2019: walkthrough: by: Jan Boerma

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Haven Moon is a Myst clone. For unclear reasons you end up on a strange island. You have no idea how and why you ended up on the island and there is nobody around to explain it to you. An to be honest .... you don't care because all you want is to return to your own petty-bourgeois life as soon as possible. You are simply not so adventurous, but unfortunately .... you are screwed and you will have to go through a whole series of very annoying puzzles to finally find your way home ....... So you have to find out what is happened on the island and how you can return to civilization.

How you "control" the game is explained on the main menu screen, as you can see in the picture below. You use your mouse to look around, walk and interact with objects and other things in the game. You can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move forward and backward.

Chapter 1: Telescope Island:

The game starts with your arrival on the island. You do not know it yet but you have landed on 1 of 4 islands of an island group and this is the Telescope Island. When the "fog" has cleared up, you realize that you are in a teleport circle. However, if you press the button on top of the metal pole, you will notice that the teleporter is not working because there is no power,

You can stay here for hours in the teleporter in the hope that the reception committee will give you a warm welcome. 

But there is no reception committee so run ahead, to the metal pillar in front of the stone stairs and whose round flap is now open.

There is a letter in the pillar ....... Zoom in on the letter in the pillar and read the letter 

Then zoom out ........... the letter ends up in the pillar again. Now stand behind the pillar.  There is a Knob on the lid ....... Take the Knob by clicking on it.

Now we will first have a look around, to see where we have arrived and what we have to do here. Turn to the left and you will see a building with a round dome ....... that dome building is the telescope building. Turn a little to the left and go up the white stairs to that round glass building, that stand on top of the stairs 

Behind the glass building you can see another building ......... that is the tram house, but about that later. 

On the left side of the glass building is the door ..... open it and go inside.

Inside you see a panel with 3 rows of numbers and a lever and 2  turning wheels. However, you cannot do anything with this because there is no power. 

Leave the house,  turn left again and go one step ahead. Downstairs you see a kind of fan on a pier.

That big fan is the generator that must provide power but more about that later. First, let's take a look at that telescope building. Go down the white stairs again, turn left and you will see another white staircase. Go down the stairs and then turn right and follow  the wooden walkway to the telescope building. 

Open the door and enter. Inside you stand still for a moment to look around. 

On the right you see 2 desks with a drawing table in the middle. On the left a desk with a drawing table and in the middle a spiral staircase going up.

First go to the left desk. There are 3 letters on this desk, read all three, especially the last letter is important. 

When you have read the 3 letters you can look at the drawing tables. 

When you have looked at everything here you go up the spiral staircase

When your up then first have a look around again. You see 4 standards with maps of the islands that you can visit. We will do that with the tram, but more about that later. 

Now first look at the 4 maps of the 4 islands ..... those islands are: Canon Island; Lab island;  installation Island and Telescope island where we are now. 

At the other side of the spiral staircase you see the control panel of the telescope but also here there is no power so we can't do anything with it now. 

If you look up you see the telescope. We can't do anything here for the time being and will come back later 

So go down again and leave the telescope house. 

Let's take a look at the tram house now. Follow the wooden path back and now to the tram house and go inside

A tram is waiting for you in the tram house. With the tram you can travel to the different islands but here too you face the same problem...... there is no power.

You see a panel with 4 white buttons and 2 levers, next to the different locations you can travel to. Those location are: Base; Lab; House and Canon. But first you have to get  the power back on, so we're going to do that now. Turn around and walk back towards the stairs, then turn right and you will see the beginning of a brown path between two stone walls. 

Go up this path and walk all the way down, stand still and turn to the left ..... .. you see a long pole. This pole is the signal pole of this island....

There's no power, so the lamp on the pole is dead. Turn to the right again and follow the path to the generator, but stand still at the end of the path for a moment ......The generator is on a platform and it seems that you'll be able to turn the platform. Look to your left........you see a rotary wheel.....This is wheel 1.......

 if you look closely you will also see a wheel on the left side of the generator, that's wheel 2

Now walk to the right side of the generator and then turn to the left.......... you are now in front of a hatch with a handle (meter) click on it and it will open.

You see a meter and a lever........ click the lever......... nothing happens  because there is no power. Now go to wheel 2 and rotate it until you can go no further ....... 

you do that by clicking on the wheel and holding down the mouse button, the generator will sink into the water.

When you're done with this you go to wheel 1....... make sure you are standing on the path and not on the platform. Click on wheel 2 and hold your mouse button down again ..

... this makes it work rotate platform .... now continue to rotate until the platform is rotated about 90 degrees. The hatch with the  meter should then be positioned almost opposite you ....... then release the rotary wheel. If you turn your wheel 1 too far, there will be no power yet and you have to turn all over again. I assume you have turned wheel 1 sufficiently. Turn around to the hatch with the flow meter. 

Now raise the lever and if all goes well, it will stay up and the white light will burn. The meter is then all the way to the right.

We are done here and now we are going back to the long sign post I mentioned earlier, because we still have to do something about it. 

When you reach the sign post you stand in front of it.  You see a button in the column of the post and it is now horizontal. Click the button and it rotates vertically ....

...The lamp on this post will be on now  ............ when you look up you see that the light is flashing.

Well ......... now that we have power, we are ready here for the time being, so we can  now travel to another island, but for that we have to go to the tram house. So go back there now. When you are back at the tram you'll see that there's power now because the Base lamp is on now

.Now call the left lever lever 1 and the right lever lever 2. Now place lever 2 on Lab by clicking it once and leave lever 1 in this position.

Now go left or right  to the tram and step in it......Look op to the ceiling.....you will see a lever in the ceiling. 

Click on the lever and ........... enjoy the ride to Lab island ..........

NB: In the unlikely event that the tram leaves without you in it ......... no need to wait .... the game restarts and you are still in the tram.

Chapter 2: Lab Island

We are on lab island. Get off the tram and walk to and through the gate and .........

... walk all the way back to the door. The door is locked

There is a rotary wheel on it and a numerical code panel .......... you can't do anything with it yet because you don't know the code. So turn around again ........ below you, you see  a teleport portal that you also have on the home island, but we will come to that later.

turn further to the left and walk towards the tram again. On the left, a stone staircase goes down to the quay where the sign post of this island stands ..... 

we are now going to activate this sign post because this is important for later when you are going to aim the telescope.

So walk down the stairs to the quay. Stand straight in front of the base of the sign pole and click on the lever to place it vertically

Look up and pay attention to how often the light flashes, that is 2x and you always hear 2 ticks ...... this is important for later, for the door code. We are ready here for now but we will return here later. Go back to the stair...you can then pass under the bridge to the Teleporter but there is nothing to do now ...... because the teleporters still have to be activated.

So up the stairs again and then on to the tram. Dive back into the tram and pull the ceiling handle and ........ The tram takes you back to

Telescope Island:

Once you have arrived safely, you step out of the tram and go over the paths to the Telescope building, because we are now going to aim the telescope at the signal light on Lab Island. That is now also possible because there is power now. Enter the telescope building and up the spiral staircase. To the right of the map of this island, look through the window ..... if you pay attention you will see the signal lamp of the Lab Island flash twice in the distance.

Stand straight in front of the telescope's control panel. On the panel you see a lever knob, 2 counters and 2 rotary wheels and a push button. Above the panel a pressure gauge and a sight glass. The dome roof is closed, so first turn the top lever vertically ...... this will open the roof and now you can aim the telescope.

We are going to aim the telescope at the lab island. You learned from the letters that lab island is right behind the base island. The numbers 264 and 035 are now on the panel, but this must be 000 for both, so right click on the right wheel until the left display shows 000. You do the same with the right wheel with the right mouse button. So both counters must be set to 000.

When you have done that, click on the lower button and ......... the telescope drops down and the roof starts rotating until a white light starts flashing in the display.

That white light is the sign pole that we have activated on the lab island. We are done here again for the time being so follow the route to the tram again.

Get back on the tram and pull the ceiling handle again and enjoy the ride again.

Laboratory Island:

The Pavilion:

Back on the lab island you get out of the tram and then through the gate and walk back to the door .... 

Take a good look at the lamp of the sign post how often it flashes ...... that is always 2x ... ..Because we have now focused the telescope on this lab island, we can now open the door. Stand in front of the door again ........ the coordinate code of the telescope for this island was 000 and the sign post lamp here flashes 2x ....... so which code should you enter now?....yes..2000 ..... So with the buttons above the numbers you set 2000 on the tumblers and then click on the lever and ...

... the door opens ......... walk through the opened and through the tunnel to the square

Behind the square a staircase goes up to the Pavilion ....... you can walk around or you cross the square straight ahead. Then go up the stairs to the pavilion

The door is closed but the door knob is on the left next to the door, so stand in front of it and turn the knob vertically to open the door

So step inside and stand in the doorway and look around. Right next to the door is a pillar with a push button

Leave this pillar alone for now....... that will come later. You also see two tables with chairs and a spiral staircase. You can also look at the backside of the staircase wall. We first go up the stairs again, so climb up the spiral staircase to the 2nd floor and look around again ....... There is a desk and a sofa and again a table with 2 chairs.

On the desk, that stand on the right, are 3 letters with new instructions. So go to the right desk and read all three letters carefully ......... In the first letter you read about a new island with a lot of storm and rain and with all kinds of antennas and capacitors. The second letter talks about the teleportals that are on different islands. That is how you ended up on the main island.

In the third letter you see a picture of a certain key and we will take that key in a minute.  We are finished up here, so go back down

At the bottom of the stairs you turn immediately to the left. On the wall you see an iron plate and on that plate there is a key ... Take this key.

Upon entering, I pointed you to that pillar with the white button ...... go there now. Right click on the large hole in the middle and automatically the Knob, which you have taken from the lid of the pillar on telescope island,  is placed here on the pillar and then turns 2x and disappears in your inventory again. When the button is back in your inventory, press the white button.

You can walk back if you want because you will find a hidden library there, behind the spiral staircase. 

This library t is not important for the further course of this game, but maybe you find it nice to have a look there

We're done here for now, so leave the house and go back to the tram via them square and the tunnel

Step on the tram again and pull the lever again and ...... The tram will take you back to Telescope Island and to .....

Chapter 3: Canon Island

2016: Original Dutch walkthrough: by: Jan Boerma

2019: English translation by: Louis Koot. Screenshots by Louis Koot and Dick Leeuw