2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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The screenshots that are in this walkthrough are made when I played the game in 2011 and wrote the Dutch walkthrough, so the text on the screenshots is in Dutch. I do not have the game anymore so I can't make new screenshots with English text on it. I'm sorry for this but it can't be helped


It's terrible weather in England. It is storming and lightning and the rain is pouring out of the sky. Samantha Everett, Sam for her intimate friends, has picked out this day to travel on her motorcycle to the Deadalus Club in London. Samantha Everett is a young American and she is a magician.

Sam is racing on her motorcycle through an almost uninhabited region of England as fate strikes. 

A gust of wind turns a direction indicator so that the indicator now points in the wrong direction.

So Sam takes the wrong turn, because while she still thinks she is going to London, she is now heading to Oxford ,  And a few miles later Sam's engine shuts down and there is no life left in it. Well.....There's we are then......stranded in the middle of nowhere. But then Sam suddenly sees the dark, and very gloomy, contours of a country house in the distance. That country house is Dread Hill House. Sam decides to try her luck at that country house. Maybe she can spend the night there. When Sam walks with her  motorcycle to the mansion, a car arrives almost simultaneously.

Another woman gets out of the car. The woman walks to the front door and Sam joins her. In the meantime, Sam hears how that woman practice for a moment how to introduce herself as the new assistant of one Dr. Styles. The woman then rings the doorbell. It takes a while for someone to open the door.

Suddenly the woman notices a frightening shadow, which starts to circle around her. The woman almost pisses in her pants with fear and dives into the car again and drives away. Sam gets an idea ...... Sam sees an opportunity and now she rings the doorbell and says that she is the new assistant of Dr. Styles. Sam reads what's on the nameplate. According to the sign Dread Hill House is a research center where research is being done into "Cognitive Abnormalities", ........ In ordinary Dutch this means that it is a Madhouse

Chapter 1: Day 1

A: Find the Rabbit

It is the next morning and Sam is awake and dressed. We are in Sam's bedroom. In case you haven't found out yet ....... Samantha Everett is an American girl who wants to try her luck here in England. Samantha is also an avid amateur magician. Samantha naturally wants to leave as soon as possible before someone in the house finds out that she is not the expected new assistant to Dr. Styles . However, Sam needs a map of the area. Samantha's motorcycle no longer works, so she will have to travel further by bus to London. But Sam has no idea if there is a bus service here.

The game now first start with a Tutorial. The Tutorial is intended to teach you how to control the game. The idea is that you find Houdini, the pet rabbit of Sam, and then give the animal food and drink. First move your cursor to the top of the screen. The Inventory bar then pops open.

At the far left you see the Yawner head. By clicking on the Yawner Head you can return to the main menu screen. But that is also possible by pressing your ESCAPE key

At the top right of the Yawner are 2 buttons, A and B. With the A button you open the "Chapter Progress" screen. In this screen you can see your progress that you have already made in a chapter. 

In every chapter you must score 100% to be able to go to the next chapter

With the B button you can hear the last hint of Samantha. In the middle of the inventory bar you see Sam's diary. In the diary you can always read all conversations, look back at the intro and the cut-scenes and read Sam's instructions.  You close the diary again through the EXIT at the bottom left of the screen. 

On the right side of the inventory bar is a Hand. On that Hand will be the item that you take from inventory. You can then use the item.

By pressing your Spacebar you will see all "Hotspots" in the screen. You move your cursor around the screen.  Your cursor will automatically change to an Eye cursor, a Hand cursor or a Magnifying glass cursor, on an item of interest. A name appears that indicates what the item is.

Left click to examine or pick up items. Not all items in a screen can be viewed or picked up immediately. Some items only become available if you have first investigated other items and / or have taken them. This also applies to conversations. 

In conversations you often have to make the correct dialogue choice to make other dialogues available. In this game, conversations often serve as "Triggers", causing certain events to happen or certain items to become available.

If you click on something, for example with your eye cursor, you will hear Samantha's comments and you will also read  that in the text screen that appears at the bottom of the game screen. Try this out on the bed

So Sam first has to find her rabbit Houdini. The stupid animal has escaped from the cage and has hidden itself somewhere in the bedroom. The cage stand in front of the bed on the table. View the cage with your eye cursor. Sam now discovers that Houdini has escaped from the cage. To the right of the bed is a mirror cabinet and a plant. Rabbit Houdini sits in front of the plant. You have to look carefully and move your cursor to see Houdini. On Houdini, your cursor becomes a hand.

Left click to pick up Houdini. Sam walks to the plant to take Houdini.

As soon as Sam has picked up Houdini, the screen tells you to give Houdini water and food. The screen also reports that you should not forget to investigate Sam's backpack. Samantha has put rabbit Houdini back in the cage and closed the cage. Sam's backpack leans against the bed.

Click on the backpack with the magnifying cursor. Sam opens the backpack and you can see what's in the backpack.

Take the following items from the backpack: the Swiss Army knife, Sam's Wallet, Matchbook, Carro, Deck of Cards, Magic book and the Water Bottle of  Houdini. Look at the items that are left in the backpack, so those are the photo of Sam's parents, a letter from Foster Care, the Frankenstein book and the towel.

Open the inventory by moving your cursor upwards in the screen. The items that you have taken from the backpack are now in inventory. Use the arrows to scroll through the inventory. Click on the right arrow until you see the Carrot.

Right click on the Carrot. The Carrot then appears on the hand in the top right of the screen, and remains there until you use the Carrot on something. Click on the Houdini Cage and ........ Sam puts the carrot in the cage.

Houdini now has something to eat, now the beast is still needs something to drink. So Sam stand again in front of the bed and at Houdini's cage. Click to the left of the bed so that Sam will stand to the left of the bed. To the right of the bed is the mirror cabinet. There is a Water pitcher  on the mirror cabinet. Open the inventory again and look for the Water bottle. Right click on the Water bottle to take the bottle from inventory. The Water bottle will end up at the top right of the screen.  Now click on the Water pitcher, which is on the mirror cabinet and ..... 

Sam fills the Water bottle with water from the Water pitcher.

 Take the now filled water bottle from inventory  and click again on the cage of Houdini and ..... 

Sam place the water bottle in the cage.

Congratulations .... you have successfully completed the tutorial and are now free to investigate the rest of Dread Hill House .

B: Recruit Students for Dr. David Styles Experiment:

Make sure you have taken everything from Sam's backpack that you could take out. If you had not yet unpacked your things from the backpack do so now, otherwise the stubborn Samantha will refuse to leave the room. Click on the room door to leave the bedroom. Sam ends up in the corridor of the 2nd floor.

2nd floor corridor:

Sam wants to get out of the house as soon as possible, before someone finds out that she is not the new assistant of that Dr. Styles is. But Sammie has no idea where she is and how to get to London from here. Samantha therefore needs a map of the area and a bus schedule.

Right next to the bedroom door is the door to the ground floor hall (Foyer). Against the right wall is a large antique Cabinet. There are 2 Gargoyles next to the cabinet. Look at the cabinet and look at the 2 gargoyles. Click on the glass door (Foyer) and Sam lands on the grand stately staircase. Sam carefully peeks down to see if anyone is down in the Foyer, but there's nobody to be seen.

 A painting hangs on the wall above the stairs. Look at that painting. You see the painting in close-up. It is a portrait of a beautiful young woman. Sam really thinks the woman is a "Grace Kelly" type and she wonders who it is. Get out of the close-up via the Exit at the bottom left.

Continue down the stairs. Via the lower edge of the screen you can move down one screen, to the front door of the house. To the right is the door of the large salon. To the left of the stairs are 3 doors and there is also a table with a telephone on it. The 2 doors next to the telephone table are the doors of the dining room and of the kitchen. A note is stuck on the basement door, under the stairs. If you place the cursor on that note, you will read "New assistant envelope".

Click on the note with the magnifying cursor. Sam then walks on to the cellar door and you see the note in close-up. Check the note again. The note is intended for the new assistant, so Sam will not take the note. Get out of the close-up again and go through the door on the right by the stairs to the:

Salon (Parlor):

The salon is a spacious room where you can see a lot. By pressing your space bar you make all items visible that you can look at. First look at everything you can look at. At the bottom of the screen is a desk with a computer on it. There is a cozy sitting area in front of the fireplace and next to the fireplace there are 2 bookcases. Against the back of the green sofa is a long low table with some photos, a clock and a bust. You also see a large orange statue. The office door is in the green wall. To the left of the office door are a few diplomas on the wall. Below those diplomas is a photo on a small table.

Look at the diplomas  in close-up. In the close-up you can take a closer look at each of the 4 diplomas.

They are the diplomas of Dr. David Styles and Dr. Styles is a neurobiologist. Also look at the photo, which is on the table under the diplomas. The photo shows a happy couple. Leave the close-up and click on the office door. However, the office door is locked. Look at the photos that are on the long low table, behind the couch.

In close-up you view the 3 photos more closely. They are pictures of Dr. Styles patients. Get out of the close-up again.

Look at the desk where the computer is on. Sam reports that there is no map or bus schedule on the desk. There is not even an address for this house. To the right of the computer is a box with photos. If you look at that box, Sam tells you that it contains family photos. There is a Zipper pounce in front of the box of photos. There is a 20 bill in the zipper pounce, but Sam refuses to steal the money, although she could use it because she's broke. There is nothing to be found here in the salon, so go back to the Foyer and then, via the bottom of the screen, down one screen and .... Sam ends up outside, at the front of the big house.


Sam reports that she saw a sign yesterday evening and she wants to look at it now in daylight. Sam is standing on the steps of the front door. Don't move Sam. Right next to the door is the sign that Sam was talking about (Entry plaque). Look at that sign in close-up and then click on it with the eye cursor.

Sam reads "Center For Cognitive Abnormality Research" on the sign. Get out of the close-up again. An extension has been added to the right side of the house. The extension consists of the garage and a square tower. On that square tower you get the "Back Exterior" exit cursor. Double click on the tower and .... Sam walks to the tower and she is then in front of the garage.

The garage door is closed but look at the garage door. Sam reports that she has dumped her broken motorcycle in the garage. Because you first looked at the garage door with the eye cursor, you now also get the Exit cursor on the garage door. So click with the Exit cursor on the garage door and ..... Sam slides the garage door open. A car is parked, under a car cover, in the garage  and also Sam's motorcycle. Click with the action cursor on the motorcycle and .....

Sam tries to start her bike but unfortunately ..... the thing is won't start.  The motorcycle is really totally broken and Sam will have to find another way to get to London. Leave the garage. Look at he tower. Sam finds it strange that the tower stands completely separate from the house, it looks like a replica. Go back to the front of the house, via the bottom or via the left side of the screen, and then click with the Exit cursor on the front door to enter again.


Because Sam has looked at the sign,  next to the front door, she now meets the housekeeper Mrs. Dalton, in the Foyer. Sam tries  to avoid meeting Mrs. Dalton  but unfortunately housekeepers have a keen ear. Mrs. Dalton invites Sam to come for breakfast and she disappears into the kitchen. Follow Mrs. Dalton to the kitchen


Sam enjoys a delicious breakfast and in the meantime Mrs. Dalton  talks about anything and everything. The housekeeper tells that there is a bus stop near the house. The bus stops in the center of Oxford. Mrs. Dalton has also washed and dried Sam's wet clothes and she says that Dr. Styles is in his laboratory and does not want to be disturbed.

The conversation options then appear at the bottom of the screen. Ask Mrs. Dalton everything, and in the future always do that when you talk to other people. Never skip a question or an option because during conversations you gather information that will allow you to move forward in the game. Select a conversation option and then left click to use that option.

The most important things you learn from Mrs. Dalton now  are:

That only Mrs. Dalton and Dr. Styles live in this big house. Sam has told that she is studying in Oxford and that is why Mrs. Mr. Dalton says that Sam mustn't believe everything  that is being sad about Dr. Styles in Oxford. According to Mrs. Dalton Dr. Styles is quite a nice guy, as long as Sam doesn't ask about the "accident". Sam thinks the young woman, who's portrait hangs in the foyer above the stair , must be Dr.Styles's daughter, but Mrs. Dalton warns Sam not to ask for anything about that portrait.

Styles has set up the Center for Cognitive Abnormalities Research to examine the brains of people who, due to illness or a birth defect, have a brain abnormality. However, Styles has not received any patients for years. Dread Hill House is about an hour and a half's drive, by car or train, from London and the bus takes about half an hour to reach Oxford. The job of assistant is purely administrative. In addition to the salary of 50 per week, the assistant can also receive board and lodging. When asked whether Sam wants to make use of board and lodging, Sam answered yes. Mrs, Dalton also says that the envelope hanging on the cellar door contains Dr. Styles's instructions for his new assistant

When you have asked Mrs. Dalton everything then you leave the kitchen via the Exit at the right edge of the screen.


The prospect of a weekly salary of 50,- and free board and lodging made Sam decide to stay as the new assistant for Dr. Styles for a while. So now Sam wants to stay here and that's why she wants to read that letter from Styles. 

So go back into the close-up of the envelope, which is stuck on the cellar door. 

Now you can take the envelope. So take the envelope.

Sam takes the letter and a few coupons from the envelope. You can enlarge the note by scrolling with your mouse wheel. You can then read the text better.

Dr. Styles has an assignment for his new assistant, to test whether his new assistant is worthy of the job. Styles wants to perform an experiment and he needs 6 test subjects for that experiment. Before the evening falls, the new assistant has to recruit 6 students who want to serve as test subjects for Styles. If the new assistant does not succeed in recruiting those 6 students, she can immediately take her stuff and leave the house. Styles also writes that the assistant must leave the number of her cell phone with Mrs. Dalton.

The coupons are under the letter. Click on the coupons to bring them up front. The assistant can give the coupons to the students and it says that a student receives 15,- cash to participate in the Styles experiment. Click the Exit twice to get out of the close-ups.

So, before the evening falls, Sam has to recruit 6 students. If Sam fails to find those 6 students, she is fired immediately. Go back into the kitchen. Click in the kitchen on Mrs. Dalton to talk to her again and then use the "Cell phone" option. Sam says she doesn't have a cell phone, but that's no problem because she gets the phone from Mrs. Dalton on loan. In inventory you now have a cell phone 

On the left side of the kitchen window hangs a notice board on the wall. Look at the notice board in close-up.  There are a lot of notes on the notice board, including a "Paiser card" and a "Helborn card" Click with your eye on the "Helborn card". It is the calling card of Dr. Simon Helborn, a psychiatrist. Click with your eye on the "Paiser card". This is the calling card of Inspector Reginald Paiser of the Oxford police.

Get out of the close-up and leave the kitchen again. Back in the foyer, click the "Upstairs hall" exit at the top left of the stairs to return to the top floor. Back in the upper corridor you enter Sam's bedroom again. In Sam's bedroom you click on the Backpack again. Now take the photo of Sam's parents from the backpack and ....

 Now that Sam has decided to stay, she puts the photo of her parents on the mirror cabinet to give her room a personal touch. 

Leave the bedroom again and go back to the Foyer. Click the Exit at the bottom of the stairs to go outside. Sam is outside again on the landing. Move your cursor to the bottom right corner. You will get the EXIT at the bottom right to leave the Dread Hill House site. Click the Exit and .... The Map will now appear automatically.

On the map you see Oxford and the Dread Hill House. Through the map you can now go to Oxford and back to the Dread Hill House. You can open / close the map via the M-key of your keyboard or via Button B of the Yawner. Click on the map on "Oxford Town Center" and ..... Sam ends up in the center of:



Sam has arrived in the center of Oxford and she is standing at the bus stop in front of the Carfax Tower. There is a red telephone booth in front of the Carfax Tower. To the left of the large door of the Carfax Tower is a Carfax Tower plaque on the stone pillar of the tower. Look at that plaque with your magnifying glass. In the close-up Sam reads the info on that plaque

The Carfax Tower was a watchtower in Roman times and stood at a crossroads of dusty roads. This crossroads was called "Quadrifucus" by the Romans.

To the left of the Carfax Tower you can enter "Queen Street". Bottom right in the screen is a direction indicator and at the direction indicator you can enter "Conmarket Street". The Red Lion pub is on the corner of Conmarket Street. On the left side of the screen you see the corner of a building. At the bottom of that building is a board and that is the "Coat-of-arms" board. Zoom in on the "Coat-of-arms board".

On the board you see every college of the University of Oxford with their accompanying coats of arms. So each college has its own coat of arms. 

Get out of the close-up again and now enter Conmarket Street. On the right you will see the "Black Wand" store and that is a store for magicians.

Zoom in on the Black Wand store and then go inside by clicking on the front door.

Black Wand store:

To the right of the shop door stand a Game machine and a narrow cupboard with shelves. Above the Game Machine you see the portrait of Houdini, the greatest magician of all time. Look at Houdini's portrait. Look at the Game Machine.

At the bottom of the Game Machine you see a Logo. It is the logo of the Daedalus Club, the magician's club in London that Sam was actually heading to. Click on the Logo and ....... Mephistopheles, the owner of the store, appears.

Click with your talk cursor on Mephistopheles to talk to him and then ask him, several times, about the Deadalus Club.

You now also get some more background information about Samantha. Sam tries to earn a living as a traveling magician and has been in Europe for 2 years now. Sam's stage name is Lady Byron. The Deadalus club is a famous magician's club in London where only the greatest magicians may perform. The shop of Mephistopheles is a branch of the Deadalus club. Sam worked in Rome for a while with the Great Scarpelli, a more or less famous magician. Scarpelli told Sam about the Deadalus club. Mephistopheles says that Sam must prove that she is a good magician and that is why she should try the Deadalus Game Machine.

So when the conversation with Mephistopheles ends, zoom in again on the Game Machine.

C: The Deadalus Riddle:

The Game Machine is based on the twenty-one card game. So you have to get exactly 21 points to win. The machine has 2 screens in which the cards appear. There is a red button under each window. Press the red buttons until you have 2 cards that together give 21. An ace card counts as 1 or 11. It is a matter of continuing to try. If you get an Ace card in 1 of the 2 windows then you leave that card. Then continue in the other window until you get a 10 card there and ... you then have 21.

Your Price will then appear in the lower right. Get your prize. Your prize is a Deadalus Riddle and it has the title "The Betrayer's Price".

Read the riddle, or better still, note it down because you'll have to solve it

So the riddle sends Sam on a quest. Talk to Mephistopheles again and ask them about "The scholars' heart" and "Winning the game".

Mephistopheles believes that "The scholars heart" means the heart of the university. But Sam must solve the mystery on her own to prove that she is worthy of "Deadalus". There is only 1 way to experience what happens when Sam wins the game, and that is to solve the mystery.

Leave the store and go back to the Carfax Tower via the bottom of the screen.

Carfax Tower:

In close-up look again the sign that sits on the pillar of the Tower. Sam now thinks that the Carfax Tower is the place the riddle is talking about. The tower towers rises "high" above High Street and "reigns" over Queen Street and this crossroads was called "Quadrifucus" by the Romans.

So now enter the Carfax Tower by clicking on the tower door. Sam lands high up on the tower. Click on the binoculars on the right in the corner to let Sam enjoy the view. Then walk back to the door. The door is open. Click on the door to close the door. When Sam has closed the door you see a small red box  hanging on the wall.

Zoom in on the red box. In close-up, click with the eye cursor on the box to view the engraving. The engraving is the Daedalus Club logo. You also see that there's a slot in the box. Click with your eye cursor on the box again. Sam then tells that she has to do something with the box, but she doesn't know what to do. Now you can view that slot (Vent) with your eye cursor.

So now click with the eye cursor on the slot and Sam reports that she may be able to loosen the bottom. Open the inventory and right click on the Matchbook to get the matches from inventory. Then click with your action cursor on the slot of the box and ... the bottom of the box comes down and a rolled up piece of paper rolls out of the box.

Take the rolled-up  paper (coat-of-arms paper). Sam also takes a Jigsaw piece from the box. This Jigsaw Puzzle Piece is the 1st of the 4 pieces that Sam, according to the Daedalus riddle, must find. So Sam still has to find 3 of these jigsaw puzzle pieces. Sam calls the jigsaw puzzle piece a "Piece of gold" Look at the puzzle piece and the Coat-of-arms paper in inventory. The Coat-of-arms paper shows the coat of arms of one of the Colleges of the university. Exit from the close-up of the red box.

Sam wants to know which College's coat of arms is on the Coat-of-Arms paper. Click the Exit on the door (Carfax) to end up on the street again. Back down on the street you zoom in again on the Coat of Arms sign, which is on the corner of the building on the left side of the screen. You end up in the close-up of the Coats of Arms sign again

While you are in a close-up screen you can also just open the inventory. So move your cursor up to open the inventory. Place your eye cursor on the "Coat-of-arms paper" so that you can better see the coat of arms on the paper. Print the coat of arms in your memory and then right-click on the Coat-of-arms paper to take it from the inventory.

The paper is then on the upper right hand. Now find the same on the Coat of Arms on the Coat-of-arms paper and then click with your action cursor on the board on that Coat of Arms. It is the coat of arms of the Christ Church College.

Close the close-up and open the map and see ..... Christ Church College is now also indicated on the map.

So click on the Christ Church location to go there now.

Christ Church College:

Sam has landed in the courtyard of Christ Church College. At the bottom left of the screen you see the pond. A small black box floats in the pond. Directly opposite the pond is a sign in the grass and behind that sign is the entrance to the Christ Church Cathedral.

Click with your magnifying cursor on the box that floats in the pond. 

Sam walks on to the pond to view the box in close-up. On the lid of the box you can see the Daedalus logo again.

Click with your eye on the logo so that Sam also knows that this box is a Daedalus puzzle box. Sam wonders how to open the box. Above the Logo you see a Head with big Ears. That head is on a small cover (Box member). Click with your action cursor on the Head (Box member) to open the cover. When the cover is clicked up, you will see Litmus paper in the box.

Click with your eye on the Litmus paper. Sam reports that she has to do something with the litmus paper to open the box further. Place your cursor, right next to the box, on the water of the pond. Your cursor then becomes the hand cursor on the water, so click and .... Sam takes a water drop from the pond.

Open the inventory and take the water drop out and then click on the litmus paper and .... 

The litmus paper now shows the Coat of Arms of Christ Church and also a flower.

Click again with the eye cursor on the litmus paper so that Sam recognizes the coat of arms and now knows for sure that she has to find the second puzzle piece here somewhere. Then click again, now with the action cursor, on the Logo (Daedalus Club Box) and .......... now the box really opens and in the box is the 2nd Puzzle Piece.

So take the puzzle piece from the box. So this is your 2nd "piece of gold".

Go out of the close-up. Sam also saw a white flower on the litmus paper. That white flower was clearly a clue. Look at the sign in the grass. Sam reads on the sign that there must be a garden on the right. So walk down the screen (Christ Church College gardens) and .... Sam will end up in the Flower Garden

At the bottom of the screen you see flowers (Flower bed). Click with your magnifying glass on the flowers (Flower bed) at the bottom of the screen. Sam will take a closer look at the flower bed. You see a lot of flowers. On the left are purple and yellow flowers. Below the purple flowers you see a small pile of earth with a stick in it.

First click with your eye on the pile of earth and then with the magnifying cursor. You end up in the close-up of the pile of earth. There is a Flag in the pile of earth. View the flag. The Daedalus logo is on the flag again. Click with your action cursor in / on the pile of earth (Fresh dirt)

Sam digs with her hands into the dirt and then sees that something is buried here. 

Click with your eye and then again with the action cursor and Sam digs through and exposes a Beer Coaster.

Take the beer coaster and .... with this beer coaster Sam has also taken the 3rd puzzle piece. The beer coaster is an indication of the location where the 4th puzzle piece can be found. View the beer coaster in inventory. The beer coaster is from Acme Beer and Sam thinks she needs to find the pub where this beer is tapped. Open the Map and travel back to Oxford Center. Sam is then again at the bus stop of the Carfax Tower. The left street is therefore Queen Street. Walk into Queen Street.

Queen Street:

On the left is  Brasenose College. To the right is the Alice Shop. A porter is standing in front of the entrance to the Brasenose College and 2  students stand on the sidewalk. There is also a student standing at the Alice Shop. There is a sign on the second house, next to the Brasenose College. View that sign with your eye. It is the sign of the "Windy Dog" pub.  Sam reports that Wind is one of the riddles' themes. She has already found the earth, the fire and the water, so she still has to find the wind. Unfortunately the "Windy Dog" pup  is now closed.

D: Recruit Students for Dr. Experiment Styles:

So Sam cannot finish the Daedalus riddle because the "Windy Dog" pub is closed now. But she has another assignment and that is to find 6 students who are willing to participate in the Dr. Styles experiment. So let's see if Sam can recruit 6 students.

There are 3 students here. On the left stand a girl in a white sweater and a dark boy in a red sweater. At the Alice Shop a boy is wearing a blue sweater. Click with your talk cursor on each of those 3 students to talk to them. First do the girl, then the boy who is at the Alice Shop and finally the dark boy in the red sweater.

Sam tries to recruit the 3 students for the Styles experiment, but none of them feel like it. However, these 3 students have been studying for some time and so they know who Dr. Styles is. Also the prospect of 15 pounds per hour does not change their mind. The students find Dr. Styles a "freak" and they don't want anything to do with him.

Each of the 3 students walks away when Sam has spoken with them and the dark boy in the red sweater will then drop a Flyer for a Student Party (Freshman flyer). Sam picks up that Flyer automatically.

View the Freshman Flyer in inventory. The Student Party is a party for first-year students and it is in St. Edmund Hall ..... He .... new 1st year students will not know anything about Dr.Styles, so maybe Sam can persuade a few 1st year students at that party. Open the map. The St. Edmund Hall has been put on the map and is now available as a new location. So travel to the:

St. Edmund Hall:

Harvey Kindermann and Lisa:

In the courtyard of St. Edmund Hall, Sam walks on to 2 first-year students who have a bit of a fight.

We see those 2 students briefly in Close-up and they are Harvey Kindermann and Lisa.

Lisa is sitting on the chair. Click with your talk cursor on Harvey Kindermann to talk to him in the close-up.

Just like Sam, Harvey is an American. Harvey is not really a popular boy among the fresh load of students. But let's be honest ... Harvey is a jerk. After the introductory conversation you continue to talk via the conversation options.

Harvey says he was arguing with Lisa because Lisa has erased a video from his computer. Lisa has also stolen the only copy of the video that's on a video cassette. Lisa plays a role in Harvey's video but she is angry about the way Harvey uses her in the video. Lisa has the video in her bag. Harvey does not want to participate in the Styles experiment. But Sam has an idea..... If Sam ensures that Harvey gets his movie back from Lisa, then Harvey will participate in the Styles experiment. Sam gets an empty video cassette from Harvey.

You automatically go out the close-up of Harvey and Lisa. Lisa is sitting in the chair by the table. Place your cursor on Lisa. On Lisa your cursor now becomes the Magician Cursor and with this you click on Lisa. Sam thinks that with the right magic trick, she can steal the video cassette from Lisa's bag. The Magic Book will automatically appear in your screen.

Get the Harvey video:

The "Up in Smoke" magic trick.

The magic book contains pages with magic tricks. To browse through the book, right-click on the pages. To read the tricks, left click on the pages. Scroll through the magic book and left click on each page until Sam says she has found the trick she wants to apply to Lisa.....It's  "The Up In Smoke" trick

Left click on the page and Sam says "Yes, That should work". You automatically leave the magic book and the "Magic trick screen" appears

In the "Magic trick screen" you must now schedule the magic truck, step by step. I shall explain this extensively once here for this first trick, but after this you need to know how this magic trick screen works, because I will not explain this so extensively the next time.

In the right-hand screen you see Sam and in the left-hand screen the various steps of the trick are shown. Sam looks at you, so right and left are exactly the opposite for Sam. What is your right is Sam's left. Around Sam are 3 icons and 7 circles. If you place the cursor on an icon or a circle, you can read what the icon or circle is for.

At the top of the screen is the Inventory bar that contains the empty video cassette (Spare Cartridge). Below Sam stands already the Lisa Cassette. The numbers 1, 2 and 10 are therefore Actions that Sam can undertake. The numbers 3 to 9 are the steps that will make up the trick and which you now have to plan in the screen. Every time you perform a step, the step also appears in the left-hand screen. If you do something wrong, you can undo the steps by right-clicking on the texts in the left-hand screen.

This is how you should do it:

  1. Drag the empty video cassette, from inventory, to the Left Sleeve circle. 
  2. The empty Cassette is then in, or above, circle 3.
  3. Drag the Lisa Cassette to the Right Hand circle
  4. Drag the empty cassette to the left hand circle.
  5. Drag the Lisa cassette to the Left hand circle.
  6. Click on icon 1, the Distract Icon.
    Drag the empty cassette to the right hand circle.
  7. Drag the Lisa cassette to the Left sleeve circle

All 7 steps are now noted in the left-hand screen and Sam's magic wand has now also appeared.

Click on the Magic Wand and .... You will see how Sam will perform her magic trick on Lisa.

Sam talks to Lisa and she gets the video cassette. Sam quickly exchanges the full cassette with the empty cassette and then throws the empty cassette into the fire bin.

Lisa thinks Sam burned the real video and she walks away mad. Harvey initially also thinks that Sam threw his video in the fire. But when Sam returns the real cassette to him, he is happy and now willing to act as a guinea pig in Styles's experiment.

Angela Mulholland

Helena Beaugard is sunbathing on a lounger on the left side of the lawn. Angela Mulholland is sitting behind Helena Beaugard on the wooden bench that stands against the facade of the building. A white canvas and flags hang above the entrance to the building. A public Pay phone hangs under the white canvas

Go and talk to Angela Mulholland and use all the conversation options

Sam finds Angela a bit silly. Angela Mulholland is from Scotland and you can hear that too because she has a nice Scottish accent. Angela is studying medicine, but she feels very alone here in Oxford and misses her family very much. Angela believes that all things that happen are predetermined, so she believes it's no coincidence that she has received a scholarship to study here in Oxford. Angela wants to help people and that's why she started studying medicine.

When you have used all the options, the conversation will automatically end and you will be out of the close-up again. Click with the magic hat cursor on Angela and ..... Sam thinks she can play a magic trick on Angela to get her to participate in the experiment. The magic book will be opened again. Right next of Angela, a public telephone hangs on the facade, so scroll through the book to the "Telephone Psychic" page.

The Telephone Psychic trick

Left click on this page and ..... Sam thinks this trick will work on Angela but she needs the number of that public telephone. So click with your magnifying cursor on the Phone (Pay phone) to get into the close up of the phone.

At the bottom of the telephone is a plate with the telephone number of this telephone. Take Sam's own cell phone from inventory (Right-click) and then click on the number plate of the public phone.  Sam stores the number of the public telephone in her cell phone. Close the close-up.

Sam wants to use Angela's belief that everything is destined to make her believe that she is also destined to participate in the Styles experiment. To achieve this, Sam must make it appear that she is being called via the public telephone, and for this purpose Sam must now call the number of the public telephone with her cell phone. But Angela may not notice that Sam is calling the public telephone herself.

  • Sam's cell phone is still on the outstretched hand, top right. Left click on Sam's phone. Sam's phone will appear large on your screen.
  • In the screen of the phone, "menu" appears at the bottom right. Below the screen you can see the arrow buttons. There are 4 buttons around the arrow buttons.
  • Name the 6 buttons, from top left to bottom right: A, B, C, D, E, F. Click on button C to open up the Phone menu.
  • In the screen appears: "Contacts", "Games" and "Options". Click on the E arrow button to select "Options" and then on the C button again.

You are then in the Options of the phone and you see "Mute" in the screen. You can also see that the "Mute" function is set to "Off" and that means that the ringing sound of Sam's phone is set to "on". However, Sam does not want Angela to hear her phone ring. So click the C button again to set "Mute" to "On". With this you have enabled the "Mute" function of the phone.

Close the close-up screen. Click again with the magic hat cursor on Angela Mulholland to open the Magic trick screen again.

The "Telephone Psychic" trick:

I'm not going to fully explain the screen again. Just look above at the previous trick if you no longer know how it works. At the top of the screen is Sam's cell phone in the inventory. Do the following steps:

  • Drag Sam's cell phone to Sam's left hand.
  • Click on the Distract Icon (the bunny).
  • Click Icon 2 = Manipulate Links Item.
  • Drag Sam's phone from the left hand to the Left Sleeve.

The trick is planned and the Magic Wand appears in the left screen. Click on the magic wand and see how Sam performs the trick.

Sam acts as if she has a feeling that she will be called by public telephone. And of course that happens and Sam continues a fake telephone call.

Then Sam tells about the Experiment of Styles and Angela is so impressed that she promises to participate in the experiment

Helena Beaugard and Charles Ettington:

Sam now has 2 stupid freshmen committed to Slyles's experiment, so 4 to go. Fortunately there is a bimbo on the lawn and her name is Helena Beaugard. Go talk to Helena Beaugard. You have to click on Beaugard twice to talk to her.

While you talk to Helena, a new guy walks into the screen and that guy takes a seat on one of the front benches.

Helena does not want to say which country she is from, but it seems clear that she is from Russia, or one of the other former Soviet countries, and she's a spoiled rich babe. Papa must not have obtained his wealth completely legally. Helena studies art history because her father thought that if she wastes his money on art, she should at least know what she is buying. Helena is bored to death and Sam tries to persuade her to take part in Slyles' experiment for fun. But Helena is only interested in parties and in Charles Ettington. Charles Ettington is the guy who now sits on the front bench. But unfortunately Charles is rather shy and does not dare to talk to Helena. Sam is lying by telling Helena that Charles is also taking part in the experiment. But Helena does not believe it and she doubts whether Sam has spoken to Charles.

To persuade Helena to take part in the experiment, Sam must first convince Charles Ettington to also sign up for the experiment.

So go talk to Charles Ettington, but Charles is really very shy and doesn't want to talk to a girl. 

To the left of Charles is a Book and a Letter on the bench. View the Book and then the Letter with your eye cursor. The book is the "Iliad of Homer" and the letter is from Gertrude Ettington, the mother of Charles. Now Sam has discussion material to have an intelligent conversation with Charles, so click Charles again and talk to him about the letter and about the book. Sam is lying about everything to Charles.

Charles becomes a bit loose and tells that every day he receives a letter from his mother, which he reads during dinner, because they always had dinner together at home. But Charles only becomes really talkative when you ask him about the Iliad book. After you've asked Charles about the book and about the letter, use the "The Experiment" topic to ask Charles if he wants to participate in the Styles experiment. But Charles is really a mother's child because he must first ask his mother about this.

Charles, however, only has contact with his mother on Saturday and Sam really can't wait for that. So another trick has to be applied on Charles. Click with the magic hat cursor on Charles. Sam finds Charles a difficult case and she says she needs a special trick from her book of tricks for him. You will automatically get the magic book in your screen again. Browse to the "Ominous Mailbag" page. 

Ominous Mailbag trick

This trick covers 2 pages in the magic book. Left click on the left page.

You will of course come back and see the Magic Trick screen. Sam reports that she can now only schedule the first part of the magic trick. Sam wants to manipulate Charles' letter, but in order to do that, she first has to get hold of that letter. The letter from Charles is on the right screen between circle 6 and 7.

  • Click on the Rabbit icon (icon 1) to distract Charles.
  • Drag the letter from Charles to Sam's left hand
  • Drag the letter from Charles from Sam's left hand to Sam's left sleeve.
  • The magic wand appears again.

Click on the magic wand and watch Sam steal Charles' letter from the bank.

Sam now owns the letter from Charles and that stupid Charles has not noticed it. 

Open the map and travel back to the center of Oxford (Oxford Town Center). Sam is then back at the:

Carfax Tower:

On the right-hand side of the screen, at the entrance to Cornmarket Street, you now see, a sewer cover where steam comes out (Steam vent). 

Walk to the steaming sewer cover.

Open the inventory and scroll through the inventory items to the Letter from Charles (Charles letter). The letter is in a sealed envelope and Sam wants to remove the letter from the envelope without damaging the envelope. Right click on the envelope to take it out of inventory. The envelope is then on the hand. Left click on the Steam vent and ...... Sam holds the envelope in the steam and this allows her to take the letter out of the envelope. Sam reads the letter.

Charles's mother advises him to also undertake things outside of school hours and she has sent a brochure with her letter. Left click on the leaflet to view it too. It is a brochure about a "Health Fair" that will be held in the center of Oxford on November 10, 2005.

Now open the inventory again and scroll to Dr. Styles's coupons. (New assistant envelope). Right-click on the "New assistant envelope" to put it on the Hand with the coupons. Then click on the "Health Fair" folder to replace it with 1 of the coupons from Styles.

Close the close-up and ..... Sam puts the letter with the Styles coupon back into the envelope and closes the envelope again. Now Sam has to secretly put the envelope back on Charles's bench. Travel back, via the map to:

St. Edmund Hall:

Click with the magic hat cursor on Charles again to open the Magic trick screen again. The letter from Charles, with the Styles voucher, is above the screen in the inventory bar. This is what you must do:

  • Drag the Charles Brief to Sam's right hand.
  • Click on the Rabbit icon (Distract) to distract Charles.
  • Drag the Charles letter, from Sam's right hand, to Environment (circle  6) to put the letter back on the bench.
  • The magic wand appears again.

Click on the magic wand and watch Sam Charles distract again and put the letter back on the bench

Go talk to Helena Beaugard again. Helena has seen that Sam has been chatting with Charles and Helena is now prepared to believe that Charles will participate in the experiment. Helena is now also willing to participate in the experiment It now goes on automatically for a while, naturally, because it is time for the Experiment of those Styles:

Styles Experiment:

Sam is called by Dr. Styles. Styles wants Sam to return immediately to Dread Hill House. Sam says she has only been able to recruit 4 students for the experiment. But Styles doesn't mind because he himself found a 5th student and Sam will be the 6th test subject. Samantha has to swallow this. Sam gallops back to Dread Hill House and goes into the basement:

Sam is a little nervous about the idea that she will finally meet her new employer. Sam is not sure what to expect. 

In the basement Sam then enters the laboratory of Styles and .... Dr. David Styles appears.

Sam is a bit shocked by Dr. Styles's appearance because she had expected a much older man, and also the face mask that Styles wears scares Sam. But Sam is Sam and she quickly gets over the shock and starts negotiating with Styles about her position as his assistant and about her salary.

Styles then notice the pendant that Sam wears around her neck, and he is rather surprised by that pendant. Sam tells that she bought the pendant somewhere in an antique shop. Styles says his mother used to have a pendant like that. Styles then instructs Sam to prepare the beds and prepare the students for what to expect. It is then evening and the 5 students and Sam are in the basement on the 6 beds and they are put under hypnosis by Styles, through his machine

Styles told his 6 guinea pigs that they should relax and imagine that they were running around an athletics track in sportswear. Then you see an athletics track and the line puller that draws the lines. Suddenly a white cloud appears and blows the line trigger and makes it run away in a panic.

But a maze of white lines has now been drawn on the athletics track. Was this a dream? Or not? We end up in:

Chapter 2: Day 2:

2011: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2020: English translation by: Louis Koot