My Quick Guide for GabriŽl Knight 3:

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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This quick guide gives you only the necessary actions and items that are really necessary to bring this game to a good end. It does not contain the many other optional options, usually conversations, which give you additional information about all sub-plots in the game. This guide provides you with the actions, in chronological order, that you need to do to get the main story line of the game quickly. It is important to use all  OPTIONS in conversations and that you do NOT SKIP any of the things listed here, because then a Time block will not end. If you play the game exclusively according to this Quick Guide  you will miss a lot of the story and the sub-plots.

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My very detailed GabriŽl Knight 2 Blood of the Sacred Blood of the Damned walkthrough

Day 1: 10: 00, Gabe


You start in GabriŽl's room. Go to the closet and open it and take the clothes hanger and the piece of tape.

Leave the room and go down one of the stairs to the hotel lobby. Talk to Jean, the day clerk behind the desk.

Look at and read the hotel guest book, and also check out the black marker pen on the left side of the desk. Talk in the sitting area with Emilio Baza. (this is very important).

Enter the Dining Room to meet  up with Gabe's old friend, Mosely.

Leave the hotel and talk to Madeline Buthane waiting at her Volkswagen van.

Go to the bookshop, to the left of the fountain, and click on the Holy Grail book, especially on the French version, in the shop window.


Find the museum, go inside, talk to the caretaker and then enter the exhibition space. 

Stand behind the display signs and play for listening to listen to the conversation between these two ladies.

Then talk to both of these ladies. These are Lady Howard and Estelle

Leave the museum, but before you go out, click the Lost and Found  box, to the left of the exit, and see the Red Hat in this box. Gabe will not want to take it now. Go back to the hotel. Talk extensively with Jean the clerk. Go to the telephones behind the curtain, select the Sir James card and use it on one of the telephones and make a phone call with Sir James.

Then leave the hotel. And this first time block has ended.

Day 1: 12:00 pm Gabe.

When you start outside the hotel (due to the order described in the first time block above) you will enter the hotel again and you will go to the dining room. 

You will then see a scene between Wilkes and Buthane. You must have seen this scene and you can see this scene only now

Talk to Wilkes, but you can also do this in a later time block at a different location. After this dining room scene you go to the lobby and then up one of the stairs to the floor with the guest rooms. Above you see a scene in witch Howard / Estelle change rooms with Baza. You must also have seen this scene and you can only see this scene now.

Then go downstairs and leave the hotel and find the 


In the church, talk with Buchelli and then with the Abbot. This is necessary to let Buchelli's lie say about his train arrival.

In the conversation with the Abbot you get the clue about Larry Chester who becomes important later in the game. If you do not talk extensively with the abbot and he does not tell you about Larry Chester then this time block will not end. Afterwards you go back to the hotel and you go inside

Go upstairs and knock on Mosely's door (room 33), go inside and talk to him.

During this conversation make sure you see Emilio Baza eaves drop at Mosely's door. You do this as follows: during the conversation with Mosley you sometimes hear noises coming out of the hallway behind the door. As soon as you can, break off the conversation with Mosley and click on the door and choose the keyhole icon.

Gabe will walk to the door and open it and you will see Emilio Baza in the hallway who has eavesdrop at the door. Pay attention because Emilio places his glass on the cupboard in the hallway. Then just go back and talk to Mosley and take all the call options out. Leave Mosely's room and grab the glass in the hallway.

Go down to the lobby and leave the hotel. Time Block ends

Day 1: 14:00 Gabe:

You start this time block outside the hotel and Gabe sees a motorcycle ride away from behind the fountain. Go to the moped rental (next to the fountain) and talk to motor rental guy

Museum. Take the red hat from the crate with found objects.

Church. Go up the cemetery, walk all the way back and take the spray bottle from the windowsill.

Courtyard behind the cemetery (you have to walk all the way down the cemetery)........"stroke" the cat, stick the piece of tape on the opening in the barn through which the cat went. Use the spray bottle on the cat that is now on the wall. Remove the piece of tape and you have cat hairs.


Grab a Sweet Candy from the tray, on the table in the lobby

Mosely's room. Talk to Mosley about his passport.

In the corridor with the hotel rooms. Locate the painting with the street scene on it, in front of room 27, and place the Sweet candy on the cupboard underneath it. 

Hotel lobby, if Jean is out of sight, press the buzzer for room 33 (next to the desk). 

Quickly  go upstairs and put Gabe right next to Mosely's room door. Wait until Mosley leaves his room and follow him through the corridor. 

When Mosley bends over to grab the candy, take his passport out of his back pocket.

Mosely's room. Grab  Mosely's yellow coat.

Hotel lobby. If Jean is out of sight, grab the black marking pen from the desk.

 Dining room: Take a bag of syrup from the buffet table.

 In inventory: Use the black pen on Mosely's passport. Use the syrup on the cat hairs to make a mustache. Use the red hat on the yellow jacket. 

Use the "mustache" on Red hat / yellow coat. 

Go to the Motor rental. Use the "Disguise" on Gabriel. 

Click the Motorcycle key on the Harley to activate the map. 

On the map. Go to one of the available parking spaces and wait for the moped with Wilkes. Click on the moving Wilkes, choose the follow icon and follow Wilkes to where he stops. 

Write down the number of Wilkes Moped number plate in your notebook and then find Wilkes and talk to him. Follow Madeline Buthane in her van and then find her and talk to her. 

Go to Couiza station. Enter station. Talk to the girl and examine the big black train board. Go outside. Find the taxi and talk to the driver.

 Then click on the road to end this time block. End of time block. 

Day 1: 16: 00: Gabe 

This new time block starts while Gabe parks his Motor. Click the key on the Motor again immediately to activate the  map: 

Go to C. Blanchefort. Use your binoculars to spy on Madeline and Mosely. 

Go to Roque Negre and talk to Wilkes. 

Go to Larry Chester's house, knock and talk to him. 

Leave Larry's house and click on the Motor. Time Block Ends

 Day 1: 18:00. Gabe 

This block starts when Gabe returns from his visit to Larry Chester and parks Motor parks at the Motor rental. Walk to the hotel.

 We now see a long scene in which Gabe meets Prince James men and Grace in front of the hotel . The Scene then moves to the hotel room of Gabe.

After the scene you go outside and you leave the hotel. Follow Prince James's men to the cemetery and hide behind the tomb. Watch the movie. 

Follow the men back to the hotel and click on them when they walk to their car. Choose the Follow Icon to follow them.

Map: Follow the car with Prince's James men to Larry Chester, but Gabe goes there via Blanchefort. From Blanchefort you walk to Chester's house and hide behind the tree.

View the meeting between the men and Chester. And try to remember the separate handshake or write it down.

Back to the hotel. Hotel room: Talk to Grace and Mosley and do the handshake. End of this block, and END OF DAY 1.

Day 2: 7:00 am Grace

This block starts in Gabe's hotel room. You are now playing for the first time as Grace. Use Sidney and do a Search for Vampires. 

Leave the room and grab the Holy Grail book against the door. Grace reads it and finds a poem which she then brings into Gabe's room. 

Then leave the room and go down to the: Dining room: talk to Madeline. Then go out of the hotel and go to Tour Magdala: Talk to the Abbot. 

Then back to the dining room of the hotel and the tour group goes on excursion. 

At the first stop you have to kill some time. Look at what Emilio wrote on the floor for him and let Grace makes a note of it in her sketchbook. 

Then wait patiently until Buthane gives the order to leave. 2nd stop is Blanchefort: Listen to the conversation between Lady Howard and Estelle. 

Then talk to everyone, but keep Mosley last. A movie starts now in which we see Gabe in his hotel room a bloody dream and then wake up. END of this  TIME BLOCK

Day 2: 10:00  Gabe. 

You start this block again as Gabe in the hotel room. Take a look at Roxanne's routine and sneak into Madeline and Lady's rooms behind her. 

Hide on the balcony when Roxanne goes into the bathroom. When Roxanne leaves the room, you lock the door of these two rooms. Go outside. After Roxanne has done her work and disappeared into the hallway closet with her stuff, you will search the rooms of Madeline and Lady Howard. 

Madeline's room: in the drawer of the closet you will find the environment map. Take it with you. 

Lady Howard's room: Under the bed you will find an envelope with 2 papers. Take them with you.

 In the bathroom you take the toothpaste tube (Suppuration H) 

Graveyard: Open the window of the office: Use the tube of toothpaste on the window. Climb inside. 

Open the desk drawer and view the magazine that is in it. 

Hotel room: Use Sidney and do ADD DATA to scan the 2 papers from Lady Howards room and also do this with the Map from Madeline rooms. Then return the map and the two papers to the rooms. Then go to the lobby and Roxanne will smear a sandwich for Gabe. Time block ends

 Day 2: 12:00. Grace: 

The Tour Group arrives at the castle de Serres. Move Grace behind the Volkswagen bus all the way to the back of the house. 

Click there to open the cellar door. Does not go. Climb through the Climb symbol on the low wall. Grace climbs the roof.

Use the climbing symbol on the ivy plant on the roof to climb to the window. Investigate the large closet. 

Examine the symbols on the Robe's in the closet. Use your sketchbook on these symbols. 

Open the large suitcase. Quickly hide yourself in the big closet. Then examine the large suitcase again. 

Go down the spiral staircase. Click on the chair to move it and look at the painting. Especially the left eye.

Press the button under the desk. This is left under the desk at the top of the leg. Turn the heads, where the red rays come out, 1 turn to the left. 

Go down the spiral staircase to the basement. 

Find the door to the wine room in the basement. Talk to the old woman at the wine press. If  Grace is caught by Montreaux and thrown out, then you can back to the cellar go through the hatch behind the house to "talk" with that old woman. Grace runs outside in panic through the basement hatch ......... Movie. Grace talk with Mosley, and the tour group goes to the Devils Armchair After the scene in which the tour group makes their horrible discovery, this time block ends. 

Day 2: 14:00: Gabe.

We are back in Gabe's room and Grace is slightly panicking and tells Gabe of the discovery of the 2 bodies with their throats cut. Gabe then walks outside. Go to the hotel lobby. Go to the telephones, in the corner behind the curtain, and record the phone call from Buchelli with the tape recorder. 

Leave the hotel and go with and go, with the Motor, to the Armchair of the Devil and then to the crime scene. Talk to Mosley. Investigate the 2 corpses, especially the severed throats.

 Find the large pool of blood a little further behind the rocks and research them. Find the knee prints and click here and view Gabe's visions. (double click.) 

Talk about it with Mosley and if there is nothing new to ask, click here to leave. Buthane appears and after this Mosley climbs behind Gabe and we drive back to the Motor rental. 

Go back to the Armchair of the Devil. The police have arrived here. Gabe does not want to go back to the crime scene so research this side of the road. You will find tire tracks to the right of the Motor. Continue walking up the path backwards and you will find the car of the 2 men. Take a print of the tire tracks with your sketchbook and compare them with the previously found tire prints at the road. 

Go to Larry Chester and talk to him. When Chester is gone use the (outdoor) clothes hanger on the hole in the side window. 

Go back to the hotel and call Prince James to tell him that his 2 men have been killed. Go to Gabe's room. 

Hotel room: Talk to Grace and Mosely. Use Sidney and create an identification card in which Gabe is a reporter for the NY TIMES. 

Go to the lobby. Talk to Jean about the Wake Up call at 2 am last night. (possibly take the fingerprint of the glass from which Buchelli drank in the sitting area). 

Go to Ch‚teau de Serras, knock on the front door and show your reporter card.

 In the wine tasting you follow ALL  options. Go back to your hotel room. Now the final film of this time block starts. 

Mosley enters and there is a conversation between Grace, Gabe and Mosley after which the latter disappear to eat a bite. End Time block. 

Day 2: 5:00 Grace.


Leave the room to the lobby and leave the hotel. Go to the Museum and pick up the envelope that is attached to the door of the museum. 

Read "Le Serpent Rouge" completely. Then go to church.


Take the English pamphlet from the table. 

Go to the Madonna painting at the entrance and make a TILTED SQUARE with the hands of the Madonna using the trace icon. 

Hotel room: 

Use Sidney and solve the "Le Serpent Rouge riddles": Aquarius; Pisces; Aries; Taurus; Gemini and Cancer

For a detailed explanation of this I refer you to my extended walkthrough for this game.

 After you have solved the first 6 puzzles of "Le Serpent Rouge" in this order, the end movie of day 2 starts. We see how Gracie leaves with Wilkes to eat and comes back in Wilkes bedroom after which Grace learns everything about Wilkes treasure hunters methods. End of day 2

Day 3: 02.00: Gabe:

 It is 2.00 in the night and Gabe is awakened by Simone. Leave the hotel, go get the engine and drive to the parking lot of C. Blanchefort. Walk from here to Larry Chester's house.  Peek through the window and when Chester comes out Gabe will hide behind the house. Follow Larry Chester on the path behind the house. Gabe sees how Larry Chester is burying something. 

When Larry is gone again, you select the shovel in inventory and then click on the excavation site with the shovel icon. Gabe will get the shovel and  then he dig up the manuscript. 

Go back to the hotel and to your room. Gabe is going to sleep again. Watch the film in which the vampires slaughter the unicorn and in which Gabe has a nightmare. 

Day 3: 07:00. Grace: 

Take the Motorcycle key from the table at the couch. Leave the room and then use Mosely's key on Mosely's room door. Examine the closet, bed and the pile of clothes on the floor here. Grace first doesn't want to get her hands dirty on the pile of clothes on the floor, so first examine everything else and then again the pile of clothes. Click with the shadow tone on this pile of clothes and Grace finds the Coordinating device.


use your wallet on the cards in the card stand and buy 3 cards, namely: the Poussin card and 2 from Tenniers, all three are at the top of this standard. 

Go to the Motor Rental and grab Gabe's Motor and travel to: 


 find the cave here and pick up the note just inside this cave. 

Use the coordination thing on Grace and use that thing to find the center of the circle. 

The coordinates are: 18'47 length and 54'56 width. If Grace finds this point (it is near the cave entrance) she marks it with her foot. 

Then select the shovel from your inventory and then click on the place marked by Grace. Grace is going to dig but decides that this is a hopeless task. 

Go back to the hotel and if Grace is at the Motor Rental then take the binoculars from Lady Howard's Motorbike. You will need it later. Go to Gabe's Room

 Hotel Room: 

Sidney: Solve the "Le Serpent Rouge" puzzles: Leo; Virgo and Libra without leaving Sidney in between. For this I refer you again to my extended walkthrough for this game, where this is explained in detail  When you have solved these three puzzles properly then you will automatically go out of Sidney again and this Time block will END.

Day 3: 10:00 Gabe : 

This block starts with a video in which Gabe wakes up and has a conversation with Grace and also with Mosley, after which Mosley and Gabe continue to talk in the hallway and we also see that Jean and Simone are more or less panicking into Wilkes's room. Go straight out of the hotel, take the Motorbike and travel to

 L'Homme Mort

Walk all the way back until you can not go any further and click on the footprints in the loose section. Examine the footprints. Gabe says that these are from Wilkes and automatically goes further back over the new path and find the body of Wilkes. Examine Wilkes body

Go back to the hotel and to Gabe's room. You can see how Buthane comes from Mosely's room with the manuscript. 

Go to Larry Sinclair's house, knock on, talk to Larry. Hotel room: Talk to Grace. This time block ends. 

Day 3: 12:00: Grace: 

Hotel room 

in Sidney: solve the Scorpio riddle from Le Serpent Rouge. For this I refer you again to my extensive walkthrough for this game.

 After this you go to pick up the Motor and go on the map to the NE arm of the Hexagram. Take the note that is on the fence. 

Go to the SW arm of the Hexagram, walk all the way back to the blocked cave where you see a red handkerchief. 

Use the coordination thing on Grace, and then use it to find the point of the Hexagram. 

Take the shovel and click it on the boulders blocking the entrance of the cave. Take the letter from the cave. 

Go to Blanchefort and walk from here to Mount Cardou, on the other side of the road, via the bridge. Take the note that is attached to the tree. 

Go back to the Harley and then go to the top of C. de Blanchefort. Use the binoculars and zoom in on the Orange Rock and see the moped from Buchelli 

Go to the Orange Rock. And follow the narrow path to a digging site. Use the shovel here to dig up the manuscript. 

Return to the hotel. Meet Prince James who has just arrived. Talk to Prince James. Go to the hotel room. Hotel room: Solve the last two Le Serpent Rouge riddle: Ophiuchus and Sagittarius. 

Again I refer you to the relevant section in my extended walkthrough for this game. 

Did you do this well, exit Sidney and Grace will now solve the last riddle automatically. Hereafter Mosley comes in to get Grace. End Time Block

Day 3: 15:00: Gabe

Give you the correct answers in the dining room. So point them out in this order: Mosely; Buthane and Buchelli. 

If Grace is asked how she found the manuscript, then answer that she witnessed how Buchelli buried the manuscript

Go to Villa Bethania (behind the Fountain). Knock on and talk to the Prince. Go to C. de Serras. Climb over the fence

Go to the Front door. Go to the side door of the garage and enter. Turn the light on and examine the bats on the ceiling. Gabe flees. End of Time Block

 Day 3: 18:00. Grace 

Go down to the hotel lobby and wait until Emilio Baza leaves the hotel. Follow Emilio Baza to the cemetery. (It may take a moment for Emilio to leave the hotel, so in the meantime go somewhere else, for example talking to Estelle). Hide behind the tomb and listen to Emilio and Mesmi.


 knock on Emilio's door and talk to him. After this long film this time block comes to an end

Day 3: 21:00: Gabe Finale: 

This is the last time block of the game ...... the FINAL is about to start: 

GabriŽl,  Mosely and Mesmi have prepared their plan and leave for the temple entrance. You will regain control of Gabriel in the first room of this temple. The temple consists of 5 rooms, with the 5th room being the Holy of Holies where you have to play the final game. Gabriel has to make his way through each of the rooms to eventually arrive at the Holy of Holies. Each room contains a  puzzle that needs to be solved and Gabe can die in every room. So SAVE  frequently now. We start in the first room. I call it the CHESSBOARD room. 

For a detailed description on how to solve these last puzzles and finally win the game, I refer you to my extensive walkthrough, which describes all this.

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot