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2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Present Time: Kloot

Back in the office, Kloot can now walk through the office, because the robot agent is gone. Get in the elevator and Kloot will leave the office now


Outside the office:

Enter the  corner  Con-Store....


...., but the robot agent QT-40 is in the shop, so Kloot leaves the shop quickly

Back on the streets continue to the right and Kloot comes at the Douchebag Fashion shop

Douchebag Fashion shop

Look at the note that's next to the door of the Fashion store and then enter the shop

Talk to the Fashion Guy and go through all talk options. 

The guy will give Kloot a douchebag makeover if Kloot can provide a couple of things. Kloot note this down in his journal

To get the makeover Kloot  needs a red checkerd shirt, red glasses and a one big bunch of monies

Take a Pineapple USB stick from the tray on the counter.Try to grab a shirt off the rack,  but that's not allowed

You now also see the Barber, who's name is Oliver...Try to talk with him but he is busy with a customer who is sleeping in the chair

The blue glasses of the lady lies on the table and there's also a bottle of hair dye on the table. 

Take the blue glasses and also try to take the hair dye.  Kloot is not allowed to take the hair dye

Take the Barber stuff that's on the side table.......Bob notice that you steel his stuff but he allows it

You will have the barber's hand mirror, hair spray and scissors. Exit the Fashion store. Barber Oliver lets Kloot know that he saw that Kloot stole his hairdressing stuff, but Oliver doesn't mind. Outside again look at the  plaque of the Julia / Justin statue. Then walk to the right and enter the park


This park is of course the same place as the Willows in the prehistory. Take an empty dog ​​poop bag from the bench. 

Walk to the right and grab a flower from the bushes....It's a fuchsia flower. 

Look at the soil spot......There's something burried here but Kloot has nothing to dig it up

Go back to the street and walk past the statue to the street between the corner shops and the fashion shop and enter that street

Kloot will be at the fountain. There's a banana peel lying at the sewer drain. Try to take the banana peel, but it falls through the drain into the sewer. 

Back at Kloot you move him to the right until he has reached the Alley.....

While you do this look at all the posters that are on the walls. Try to note down the names that Kloot give those posters

Enter the Alley and......You get a cutscene with Julia who set up here profile on the DateAndMate dating site.

Meanwhile Kloot has entered the alley.  There are several posters here on the walls, look at each of those posters,

Look especialy at the posters about the Air Guitar contest and the Poetry contest, behind Mike the Bouncer

Talk to Mike, the bouncer of the Squid's pub. 

Kloot may not enter the pub, so you must use certian conversation option to make Mike step aside so that Kloot can enter the but.

Make sure that Mike think that Kloot is the new waiter of the pup and then say yes and.....Kloot may enter the pub

Squid pup

A guy in a Batman outfit sits at one of the tables. First take the beer glass (Pint) that's on the table in the foreground

There's also a salt shaker on the other table but Kloot doesn't have a reason to use the salt yet.  

Walk to the left to see the bar counter and the piano. On the left side of the counter stand a Cheese Tray on a checkered tablecloth. 

Take the Cheese Tray and then take the tablecloth

Open the piano lid and then cut out a piano string with your scissors

Go back to Batman and now talk with him.  His real name is Drake and he wants his food that he has ordered and he wants it real quick now

There's a remote control on the table behind Drake. Take that Remote Control.....it has no battries

Walk past the jukebox to the stage. Ignore Reginald, the entertainer of this pub and go up the stage

On stage, grab the guitar pedal and mouthpiece of the saxophone.

In inventory left click the guitar pedal to take the batteries out of it. Combine the batteries with the remote control

Leave the stage. Look at that expensive guitar behind Reginald and then go talk with Reginald and use all talk options.

Say that you want to enter the Air Guitar Contest.......Reginald will tell which 3 guitar styles Kloot must perform on stage

This is also noted down in Kloot's Journal

Reginald has also inform Kloot that Bea, the pub owner, has turned up, so go back to the counter and talk with Bea. 

You're the new waiter. Kloot must bring the food to the Pubman Drake so take the Plate of Food

Bea tells that there's no salt yet on the food. Walk left and now take the salt shaker on the table to sprinkle a lot of salt over the food.

Then give the plate of food to Drake and tell him to drink something first.

Cut scene: The very salty food doesn't become Drake and the paramedics has taken him to hospital. 

Bea has fired the cook, Salty, because she blames him for this incident. 

Air Guitar Contest

Kloot get sent out to get rid of the rubbish and we are back in the alley and here we now meet cook Salty.In order to participate in the air guitar competition, Kloot must first learn to play the 3 guitar styles. The 3 guitar styles are "Chugging", "Blues" and "Tapping". At cook Salty stand his Boombox. Look at the Boombox.....there's no tape in the boombox. Talk with Salty........he has lost his music cassettes

Click the the Rubbish Bin, behind Kloot. 

Then click the option "Well, there might just be something useful in there" and Kloot will take a chicken bone from the trash bin

Now go back to the fountain square. When Kloot comes out of the alley he meets a guitar player. 

Click the dude and.....his string breaks. Give the Dude your piano string to repair his guitar

The Dude will learn how to play the Tapping Guitar style.....Make notes of this because you need it in the Air Guitar contest

Look at and talk to the Dude's dog Pug. Go left to the fountain and enter the pawnshop.


Talk to the pawnshop owner Leebee and use all options

Look at  the foam finger behind Leebee........Lebee will what Kloot has to pay for that finger.

 In the shelving that stand to the right of the glass doors stand a pet carrier and a box with demo tapes. 

Look at the pet carrier and Leebee will tell what Kloot must pay for it

Click demo tape box and then choose to take the blues cassette tape.

Leebee tells that he got this tape from an old-timer. On the left side of the doors is a video tape in the shelving unit. 

Click that video tape and choose the Van Halen tape from the list

Insert the VHS video tape into the VCR and then turn on the TV with the remote control and.......

........Kloot will now learn the Tapping guitar style via the Van Halen tape, make notes of this

More to the left is a compartment with shovels......Try to grab a shovel, but Kloot has to pay big monies for it

Try to take a business card out of the box, left of the shovels, but Kloot doesn't want one right now. 

Leave the shop and go back to cook Salty in the alley


Use the blues cassette tape in the boombox.

Cook Salty will now learn Kloot how to play the blues guitar 

Kloot is now ready for the air guitar contest, so enter the pub again. Before doing the guitar contest it's best to do the things you need for the make-over. Kloot needs red glasses and a checkers shirt and a lot of money. On the table where Bob sat stand a bottle of ketchup. The sun glasses that Kloot has taken in de fashion shop is blue. Use the blue glasses on the ketchup bottle to have red glasses

In inventory combine the scissors with the tablecloth and you have a red checked shirt. 

To get money for the makeover Kloot must win the Air Guitar contest, so go back to Reginald and say that you want to enter the contest

Leave the pub and......Cut scene: Reginald will start the Air Guitar contest now and we see that Julia and robot QT-40 are present here

 Kloot is at the entrance of the alley, so go back to the pub to start with the contest

Kloot is on stage and he now has to imitate the 3 different guitar styles in 3 rounds. You do this by choosing the correct options from the list.  

The order in which you have to play the 3 guitar styles can differ per game. For me the order was: Blues, Chugging and Tapping. 

These are the options you must click for each style

 Blues style "sounds like the blues for me.."; "Which is so soulful....".

Tapping  style "sounds like tapping me..."; "Which is so technically....".

Chugging style "sounds like chugging to me..."; "Which requires a good scow!".

If you this correct than Kloot wins that expensieve guitar.....If you go wrong then you need to do this until you got it right

When you have won the guitar, go back to the pawn shop.  Give the  guitar to Leebee and In exchange, you may take a rusty shovel.

Go back to the first street and into the park.

 Walk on to the soil spot......Use the shovel on the soil 

But the shovel is to rusty and it disintegrate in Kloot's hands. That doggy then turns up. 

Follow the dog to his boss on the bench. Talk to the dog, Orion and Jason and go through the options. Then give the chicken bone to dog Orion.

Dog Orion buries the bone in the ground soil and digs up a large diamond. When the dog has gone take the diamond

Go back to the pawn shop and give the diamond to Leebee to now get a lot of money for it 

Go to the Fashion shop and talk with the Fashion man to give him all the things he needs for the makeover and.....

....Finally Kloot is turned into a douche bag man now.

Exit the shop and go left and enter the office.


Use the computer in your box to edit your dating site profile.

Julia, the lady with the blue hair is very interested in the new Kloot

......and Kloot now has a date with Julia in the Squid pub

This is the End of Act 1, so we go on with:

Act 2: A Case of the Rosy Cheeks

2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot