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2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Page 1

Present Time

Office: Justin

We are at the office of Justin. Justin is sitting at his desk and he has a conversation with his colleague Reefs about Julia.

You get some conversation options. Click an option to use it and talk about it.

Then it is lunchtime and  Justin and Reefs are in the kitchen to continue there conversation. Justin is a bit hungry so he wants a snack. You now get control over Justin and at the top right of the screen you'll have the inventory. Top left you see the gear icon to open the main menu of the game

In inventory you have a journal an a Help Note. The journal serves as a kind of "Things To Do" note, so there you can read what your current task is. 

The Help Note explains how you play the game When you have done a task it will be crossed out in the journal

You also have your cell phone , your business-card and a pack of chewing gum in your inventory. 

You can open up the refrigerator, but there's only a lemon in it and Justin doesn't want to take it

Open up the freezer compartment of the fridge. Inside the freezer is a frozen pie, take the frozen pie

A frozen pie isn't very edible, so open up the microwave and then drag the frozen pie from inventory into the microwave

Well......see what happens next......A time travel portal appears and Justin talks about it with Reefs for a moment

....Click inside the portal....you then get a eye and a door icon. 

The eye icon is to observe / look at items, the door icon is to travel on. So click the door icon and....



Justin goes through the portal and ends up 13,000 years ago in the prehistory, when man kind still where caveman. You see a tree. Tree sap is sticking out on the trunk of the tree, where a swarm of flies feast on. To the right of the tree you see 2 eyes shining in the ve stop place. In the ground is a mysterious hatch. Look at the Hiding Place and try to talk to who ever is hiding there. But whoever is hiding there isn't keen to talk.  Look at the sap that's on the tree.......You can try to take some sap but Justin just won't want it.. Look at the Mysterious hatch and then try if you vcan open it via the gear icon........but that doesn't work

If you have looked at everyting then walk away to the left and.......

.....the person who is in the hiding place appears .... it is a caveman and .... the caveman dives through the portal and the portal disappears. 

Justin can't go back to his own time

.........now a lift platform rises up from the hatch and we meet a robot from the far future. 

The robot turns out to know Justin and had already expected him .......

....... listen to the conversation between the robot and Justin and also use all the conversation options you get

This robot is from the real future where he's in the service of the Pytonic Empire and his job is it to track down illegal time travelers and to interrogate them. Anyway.......Justin gets arrested and is locked up in a cage. The robot explains what his plans are with Justin. A little dinosaur turns up and that dino has a bunch of keys in his mouth. A big caveman is locked up in the other cage.....try to talk with the caveman but.......

......... the caveman doesn't respond and.......we leave Justin and return to our own time and Justin's office

Present Time:

Office: Kloot

Caveman Kloot has ended up in the kitchen of Justin's office through the portal and Reefs is not at all surprised by this

Of course, Kloot and Reefs don't understand each other, so Kloot has to learn to speak and understand the English language. Reefs suggests to Kloot that it would be better if he covered his nudity a bit. An apron hangs on the microwave cabinet. You control Kloot now. Take the apron and ...... Kloot puts on the apron to at least cover his private parts with it.  In inventory you now also have some Pixels. 

At top left you now have the pictures of Justin and Kloot. From now on you can switch to Justin when you are Kloot and switch to Kloot when you are Justin. Later on in the game you also can switch to Julia.Let's take a look at  the hint system in this game a bit further. Click the menu gear icon, top left, to open up the main menu.  You can save your game and load a saved game on this menu but you can also ask Daela for a hint via the "Hint-Chat" option. By the way....the game also autosaves when you leave the game

Daela will turn up and you can ask her for a hint and then you can ask her for a specific hint about a specific topic.

Okay......go back to the game and move Kloot a screen to the right, where the lift is and where a table stand

Walk on to the right, to the desk of Justin

There is a "To Do / Done" board on the wall. In the wastepaper basket under Justin's desk is an English dictionary. 

Andre, Justin's colleague is sitting on the other side behind his desk

Take the Dictionary out of bin. The dictionary goes into the inventory and you also have taken  a Poem. 

 Left click the dictionary in the inventory and.....

......Kloot "reads" the dictionary and now he can speak, read and understand English

Kloot has no intention of returning to his own time. Andre pops up and talks with Kloot....

Andre thinks Kloot is Justin. After this conversation, click on Andre's head to talk to him through conversation options

After this conversation, left click the poem that you have in inventory.....Kloot reads the poem

Click Justin's computer and then use the computer and...

...Kloot writes a snazzy profile text for Justin's profile on the dating site. But the profile still needs a profile photo. You can read the notes on the To Do board. Walk left to the table with the broken down computer. Next of the table stand a printer on a pile of books. A roll of tape is on the table and also a laptop computer. 

Open up the printer and then take the Printer Cartridge that's inside the printer.....the cartridge is empty for all the colors. 

The note that sticks on the computer says that the computer is infected with some virusses. Take the Roll of Tape.

If you use the laptop computer you can play a text based game in which you then have to click the appropriate options. 

Kloot reads a story and you have to click the correct options a few times from the list

 I did it like this: N, Fight Troll, S, W, Talk to chicken, but I do not know if this is correct

I also don't know if going through this text game is essential for finishing the game or that it only give you a Steam achievement

Look in your journal to see what you must do next as Kloot

on the left is the elevator and to the left of the elevator is the elevator controls ...... that elevator controls is a scanner. 

Talk to the elevator controls and say you want to go to the ground floor.

The scanner first wants to check whether Kloot is an employee of this office, so Kloot's face is scanned and unfortunately not recognized. When you picked up the apron in the kitchen you also got pixel and you have a roll of tape in inventory. In inventory, combine the tape with the pixels to stick them on a piece of tape

Drag the pixels to the elevator scanner and click it on the scanner and ......Because of the pixels the scanning is not going well but the elevator controls now give up and Kloot can enter the elevator ....... but the scanner reports that someone is coming up in the elevator and that is someone made of metal. Kloot has a pretty good idea who is coming up and he flees to the kitchen and ..... a robot from the future steps out the elevator, who has been sent to bring Kloot back to his own time and Kloot doesn't want to go back

Now switch back to Justin:

Prehistory: Justin

Escape from the Cave:

Justin is still locked up in the cage while the robot is powering up his hellish  machine

Behind the now decapitated robot is a table and a few boxes. On the table is a can of sardines, a walkie-talkie (com device) and a coffee pot. 

Justin can get that can of sardines from his cage, so get the sardines

The caveman smells the sardines and he wakes up. Give the sardines to the caveman and see what happens to him

The caveman swallows the entire can and it doesn't end well for him. Grab the butterfly net from the now unconscious caveman

Use the butterfly net on the little dino that is still standing in front of the pastern with the keys in its mouth. But ..... the dino runs away ......

Go talk to the robot and use the conversation options in the right way to find out the "name" of the robot ..... This robot turns out to be "Agent QP-42"

When the conversation is over, use the butterfly net on the walkie-talkie (Com Device) to grab the thing

....In inventory left click on the walkie-talkie and ....... Justin gets in touch with the headquarters of the robots ..

... Say "I'd like to report a faulty unit, please" and say then "GP-42" and......

.....well.......robot GP-42 loses its head

GP-42's hat landed on the ground right in front of Justin. take the hat

Left click the hat in inventory to find a hat pin in it. Use the hat pin on the lock of Justin's cage and ......

....Justin frees himself from the cage. Walk to the table and the boxes. There is a notebook on the front box. Look at the notebook .....

 You will be presented with a long list of names, in alphabetical order. 

Scroll through the list and note the names that have been crossed out....het zijn: Agent Cooper, Caveman Kloot, Justin Wack and Major Briggs

There is a mug in the open box, take the mug

Walk slightly to the right. Water drips down between the boxes and the waterfall. Use the mug with the dripping water to fill the mug with water

Go back to the table and then use the filled mug on the coffee pot and you will have a mug of coffee in your inventory

Walk to the left, until you reach the heavy door. There's a glass porthole in the door and it has a crack. View the porthole

Now walk all the way to the right, past the waterfall, and Justin will reach the elevator platform.

 Look at the controls ...... Justin says it's bluetooth, so use your mobile phone on the controls and .....


....With the lift platform Justin goes back up, above the ground. Walk to the left and ...... oops ... a dinosaur is snoring here

The dinosaur's right nostril is open. Use the chewing gum on the open nostril and see what happens ......

Dino blows a huge gumball and it pops and this wakes the dino .....

...... we briefly see a scene of a construction site and then we are back with Justin and the dino

A conversation ensues between Justin and the dino, whose name turns out to be Ozric...use the conversation options until there's nothing left to ask

There is a round hatch on the left, but that hatch is closed and there are heavy stones on it. Also notice the white rabbit

There are also vines. Grab the vine at that hatch and then try to lift the rocks from the hatch

Unfortunately, Justin isn't strong enough to lift the rocks off the hatch.

Go back to the lift platform and pass the platform a little further to the right and then take the forest path between the bushes

Justin ends up at the construction site where Azier and his son Nico try to cheer things up a bit. This is the place Ozric told about. There are 3 boulders on the ground and they are of different size and weight. First read what is written on the warning sign. Then try to talk to Asier and Nico, but they don't understand Justin

Justin needs to build some muscles. There are 3 boulders on the ground. 

First lift the smallest boulder (1), then lift the medium-sized boulder (2) and then lift the largest boulder (3)

Go back to the hatch of the spaceship and click the rocks that are on the hatch again and.....

.....Justin now remove the rocks from the hatch and store them in the inventory

. Open up the hatch and go down, into the belly of the spaceship


It's pitch dark inside the spaceship but you can just see Justin.......

.....move your cursor, slowly, to the left of Justin until you read "Button" and then click that button and.......

......You have turned on the light and a holoram who speaks to you

Talk to the hologram,  who's name is Bob and who's lifeless body lies on the floor. Listen to Bob's story and then ask him everything you can ask.

Look around. Examine Bob's body (Alien) on the floor. If you try to "use" Bob's body then hologram Bob objects. Between the ladder (stairs) and hologram. Between the ladder (Stairs) and hologram Bob, there is an Emergency Box on the wall. There's a phaser pistol in that box. If you try to open that locker with your hands you won't succeed

Use the rocks, that you took from the hatch,  on the emergency box to take out the phaser. 

Justin tells that the phaser needs to be calibrated first. To the right of hologram Bob hangs a spacesuit in the compartment. 

The door of that compartment slides annoyingly back and forth all the time. 

However, there is a button next to that door, so click that button to hold the door open and then grab the spacesuit.

There is a shard of glass on the floor in front of the spacesuit compartment ...... Take that shard of glass and see what happens ......

Well........that wasn't very smart of you.....it's GAME OVER, but the game gives you an immediate chance to correct your mistake

So you now know that you can't pick up that shard of glass with your bare hands, but you don't have anything that you can do it with yet. 

Walk to the left and look at the big time machine with the hamster wheel and then ask hologram Bob about his time machine

Use the stepladder to exit the spaceship. 


Shack, Caveman Daycare, Playground and the Willow

Above ground again go right....Dinosaurus Ozric is gone. Now take the road in the background, to the street / crossroad

cutscene.....in the prison cave, GP-42's brother discovers that GP-42 has been beheaded and he swears to avenge GB-42

In the meantime Justin has reach the crossroad. You see the Shack......

There's a note on  the door of the shack.....Read that note, or try to enter the shack to read the note

You cannot enter the shack. Left of the shack is the Cave but we enter that later.  The window of the shack has bars, so Justin can't climb through the window.But Justin can look inside through the window, so look through the window of the shack.....and write down what he reads.......Rub-rub-a-hub-hub.....

Go to the right and, at the large rock,  go to the playground. 


At the 2 caveman who are sitting on the left lies a sand shovel on the ground. Take the sand shovel

Walk some more to the right and take Carrot

See the racetrack with the motorcyclists and a bell hanging in the tree above above the birdhouses. 

Talk to the woodworker caveman...Justin promise to bring him somewood

Use/click on the bell and watch what will happen ....

......Justin throw stones at the bell. The caveman from the left and the caveman motorcyclist go around the race track and offcourse the win the race

Go back to the street. Go to the right of the big rock to the willow place

Willow Place

At the Willow place stand a toilet, but it's occupied. In front of the toilet lies a Bamboo Stick. Grab the Bamboo Stick

In the bushes is a "Place In The Shades" but at this point Justin doesn't need to go in there. More to the right, 3 cavemen are brewing their meal in a large cauldron on the fire. 1 of the cavemen is standing on a ladder stirring the cauldron. At the  caveman who is blowing the fire lies a bellows on the ground. Grab the bellows.  Look at the cauldron to see what the cavemen are cooking in the cauldron ..... it turns out to be a living rabbit. Look at the ladder ...... Justin thinks he can give the ladder wood to that carpenter caveman on the playground, but first these 3 cavemen must be chased away here.

Go back to the shack and now enter the cave to the left of the shack

Caveman Daycare Centre (Cave)

One caveman is drawing at a table and another caveman is snoring on the floor. There is a shelving unit and behind the counter is a female dinosaur. There is an apple on the counter. First go talk extensively with the dinosaur.  This cave serves as the day care center for the cavefolk and the female dino is in charge here. It becomes clear to Justin that in this prehistoric age, the dinosaurs rule and the cavemen are a subordinate race. Justin also gets the impression that the dinosaurs fatten the cavemen to eventually eat them. 

The dino also says that cavefolk are strictly forbidden from tormenting other animals, such as rabbits. 

So say the following to the dinosaur: " I saw some cavefolk cooking rabbits over at the willows" and.........

Cutscene: The Dino runs off to the Willows and she chases away those cavemen and puts out the fire by pounding everything into the ground

....Then a scene in the present time follows .... an elderly man is sitting in the park on a bench with his dog ....

.... the dog runs away and sniffs at a pile of turned earth and then runs back to his master. ....

This park is of course the same place as the Willows in prehistoric times

Meanwhile, the dino has gone back to her daycare. You can ask the dino something about the apple ..... it is not a real apple. 

There is a large sea shell in the rack ... grab the sea shell

The snoring caveman on the floor blows snot bubbles out of his nose. I really don't know at this point if it's important to catch a snot.

 I tried but it didn't work....maybe this is just for an achievement or I don't have anything in inventory at this point in the game to be able to catch such a snot

Walk to the table where the other caveman is drawing. 

You can try to talk to the man but Justin doesn't speak cavemans and the caveman doesn't speak English. 

To the left of the man is 1 of his drawings on the table. Check out that drawing and listen to what Justin says about it

So the caveman is drawing an animal trap and Justin has recorded all this in his Journal

Leave  the daycare centre  and go back to the Willows. 

Meanwhile you'll see a cutscene with the robots in the far future.

 Robot Qp-43  lies on the psychiatrist's couch and swears to get revenge on Justin for the death of his brother GP-42

Justin is then back at the Willows. Now take the remains of the ladder and also look at the soil

Cutscene: Robot QP-43 shows up in the daycare and interrogates the dino

Back to Justin. Go back to the Playground


Walk on to the carpenter caveman and give him the ladder wood

Click the Bell again, to start the race. The carpenter then has his bike ready and is ready to race against the 2 bikers. Just like the motor bike, the bicycle has square wheels. Take the Phaser from inventory and click it on the rear wheel of the bicycle ..... Justin thinks this is a great idea but he wants to practice with the phaser first

Leave the playing field and ...... meanwhile the race starts but the cyclist doesn't stand a chance against the moter bikers

Justin has meanwhile returned to the big rock. Use the phaser on the rock and Justin's fantasy is running wild here....

. .....Julia and Justin in a close embrace

Back to the playground and use the phaser again on the rear wheel and also on the front wheel of the bicycle to give the bicycle round wheels. 

Then use the "use" cursor on the rear wheel of the bicycle to push the bicycle forwards and.....

....well.....because of the now round wheels, the cyclist now wins the race and the defeated motorcyclist offers Justin a special twig. 

Take the twig.....It's a forked twig, like a It's a forked twig, like a dowsing rod

We then see a cutscene with QP-43 interrogating Bob about Justin in the hologram spaceship


Back to Justin. Justin hopes that he can travel back to his own time via time machine in the spaceship, but to provide that time machine with power, he needs a rodent that has to get the wheel moving and keep it moving. Fortunately, there is a white rabbit in the bushes near the spaceship. So now go back to the spaceship. Walk on to the rabbit, but..... if Justin gets too close to the rabbit, the animal runs away

Justin needs an animal trap to catch the rabbit. Look at what Justin has written in his journal about the caveman drawing at the daycare centre

You now need to combine some items in inventory into an animal trap.

 I'm not going to explain how to do that because this is standard point and click adventure game stuff. 

Combine the vine with the forked twig. Combine the carrot with the butterfly net and then combine it with the vine /t wig combo. You then have a rabbit trap. 

Place your trap on in the open hatch and see what will happen

....The rabbit does not show up ....... Justin has to lure the rabbit to the hatch. 

Think back to what Justin saw in the Shack, when he looked in through the window. Then click in the options de Rub rub a hub hub option and......

Het konijn komt en Justin vangt het dier in de val en stopt het beestje in zijn inventaris. Ga door het luik gat weer het ruimteschip in

The rabbit arrives and Justin catches the animal in the trap and puts the animal in his inventory. Go through the hatch hole back into the spaceship

Hologram Bob tells Justin that Robot QP-43 Is hunting him

We then automatically switch to Kloot in the office. Move Kloot to the right, to the elevator ......

.... but Kloot doesn't want to go to the elevator now because QP-43 is still at the elevator. Talk to Reefs and ask him to chase QP-43 away.

.....but Reefs won't do it and only promises that he won't tell QP-43 that Kloot is here. Now switch back to Justin in the spaceship yourself. In inventory left click on the walkie-talkie (com device) and .... Justing gets back in touch with the Robot Hotline. Say "I need to send out a general distress message" and then say "New episode of "Agent Ruthless" now available for streaming" and......

In the present, QP-43 gets the message and he is eager to watch the new episode of his favorite show, so now he disappears from the office

We return to Justin in the spaceship. Walk to the time machine and put the rabbit in the hamster wheel and .....

Well.....see what happens next.....

The time machine closes and takes Justin to another time, but we don't know where it will land because we now go back to Kloot in the present time....

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2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot