2019: English walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw  

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  You wake up in an abandoned, dilapidated apartment complex, when you have control again you go and view the apartment.  

  In front of the bed you see half a drawing lying on the floor. Pick up the drawing and click the drawing with your right mouse button to your inventory.  

You see here and there papers and books, you can click on these but you are not much wiser. There are all strange characters instead of letters, you have to translate these characters later into letters. now turn on all light switches, you have to turn the button upwards. You can also do this later but then you have to finish everything again and if you don't do it then you can't see the way if you go to sleep. 

Some doors do not have a lock, some have a twist lock and for some other doors you need a key. Again you have to open other doors in a different way. In places where you can interact, your mouse becomes a white dot, you have to get closer then it becomes a white circle. Now the interaction is possible. When you have viewed everything and opened all the cupboards, you leave the room. Click on the lock to open it and then on the door knob, the door opens and you see a paper hanging on the door with signs that you do not understand.  

  Enter the corridor to the right, make sure the light switches are positioned correctly, 

follow the corridor to the left and on the back wall you see a cupboard with an ax inside.  

  Click on the lock of the cupboard, it will open and then click on the ax.  

The ax does move but you cannot take it out of the cupboard but it is necessary that you click on it.


  You see a door in the wall on the right, you cannot open it. Turn around and walk back, past the room where you started, further into the corridor.

On the left you see another apartment, view everything again here.  

In the bathroom you see a bath full of water but you can't do anything with it now.  

Continue through the hall again and you will come to an apartment on the right. View everything again here and turn the switches to the top position,

go back to the corridor and to the left. You arrive at a junction, turn left, on the right you see a door that is locked and you have no key.  

  Walk further around the corner, if you want to continue walking you will be blinded by the light. So you can't go further here.  

Turn around and go back to the fork, turn left again and you will come to a closed door at the end.  

Although the keys are in the lock, you cannot open this door, click on the keys a number of times and the key in the lock breaks off.  

You now have a bunch of keys in your inventory. Go back to the door in the side corridor. With your scroll wheel of the mouse you control your inventory, make sure that the keys are on screen and click on the lock. Now click on the doorknob and the door will open, take back your keys.

 At the back of the floor is a bucket, grab it and put it in your inventory.

 Walk back to the apartment with the bath full of water, take the bucket from your inventory and click on it with the water, 

you now have a bucket full of water in your inventory.

Now go to the apartment where you started and go to the withered flowers, you will get an interaction point here. 

Take the bucket of water from your inventory and click on the flowers,

 you empty the bucket and the flowers come back to life, you see a number of plants with blue flowers.  

  Go to the bed and take half the drawing from your inventory. Now click on the bed and you fall asleep.

Whether it is a nightmare or sleepwalking with open eyes I do not know but you now see the room in moonlight, on the right you see the ax.


You can move, if you do not move more and more black spots appear on the screen until the image is completely black, then you wake up again. You can walk and steer as long as you keep moving. Now walk out of the room, you will see the paper hanging on the door, but now there are letters on it. This is the translation of the signs on the door. Remember this, we will work with it later.  

  Enter the corridor to the left and if you have not set the switches correctly before you can't go any further and you first have to wake up and do the switches again.  

 Walk down the corridor to the fork and turn left, turn right around the corner and walk through this corridor - in daylight

you couldn't go through this but at night you could - at the end you turn right and after a short walk you enter a room.  

In the right-hand corner you see a door, walk towards it and click on the door a number of times.

 You chop this door with the ax, it becomes completely black again and you wake up in the first room.

Get up and walk out of the room, go left into the corridor and walk to the end.  

  You have chopped the door that was previously locked in your sleep, go into the hall. There is a wide corridor in the right wall, go inside.

 After the bend you cannot go further here because you will be blinded. 

At the back of the room is a corridor with a number of filing cabinets, the upper drawers are locked with a combination lock. You can open the other drawers and view the contents. In the 3rd drawer from the top right of the corridor you will find a paper with a lot of characters on it and a separate line with 0 - 0 - # - #, this has to do with the code of the combination lock . 

The code starts with 0 - 0, a bit down the hall you will find a paper with -1- and -2- at the bottom these are the page numbers or is this the number of the drawer. The code is possibly 00 with the number of the drawer. We are going to try the code on the cupboard to the right of the corridor, drawer 11 so the code becomes 0011. When you have entered the code you will hear a click and you can open the drawer. Open all drawers and view the contents. When you reach the cupboard in the hallway, the cupboard with only the top drawer and you open it, the cupboard will fall over. Further down the hall you see another door and also a door with a cupboard in front of it.  

A little further is a junction, turn left you go to a sports hall, this is closed. Straight on and then on the right then you come again to the gallery where you could not pass but then on the other side. Just around the corner you see puddle of water and above it a subsidence where water drips out. In the back of the corridor, just behind the wall is also a light switch, set the switch to the top position.  

 Walk back to the cupboard in front of a door. The bottom drawers are out. Open the top drawer and the cupboard falls over, releasing the door

, enter this room and in the back left corner is a fork with 1 tooth broken off. Take this fork.  

  Walk to the puddle on the floor and now grab your bucket and put it in the puddle.  

Grab your fork and pierce the bump under the ceiling, the bucket is full of water again.  

  We have to water flowers again so walk back to the room and pour the water over the flowers, they bloom again. You have another room with blue flowers.


  It's time for a nap again, walk to the couch. Take your half drawing and click on the couch.  

You go to sleepwalk again, there is no light in the corridor with the filing cabinets, you can't go through it so you have to walk around.  

  When you sleepwalk you go to the corridor on the right side of the hall and through the corridor there, you can get through it in the night light.

  At the end left, again left and then right.  Turn right again and down a staircase and you are at the doors of the sports hall.  

Click on the doors a few times and the ax will do its work again.  

  When you are awake again you get up and go through the corridor with the file cabinets.  

Turn left to the sports hall, the door is now open. You see an empty hall with 2 doors on the right and in between you see a large passage. 

Go to the first door, right next to it is a mattress on the floor, open the door and you see 2 turning wheels and a few pipes. 

Click on the left turning wheel to open it.  

 Leave this room again and go to the large passage, enter it and follow the corridor.  

You don't have to look for light switches in this corridor because there is enough light coming through the holes in the roof.

 You come to closed doors, it is time again for a sleep walk with the ax. 

Go back to the sports hall, you can try to open the other door but it will not open. 

Now walk to the radiators at the back of the sports hall, click on the turning wheels to open them.  

  You now hear water flowing and you see the floor getting wet. Moments later, the flowers and grass begin to grow. Even a small tree grows.  

Walk to the mattress and click on it with your drawing, 

get to  sleep, walk through the large passage to the doors at the top of the stairs and smash the door with your ax. When you are awake, walk through the large passage to the staircase with the now open doors. Go through that door and you will see a library on the left or what should be a library. On the head of the bookshelves you see those strange signs again.  

Straight ahead you enter a room with a piano in it, at the back of the room you will find a few lifts

but these don't do anything now, no electricity. See another door in the right wall.  

Look around again in this room, to the right of the piano against the wall you will find a piece of paper. Grab this, on the paper are musical notes. 

Walk to the piano and click on the piano with the paper with the notes. The paper is now put on this, but you don't know what to play yet.  

Walk to the door on the right and open it. On the right side you see a cupboard hanging, open this. You see 5 switches with those strange signs and at the bottom you see a note hanging, click on it but you cannot read this note yet because it is written with those strange signs. So you can't do anything with this on this moment.


The corridor continues on the left, follow it and enter the room on the left. 

You are now in the living room with a table with a number of blocks with those strange signs on it. 

There are also on the floor, on the left is the bedroom, on the bed is the other half of your drawing. Again, those blocks and a flower pot that requires water.

To the right is another small bedroom with blocks, a chest of drawers and a few drawings on the wall.  

Search the drawers and you will find a paper with a keyboard with a few coloured keys on it and the order in which you should hit them. 

Store this drawing in your inventory, because we need it at the piano, but we will first deal with the blocks and those strange characters. The first clue is the drawings on the wall: an apple, a bee, a car, a dog and a flower. The characters that are at the top of the drawings are the characters that represent A, B, C, D and F. 

There are 3 blocks on the floor in front of the bed, click on the left one and it will appear in your screen. You see a block with an O, this is the sign for A. Now enter an A on your keyboard and the sign on the block changes to an A. Now right click and you put the block back. Now take the middle block, this is the sign for B. Enter a B and the block is changed to B. The right-hand block is for the C and in the room and the other bedroom you will find the blocks for the D and F. If you have replaced the character on a block with the correct letter, the character will be replaced with the letter wherever that character is located.


There is another clue as to which characters stand for which letters, in the room where you first woke up a paper with those characters hangs on the door to the corridor and in your first sleep walk you also went through that door and if you have looked closely to that paperyou then saw the translation of that paper. If you put this together you will get a number of letters again. Find these blocks and change the characters to letters. You now have to read a lot of things and from that you can get the meaning of the other signs.

  I have enclosed a table with the letters and the characters.  

 If you have changed all the blocks to letters you can now read everything, you have to look carefully for the blocks because some are further away. When you come out of the room with the drawings and the blocks you walk to the left, at the very back of the corridor you will also find a block. To the right is a door, open it and you are back in the hall where the ax hung. In that corridor there is also a room at the end on the left and 2 closed rooms on the right. At the end there is also a cupboard with an archive cupboard. There is a letter on the side stating that the spare key is in this cupboard, the code is also stated: 3311. 

Open the drawer and get the keys, walk to the locked rooms and open it with the keys. In the bathroom of 1 of these rooms is another bath full of water, fill your bucket again. Walk back to the piano. Take the drawing with the coloured keys and place it on the stand of the piano. You now have to replay those 4 lines of notes, if you do this correctly a drawing will float beneath the piano. Now it's time to provide the lifts with power. 

Walk to the cupboard with the switches and read the note at the bottom of the cupboard. You read in it that if the buttons are to the right that they are off, first make sure that everything is off. Then switch C on, now switch A and B on. Now switch C off again and finally switch on E. 

Now walk to the lifts and press the lower button of the lift, nothing happens now but this is necessary if you go to sleep walking again. Walk through to the room with the blocks and enter the large bedroom on the left. There is a flower pot between the windows, empty your bucket over it. 

Walk to the bed and take the other part of the drawing, which will now be put together. It's time to go to sleep again so grab the drawing and click on the bed with it. Walk again with the ax to the lifts and cut into the button and the doors of the left lift until it opens. You wake up in the other room again. Walk to the elevator and you will see a ladder against the wall on the left in the elevator shaft, climb down.


  Walk into the room, you will see a pond with an artwork in it and spread throughout the room4 stone busts.  

  At the back of the room you see a few large doors and a bit before that there is another door on the left, these are all locked. It is time for the ax again.  

  You need water again, but if you want to grab it from the pond, you will notice that the water is too low. Now take the busts 1 by 1 and throw them in the pond, if you want to grab water now you will notice that the water level is high enough. Now pour the water over the withered plants just next to the pond. 

Walk back to the pond and to the right behind the pond is a bench. Take your drawing again and click on the bank.

 If you walk towards the doors with your ax, you will not see the door on the left, you must first  open the large left door. You now have enough light and now you can see the door, you must also open the left door. Now walk into that room and see your own in the mirror. Look further in this room and when you look in the mirror again the game takes over.  

  The figure in the mirror changes, it all gets bumps and blisters, it looks like a zombie.

So something violent has happened in those regions, nuclear war or something.  

  You wake up again, walk back to the couch and click on it again with your drawing, in the dark you can now walk out through the large door onto the grass.  

  The game takes over again and you can see your drawing floating over you in the blue sky.  


2019: English walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw