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2022:Walkthrough by: Louis Koot 

  This is my English translation of my Dutch Legacy of Time walkthrough from 2013

Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time is the 3rd and final game in the Journeyman series. It's a Windows 95 game and it's a point and click adventure game with real live actors. It's a SF game and it's set in a distant future but basicaly you will travell back in time. So the game is a Windows 95 game and the original version of the game does not work under Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.  But on Gog.com you can buy a re-release of the game and this re-release works fine with Windows 8 en Windows 10. 

In the game you will find the options to exit, save and load the game, at the top left if you  the cursor to the top left.  A gray bar will open and there you will find the options "File", "Help" and "Cinematics".  Via "File" you can open the main menu screen, save the game or load a previous save game. You can watch the cutscenes again via "Cinematics".

The game starts with the:


1262 BC (BC = Before Christ)

Michelle Visard, TSA Agent 3 who is presumed dead, arrives on an uncharted island in the Mediterranean. The year is 1262 BC (before Christ). Michelle argues with Arthur, the chatty computer helper that's incorporated into the Jumpsuit. Michelle has had enough of Arthur's talk and gets out of the Jumpsuit. Michelle sends the Jumpsuit back through the time stream.

We stand at the foot of a ruined mill and Michelle climbs to the roof of the mill.On top of the mill Michelle looks out over the ruined houses of what was once a thriving civilization. Suddenly Michelle hears a sound and she looks up and ..... a gigantic spaceship flies over Michelle. We then end up in the Present Time:

The year is now 2329 AD (AD = After Christ)

Aboard the Human-Cyrollan Science ship Oracle. 

The Oracle receives a distress call from one of Earth's outposts floating in space.

However, the Outpost gets destroyed by the Qou'Thalas. The Oracle's captain, a Cyrollan, says "THEY" have returned. 

By "THEY" the Cyrollan means the Qou'Thalas.

Now the game really starts up with the main screen. You can change some settings in the "Options" to your own preferences. Arthur's commentary is really worth listening to. In the Game Options you can set whether Arthur will talk a lot, talk little or only talk when necessary. If you set Arthur to talk a lot, Arthur will always comment automatically. If you choose one of the other options, you have to click on Arthur's cloud to hear Arthur's commentary.

Click on "New Game" to really start the game now. 

As soon as you have clicked on "New Game" the game starts with a long intro movie in which a few things are explained.

Chapter 1: Michelle's Timecode:

We are in the year 2339, witch is the present Time, and we are in the Command Center of the TSA. The commander orders to dismantle all Jumpsuits because all time travel has been suspended. However, Agent 5 Gage Blackwood disagrees because he believes that  Agent 3 Michelle Visard is trapped in the time stream. So Gage Blackwood, that is YOU, believes that Agent 3 is still alive

We end up in the infirmary of the Vega Thalon prison on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn. We see Dr. Elliot Sinclair taking his last breath. Back at TSA headquarters, a rupture in the time stream is detected and Gage believes this rupture is caused by Agent 3 Michelle Visard. The rift originated in the year 1262 BC on an unknown island in the Mediterranean Sea. Gage wants a Jumpsuit to go back to 1262. Wil now shows Gage the still very experimental Chameleon Jumpsuit and explains the possibilities of this Jumpsuit.

Gage puts on the Chameleon Suit and you are now looking through the helmet of this suit. You now gain control of the game for the first time. Will has explained how the Chameleon suit works. Through Holotechnique, the Chameleon suit can assume the identity of other people. But then the Image of that person must be stored in the memory of the Chameleon suit first

Now you get to control the game for the first time. Your cursor will now become an "Images cursor".

Click on Will with the Image cursor and his image will be saved in the suit's memory.

Now Will explains how to jump back to a certain time. In the helmet screen you will see 2 pink bars.

The top pink bar is the Time zone bar and it always shows the locations you can travel to.

Click on the time zone bar and then click on "1262 October 06 Mediterranean Sea" and .... after the cut scene, Gage has ended up in:

A: Atlantis: 

1262 October 06 Mediterranean Sea

Gage has landed on a raft in the water at the foot of the destroyed mill. You're in the same place we saw Michelle Visard before. We are in Atlantis right after Atlantis was destroyed. You see the environment through the visor of the helmet of the Chameleon suit. First let me explain how to move forward in the game:

You have a cursor with 4 red arrows. Place the 4-arrow cursor on the edges of the screen and then click with your left mouse button. You then automatically turn to the left, right, up or down and if you can go forward you get a Forward arrow. To turn, you can also hold down your left mouse button and then turn your mouse around until you get the Forward arrow. You will have to travel great distances in this game. So sometimes you will get a double forward arrow. This allows you to overcome greater distances in one go. When you get the double forward arrow, keep your left mouse button pressed and you will go a long way in one go.

Now turn to the left, until you get the forward arrow towards the windmill. Then go 2 clicks forward to the door of the mill.

Robot Arthur, witch is Michelle Visard's Jumpsuit number 3, appears. Click with your finger on the helmet of Jumpsuit 3 and ....

The helmet opens and you hear Arthur's voice. Arthur jumps over to Gage's Chameleon suit. At the bottom right, Arthur now first shows you a message from Michelle. Michelle tells that she has hidden part of a time code in 3 different worlds. The first part is hidden here at the mill. Michelle also tells that in 2 of the locations she hid the code at the highest point, but in the 3rd location she hid the code at the lowest point. Arthur then sends Jumpsuit 3 back through the time stream.

From now on you will see Arthur sitting at the bottom right. Arthur is a source of information and help. If a cloud appears at Arthur, he has information for you. Then click on the cloud to hear what Arthur has to say. If a light bulb appears above Arthur, he has a hint for you. If you keep clicking on the light bulb, Arthur will eventually give you the solution to the problem you are facing.

In the middle you see the Chameleon Suit, where the Images are stored of the people you have clicked on with the Images cursor. On the left you see the Items Inventory. The items inventory stores the items you pick up in the game. However, you have to place the picked up Items in the Items inventory yourself. That does not happen automatically.

Now move forward 3 clicks. You are then faced with a few stones in the water.

Click forward and Gage jumps to the other side via the stones. 

Then turn slightly to the left and go forward 2 clicks and .....

Arthur discovers a boat on the water and you automatically zoom in on it. 

Inside the boat is a man who, according to Arthur, looks exactly like Dr. Elliot Sinclair.

You automatically zoom out again. Look down at your feet and then turn to the left. There is a rope on the floor. 

Grab the Rope and then hold down your mouse button and then drag the rope to your Items inventory, bottom left. 

Then release your mouse button. The Rope is now in your Inventory.

Look up again and now go back the same route, so via the stones in the water and the stone stairs, to the Mill.

Go forward to the hole in the wall of the mill, turn left and then enter the mill through the hole in the wall.

You will stand exactly in front of the large pole, which is in the middle of the mill ruins.

On the left side of the pole, go forward 1 more click and then turn left. You are now behind the pole and you look back atthe hole in the wall through which you entered. A stone spiral staircase goes up along the wall. But part of the stairs is missing. Go forward to the wall hole and then look up at the Stone Staircase. Arthur's light bulb will now come up.

NB: If you click on Arthur's light bulb then he will give you a hint on how to get to the stone stairs now. If you keep clicking on Arthur's light bulb then his next hints will become clearer and eventually Arthur will just give you the solution to the problem.

So you need a rope ladder. Now click with your Hand on your Items inventory. The items inventory opens. You currently only have 1 item in your inventory and that is the rope (Rope Ladder) that you have just picked up. Click with your Hand on the Rope and then hold down your mouse again. Now drag the rope to the bottom of the stairs and then release your mouse button and ........

Gage ties the rope to the bottom step and then climbs up the rope and then stand on the bottom step of the stairs.

Now go 2 clicks forward to the very top of the stone spiral staircase. Then look up at the hatch above your head.

Click forward on the hatch and .... Gage goes through the hatch and is then on the top floor of the mill.

Right in front of you you will see a ladder. Go forward and then turn left and you are right in front of the ladder.

Click on the ladder and Gage climbs up and lands on the roof of the mill. 

Arthur says that the island was not destroyed by natural causes, but by brute force. 

Look down and to the left and .... on the roof of the mill you now see a few circles drawn.

You get your Zoom cursor on those circles, so zoom in on them and ..... It turns out to be the 1st part of the Time code that Michelle has hidden.

You now see how Atlantis was destroyed by an alien spaceship. Arthur recognizes the spaceship. It's a Cyrollan spaceship.

Atlantis has thus been destroyed by our "friends" the Cyrollans. We then end up in the Timestream and receive another message from Michelle Visard. Now place your finger on the Time Zone bar in your helmet again and then click to open the locations you can travel to. Well .... you can choose from the Mediterranean Sea, the Andes mountains and the Himalayas.

You are now in the Mediterranean location, so click on "AD 0524 January 29 Andes Mountains" and ..... We end up in:

B: Eldorado:

AD 0524 January 29th: Andes Mountains

You have landed at the bottom of a well. Look down and turn a little to the right. You see that you are standing in a bucket. You also see a round boulder in the water. The boulder lays in front of the valve of the drain of the well. To the left of the stone, a lighter stone protrudes from the wall.

Click with your Hand on the boulder. The boulder is lifted and placed again in front of the protruding stone. Now click with your finger on the protruding lighter stone and .... the protruding stone turns out to be a lever and you click the lever down. This opens the valve and water flows into the well through the drain. The rising water will lift you up in the bucket. Look up. Above your head you see the winch from which the bucket hangs. Click the forward arrow to climb further out of the well via the rope. When you climb out of the pit, look down and turn left to the well. You stand in front of the turning wheel of the winch that lifts the bucket down and up through the pit.

Grab this Winch Handle and put it in your Items inventory. Turn right back. You are standing in front of the well and further on you will see trees.

Follow the forward arrow 3 or 4 clicks forward. Right in front of you you will see a wall with a doorway.

If you take the trouble to look up you will see 2 very large balloons hanging in the sky. Look down again. 

Don't go further forward to the wall yet, but now turn left. 

You are standing in front of a left path that, between the rocks, goes to the ruins of a stable.

Go forward 4 clicks. To the left of the ruined stable is a large basket. It's a balloon basket. 

Go to the basket. Grab the Basket and put it in your Items inventory.

Go back along the path between the rocks and then turn left to and through the doorway in the wall, where the 2 large balloons are hanging. 

You are at the "Crossroads".

Across the ravine is the Temple. The balloons allowed people to go over the ravine. So you are here at the Balloon Crossing. Stand on the edge of the plateau so that you are looking across the ravine. Turn left and look down. You now see the beam to which the left balloon is attached. Go forward and then turn left. You are now standing in front of the beam. The front jog wheel of the beam is gone. You now have more than 1 item in inventory. To see all items in inventory, click on the bottom purple bar or on the edge of the inventory jar. Your Inventory will then open and you will see all the items you have in inventory

If you click on the question marks you will get a description of the item. 

From the inventory bar you can also grab the items and then drag them to the place where you want / need to use the item. 

Now take the Winch Handle from inventory and drag it to the pin on the front of the beam.

The turning wheel is then fixed on the pin. Click on the wheel with your finger to lower the balloon. 

When the balloon is down, you will notice that there is no basket hangingunder the balloon. 

Open your Items inventory again and now drag the Basket from your inventory to the center under the balloon.

The basket is automatically attached under the balloon and you automatically climb into the basket and then yougo up with the balloon. When the balloon stops rising, you will see the second balloon hanging right in front of you. You also see the 4 ropes hanging from the balloon you are now hanging under. Turn a little further to the right. You see a thicker rope hanging.

Click on this thicker rope and ... You pull the rope up and throw it to the other balloon. 

Via the hook on the rope you pull the other balloon towards you and you then jump over and stand in the basket of the second balloon.

Look down and turn around in the basket until you see the 3 circles of the 2nd part of Michelle's time code in one of the corners. Zoom in and ......

You now see how Eldorado has been destroyed by both the Cyrollans and the Qou'Thalas.

You end up in the Timestream again and receive another message from Michelle.

Then open the Time Zone Bar and now travel to: April 15, 1219 AD: Himalaya Mountains:

C: Shangri-La:

April 15, 1219 AD: Himalaya Mountains:

You end up on a ledge of a dilapidated building. You are high up in the mountains and it is bitterly cold here. Michelle has mentioned that 2 parts of the time code are hidden at the highest point and 1 part at the lowest point. You have already found the two parts that were hidden at the highest point, so you now have to go to the lowest point here. So you have to go down. Turn right and down until you get the forward arrow

Go 1 click down the icy slope. You come to the body of a guard. In front of the corpse is a stick and to the right is a steering wheel.

Grab the Stick ( Wooden Staff) and place it in your item inventory. Grab the steeringWheel and place it in your item inventory as well. 

Turn around and look up to get the forward arrow up the ramp again. Then go 1 click forward to go back up the hill

Turn slightly to the right. You are in front of the entrance to the ruined guardhouse.

Go inside 1 click and then turn to the right and also look slightly down. You are standing in front of the wooden winch of the bridge. 

Go forward, look down and turn right. You see the large wooden Cogwheel of the winch. 

However, the rotary wheel to set the cogwheel in motion is missing.

Take the steering wheel you just found from your item inventory and click this thing on the wooden gogwheel.

You place the steering wheel on the sprocket. Then click with your finger on one of the "spokes" of the wheel and ....

the Cogwheel will now turn and lower the remains of a bridge. Turn around and go 1 click forward, back to the entrance. 

Then turn back to the entrance of the building. 

Now, in front of the wooden winch, go 1 click down the ramp and then turn to the right and look down slightly.

You are now under the wooden winch and looking out through the gate.

 Go forward 2 clicks, to the edge of the "balcony". Look down.

The remains of a bridge now hangs down in front of your feet and you see the Monastery below you. Click forward and .... You turn around automatically and you descend via the bridge that hangs down. The bridge doesn't reach all the way down, so you jump down the last bit automatically. You are now lower on the icy snow slope. Turn left to the monastery. Get the forward arrow to the windows of the Monastery. Then go forward. You end up at the windows .

Turn to the windows. You will see three windows. The middle window is slightly open. Click with your finger on the middle window and Arthur's light bulb will light up. Take the Stick (Wooden Staff) from your inventory and click it on the middle window. You push the window further open with the stick and the forward arrow appears. So go forward through the window into the monastery. Look down. You see a Buddha statue sticking in the snow. Go 2 clicks forward to the Buddha statue. You then stand in front of the statue and get the forward arrow to the blue "hat" that the statue has on her head.

So click forward one more time and climb up via the image and look outside through the broken windows. 

Turn slightly to the left and look down and ..... in the pile of snow you see the 3rd part of Michelle's Timecode.

 Zoom in on the time code and .......

Long Cut Scene starts: Cyrollans show up and Arthur tells you to smear him.

We end up in the Timestream again and receive another message from Michelle Visard. 

Gage now meets Michelle 14 days back in the past. We're with Elliot Sinclair just before his death.

Sinclair now explains a few things about the Cyrollans and the Qou'Thalas. 

Sinclair dies and Gage takes Michelle back to TSA headquarters.

Will gets it from the boss and Michelle gets locked up. 

The Cyrollan Ambassador now tells the truth about the destruction of Atlantis, Eldorado and Shangri-La.

Gage ervaart nu over de Sosiqui en over The Legacy of Time. De Qou'Thalas eisen nu The Legacy op en Gage, jij dus, zal nu terug in de tijd gaan om de 3 fragmenten van The Legacy te zoeken. Hiervoor moet Gage terug naar Atlantis, Eldorado en Shangri-La en wel steeds 1 dag voordat deze werelden vernietigt werden.

Gage is now told about the Sosiqui and about The Legacy of Time. The Qou'Thalas now claim The Legacy and Gage, that is you, will now go back in time to find the 3 fragments of The Legacy. For this, Gage has to return to Atlantis, Eldorado and Shangri-La, always 1 day before these worlds were destroyed.

After these long cut scenes you have control over the game again. You're still in TSA headquarters. You can ask Arthur what to do. 

Click on the Time zone bar. The time zones of the 3 areas reappear. 

Click again on BC 1262 October 05 Mediterranean Sea and .... you now end up in:

Chapter 2: Atlantis:

2022:Walkthrough by: Louis Koot