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2022: Walkthrough by: Cindy Pondillo  and Louis Koot

Text by Cindy Pondillo and screenshots by Louis Koot

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The game starts with the funeral of Sarah's husband Raymond

One Month Later Sarah is at home, still grieving and totally lost because of the death of her husband.

The telephone rings but Sarah doesn't want to answer any call

There's a brochure on the desk. Click the brochure

It's a brochure of a bed and breakfast resort named Cliffhouse and Sarah wants to go there to take her mind off sad things for a while

So Exit the brochure. Before leaving here you can click on the picture on the wall,  the papers on the desk, the plant, and the computer for text comments

Then click "Leave for Cliffhouse" to send Sarah on her way.....

Sarah arrives at the parking lot at the parking lot of Cliffhouse. You can click on the parking sign. Take the path to the forest.

Click on the forest path and then click on the next forest path.

Arrive at Cliffhouse.

You can click on the two front trees and the window at the top of the tower. Click on the door to enter the house.

Explore the Cliffhouse:

Meet the owner of Cliffhouse, Amanda Stuart. 

 After speaking with Amanda, click on the statue. Amanda will tell you something about the statue and then you hear a bell.   

Your room is ready and Amanda will give you the key.  

Amanda then goes away to answer the phone, that's ringing in her office. You can click on the Stained Glass Window.

 Go through the door at the back to enter the Main Hall

Second Floor 

Head up to the Second floor to find your room.

You can enter the Bedroom which is the last door on the right or the Bathroom which is the last door on the left.  

We are going to go to the Bedroom first.

So take the key from Amanda from the inventory and click with it on the last door on the right and you enter your room

In your room, click to the right to end upon the right side of the bed

You can click on the bed, the drawers and the dreamcatcher, multiple times. Click on the closet door.

Pickup the Box Of Puzzle Pieces, that's in the closet

Close the closet door. Go left and leave the bedroom to the hallway. You meet Nan

Start of the Scavenger Hunt

Listen to Nan.....She will give you a Scavenger Hunt card of items youíll need to search for.

The bottom left of the screen shows a magnifying glass that you can click on anytime to see which items are found and not found.

Take note of the other rooms in this part of the hallway.  Turn around and head to the Bathroom.

Bathroom: The first item of the Scavenger Hunt

You can click on the Shower, Toilet Bowl, and Mirror

Pick up the Fishbowl and the Vase.  This vase is your first item of the scavenger hunt

Turn on the faucet to get the water coming out of it 

Open the inventory and take out the empty fish bowl. 

Click on the faucet with the fish bowl to fill the bowl with water

Leave the bathroom to the hallway. You can click on the pictures that are on the wall. Turn around and then go downstairs to the first floor

First Floor

Turn around in the main hall. On the left side of the staircase is the office of Amanda

Go to the Office at the bottom of the staircase and talk with Amanda.

Amanda got things to do so she doesn't have time to talk with you. So leave here and head to the Dining Room

Dining Room

You can click on the Tapestries and the Bouquet of Flowers on the table. 

 Pick up the Vase that stands on a little table on the left....it's your second vase of the scavenger hunt

Head to the Kitchen.


Pick up the Matches and the Fish.  You can click on the Crate, the Fireplace, and the Lamp

The Right side of the Kitchen will give you access back to the Dining Room.  You can click on the Crate.

The Left side of the Kitchen will give you access to the Breakfast Room.  

Pick up the Wine Bottle and the Basket.  You can click on the Plates.  

Breakfast Room

Go into the Breakfast Room.  Meet Elizabeth McGowen and her husband, Dr. John. 

Dr. John speaks at length about the Devilís Club plant and the extraction of oil from it and what he uses the oil for. Click on the Window.

Leave the Breakfast Room and enter the Hallway.


Click on the two pictures.  Samuel and Evelyn Van Horn.

Head to the Library Ė last door on the right.  


Click on the Blanket on the couch, the Fireplace, and take the Vase.

You've found the 3rd vase of the scavenger hunt

There are two books in the bookcase you can read but neither is needed to progress in the game.   

Graveyard of the Pacific and A Geological History of Cape Disappointment.  Both contain interesting information about the area around Cliffhouse.

Letís head next door to the Ballroom.


Mask puzzle

Click on the Fireplace for a closeup.

 Click on the Masks on the Mantle for the Mask Puzzle.

Matching Masks Puzzle Ė you must match 32 pairs of masks.

After solving this mask puzzle, on your own or via the TAB-Key, you will have the Mask

You then see a cut scene...... Two ghosts appear, Marinda and Richard

Go to piano to get the Kabuki Cards.  Click on piano and note that some music is needed.

Head back out to the Hallway and across the hall to the Study.


Click on the Clock, the Portrait, the Spyglass.

The portrait shows Gerald Van Horn

Click on the Painting and see the ghost of Philip Van Horn.

Click on the Lighthouse for another Scavenger Hunt item.

Click on the Desk Drawer for the Sheet of Music

Click on the Journal, that's on the desk

This journal turns out to be another scavenger hunt item

Read the journal to understand the family dynamics and history.

When you have reached the last pages of the journal you'll see  ghostly pictures of the Van Horn brothers and Marinda

When you exit the book you see a cut scene.

Head down the hall to the second Bathroom. 


Click on the Bathtub and the Faucet. You can fill the Fish bowl with water her if you didnít do it in the Bathroom on the 2nd floor.  

Click on the Oil Bottles. Leave the bathroom.  Back in the hallway go through the Boat House door.

Boat House

Head down the first flight of stairs.  

The second flight of stairs leads you to a door with an indentation of a fish.  This looks like the fish you found in the kitchen. 

Grab the fish from your inventory and place it on the indentation. 

The door reveals a Matching puzzle.You must match 10 pairs of fish for the door to open.

The door opens and you meet Hatch, he tends to the boats.  Heíll talk to you about Salmon,  Indian rituals and the Columbia River.  

He suggests you visit the Rainforest, North of Cliffhouse, and he offers to take you there at a later date.

You can click on the boat and the Ax but Hatch wonít let you take the ax.  Turn around. You can click on the Lantern.  The door opens but you need something to light it up. The wood above the Lantern is very rough. You can click on the other Lantern. Take the Net.

Click on the door to go back into the house. Go up the first staircase and then the second staircase. Click on the door to enter the house.

Back in the hallway enter the Ballroom again

Ballroom: Piano puzzle

Go to the piano

Take the Sheet of Music out of your inventory and place in on the piano.

Play the Piano Puzzle by clicking the piano keys in the correct order.

If you do not want to use the TAB-key to auto-solve this puzzle and want to try it yourself then here is the solution: Move the cursor over the piano keys to the letters of the keys...It starts with the first C-key

Song 1: Love Me Tender

Line 1: Click to following piano keys: C,F,E,F,G,D,G,F,E,D,E,F

  Line 2: Click the following piano keys: C,F,E,F,G,D,G,F,E,D,E,F

Song 2:  When The Saints Go Marching In

Line 1: Click these keys: C,E,F,G,C,E,F,G

Line 2: Click these keysC,E,F,G,E,C,E,D

Line3 - E,D,C,C,E,G,G,G,F

Line 4 - E,F,G,E,D,D,C

When done with the puzzle you will be able to listen to other songs.  Click on the X to end the music and the Arrow button to exit.  You see a vision of Philip and Marinda.

To the Grand Hall

Letís head back out to the Hallway, left door in Ballroom, and then straight down the Hall to the Breakfast room.  

(Or you can use the Main Hall door, next to the ballroom which will take you to the Main Hall and then right to the Grand Hall)

Back through the Kitchen

Into the Dining Room and then onto the Grand Hall.  

Grand Hall

Here you will meet Henry Dodd, a Professor of History.

Heíll talk to you about Samuel Van Horn, the original owner and builder of Cliffhouse and the timber industry.  He also mentions strange things going on at Cliffhouse.  You can click on the Portrait, which is Evelyn Van Horn, Samuel Van Hornís wife.  You can click on the fire. Use the Left Arrow at the bottom of the screen to see the other side of the Grand Hall.

Take the Candle and the Vase. You can click on the portrait above a couple of times.

Another Vase gets checked off for the Scavenger Hunt.

Click on the arrow pointing down which will take you to the Entry Hall.

Click on the Arrow down button go outside.

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2022: Walkthrough by: Cindy Pondillo  and Louis Koot

Text by Cindy Pondillo and screenshots by Louis Koot