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Puzzle Solutions

2022:by: Cindy Pondillo  and Louis Koot

Scavenger Hunt Items and where to find them

1. Vases(5) - Library (Green), 2nd Floor Bathroom (Pink), Dining Room (Blue), Grand Hall Left View (Yellow), History Room (Flowered)

2. Mask - Ballroom

3. Journal - Study

4. Lighthouse - Study

5. Indian Pipe - History Room

6. Basket with Shells - Basket in Kitchen, 3 shells on beach (combine in inventory)

Mask Puzzle: Ballroom

Boathouse door: Fish puzzle

Ballroom: Piano Puzzle

Song 1: Love Me Tender

Line 1: Click to following piano keys: C,F,E,F,G,D,G,F,E,D,E,F

Line 2: Click the following piano keys: C,F,E,F,G,D,G,F,E,D,E,F

Song 2:  When The Saints Go Marching In

Line 1: Click these keys: C,E,F,G,C,E,F,G

Line 2: Click these keysC,E,F,G,E,C,E,D

Line3 - E,D,C,C,E,G,G,G,F

Line 4 - E,F,G,E,D,D,C

Garden: Day Time:

Lu Ling: Japanese Cards Puzzle

Garden: Day time: the 4 dragon puzzles:

Blue Dragon:

Yellow Dragon Puzzle

Purple Dragon Puzzle

Green Dragon Puzzle

Oil bottles puzzles in Doc's room

Jigsaw puzzle in Prof's room

Studio: Spot the difference in the paintings

Attick: Totem puzzle

Attick: Music box puzzle

Click the crank: 3 times Forwards, 2 times Backwards, 3 times Forwards

Grand Hall: Left side view: ESP-test

Next Day: Boathouse: Wine Bottles puzzle

Next Day: Island: Through theMaze

Enter the Maze and follow the paths to the Purple Totem

At the Purple totem turn left and follow the paths to the Green Totem

At the Green Totem go straight and follow the patths to the Red Totem

At the Red Totem turn Right and follow the paths to the Light Blue Totem

At the Light Blue Totem go Straight and follow the paths to the second Green Totem

At the second Green Totem turn Right and follow the paths to the dark Blue Totem

At the dark Blue Totem turn right and follow the paths to the Center of the Maze 

Center of the Maze: The Totems puzzle: Get the Golden Totem:

2022: by: Cindy Pondillo  and Louis Koot