2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Originally you could only play the game through a keyboard control. The Remastered version now also offers you the possibility to play the game entirely with your computer mouse, and that works a lot better than the keyboard control. The Remastered version also have a better graphic quality than the original version.

The story in short

You are Manny Calavera and you are dead, but don't worry about it because everyone in your world is dead because you "live" in the realm of the dead. Manny has made many mistakes in his life and now that he is dead he works for the DOD, the Department for the Dead, in the Underworld. Manny is therefore a "Grim Reaper" , complete with scythe and a long black coat. It is Manny's job to pick up the dead from the real world and then send their souls to the Ninth Underworld, witch stands for Heaven. In principle, the journey to Heaven lasts 4 years and it is a long and dangerous journey

Manny has a debt to boss Dan Copal and to be able to pay off that debt Manny must score a so-called "Premium Sale". A "Premium Sale" is a client who is rich and of undisputed behavior. Only such a "Premium Client" is eligible for a ticket for the "Number Nine" train. With the "Number Nine" train the journey to heaven takes 4 minutes instead of 4 years. Unfortunately Manny has never scored a "Premium Sale". Manny only scores the poor people and the sinners and so Manny cannot pay off his debt to Copal and is doomed to continue doing this work for all Eternity. Manny discovers that something strange is going on in the underworld because his colleague Domino Hurley seems to get all the good commissions and his boss is also behaving suspicious.

Through the Main Menu screen you can set all kinds of options to your own preferences.

In the game you reach the menu screen by pressing your Escape key.

If you want to control the game through your keyboard, you can use the standard keyboard settings or choose the keys that you prefer.

Through MOVEMENT MODE you can set whether you want to move Manny "Camera-Relative" or whether you want to use the old "Tank Controls". You have to find out for yourself what the difference is between these 2 options. I assume that you prefer to control the game entirely with your mouse. So here is a brief summary of how this mouse control works.

Mouse control:

At the bottom right of the screen you always see the Inventory icon.

Left click on the inventory icon to open the inventory. You will always see the last item in the inventory. In inventory you have the options: "Select", "Examine Item" and "Cancel". Left click on the option that you want to use. With "Select" you take the item from inventory.  Manny then hold that item. With "Examine Item" Manny tells you something about the item. With "Cancel" you close the inventory

If you take an item from inventory, you will automatically leave the inventory. Manny will then have the item in his hand.

 At the bottom right you will then see 2 icons.

By clicking on the top icon Manny tells something about the item. By clicking on the bottom icon Manny stores the item back in inventory. 

If you move the cursor over the screen, ARROWS will appear. By clicking the arrows Manny will move screens to the left, right, up or down. Double-clicking with your left mouse button makes Manny run, and that is a lot faster than normal walk

With your mouse you can also pick up items and store them in inventory. Place your cursor on an item and  the Action menu will appear .....

By clicking on the icons in the Action menu, Manny then performs the requested action. 

Well ..... there is no more to explain. If you have never played Grim Fandango before, because you do not like keyboard control, you can now play this beautiful game entirely with the mouse. The game is highly recommended for anyone who loves the "point and click adventure". The game is humorous but not easy. But my walkthrough  will guide you through it.

The game starts, as so often, with a:


Manny has scored a "Sale" ..... it is one Mr. Flores and Mr. Flores is in Manny's office and he is rather confused 

Mr. Flores just doesn't know what's going on and he wants to go home because he doesn't know he's dead. Manny then tells Mr. Flores the hard facts and Flores is, understandably, not happy with it. But Flores then accepts his fate and he lights up a cigarette. Manny then explains to Mr Flores that he is going on a journey to heaven. However, the journey through the realm of the dead takes 4 years on foot, but perhaps Mr Flores is eligible for a faster journey ....

Manny explains that Mr. Flores can also travel in a nice fast sports car or on a luxury ocean liner. But if Mr. Flores was rich and has led a life without sin, he would also be eligible for a "Number 9 Train" ticket. With the "Number 9 Train" the journey to Heaven takes only 4 minutes and is without any danger.

Manny then searches for the life of Mr. Flores in his computer and, unfortunately, Mr. Flores is not rich and he has also been a sinner because he smokes. Mr. Flores is not a "Premium Sale" and Manny can only offer him a nice walking stick to facilitate him a long long walk through the realm of the dead. Manny then sends Mr. Flores on his 4-year walk through the realm of the dead

Again no "Premium Sale" scored and rather desperately Manny puts away his robe and scythe in the closet. While Manny does this we see the tube of the internal tube post vibrate,  there has been mail send to all travel agents and the game now started with "Year 1"

Year 1: El Marrow

2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot