2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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GabriŽl Knight 2: The Beast Within is the 2nd game in the GabriŽl Knight series. Originally it was intended that Jane Jensen would make 5 GabriŽl Knight games for Sierra, but the series ended abruptly after Gabriel Knight 3 Blood of the Sacred Blood of the Damned. Sierra then decided not to make Adventure games anymore. Out of dissatisfaction, Jane Jensen left Sierra, after which we did not hear from her for years until suddenly in 2011 she reappeared with her latest game Gray Matter and Mobieus. . The hope of many loyal Jane Jensen fans is that they will still want to make a GabriŽl Knight part 4 game, but the messages that Jane Jensen has published on this subject are not very hopeful in this respect.

In part 1 of the series, "Sins of the Fathers", you got acquainted with GabriŽl Knight and his loyal sidekick Grace Nakimura and in part 1 it all revolved around the Voodoo Murders. In part 2 "The Beast Within" Gabe, as Schattenjšger, is going to hunt for a Werewolf in Germany. While "The Since off the Fathers" was  a "rendered" game, "The Beast Within" is a filmed game with real live actors. The actors do act a bit stiffly and clumsily in the game, but ok ..... you can not have everything perfect.
Although it's a filmed game, the game is "Point and Click", so completely Mouse-controlled.
Make no mistake ....... "The Beast Within"  is a very difficult game to play ........ especially the "Endgame" is extremely difficult. But with the help of my walkthrough you will also be able to bring this game to a good ending.

In "the Beast Within" you'll play chapters as GabriŽl Knight and other chapters as Grace Nakimura. The Chapters with Gabe are more based on action where the chapters with Grace are more based on solving puzzles and story. With Gabe you'll get, at some point in the game, a view timed puzzles. With Grace you'll get o lot of historical background about the famous German composer Wagner and his relation with king Ludwig II of Bavaria. As Grace you'll visit the Wagner museum in Bayreuth and the castles of Ludwig II at Herrenchiemsee and at Neuschwanstein. And you'll get a bit of opera performance of Gabe in the last chapter of the game, were Gabe performs a scene from the lost opera of Wagner

GabriŽl Knight The Beast Within is amongst die hard fans consider as the lesser game of the 3 Gabriel Knight games. 

But I disagree.....It's a very nice and exiting game to play, if you're able to forget the sometimes poor acting qualities of the actors


Below the game screen you will find another screen where you can display the Options and the Inventory. I call this screen the Inventory screen

At the far left you see a Wolf image. If you click on the Wolf, the Game menu will pop open. In the Game menu you will find the options: Save, Load, Play, About, Big movie / Little movie, and Quit. I assume that these options are well known to you. On the right of the screen you will see a little screen and 3 icons. The upper icon opens the Inventory, via the middle icon you can watch the movies again and via the lower icon you can listen back to the conversations that our beloved Gabe records with its cassette recorder. 

When you open the Inventory all Inventory items appear in the middle,  between the Wolf and the little screen 

If you click on an Inventory item, that item appears in the small black screen. By clicking on the item in the screen with the magnifying glass, you will see the item in Close-up. With the Arrow you pick up the Item from inventory and then use it in the Game screen at the place where you need to use it. Well ..... there is not much more to say about the control of the game, except that your cursor in the game is a small dagger. So you click with the Dagger on items i.e.

When you start a new game you get various options:

You probably want to see the Prologue movie first, so click on the "Prologue" button and ... watch the Prologue movie:

The Prologue shows us a rural family in Germany in the 19th Century. A farmer closes a door and we see a warning that warns about a Werewolf

The farmer set the farm in fire .....

........ and the family runs away ......

The prologue comes to an end and you end up on the start screen again. Now choose "Play" and .... the game starts with:

The chapter starts with a movie:

We are in Germany and in Schloss Ritter

We slowly zoom in on one of the windows of the Schloss and peek through the window and ..... we see our young HERO, the delicious......eh..... Gabriel Knight

Gabe inherited Schloss Ritter from his uncle Wolfgang and, after his Voodoo adventure in "Sins of the Fathers", he decided to write his latest book "The Voodoo Murders" here in the family castle. Grace Nakimura stayed in New Orleans to continue handling everything related to the "St. George Bookshop" and the inheritance. However, Gabe isn't a skilled writer and to make matters worse, he is also disturbed by his attractive housekeeper Gerde

Gerde reports that there is a delegation of villagers and farmers outside the Schloss gate who would like to speak with Gabe.

Gabe decides to go and have a look of what that flock of local hillbillies have on their liver.

The one who addresses Gabe is Werner Huber and Werner has brought his son and his wife. Actually, the whole village came along.

Werner tells about his granddaughter Toni and we see what maybe has  happens to the little girl

The day before yesterday, when little Toni was playing outside like a real Little Red Riding Hood, a Wolf killed little girl. Gabe obviously thinks this is very bad and he offers his condolences, but he does wonder why the whole god-forsaken village is bothering him with this. Well ...... Gabe has not only inherited the castle from his uncle Wolfgang, but he is now also the "Schattenjšger" of the village and this title has its responsibilities. 

The local population is convinced that the little lolita is not eaten by an ordinary wolf but by a .........WEREWOLF ........ and they would like Gabe, in his capacity as  "Schattenjšger" , to investigates the case and chases the werewolf out of the world. Gabe clearly does not feel like it, but he can not escape his responsibilities so he travels to the Huber farm and after a restless night the game really starts and you get control of Gabe.

Chapter 1: Gabe: Huber Farm, Zoo, Munich Marienplatz, Munich University, Munich Hunting Club
Chapter 2: Grace: Ritter Castle and Rittersberg villiga
Chapter 3: Gabe: Huber Farm, Hunting Club, Home of Von Glower
Chapter 4: Grace: Ritter Castle and Rittersberg Village, Herenchiemsee, Bayreuth Wagner Museum and Castle Neuschwanstein
Chapter 5: Gabe: Munich, Hunting Lodge inside and outside, Buchenau, The Hunt for von Zell
Chapter 6: Grace and Gabe: Wagner Opera and the End Game in the Basement

2018: Walklthrough By Louis Koot