosely and Grace are safe because the Talisman protects them against Tetelo. Mosely and Grace flee and Gabe is left alone with Tetelo / Malia.

Tetelo / Malia lets Gabe kneel at the table and she is about to cut Gabe's throat ... so act quickly ..... 

Once you have the Control again quickly click with your HAND CURSOR on the Gedde figurine that is in the Sacrificial Table and .......

Gabe grabs the Gedde Idol and smashes it to pieces on the floor and ...the whole place starts to collapse ...... 

The floor splits and Malia / Tetelo falls into the deep lava gorge, but Malia / Tetelo lingers at the edge. Gabe is a bit further away .... 

Malia is hanging on the edge in the gorge. Gabe is on the floor .... YOU MUST MAKE A CHOICE NOW .... And your choice determines whether Gabe will live or die. If you click with your HAND CURSOR on Malia, Gabe will continue to live. However, if you take the Dagger out of inventory and then click with the Dagger on Malia / Tetelo, then Gabe will kill Malia but will die as well.

 I choose to let Gabe live, so click with your HAND CURSOR on Malia and ...... 

Gabe tries to save Malia by pulling her out of the gap, but Malia does not want to be saved ..... 

Malia sacrifices herself to put an end to 400 years of Gede tyranny and to save Gabriel ....... In short .... Malia now willingly and knowingly falls down into the hot lava ...... 

Gabe is heart broken, but that only lasts a few seconds ....... The game ends with Gabe and Gracie on the balcony of Jackson Square 

Grace decides to stay with Gabe.......and she will live to regret this in game 2 and game 3 of the GabriŽl Knight series


After the credits you end up on the start screen ...... If you want to experience the other ending, then click the "Continue" option .... 

You'll be back in the Ceremony Room where Malia / Tetelo threatens to cut Gabe's throat ..... 

Well ...... destroy the Gedde Idol  again and when Malia is hanging in the chasm in the floor then you select the Dagger and then click with the Dagger on Malia / Tetelo and .......... 

Gabe kills Malia with the dagger and is inconsolable ... but then ..... Tetelo turns out to be a hard one to kill and she takes Gabe with here into the abyss

..... On the balcony above Jackson Square Mosely and Gracie mourn about the death of Gabe ....

But as always .... Life goes on for the survivors. 

So this is the wrong ending because Gabe has to stay alive, otherwise Gabriel Knight 2 The Beast Within and GabriŽl Knight 3 Blood of the Sacred Blood of the Damned would have never be made 

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot