2023 :Walkthrough by: Louis Koot 

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Joyfess Episode 1: Martin's Secret Recipe is a revival of the point-and-click adventure genre of the 1990s, featuring traditional animation, full voice acting, rich dialogues and an unpredictable, family-friendly story set in the familiar Caribbean setting. Help extreme adventurer Joyfess Tidesman revitalize his boring life by doing something fresh; away from his kraken-slaying routine. As he stumbles upon a cooking contest due the next day, it would fall upon you to figure out how to become a chef overnight. Work your way through a flow of logical puzzles to obtain a recipe, collect its ingredients and arrive for the cooking contest in time (and in one piece). No, this is not a pirate adventure at all. All our hero wants is to become a cook.

The game begins with a prologue in which we see our hero, Joyfess, defeat a huge squid in one of his usual adventurous sea voyages.

Then Joyfess is at home in his hometown where he has a penetrating conversation with his friend and mentor Joseph. 

Joyfess has grown a little tired of going on adventures again and again so Joseph advises him to do something else for a while.

But nevertheless Joyfess immediately goes to sea again for his next adventure. 

But 3 months later he really has had enough and decides to follow Joseph's advice and to do something else for a while

Inventory, Saving and Loading. Left click and Right click

The inventory is on top and you open it by moving your cursor to the top of the screen. 

When the game starts you have silver coins and a compass in your inventory.

 In the left down corner is the button to go to the menu screen where you can save and load your game at any time you want.

Your cursor is a white arrow. You pick up things and talk with other persons by left click on them and you look at things by right click on them. It is absolutely wise to always look at things with your right mouse button first. You then hear and read the commentary of Joyfess and often you see something that you do not see if you only left click on things 


So Joyfess is back in town and enters the local restaurant. Barman William stand behind the bar and Simon sits at the bar. Simon is Joyfess main concurent in the adventure bussiness. Two "pirates" sits at the table and they talk about the theft of cow tails at James' farm. On the table stand Mustard and ketchup, a Oil bottle and salt and pepper but you can't see those now.. On the counter is a fish bowl with a fish in it. A Folding knife sticks in the wall, on the right side of the entrance. A corkscrew sticks in the wall on the left side of the entrance

Go talk to Simon. Simon also has enough of "adventuring", so he's also taking some time off. 

When the conversation with Simon is done go talk with William, the bartender, and use all options you get

Among other things, William tells about Martin, who's a famous chef cook and is / was the main attraction of this island and the chef cook of this restaurant

Chef Marin has left the island to set up shop on Kanta Island. Because Chef Martin has left the island, the tourists aren't coming here any more

When you have used all conversation options with William dan say "See you later". Try to get the corkscrew, but William won't let you take it. Then take the Folding knife, William is ok with Joyfess taking the knife. Then walk on to the left, to the piano that stand at the wall behind the two "pirates.  On the wall are pictures frames with some "Concept art pictures" in it, but there's one empy frame.  There are 2 ads on the bulletin board. Above the piano is a "Music notation", and there is a yellow post-it note from William (William's yellow note). Right click on the Concept art picture frames, the ads, the music notation and William's yellow note to hear and read Joyfesss comentary about it

You will learn, among other things, that the right advertisement, on the bulletin board, contains an announcement of an important event. Joyfess does not want to take the music notation and the yellow post-it note. Left click on the right ad, on the bulletin board, and ......Joyfess takes the ad from the bulletin board and it turns out to be 2 of which 1 falls on the floor, but Joyfess picks it up. You then have the 2 ads in inventory. Open the inventory and then right click on both ads.... 

One ad is an announcement of the big cooking competition, organized by chef Martin on Kanta Island. 

Joyfess wants to participate in the cooking competition, but it is already tomorrow, July 5th, and that gives Joyfess exactly 1 dan to prepare. 

On the other ad we see that Chef Martin, in a hot air balloon, loses his secret recipe.

 Flip this ad because on the back Joyfess reads an announcement of a total solar eclipse, which is already today at 4:17 p.m.

Once you've looked at al hotspots and taken the ad from the bulletin board and look at the two ads in inventory, go back to William and talk with him again about everything again. Ask William about Marin's recipes, Martin's scroll and about The Empty Frame

William tells Joyfess about Martin's Cooking Book. The Empty Frame option lets William talk about the concept art picture hanging in the booth. William wants to have that art picture, but he has to win a game for that and he has never succeeded. Joyfess offers to get that picture for William if William will give him Martin's cookbook. William agrees, but Joyfess must first give him dat art picture. William tells about Martin's lost recipe that it is rumored that the Indians of the Indian village now have it in their possession. It is difficult to gain access to the Indian village ..... visitors must first undergo a Test of Truth

Leave the restaurant and outside go left of the restaurant into the alley. 

There is a wooden cart in the alley and it's blocking the back door of the restaurant.. There are bottles and a towel in the window above the cart.

 However, the window is too high, so Joyfess can't grab those bottles and the towel now. Left click the cart ...... Joyfess cannot push the cart under the window. Right click the cart .... Joyfess then tells that the wheel axle / brake rod of the cart is rusted ..... The cart needs to be oiled. Leave the alley and enter the restaurant again. The two "pirates" are gone now. You can now see the Salt and Pepper shakers on the table. Try to take the salt shaker, but William doesn't alow it. 

Talk to William again and ask him about the cart in the alley that is blocking the back door. 

Joyfess makes a deal with William...If Joyfess can repair the cart  then he may take the salt shaker.  Leave the restaurant. Outside walk to the left to the captain who stand at his ship. There's a fishing net on the jetty. In front of the captain stand a Paint bucket with a brugroundsh with red paint. There's also a tool case and a yellow Oil dropper lies on the ground. Talk to the captain. 

The man is the captain of the boat that goes to Kanta Island the day after tomorrow and that is too late for Joyfess. Continue talking through all the further options you get. Joyfess then tries to buy the ship, but he doesn't have nearly enough money for that. Close the conversation when you have asked everything.

Look at the paint bucket....If you try to grab the paint bucket, Joyfess screams that he doesn't want to take the paint bucket. Left click the tool box and Joyfess takes the hammer from the box. Also take the Oil dropper. Walk to the fishing net that is on the jetty. Take the folding knife from inventory and use the knife on the fishing net and Joyfess cut off a piece of the old net and you will have this in your inventory

Go back to the restaurant and enter it again.

 Stand at the table and then use the Oil Dropper on the Oil Bottle to fill the Oil Dropper with some Spanish Olive oil. 

Go outside again and into the alley. Use the filled Oil Dropper on the cart to oil the wheels of the cart. 

Enter the restaurant again and tell William that you have fixed the cart. 

William is happy and you now may take anuthing you want from the table. So now take the Salt  from the table

Leave the restaurant and walk to the right, to the town square but not all the way.

 Between the restaurant and Bernard's Stationary store is a tree and the Booth

Right click on the Booth to hear Joyfess commentary about it.....It's a Games Booth. Left click the Booth to end up in the close-up of it.

 On the left of the booth is the Concept Art Picture that William would like to hang in his empty picture frame. On the back wall of the Booth hangs a Sword and in the counter of the Booth you see a nail sticking out. Look at, so right click on, the Concept Art Picture and the Nail. Then talk to the Boothmaster and use all options. The Boothmaster explains the game you can play here.....

To win a prize Joyfess has to build a card pyramid and that pyramid also has to stand upright for a few seconds.. When everything is clear say "Let's play the game" and ....... Joyfess builds his pyramid with the playing cards but of course his pyramid does not stay the required seconds because the Boothmaster cheats. When you can move Joyfess again, move it slightly to the left so that you can see the sword completely again. Then right click the sword and ......

..... the sword works like a mirror and Joyfess sees a magnet in the sword , which hangs on the nail under the counter and with which the Boothmaster ensures that the pyramid always collapses and thus ensures that no one can ever win the game. Exit the kiosk and walk further to the right and Joyfess enters the Toen Square. Between Bernard's Stationy and Joseph's shop (Stef's Antiques) are boxes. Use your Hammer on the boxes and........

...Joyseff forces the front box open and finds a empty Ink jar that he puts into the inventory. 

Bernard's Stationary, the Town Hall and the Library are closed now, so enter Joseph's shop to talk with Joseph and ask him "Where is everybody?" and then ask him if he also has plans to go away. Say "Bey" to leave Joseph. Outside again walk to the right side of the square. At the closed library are 2 cart with fruits and vegetables and at those 2 carts you can leave the town to end up on the Island map. 

Leave Town here. You now get the Island Map and the game informs you how to use the map. 

Via the map you can switly travell to the various locations on the Island but to make a location available you first must make them available. To make a location available on the map you must have talked about it with others or hear about it . At this point the only locations that are now available are the Town and  James' Farm. Joyfess has heard the 2 "pirates" talking about the Cow Tail theft at James's Farm in the restaurant and he has also spoken to William about this and so the James Farm is now available. So travel to James' Farm now

James Farm:

Talk to farmer James about his cows and about Martin and when your done take the Horseshoe that lies on the floor of the barn. 

Exit to the map and via the map go back to town


Joyfess ends up on Town square, at the library. Walk to the left and enter the gambling booth again. You know that there is a magnet on the nail and that the Boothmaster uses the magnet to cheat. Use the hammer on the nail and ...... the nail and the magnet fall to the ground. Take the horseshoe from inventory and click it on the magnet ....... 

Joyfess thinks it's a good idea to exchange the magnet for the horseshoe, but then the horseshoe must have the same red color as the magnet. Leave the Booth and walk back to the Captain. Take the horseshoe from your inventory and click it on the paint bucket to color the horseshoe partly red. 

Now the horseshoe is exactly like the magnet. Back to the Booth. Now swap the magnet for the horseshoe and .......... 

The boothmaster then picks up the fake magnet and puts the thing back on the nail. Talk to the Boothmaster and say that you want to play the game again via "Let's play the game" and ....... thanks to the fake magnet, Joyfess now wins the game. The Boothmaster then offers Joyfess a teddy bear as a prize but Joyfess wants the Concept Art picture and after some hesitation the Boothmaster has to agree. So now tear the Concept Art Picture off the left side wall of the Booth.

Go back into the restaurant and give the Concept Art Picure to William and in return Joyfess will receive Chef Martin's Cookbook

The cookbook is now located at the top right of the inventory. You can use the cookbook on ingredients you see in the screen to find information about them. To do this just drag the cookbook out the inventory and click with it on the ingredients. You can also do this on food items in inventory.  

Exit the restaurant and turn right to exit the town to be on the map again. 

 You can exit to the map behind the Captian or on the right side of the Town Square. The Natives' Village is now available, so go there now.

Natives' village

Joyfess ends up at the entrance of the village. On the right you see a target standing on a higher plateau. That target can be reached via a wooden bridge. 

The entrance of the village is guarded by 2 guards. De right guard is blind. Talk to the left guard and say "Take me to your chief"

Joyfess ends up at the chief.  After the introduction talk to the chief via all the options you get but start with saying "I'm here to dance".

These natives haven't danced for a while, because the chief has lost his rain staff. Ask about the test. You have to shoot a target with bow and arrow. Ask further about this Test of Truth and about the Chief's staff to find out where he lost his rain wand. When you have used all these options then say "I'm ready for the test" and......The Chief brings Joyfess to the archer field and he has given him a bent arrow and a bow.  Take the bent arrow from the inventory and use the arrow on the target on top of the mountain  and........

...of course you miss. We then end up back in the village and the conversation options appear again. If you haven't used all the options yet, you can do so now, or say "Bye" right away to say goodbye. Joyfess then ends up back at the entrance of the village. These natives also cheat by letting you shoot with a curved arrow and Joyfess wants to do something about that. Left click on the wooden bridge and ..

..... after a walk of 18 minutes, Joyfess has arrived at the target, on the plateau

Use the folding knife on the target to cut a hole in it, then use the magnet on the target to insert the magnet into the hole. 

Now Joyfess only needs a metal arrow to hit the target. 

Click "Back" to return to the bottom and then click "Leave Village" to return to the map. Travel back to the town


Joyfess ends up back at the library on the town square. The library is now open so go inside. Christina, the librarian, is writing at her desk. 

Simon is standing nearby reading a book. Above the entrance of the room hangs an Moose head and below that a Shield with 2 crossed arrows. 

Look at the Moose head and look at the Shield with the 2 arrows (right click). They are metal arrows. Go talk to Simon. It's a short conversation because Simon doesn't feel like talking that much.  On Christina's desk is an ink jar with ink. Try to fill your empty ink jar with ink by clicking on Christina's ink jar with your empty ink jar ...... This does not work because Christina does not allow it. Talk to Christina and use all the conversation options you get. When you use the Scroll option then Christina  stops writing for a moment and turns around to take a scroll from the bookcase behind her and she then gives the scroll to Joyfess. Immediately take the scroll from inventory and give it back to Christina and.........

Joyfess ask Christina if she can swap the scroll for another scroll and Christina will do this.........

.as soon as Christina turns around again to the bookcase, quickly take your empty ink jar from inventory and click it on Christina's ink jar again and ....

....... Joyfess  fills his empty ink jar with the ink from Christina's ink jar

Christina then gives an other scroll to Joyfess and the she notices that her ink jar is empty and she and Simon disappear to the hall ..... 

Quickly .... Left click on the shield and arrows and ...... Joyfess steals 1 of the metal arrows.

Exit the library and leave town at the 2 carts to get on the map again. Go back to the:

Natives' Vilage

Talk to the guard to get to the chief. Talk to the chief and say you are ready for the test again and we end up at the shooting range at the entrance of the village again. 

Take the metal arrow from the inventory and use the arrow on the target and now you hit the target. 

Joyfess returns to the Indian village. Martin's Scroll is in the hand of the large statue. 

Near the statue sits an Indian smoking a waterpipe. An empty bowl stand in front of the statue

Right click on the Waterpipe, Martin's scroll and the empty bowl that stand at the statue. Try to talk to the smoking Indian.  Try to get Martin's secret recipe scroll but as long as that smooking indian is sitting here Joyfess can not take Martin's Scroll. Talk to the chief and use all options you get but ask specifically about the empty bowl that stand at he statue. The bowl is meant to collect rainwater, but because the Chief has lost his staff, they cannot perform the rain dance to make it rain. When you have used all options again, you say goodbye and leave the village. Joyfess then ends up back at the entrance of the village. Go back to the map via the bottom of the screen and back to the town via the map


Go to the alley, to the left of the restaurant and see that the cart is now  standing right under the window. Left click on the cart and Joyfess climbs on the cart and has then taken the bottles and the towel that were in the window. Open the inventory In the inventory you now have the towel and 3 bottles and a box with starch

Pick up the cookbook and click it on the red bottle and also on the two green bottles. Joyfess reads in the cookbook what each bottle contains. If you mix caster oil with Roger Blent you will get a sleeping potion. The other green bottle has some Spanish product in it.  Combine the red bottle with the green bottle of Castor Oil and ..... you then have a red bottle with sleeping potion.

Go to the map again and return to the in Natives' village. 

Natives' Village

Click on the left guard and you will return to the chief. 

Empty the red sleeping potion bottle into the Tobacco Container of the waterpipe of the smoking native and ......

.......the native then falls into a deep sleep. 

Take the scroll that Joyfess got from Christia from the inventory and click with this scroll on Martin's scroll and ...... 

Joyfess exchanges Martin's Scroll with the Scroll from the library. However, the Chief notices that Joyfess is changing the scrolls.

 But in inventory you now have Martin's Scroll. Marin's Scroll is now also on the right side of the inventory, next to the cookbook . 

Left click Martin's Scroll to read it. 

You read which ingredients are needed for Martin's secret recipe and they are:

 a Buga Fish, a Paprika (Aktin), Olive oil, Pepper, and Ultra fresh water.

Left click on Buga fish icon and the fish icon will stick to the mouse cursor. Then click with the fish icon on the chief. 

The chief  tells about the buga fish and this gives you the Beach as a new location on the map.

 Leave the village and on the map go to the beach.


Enter the cave, that you see at the back of the beach. In the cave Buga fish swim in the water. 

Use your fishing net on the largest of the rocks that are in the water. 

Joyfess stretches the fishing net between the two rocks so that when the tide comes in he can catch a buga fish.

 Joyfess then finds the chief's rain staff.

Go back  to the beach and back walk back to the jetty and there click "Back" to get back on  the map. Go back to the:

Natives' Village

Give the rain staff to the chief. In return the Chief gives Joyfess a  gold-coloured wooden fortune statue.

 Leave and go back to Town


Enter Joseph's shop. Ask Joseph about the wooden golden statue and Joyfess will sell it to Joseph for 1 gold coin. 

Go to the


Piano player John is now playing on the piano in the restaurant, and he's playing the same tune over and over. In inventory left click Martin's Scroll en on the scroll  left click the Paprika icon (Aktin) so that this icon is your cursor. Left click with the Atkin cursor on William and he tells a lot about Atkins but then says that farmer James might know  more about this rare paprika. 

You then get more options to talk asbout. Ask William about John's music.  The piano man plays the same thing over and over and this is driving William crazy. William would appreciate it if John would also play William's favorite tune every now and then. On the post-it note that hangs above the piano you can read what William's favorite song is. Say "See you later" to close the conversation and then walk on to the left, to piano player John. Right click the yellow post-it note and Joyfess wil put it in inventory now. 

Read the note in in ventory (right click)  to read that William's favorite song is intiteld "Vera Vutchikana".  

Joyfess wants to look this up, so leave the restaurand and go to the:


At entering the library Christina speaks to Joyfess. Christina wants the scroll back that she has given to Joyfess earlier. 

Joyfess doesn't have that scroll anymore because he has swapt it for Martin's scroll at the Natives' vilage. 

So use the option "Try to dodge the request" and....

.Christina doesn't fall for it and she want to see Martin's scroll and Joyfess shows it to her. 

After this say "Bye" to end this conversation. 

 Go stand at the bookcase behind the grammaphone. 

Take the yellow "Vera Vutchikana" note from inventory and click with it on the books in the bookcase and.....

....Joyfess doesn't now which book he's looking for. 

So go back to Christina and click with the yellow music note on her and Christina points Jouseff to the musical section of the bookcase. 

Go stand at the bookcase again and move your cursor over the bookshelfs....One of the shelf is now called "Music Bookshelf". 

So take the yellow music note from inventory again and now click on the books that are on the Music bookshelf and...

....2 hours later Jufess has found the correct book and he rips out the page that has the notation of William's favorite song.

Leave the library and go back to the:


Walk to piano man John and give him the music sheet and he will start playing William's favorite song and......

William closes his eyes while listening to his favorite music.

While William is listening to his song quckly take the corkscrew that sticks in the wall, next to the swing door.. 

When you have the corkscrew go back to John and tell him that he can play his own music again.Open Martin's scroll again and then click the freshwater icon and then click with the freshwater cursor on William. William tells Joyfess that he can check this in Martin's Cookbook. So open  up Martin's scroll again and get the Freshwater icon / cursor again and then click with the freshwater cursor on the cookbook and the book opens up on the ultra freshwater pages, so read about ultra fresh water to learn that it is rain water without salt

Leave the restaurant and find the Map and via the Map go back to the:


A bottle now sticks out from the sandy beach. Right click the bottle.....There's a scroll  inside the bottle. Take the bottle.

 In inventory combine the corkscrew with the bottle to take out the scroll. Right click the scroll to read it......You read about Sam and Ali, two kids who are trapped on an island and need help. There's a bush of Baktin in the water. Right click the Baktin bush to learn that they resemble paprika, but have a different color. 

Joyfess doesn't want to take a Baktin now. It's low tide now, so enter the cave again

The buga fish are now in the shallow water. Grab a buga fish and head back to the beach and......

.....The buga fish starts to rot in inventory when you walk out of the cave.

On Martin's scroll click the Atkin icon. Then click with the Atkin cursor on the cookbook and then read in the cookbook the Atkin pages 

.......you read that Atkin and Baktin can be used to get the salt out of water. 

Now Joyfess has need of Baktin, so left click again on the bush of Baktin and now Joyfess will take a Baktin. 

Leave the beach to the map and go back to:

James' Farm

In inventory get the Atkin icon from Martin's scroll again

Then click with the Atkin cursor on farmer James and he will tell you to go to the White Peak.

Leave and on the map, go to the snowy White peak, which is now available.

White Peak

On top of the mountain Joyseff sees a rabbit that eats a paprika on a stone. There are some Aktin leftovers on the stone Left of the rabbit you see footsteps in the snow. Right click the rabbit, the Aktin leftovers and the footsteps.....They are fresh footsteps. Take the towel from inventory and click with it on the snow to scoop up some cold snow. 

You will have a towel with ice.  Click "Back" to get onto the map again and travel back to the


Enter the cave. Take a  buga fish again.....Joyfess replace his rotten fish with a fresh buga fish

 Before leaving the cave open up the inventory and then combine the buga fish with the towel to roll the fish in the towel with ice.....The ice will keep the fish fresh for a while. Joyfess wants to go back to the natives' vilage, so  leave the cave and go on the map and .......on the map you see that it is raining at the indian vilage, so go there 

Natives' village

Cut scene: Joyfess gets areesed and is accused of all kinds of evil. 

When you have control again, Quickly take the Eclips artikel from inventory and click it on the Chief and......well....watch the cutscene.  

Joyfess will do his darkness act.....the sun gets eclips by the moon

Meanwhile, Joyfess filled his empty bottle with clean freshwater  from the bowl and after the cutscene he ends up at the village entrance.

 In inventory you will have a green bottle with ultimate freshwater. In the grass, on the left side of the path, lies a piece of paper.  

Take that Cut paper and look at it in inventory....."Tins Noodles" it says. Go to the map and go back to the


Go to the restaurant. Show the Tin's noodles paper to William. William says to ask  the captain of the ship about it.

  Go outside and show the Tin's noodles paper to the captain.  

The Captain will tell to go speak about it with  the lighthouse keeper in the lighthouse.

  Go back to the beach and now step (left click) into the rowing boat.


Joyfess rows to the lighthouse. Enter the lighthouse

Joyfess lands on the attick of the lighthouse. Look around the attic, right click on everything. The stairs will bring Joyfess to the roof. There are boxes with Noodles At the stairs stand a cooking pot on the oven. The coocing pot is full with water. The oven has no coal and no fire, but it has a bellows. There are matches lying on the box behind the oven. The hatch will bring Joyfess back to the rowing boat

 Climb up the stairs to the roof and on the roof look at the great stove. There are coals in this stove

Go back down to the attic and exit the lighthouse through the floor hatch to the shore. 

Simon has turned op in a rowboat and he has made a hole in your rowboat. Talk to Simon about everything, and then he will leave.  

Look at the hole in your boat.....You have to repair the boat.

 Enter the lighthouse again. Now take the matchbox and a box of Tins Noodles. 

Go upstairs to the roof. Now grab coal from the stove on the roof

  Go back down. Put the coals in the stove under the cauldron and light it with the matches. Then use the bellows to stokeup  the fire.

In inventory click with the Tin Noodles box on the cookbook and then read about the noodles

Then put the Tins Noodles in the pot with the boiling water, and then add the starch.  

After a few seconds you have sticky noodles in inventory. Leave trough the floor hatch.  

Use the sticky noodles on the hole in the boat.

Cutscene... Joyfess sees a ship leaving and goes back to the Town......

At the restaurant Joyfess thinks the Ship that can take him to Kanta Island has  sailed away and it seems to be Game Over

Keep watching because this is a joke from the devs.....After the credits you'll be at the restaurant again and.....the captain is still here with his ship

You see a scene in the restaurant. After the scene in the restaurant, give the gold coin to the captain and .....

......watch the Ending of this first Episode....Joyfess isn't the only one who wants to sail away to Kanta Island.....

This is the End op Episode 1. 

2023 :Walkthrough by: Louis Koot