Journey To the Centre of the Earth

2020: walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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This walkthrough is made with the 2014 version of the game. I did a Dutch walkthrough for the original game and in 2014 I did a Dutch walkthrough for the 2014 game. This is an English translation of my 2014 Dutch walkthrough. The screenshots were made in 2014 and therefore the text on the screenshots is in Dutch. I can't correct this now because I no longer have this game so I can't make new screenshots.

Some things in the 2014 version of the game are different then they are in the original version of the game 

The game is a "Point and Click" game. So you control it completely with your mouse. The Main Menu screen can be seen in the Cabin

Main Menu screen

Through the Seat you start a New Game. The Control Panel is the "Continue with the Game" option. You can open the Options menu by clicking on the gauge / pressure gauge. You can save and load by clicking on the monitor and you exit the game through the door. While playing, you enter the Cabin by pressing your Escape key, but first save your game on the monitor To save or to load a previous save game, click on the Monitor and select an empty slot to save. Then click Save. You can set various sound and video options via the Option Menu.


In the game you open the Inventory by clicking with your right mouse button. Your Inventory Bar will then come up. To pick up an item from your inventory, click on it. The item will then be stuck to your arrow cursor. Then close your inventory with a right click. With some items in your inventory you will see a screen when you place the cursor on the item. In that screen you will get the option to "Use" the item.

To put an item back in your inventory you have to click the item back in. The Laptop Computer, on  the left  side of the inventory bar, contains all documents, notes etc. that you can read and you also use the Computer to analyze items. You also use this computer to view the photos and mail that Ariane makes / receive automatically. Click on the X at the top right of the screen to close the laptop again. 

How to move in the game

Ariane will run when you double-click. The game is very linear. This means that in each part of the game you will f have to do all puzzles / Action before you can go to the next part of the game. If you forget something, then Ariane won't go to the next part. You can skip dialogs by pressing your Spacebar.

To move from one screen to the other you have a "Feet" cursor. However, you will not get these "feet" on every screen and you will often have to find the right place to get the "feet" visible. In the walkthrough I use the following directions to move from one screen to the other: Bottom center , Bottom left, Bottom right, Centre left, Centre right, Top left, Top right. This refers to the edges and corners of your screen.

The Story


When Professor Hardwigg first told about his adventurous journey to the "Centre of the Earth", the entire scientific community was very sceptical. Should scientists really believe in such a fantastic story, told by someone from their own community? A jealous rival of Professor Hardwigg managed to undermine Hardwigg's credibility and as time went by Hardwigg's story fell into oblivion and was referred to the realm of fables.


Somewhere above Iceland a helicopter is flying. The helicopter lands on a "beach" of the Sneffels volcano and Ariane, a young reporter on the road to make a story for a well-known magazine, gets out of the helicopter and immediately starts photographing the surroundings. The helicopter is suddenly buried under falling boulders. Fortunately, Ariane is fine, but the pilot has disappeared and the helicopter has been totally destroyed.

Ariane goes looking for help and suddenly the ground sinks under her feet and she falls down. After falling a few hundred meters down, Ariane finds herself back on a sub-tropical beach. She discovers strange landscapes and a lot of strange objects. What kind of strange world is this? Who are all those strange people? Where do they come from? Where am I, Ariane wonders.

Join Ariane on her adventure and help her on her quest through a strange and unknown world and discover a strange and fascinating civilization,  hidden beneath the earth's surface. For a young journalist who is just starting out, this is the chance of a life time on a big story. But after Ariane's first excitement is over, the grim reality emerges: The future of this world is in danger. Almost against better judgment, Ariane sets off. What choices will she make? Will she succeed in finding her way back to the surface? Does she make her Story of Her Life? And will she tell the world about the existence of this strange world and thereby jeopardize the survival of this world?

Chapter 1: Sneffels Volcano:

The helicopter flies in and lands on top of the volcano. Ariane gets out and immediately starts using her camera.

Then the rocks fall and the helicopter is destroyed.

The Helicopter and the Passage

Walk to the helicopter to investigate the condition of the pilot. Click on the helicopter door. However, the helicopter door is closed.

To the left of the helicopter are two demolished helicopter blades on the ground.

Pick up the leftmost helicopter blade. The blade disappears into your inventory. Click with your right mouse button to open your inventory. Your inventory appears at the bottom of your screen. The inventory contains all the items that you pick up in the game. At this moment it contains the newly caught helicopter blade and Ariane's camera.

Click on the helicopter blade. The blade is then attached to the cursor. Right-click to close the inventory again.

Click with the helicopter blade on the helicopter door. Ariane wriggles the door out.

Click in the doorway to look closely into the cockpit of the helicopter. You discover that the pilot has disappeared. There are some things in the helicopter that Ariane will be able to use well and there is a medicine box. To the left of the medicine box you see a half-open electrical box

Take the rope, the knife, the laptop computer and the bag.

Open your inventory and then place your cursor on the bag, a screen will appear in which you click on "Unpack" to unpack the Bag

From the bag comes a screwdriver, warm gloves, a lighter and an empty flask. Immediately take the screwdriver from inventory and click it on the medicine box, hanging on the wall. "Unpack" the medicine box and you will have a Bottle of Clearing Solution, Adhesive Bandage, Bandage and a Tube of Aspirin in your inventory.

Take the knife from your inventory and use the knife on the electrical box,  to the left of the medicine box,  to get some electrical wires in your inventory. Then click on the arrow at the top left of your screen to exit the helicopter.  Outside again you walk 1 screen to the left, via bottom left. Ariane comes to the edge of the "beach". You see a bare tree and the sea. Ariane says she needs to inform her office about the accident.

NB: If Ariane does not say that she needs to inform her office then you have forgotten something in the Helicopter or not enough time has passed. Then check what you have forgotten or just walk back and forth and then return here. You really can only continue with the game when Ariane here at the tree and has told you that she needs to inform her office about her situation.

Open your inventory and place your cursor on the Laptop computer and then click on "Use". The laptop will now be at the far left of the screen of your inventory. Click on that Computer Monitor Screen and the computer screen will appear large in screen. The computer contains documents, a real encyclopedia, post and photos. Click on the Mail folder and in the screen on the left, S.O.S.  appears.  Click on S.O.S. The text of the e-mail appears in the large screen. Now click on Mail with the Green Arrow to send your email.

Click on the X, top right, to leave the laptop screen. 

Walk back, through the bottom center of the screen. You will come back to the helicopter. Walk 1 screen to the right, via the bottom right. You will then see a passage that is blocked by a large round stone. Use your helicopter blade on the round stone to remove it.

The passage is now open. When you have done everything here you can now continue through the passage. But when Adriana doesn't want to go through the passage then it means that you have forgotten to do, or to take, something. 

Click in the passage to go through. But Arian  says that it is very dark in the crack and she does not want to go into the crack. So open your inventory and place your cursor on the Lighter. A small screen appears above the lighter. Click on "Use" in this screen and the lighter is then lit

Take the burning lighter from your inventory, close the inventory. 

Then click with the lighter on/ in the passage  and Arian walks into the dark "passage" and .....

......Ahahhhh ..............

Beach at the old mine and the Crystal Cave:

In the dark passage, Ariane has fallen down through a hole and she has landed fairly hard on a beach. When Ariane returns to her positives, she meets Adam Covelier, the hermit. Adam needs help. On the right-hand side of the screen your "Conversation Options Screen" will appear. Click on a conversation option to talk to Adam about it. 

So talk to Adam and use all your dialogue options and exhaust them completely.

Help can perhaps be found in the city of Askiam/ The city can be reached via the old mine path. Adam asks if you want to find a Crystal for him. He needs this crystal for his wand and he tells you that you can find the crystal in a cave near the camp. The crystal must also be polished.

Adam then disappears. Near Ariane there is a piece of Bone on the beach. Grab that Bone, it's a "Tip of Bone"

Take the empty water flask from your inventory and click it on the "lonely" rock, that stands on the edge of the beach. You may first need to put Ariane 1 or 2 steps forward for this. Then find the place where you can click with the Flask. Clickable spots are those spots where you get the  "Hand cursor" .

Ariane fills the empty flask with water and you then have a Flask with Water

Walk, via the bottom of the screen, 1 screen down and you will see the entrance to the Old Mine.  On the left lies a conch. Take the Conch

Enter the mine. It is dim dark in the mine because there is no power. Inside the mine you see, on the left wall, a large fly wheel. There's an electrical box is on the fly wheel but there is no power. At the bottom right there are 2 crates and in the back is a cave. If you try to let Ariane walk into the back cave, she doesn't want to do that because it's too dark there.

On one of the crates, which are at the bottom right, is an "Old chisel". Take the chisel.

Note: In the original version of the game you also had to take the "Seals" from the open crate B.  In the 2014 version you can't get those "Seals" because Ariane doesn't need them. When Ariane has taken the chisel, leave the mine again via the bottom of your screen. Then go 1 screen to the right and then go to the "camp", on the other side of the river.

Ariane walks across the boards to the other side. At the bottom of your screen there is a lot of junk on which an old Cloth hangs. On the left is a piece of wood and you also see 2 tombstones near a dead tree. You can now also see the waterfall.

Walk down to the mess where the cloth is hanging on and then take the Cloth.

Then go and pick up the piece of Fossilized Wood.

Walk to the 2 tombstones and click with your hand to end up in a close-up of the two tombstones.

On the left tombstone you read "Ivan Platonov 1830-1872" and your laptop is now attached to your cursor. 

Ariane says she wants to look up the name in the encyclopedia.

Click with your laptop cursor on the left tombstone. At the bottom left of your screen your computer will flicker. So click the computer screen and your laptop will now appear in your screen. The Encyclopedia function of your computer is now open. Click on "Ivan Platonov" and read what is known about this guy. You learn that Platonov committed suicide by drowning himself in 1864. But the tombstone says that Platonov died in 1872, so something is wrong here.

Now view the right tombstone. You can hardly see the markings that are on the right stone. Open your inventory and click on your "Cleaning Solution" bottle to pick it up. Then scroll right through your inventory and click your bottle of cleaning stuff on the "Cloth". You get a "Wet Cloth" 

Use the "Wet Cloth" on the right tombstone. A text appears on the right tombstone, you read: "Armand Latifere 1840-1874".

Click with your Computer on the text and then on your computer screen, bottom left. In the computer screen, click on Armand Latifere. Your encyclopedia tells you that Latifere disappeared in Iceland in 1864. But the tombstone tells you that Latifere died in 1874. Close your computer and exit the tombstone screen. 

Behind the tombstones you can see the waterfall. Click with your feet on the sand, to the left of the waterfall. Ariane walks towards the waterfall and she comes on the next screen. You see the entrance to the Crystal Cave. Enter the cave.

In the cave you see a "Bellows box" and in the back of the cave you see a ladder. Click on the ladder. Ariane walks to the ladder. Above the ladder you see a Yellow Crystal, sticking into the wall. Click on the ladder and Ariane climbs up. Open your inventory and place your cursor on the Gloves and then click on "Use" and Ariane puts on the gloves ( 1 glove remains in inventory). Scroll to the right and pick up the old chisel and use it on the piece of fossil wood.

Then take the Chisel / Wood combination from your inventory and click with it on the Yellow Crystal. 

Ariane chops off the crystal and this disappears into your inventory.

Close this screen and return to the front of the cave via the bottom center. Now click on the "Bellows box". You will enter the bellows screen. Take the yellow crystal from your inventory and place the crystal on top of the standard. Then click once on the bellows.

Ariane then tells you that she needs polish powder because the crystal needs to be polished. There is a bottle on the cupboard and the polish powder must be put in that bottle. Close the screen and exit the cave through the bottom center. When you come outside, you will see a low and elongated green bush on the bottom right. Above the bush you can see some rocks in the sand. Now move your arrow cursor back and forth over the bush, or near the rocks, and you will get the "Hand". Then click with your "Hand" and Ariane pick up a handful of sand

Go back into the cave and click on the "Bellows box" again. 

Take the sand from your inventory and click it on the hanging bottle and Ariane puts the sand in the bottle

Now click 4 times on the bellows to polish the yellow crystal. Then pick up the Crystal again and put it back in your inventory. You now have a "Polished Crystal". Also take the bellows now because that will save you a lot of walking back and forth later on.

Leave the cave and then go back to the screen with the two tombstones. Then, through center right, go back to the river. Then click in the bottom center of your screen and Ariane crosses the river again and she will be in front of the entrance to the Old Mine again. Enter the mine again

The old mine:

At the rear is the arch passage to the next part of the cave. If you hadn't tried it before, try if Ariane wants to walk into the back cave. But Ariane refuses because it is too dark there. The large flywheel is on the left. Click with your hand on the flywheel.

Ariane walks to the flywheel and you come in the close-up of the:

Electricity Puzzle:

You see the electrical wires panel. At the bottom right you can see that the wires are broken there. Open your inventory and stand with your arrow on your gloves and then click "Use" to put the gloves back on. Then take the "Electric Wire" from your inventory and then click these wires on the broken wires in the lower right of the panel. Ariane has then automatically taken off her gloves, so put the gloves on again (Click "Use" on the gloves again) and then take the "Adhesive plaster" from your inventory and click this tape on the wires at the bottom right of the panel.

If you do this correctly, the electricity will come on and there will be light in the mine. Close the screen and click again in the archway and now Ariane will walk into the back cave. A large round door protrudes into the rear wall. Click with your feet on the round door and the door will open. So walk out of this area through the opened door.

Ariane ends up in the Mushroom Garden

When you play the original version of the game:

Seal door puzzle:

So here is the first difference between the 2014 version and the original version of the game. In the original version you now have to solve the Seal Door Puzzle here to open this round Door. So if you play the original version, this round door will not open automatically. You must then solve the puzzle. And you do that as follows:

To solve the Door puzzle you need the Seals, which you have taken from crate B in the main cave of the mine. 

If you have not yet taken those Seals from crate B, you must do so now:

Then return to the Round Door and Ariane tells you that she must "place the Seals in a specific order in the door". Above the round door something is written in the gray stone bar. Click on it and read what is written. You read: "The Occident is the opposite of the Orient. Our story begins at dawn. Nature and technology each go their own way. First the one like us. Then the one that feeds us. Followed by the one that we from the mine. Then the Time of Transformation and Famed Energy comes. Finally those who will guide us ". Then close this screen and click in the middle of the door again. You then enter the puzzle. In the middle of the door you see your 12 "Seals" and in the border you see 12 boxes. You must now put each of the 12 seals in the correct box.

 Number the 12 seals, from top left to bottom right, as: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K,. 

Number the boxes, from top right to Top left, if: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Then place: A in 6, B in 10, C in 8, D in 9, E in 4, F in 2, G in 11, H in 5, I in 3, J in 12, K in 1, L in 7

 If you do this correctly, the round door will open. Go through the now opened door and Ariane will be outside and in the:

Mushroom garden:

On the left side of the screen stand a very large mushroom. There is nothing else to do here, so go left to the next screen.

You will then arrive in the mushroom garden and your laptop computer will now be attached to your cursor.

Click with your computer on one of the giant mushrooms and then click on your blinking computer. Read about these "Mushrooms" in the encyclopedia of your computer. Unfortunately your computer says that these mushrooms are of an "unknown brand". Close your computer. Now search this screen carefully. In the middle of the screen, just above the sandy path, you will find a bunch of tiny white mushrooms. You get the "Hand" and those tiny mushrooms. Take your Knife from your inventory and use it to click on those tiny white mushrooms. Ariane takes some of those mushrooms.

In your inventory you will discover that these mushrooms spread a rather strange smell. Continue, through the bottom right,  to the next screen. Ariane then sees a Hut in the distance, on top of a giant mushroom. Now follow the sandy path to the next screen. You then come to two giant mushrooms that are connected by a suspension bridge. The hut stands on top of the left mushroom and a spiral staircase curves up the trunk of that mushroom. Search for the feet cursor again, bottom left, to continue to the next screen. Ariane then stands in front of the spiral staircase mushroom. The spiral staircase starts on the left side of the mushroom.

Click with your feet and Ariane climbs up and comes on top the mushroom and she is greeted by a guy in a red army coat. This is Lieutenant Lenkoff. Conversation options appear. Use all conversation options and any new options that you get during the conversation.

This is an army lookout post and to get to the city you have to cross the suspension bridge. The companion of Lenkoff has broken his leg and has severe pain. When you use the "Pill" topic, Ariane will give Lenkoff a painkiller pill. When you have exhausted all options, say "Goodbye" and then click in the open hatch and .........

Ariane descends back down the spiral staircase. Then continue 3 screens to the right and you will come to the 1st Bridge. Stop. Two very large mushrooms stand in front of the suspension bridge. A mushroom stump stands in front of the right mushroom. Click on that mushroom stump. You enter the close-up screen. Take your knife from your inventory again and click it on the stump. Ariane cut off two elongated slices.

Close this screen and go back to Lenkoff on top of the spiral staircase mushroom. Click on Lenkoff with your "talk" cursor. Then use the "Splint" topic.

Ariane gives the two mushrooms slices to Lenkoff. Then use the "Healed" topic. Lenkoff says that his companion is doing a little better, but that he must be taken from here. However, a Pterodactyl is needed to transport the guy. Unfortunately, the Conch, the Horn, with which a Pterodactyl can be evoked, is broken. Ariane must therefore provide a new conch. Also ask about the "Horn" and say "Goodbye" again

Repair the Horn:

Walk, through bottom right, 1 screen to the right. Ariane is very surprised about what she is seeing and her computer starts to moan in the bottom left of your screen.

So click on the computer screen and then read the "Hi there" e-mail. It is an e-mail from Ariane's elderly sister Eva. Close the computer and you will find that no e-mails can be sent. Ariane now hopes that her SOS e-mail has come through. Behind the hut you can now also see the large Ivory Horn. So that is the horn that Ariane has to repair. Click with your "Feet" on the Horn and Ariane walks over to it.

At the bottom of the horn you get the "Hand". So you have to do something there. Open your inventory. Place your cursor on your lighter and then click on "Use" to turn on the lighter. 

Pick up the lighter now and click on it with the "Tip of Bone". Click your lighter back in your inventory. That "Tip of Bone" is now a "Hard Cranium". Pick this up and click with it on the "Giant Shell" and you have a "Prepared Shell". 

Take the "Prepared Shell" from inventory and click it on the bottom of the big horn. Ariane slides the shell over the tip of the horn. 

Then take the "Bellows" from your inventory and also click on the tip of the horn. You may first have to let Ariane walk to the bottom of the screen to make room at the horn. The bellows is now attached to the shell that is slid over the horn.

NB: if you had forgotten to take the bellows out of the crystal cave, you will first have to go all the way back to the crystal cave to get the bellows.

When you have attached the Shell and then the Bellows to the Horn then you walk, via the bottom right, back to the right and back to Lenkoff. Then click with your "Talk" cursor on Lenkoff and tell him that the Horn has been repaired and ............

Lenkoff now uses the horn to call Nils, the Pterodactyl, and this prehistoric bird comes flying over.

Lenkoff tells Ariane the password with which she can gain access to the city of Askiam and the Pterodactyl then flies away with Lenkoff and his injured mate.

Ariane now stands alone at the table. Click with your "Hand" on the table.

You come in the close-up of the table. On the table is a Map, a Machete and there is a pear-shaped bottle.

 On the stool, which is in front of the table, is a coiled rope.

Take the Map. The Map disappears to the inventory. In inventory click "Read" on the Map to put the Map into the computer.

Click on your computer screen and then click on the "World Map". The Map appears on the computer screen. You can't do anything with it now, so close the computer again. Then pick up the pear-shaped bottle from the table and view this bottle in inventory. It is a "Black Powder Pear" and therefore contains gunpowder. Take the "Machete" from the table and also take the "Rope" from the stool. In your inventory you will discover that the rope is a "Slender Vine".

 Close the close-up screen and then click with your feet on the opened hatch again and  Ariane descends again. When Ariane is back at the bottom of the spiral staircase mushroom, you go a few more screens to the right until you have reached the Bridge again. Now click with your feet on the bridge and Ariane will now walk up the bridge and her little computer starts screaming again.

So click on the computer screen and read the "Re: SOS" e-mail. The rescue team is on the way, but it will take another 2 days for them to arrive. Close the computer and then click with your feet on the top left of the bridge. Ariane continues over the bridge and she ends up in the Desert. You see a Hut and Adam Covelier is in front of the hut, this is his hut. Go through the bottom left, 1 screen further to the left. Ariane then stands in front of the "driveway" that goes to the hut.

There is a pole on the left and on the right of the path, and an animal skull stands on those poles. Click with your computer cursor on one of the skulls and then click on the computer screen. In your computer you can read about the "Bones". You read that these animal skulls are from an unknown prehistoric animal that lived in the Cretaceous period, 1600 to 1650 BC. Close your computer and then click your feet on the Hut and Ariane walks over to it. Click with your "Talk" cursor on Adam, who is standing in front of his hut. Your conversation options screen appears.

Use all your conversation options, so ask Adam about everything. During this conversation Ariane asks if she can take pictures of Adam's hut and she gives Adam the "Polished Crystal" and as a thank you Ariane can go look around in the hut. If there is nothing more to ask, say "Goodbye" to end the conversation. Then click with your feet in the entrance of the hut. Ariane walks into the hut and she enters the front room. There is a stove and a bed and on the right is the passage to the back room. Do not immediately go into the back room there, but click with your feet in the middle of the screen and ........

Ariane walks down and we see the other corner of the front room. There is a bookcase against the left wall and there is also a chest of drawers and a few piles of books on the floor. You can now also see the right-hand post of the passage to the back room. An Item hangs on that right post. Click with your hand on that item. Ariane picks it up and puts it in her pocket. Look in your inventory and you will see that this item is an "Amulet". Close your inventory again and go through the passage to the back room.

Ariane now in the back room. There is a table and a chest and you can walk to the other corner through bottom center.

There are 3 jars / bags on the table. Take the 3 jars / bags. In inventory you see that there is color pigment in the bags / jars. Try to open the chest but unfortunately it is locked. Walk down to the other corner of the room. There are 2 tables here. On the left table you see a crate with 3 large white eggs in it, with which you can do nothing. There is a book on the other table and a large Silver Cup. There is also something on the table in front of the book.

Click with your hand on the "something" that is on the table in front of the book. Ariane takes it from the table and you see in your inventory that they are "Pieces of Wood". Grab the Book. The book disappears into the computer. Click on the computer screen and then read through this "Discoveries of a Forgotten World" book. Use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to browse through the book. You can read the pages 15 and 16. Once you have done that, close the computer again. Now click with your hand on the Silver Cup. Ariane wonders what will happen if she puts something in the cup. So take the "Little Mushrooms" from your inventory and click with it on the Silver Cup and .........

Ariane puts the mushrooms in the cup and it turns out to be a "magic cup" ....

Ariane sees her arrival on the island in a video and she now also sees that the pilot has come out of the helicopter safely.

After this you dive back into your inventory. Take the "Wood Pieces" from your inventory and click them on the Amulet and then solve the:

Amulet Puzzle:

It is an ordinary jigsaw puzzle. You must place the pieces of wood correctly in the recess of the amulet. 

To pick up a piece, click on it. To turn it a bit, click on it with the Golden Arrow that you see at the bottom of the Amulet.

When you have placed the last piece in the right place, you will hear "Click" and you will automatically leave this puzzle screen. 

Then take a look at your inventory and you'll notice that you now have an "Opened Amulet" and that this could be a sort of key. Go back to the chest via the bottom center. Take the "Opened Amulet" from your inventory and click it on the silver gray chest. The chest will now open. In the chest lies a white "Bust", 3 white scrolls "a kind of key and some books.

Click with your computer cursor on the Bust and then click on your computer. Read in your computer about "Professor Hardwigg". Close the computer and in the chest you click with hand on the 3 white scrolls. The 3 scrolls also go to your computer, so read the "Letter" and the  "Union Letter" in your computer. Then close the computer again and then close the box screen.

Go through the passage back to the front room and then click with your hand on the curtain that hangs in the exit / entrance. Ariane is again outside in front of the hut. Click on the right side of your screen at the end of the path to walk back to the main path. Then click the bottom left to go one screen to the left. The bottom left of the screen is then the start of the 2nd Bridge. Click there with your feet and Ariane is then on the second, long suspension bridge.

Your computer will scream again. So click on your computer again and read the "News Bulletin, June 6". In the "normal" world, a war between China and America threatens to burst out. Close the computer. Now continue over the bridge by clicking with your feet at the top left. Ariane then comes to the next bridge screen and this part is above the "Ferns" jungle. You won't get any feet here, but Ariane still has to cross the bridge. Now always click with your cursor, just before Ariane, on the bridge and she will continue to walk a little further. Keep doing this until you get to the next screen. Ariane is then on the last bridge screen. At the end of the bridge you will see a rope ladder hanging downwards on the left side of the bridge.

Click with your hand on the rope ladder and Ariane will descend through the rope ladder and she will then stand on the ground,  at the bottom of the rope ladder. Now go two screens to the left. We can't go any further because the passage is closed by thick ferns. You get your hand on the ferns. Take the "Machete" from your inventory and click it on the ferns. Ariane cuts some ferns out of the way and they fall to the ground. Pick up the chopped off ferns.

You have then a "Large Leaf" in your inventory. Right next to Ariane you will get the feet, so click them to continue and Ariane gets at the:


 A large T-Rex dino stand upright at a dead dino. You can click as much as you want but Ariane refuses to continue. Find the Exit, somewhere on the right edge of the screen, and then click there. Ariane then goes one screen to the right and you see the T-Rex from the front side. In front of the T-Rex is a dead Hollow Tree Trunk.

Click your hand on the hollow tree trunk and you will come close to it. Ariane has to chase away the T-Rex. Open your inventory. Now take the following items in succession from the inventory and click them in the Hollow Tree Trunk. Do this in this order: Large Leaf, Colored Pigment, Black Powder Pear and the Slender Vines ..... you have then  made nice fireworks package in the hollow tree trunk

Then use "Use" on your Lighter and then take the burning lighter from your inventory and click with it on the package you now have in the hollow tree trunk and ..

Ariane chases the T-Rex away with her homemade flares.

Go down 1 screen, through the bottom left,  and then click with your feet to the left next to the corpse of the dino and Ariane runs to the right of the dinosaur, then past the dead dino and she sees the suspension bridge again. Find the feet in the sand and then continue to the next screen and ......

 On the right side of the screen you will see a Rail cart standing at the beginning of a rail. Exactly on the right edge of the screen you can just see a tree. Click with the feet at the rail cart to run towards it.  A baby dino tries to "pick" fruit from the tree but the baby Dino does not manage very well.

Move your cursor over the fruit tree until you get your hand on one of the fruits and then click and Ariane picks a fruit from the tree. 

Walk back to the rail cart and  baby Dino will follow Ariane.  Then click with your hand on the rail cart.

The computer starts sputtering again. So first click on your computer again and read the "SAR" e-mail. The rescue team has found your pilot and they hope that Ariane has not fallen into the deep hole. On the cart is a "Treadmill" and you get the "Hand" on it. Take the fruit , that you just have picked from the tree, from your inventory and click it on the Treadmill and .....

Ariane places the fruit in the Treadmill. Baby Dino climbs into the treadmill and is now the "motor" of the cart.

The cart starts moving and brings Ariane to:

Chapter 2: the city of Askiam:

2020: walkthrough by: Louis Koot