2020 Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Indiana Jones and The Temple of Spheres is a FREE game. I guess you'll be able to find  a site where you still can download  this nice little Christmas game

You can't save, so you have to finish the game in one go.

It is 1940 and Indiana Jones and Shelly are on an expedition in Nepal, deep in the Himalayas.

Unfortunately, the Nazis are also ubiquitous in Nepal, so Indy and Shelly are caught and locked up in a Temple by the Nazis.

When the soldier is gone you get control of this small but nice little game.

At the bottom of the screen you will see the actions you can perform. So the actions you can perform are: "Look at", "Use" and "Talk to".

You click on one of these 3 options and then click where you want to perform that action.

Indy has a can of herring in the inventory, but you won't have to use it. So Indy and Shelly are standing in a high room  at the bottom and in front of a gray / white pyramid. View everything, so click on "Look at" and then click on what ever you want to view. For example "Look at Shelly". At the bottom of the pyramid you see 2 doors. On the left and right, a staircase goes up to a left and a right upper room. On the pyramid you see 3 ledges and on each corner of those 3 ledges is a platform (Pedestal). So there are 6 of those platforms and each platform has a scale. There is a narrow gap in the right wall.

Walk all the way up through the right-hand staircase. So click at the top of the right-hand staircase to make Indy walk up. When Indy has reached the top of the right-hand staircase you will see that there is a Golden Statue on top of the pyramid. You will now also see the entrances to the left and right upper rooms.

Enter the upper right room through the doorway. In the upper right room is the silver statue of the Hindi God Himovat. Himovat is the God of Winter.

A copper Mask  hangs on the wall. View Himovat and view the Mask. Indy tells that Himovat's mouth is open, causing Himovat to blow into his open hands. Click "Use" on the Mask and Indy presses the mask. A cloud of cold air comes out of Himovat's mouth. Leave this upper right room again by clicking in the black area to the left of the Exit. If you click in the doorway, Indy remains stuck in the doorway.

Back on the right staircase select "Look at" and then click on the hole in the right wall, so "Look at narrow gap". Indy thinks it is a very tight wall hole. Select "Use" and click on the wall hole again, so "Use narrow gap". Indy walks down to the wall hole, but Indy cannot squeeze through the narrow wall hole. Now walk all the way up through the left-hand stairs and then enter the left upper room. In the upper left room is the Golden Hindi God Angi, the Fire God. Angni has a bowl in his hands. At God Angi is also an opening in the floor. There is a red handle on the wall to the left of the entrance.

Click "Use lever". Indy pulls the lever low, causing Angi's bowl to tip over. But because the bowl was empty, nothing happens now. 

Walk out of the room by clicking in the black area to the right of the doorway. Walk back down the left-hand stairs to Shelly. Select "Talk" and then Talk to Shelly to start talking to her. A number of questions will appear that you can ask Shelly. Click on the question you want to use. It matters what you ask because every question opens up follow-up questions. However, you can always return to the 1st series of questions. So you can talk extensively with Shelly, but if you want to escape quickly from this temple, you can immediately ask Shelly if she is hungry. So ask, "Are you hungry?".

Shelly answers that she is indeed a bit hungry. Now say, "You do look like you have some reserves, though." Shelly doesn't like this is remark about how she looks, because she thinks Indy thinks she's too fat. Now say, "I'm just worried that you may not fit." Shelly now asks Indy what she wouldn't fit in and Indy now tells her about the narrow hole in the wall. Shelly accepts the challenge and squeezes through the narrow slit.

We then hear that Shelly breaks something and that she has found 6 marbles. Shelly returns and she gives Indy 6 colored marbles.

The 6 marbles are then in Indy's inventory. There are 2 red, 2 green and 2 purple marbles. 

You now have to place a marble on each of the 6 platforms, of the 3 ledges. It doesn't matter which marble you place on which platform. So always select "Use" and then click on a marble and then click on a platform to place the marble in the bowl on that platform (Use ball with pedestal). Place a marble on each of the 6 platforms in this way. Again .... it doesn't matter which marble you place on which platform. If you have placed all 6 marbles on the 6 platforms, a secret compartment will open in the base of the pyramid, at the bottom left.

In the secret compartment is a Metal Bar. Take the Metal Bar from the compartment so select "Use" and then click in the secret compartment (Use compartment) to take the Metal Bar from the compartment. When you have grabbed the Metal  Bar you go up the left-hand stairs to the left upper room. Place the Metal Bar in Agni's Bowl .  (Use metal bar with fire god statue). Indy puts the Metal Bar in Agni's bowl. Pull the red Lever down again, so "Use Lever" and ..... The Bar in the bowl melts and ... the bowl tilts again and a flow of liquid gold flows from the bowl into the floor hole.

Indy ends up back with Shelly and a conversation follows ......

A green Fir Tree (Christmas Tree) appears over the pyramid and at the bottom right a second secret compartment opens and in it is a rotary valve.

Use that rotary valve, so "Use compartment" to open the valve. Indy then hears that water has started flowing somewhere. Walk up the right-hand stairs to the upper right room and see ....... Water now flows from the pipe to the hands of Himovat. Press the Mask back in, so "Use mask" and ..... Himovat will blow snowflakes and Himovat will blow those snowflakes to the temple hall.

Leave the upper room again and ..... It is now snowing in the main hall and Indy walks back to Shelly and a conversation follows. Indy is surprised that nothing else happens because he really has done everything that could be done. But then the 2 doors at the bottom of the pyramid open and ..... a Sleigh comes out.

Well "Use" the Sleigh and ..... Indy and Shelly fly up in the sleigh and .....

... leave their prison through the hole in the roof .........

Happy New Year Dr. Jones ....... Happy New Year Shelly ........

Click EXIT to close the screen. Save this nice little game to play again next Christmas ...............

2020 Walkthrough by: Louis Koot