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2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Page 1

This second act starts with robot agent QP-43 in the Con-store

Future: year 8021


Pythonic Lab:

Then we switch to Justin who comes back in spaceship with the time machine thinking he's back in his own time.

 But.....agent QP-43 shows up and tells Justin that he's in the future year 8021

 The robot agent takes Justin to the lab to perform his revenge on him

Look in the three stasis pots......In the first pot is Reefs, in the second pot is Pupman and in the third pot is Andre.

Open the microwave.........agent QP-43 want to now how the micro time portal works, so and say:

"Well,  you start by sticking your head in it".....and the stupid robot does it.....then say "The next step involves dropping some Agent Ruthless one-liners...."

Present Time: 


cut scene with Agent QP-43, Kloot and Justin. 

 QP-43 peeks into the office kitchen  and Kloot comes to take a look and.....Kloot get rid of QP-43 and then....

.... Justin sticks his head out through the microwave

........ listen to the conversation between Justin and Kloot

During the conversation Justin give his pack of chewing gum to Kloot and they agree to work together to get both of them back to there own time. They now know that they can give stuff to each other via the microwave. You are Kloot. Go to the lift and enter it to leave the office and enter the


That pesky robot agent is gone now. Go to the Grapo Sphere machine. Look at the Grapo Sphere machine to see what's in it. Look at the coin slot of the machine......The coin slot is blocked.  Use the Grapo machine.....Kloot gives the machine a kick and a toy comes out the machine...Take the toy....It's a plastic toy soldier

Left click the toy soldier in inventory to get his toy helmet.

Look around. Talk to Lenny and the kid and try to take the fish from the fish bowl....The kid won't allow this.. 

Exit the store. Walk to the fountain square and then right to the alley. The guitar dude is now promoting the Piggy Bank...

Talk to the Dude and he will give Kloot an envelope and explains how to open up a Piggy Bank account

You have to send your contact details and a coin to open a savings account. Go right into the alley and to the Squid pub. 

Try to enter the pub, but the cook Salty calls to Kloot Talk to Salty. Salty wants is hungry and he wants a soft boiled egg.

Enter the pub and talk to Julia and use all talk options. During the conversation Kloot gives Justin's poem to Julia.

Julia tells Kloot that Justin is allergic to cat hair. When this is done switch to Justin.

Future: year 8021: Justin

Pythonic Lab

Agent QP-43 is out......Search robot agent QP-43 to take his name tag.

Justin can now through the doors. Exit the room and in the stairwell go further left

The glass doors is the Exit to the streets but don't exit yet. Go through the left door and then walk on and stand on the lift platform....

Justin goes down to the spaceship with the time machine. . through the door on the left in the stairwell. 

Read all the yellow sticky notes and then take a bone from poor Bob the Alien.

Go back upstairs to the stairwell and now exit the lab to the street


Go left and enter the alley. Notice the red car that stand in the corner

From the first pile of junk take the strange disc to get the disc of Odin.  Also take the crowbar

Go left to the other pile of junk.  Search the junk pile and you'll get the flame thrower....it has no fuel

NB: If you haven't taken the sand shovel on the playground before, there's a sand shovel here that you can grab

Leave the alley. Look at the petrol cap of the read car. Open the petrol cap and look in it.....

...there's still a little bit of fuel in the car. Use your Bamboo stick on the petrol cap to fill the flame thrower with fuel

Turn right and enter the hospital 


Grab and read the magazine, that are lying at the pipe

Go left to the three monitors....Talk to the receptionist in the monitor. Because of the name tag the receptionist thinks that Justin is agent QP-43.  Say that you want to make an appointment to see a doctor. The assistant of Doctor DR013 appears in the middle monitor. Make an appointment with the doctor. Say that you have a cat allergy.....The assistant will make an appointment for you with Doctor DR-13 and will call Justin when the doctor is available

Talk to the receptionist again and now make an appointment with the psychotherapist. The assistant of Doctor Dr-22 comes in the right monitor. Say that it's personal. This assistant will make an appointment for you with Doctor DR-22 and she will let you know when he's available

Leave the hospital and go to the statue and read the memorial stone.

Go further right, to the entrance of the park. Look at the cash machine on the left of the park entrance. Try out the hand scanner

Enter the park.


A guy named Sven is now in the park and a drone hovers in the air. Look at the drone and then go talk with Sven. 

It turns out that Sven sells Flowers, which are illegal items in this future time. The drone is watching Sven

Behind Sven stand a rubbish bin.....Search the rubbish bin to take a pair of  sticky gloves out of it

Pythonic Lab

Go back to the street and back the laboratory. Enter the laboratory again and go right and step into the round lift

The lift takes Justin up to the second floor, skipping the first floor. Go right into the terminal room and talk to the lab guy

This lab guy waiting for the next episode of Agent Ruthless. Leave this room and go left to the screen room.  

Talk to Lake...he's a human just like Justin. Also talk to the lab guy

Look at all monitor screens, walk left and look at the monitors. Look at the mouse/cheese maze. 

Try to take the mouse...it doesn't work. Take the cheese cube

Leave the room. In the hall is a sliding pole to slide down to the first floor and the ground floor. If you just slide down the pole you end up on the ground floor. Justin want's to reach the first floor but the lift don't stop there. So use the sticky gloves on the sliding pole to slide down......but.....it doesn't work....Justin still ends up on the ground floor.....The gloves must be made stickier.

Give Kloot the cheese cube and Bob's bone....

.....You do this by clicking the cheese and the bone on click it on Kloot's portrait icon that's top left in your screen

Then switch to Kloot.

Present Time: Kloot

Kloot is still with Julia in the Squid pub and he has now the Cheese cube and Bob's Bone in his inventory. 

In inventory combine the cheese cube with the cheese serving dish to put the cheese in the dish. Leave the pub and go to the park

Go to the park.


Give Bob's bone to the dog, Orion, and.....the dog bury it again.

Then place the cheese serving dish/cheese cube in the hole (soil) and Orion, close the hole.

Switch to Justin: 

Future: Justin


Leave the lab and go to the park.

Enter the park again and go right past Sven....Use the sand scoop in the soil to dig up the cheese serving bowl with the cheese cube.

In inventory left click the cheese serving bowl to take out the cheese cube. Go back to the lab.

Pythonic Lab

Take the elevator to the second floor and then go left to the screen room.......

......walk left to the mouse / cheese mazePlace the cheese cube in the maze and now Justin catch the mouse.

Leave the room again and slide down via de sliding pole to the ground floor. 

Go through the left door and then stand on the lift platform again to go down to the spaceship


Use the mouse in the hamster wheel and see what will happen

The mouse will operate the time machine but it doesn't take Justin back to his own time but back to the prehistory

So the mouse will take Justin too far into the past and the rabbit will take him too far into the future. 

Justin needs to find an in-between rodent that will take him home. 

Daela notify you that from now on you can use the mouse and the rabbit to travel to the past and the future without using the time machine

Prehistory: Justin

Justin is still in the spaceship but it is in the prehistory. Do you remember that glass shard that is lying on the floor here. 

You couldn't take that glass shard in Act 1, but now you can. Grab the shard of glass on the floor by using the sticky  gloves on it

Justin's Journal has been updated

Leave the spaceship via the stairs and......

Cut scenes: We see a scene with Dino Orzic.....The Meteor show will begin, but Orzic is afraid of the dodo

Then we see that Doctor DR-13 is ready to see Justin

Meanwhile Justin has climbed out of the spaceship. Go right and right and then take the road to the mountain.

Walk on to the Dodo that's guarding the entrance of the mountain. Look at the hole in the ground, in front of the Dodo.

Justin wants to close the hole, so place the rocks from your inventory in the hole.

Go back to the crossroad and go up to the shack and the cave. The shack is open now, so enter the shack

Shack: Doctor Abraxus

This shack is the practice of Doctor Abraxus. Talk with this crazy doctor and use all options

Ask about the cat allergy.......The doctor can cure Justin's cat allergy but he needs three ingredients:

"A touch of space dust"; "A cup of hot camomile tea"; "A sample of cat fur". This will also be noted in the journal. 

The doctor also says that the Dodo is afraid of load noises and he mention his lodge.

Look around here. On the left you can try to touch the saber-toothed tiger. There's also mortar that you can look at

. you'll then see a cut scene with the lab guy in the server room of the lab

Try to take the handkerchief from the snotty  Dino and look the locks on the door of Abraxus private room. Exit the shack. 

Justin has a lot of new task to do...you can read about it in his journal

Outside left click the Rabbit in your inventory and then click the "Use rabbit in ChronoSphere 3K" option to instantly travel back to the Future

Back and Forth between the Future and the Prehistory: 


Pythonic Lab

Take the elevator in the stairwell to the second floor.  

Go right to the terminal room and go to the terminal.  

That Lab Guy didn't shut down the system here. Use the terminal and then click the correct option from the list to shut done all drones

 Click: "Utilities"; "DronMan.exe"; "Check for drone firmware updates"; "Update drone firmware"; "Confirm update"; "Check drone status"; 

You will now read that all drones are offline

Click: "Quit DronMan.exe"; "CD.."; "Leaving terminal", to end this process

Exit the room and use the sliding pole to go down and go to the park. The drone is now gone. 

Talk with Sven and ask him if he has a Camoline Flower

Sven wants to trade this flower for something exotic.  Justin doesn't have an exotic flower, so he needs to find one. 

Left click the mouse in inventory to go back to the prehistory and there go to the Willows. Take a Sunflower from the sunflower bush. 

Left click the Rabbit to go back to the future.  Go back to Sven in the park and give him the Sunflower to trade it for the Camomile flower.

Click the mouse in the inventory to travel back to the prehistory ("Use mouse in ChronoSphere 3K")

Go to the Shack and enter and in the shack go to the mortar. Use the chamomile flowers in the mortar to get ground camomile.

Exit the Shack and enter the Cave Vegan Daycare. Walk to the left. A pot full with cold water stand on a table

Use the ground chamomile in the pot Then use the flamethrower on the coals under the pot to light them,...... 

....... but Justin must first  pour lighter fluid on the coals

Justin doesn't have lighter fluid, maybe Kloot has this so switch to Kloot.

 As Kloot take the Hair spray can from inventory and click it on Justin's pictogram to give it to Justin. Then switch back to Justin.

Use the Hair Spray on the coals and then use the flamethrower on the coals again. Then use the bellows on the coals to increase the fire.

Hot Camomile tea is now brewing in the pot

You still have a mug of coffee in your inventory from Act 1. Take the Coffee mug from inventory and give it to Kloot and then switch to Kloot

Act 2: Page 2

2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot