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2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Present Time: Kloot

Kloot is still in the park where you left him after he has burried the cheese. 

Kloot now also has the Mug with Coffee in his inventory. Check Kloot's journal to see what he still has to do.

Leave the park and go to the corner Con Store and enter it again.  You know that the Kid won't allow you to take the fishbowl, so you need to distract the kid. There's a yellow sign on the floor that warns about a slippery floor. But the floor isn't slippery right now. Take the Coffee mug from inventory and use it on the floor tile where the yellow sign stand on and.....

.Kloot pours the coffee on the tile and the kid comes to clean it up. 

Walk to the fishbowl and now you can take it, so take the Fishbowl with the fish in it.

Leave the store and go to the fountain square. Use the fish bowl in the fountain to release the fish.

  Look in the fountain to see that there are many coins lying on the bottom

Enter  the pawn shop. Use the roll of tape on the pet carrier to get cat hair on it.

 Give the cat fur sample, empty mug, mouthpiece and fishbowl to Justin by clicking these items on Justin's picture at top left. Then switch to Justin

Prehistory: Justin

Justin is still standing at the pot with boiling tea in the Vegan day center. Use the empty mug on the pot to get camomile tea. 

Go outside. Use the crowbar on the right window of the Shack and then enter through the window.

Justin is in the private room of doctor Abraxus. Go left to the bowls. 

Look at the bowls and then use the bowls to take some slinkosaurus intestines and thickosures intestines of it

Look at the mouth of the bearskin on the ground. 

Use the mouthpiece  and then the seashell horn and then the bellows on the mouth to inflate the bear rug 

Use the inflated bear and the Dodo at the entrance of the mountain knocks itself out

Climb back out the window ....cut scene at the Squid pub

Back at Justin go to the mountain and walk to the now knocked out Dodo.  

Take an Dodo egg from behind the unconscious Dodo

Go back to the Vegan Day Care Center. Use the dodo egg in the pot with boiling water and boil the egg for 12 minutes.

Give the soft-boiled egg and glass shard to Kloot. Switch to Kloot

Present Time: Kloot

Kloot is still in the Pawn Shop. Leave the shop and go to the alley. Walk to Mike who then tells Kloot that robot agent QT-40 wants to speak with him. 

Agent QT-40 turns op and he verify Kloot's identity. Give the robot an answer and.........Agent QT-40 threatens to disintegrate Julia. Give Agent QT-40 an answer and....To save Julia Justin must become double agent KL-01. QT-40 will leave instruction in a rubbish bin but he doesn't tell witch bin it is. Switch to Justin.

Prehistory: Justin

Leave the Day Care Center and go back to the mountain Entrance and now go up the mountain and Talk with Amos. 

After this talk walk slightly to the right to see the asteroid in the sky....Look at the asteroid. 

Walk a bit further right to see 2 trees that looks like a slingshot.....Look at the trees and

then use the thickosures intestines on the slingshot tree and the slinkosaurus intestines on the other tree.

In inventory combine the fishbowl with the spacesuit to replace the spacesuit's broken helmet. 

Then use the slingshot boom and......

.....Justin shoots himself to the asteroid in the hope to push the thing into another orbit but...........

........ Justin  just misses the asteroid and land back on the mountain. Switch to Kloot.

NB: If you don't replace the fishbowl to replace it for the broken spacesuit helmet and you use the slingshot tree to shoot yourself to the asteroid, it's game over. 

But you can do it because it's pretty funny to watch and the game will let you try it again

Present Day: Kloot

In the alley walk right to cook Salty. Give the soft-boiled Dodo egg to Salty. 

The egg shell is very hard, so Salty asks if you can cut off the top of the egg. 

In inventory combine the egg met the shard of glass to cut off the top. Then give the egg to Salty again and now he eats it

After eating the egg Salty complains that it was to salty but he has washed it away with his water and Kloot get his empty salt water can. Go to the:

 Con -Store

There's an empty can intake chute in the store. Throw the empty can into the recycling chute and Kloot will receive a receipt for a coin.

Give the receipt  to Lenny and get a coin in return

Switch to Justin and give the business card to Kloot. Switch back to Kloot.

 In inventory combine the business card and the coin with the envelope.

 Go to the fountain square and post the envelope in the mailbox

Switch to Justin. 


On the mountain use the rabbit to travel through the future.  Go to the park entrance.

 Use the hand scanner on the cash machine and Justin now gets a medium bundle of money

Give this bundle of money to Kloot. Use the mouse to travel through the past.

Justin is then at the spaceship  Go back to the top of the mountain. Go left and take the wrench that lies at Ozric

You now must constantly switch between Justin and Kloot to get thinks that Justin need in the prehistory and Kloot need in the present time.

 As Justin switch to Kloot. Go to the pawn shop. Give the money to Leebee and get the foam finger.  

Give the foam finger to Justin and then switch to Justin: 


Justin still stand at Ozric on the mountain and he has the foam finger. Go right and past Amos to the slingshot tree. 

Use the slingshot tree again and....now Justin hits the asteroid and......

..... gets a bit of space dust on the foam finger. A cut scene with Amos follows....the asteroid now is on a course to the mountain

Go to Amos and talk to Amos.......Use all talk options.....

Switch to Kloot and go to the park. Look in the rubbish bin and.....Kloot finds a note from agent QT-43 in the bin

Agent QT-43 summons Kloot to the fountain, so go to the fountain plaza and talk to robot Agent Cutie who wants Julia's address.

Switch to Justin and give Kloot the butterfly net and crowbar. Switch back to Kloot. Use the butterfly net on the mailbox.

Then read at all postcards and letters, so that you find out Julia's address.

The Letter addressed to the friendly Pet Insurance Company gives Kloot Julia's address

Talk to Robot Agent Cutie to give Julia's address... 5 Fountain Square, and we are standing right in front of it. 

Cutie wants Kloot to search Julia's apartment. Try to open the door of apartment 5 on the fountain square, but it's locked

Use the crowbar on the doorway and ......Kloot enters Julia's apartment 5

Inside Julia's apartment Kloot gets regrets so he leaves quickly again. But Kloot' fingerprints are on the crowbar so he has to get rid of it.

Therefore, throw the crowbar into the fountain.

Talk to agent Cutie and you'll say there's nothing interesting inside. Then click all the options. 

When you say that you saw some posters in Julia's apartment Cutie wants to now witch posters they are. 

So tell Cutie about a poster of the Cure band

Cutie is a fan of The Cure and he now want's to have a date with Julia and he leaves. Switch to Justin


Justin now has all 3 ingredients for the cat allergy medicine. Leave the mountain and go to the medicine hut.

Talk to the doctor and you say that you have the three ingredients for cat allergy and you. You give him the cat hair, space dust and hot chamomile tea. 

The doctor brews the medicine and Justin takes a sip and hopes that it cures him of his cat allergy

Leave here and.........Cut scene in the hospital....

Doctor DR-13 is ready to see Justin now. In inventory use the rabbit to time travel to the future. 

Go to the hospital and talk to the secretary in the monitor and then go left through the doors, to Doctor DR-13

Talk with Robot Doctor DR-13. The doctor needs an urine sample of Justin. Take the syringe at the bottom right of the table.

In inventory click the mouse to go back to the prehistory and.......

Cut scene in the Fashion shop........

Meanwhile Justin is back in the Prehistory.....Go right to the elevator platform and use the controls to go down to the dungeon. 

Walk left to the table with the coffee pot and use the empty mug on the coffee to fill the mug with coffee again

Walk back to the lift platform and use the controls again to go back up to the surface. Go to the willow place

The toilet is still occupied. In inventory left click the coffee mug to drink the coffee, but Justin doesn't want to drink the coffee here

Go to the place in the shade and.....Justin will drink the coffee......Click on "Go to the bathroom" and.....

...Justin comes out to ask if you wouldn't mind to look away while he's doing his thing, so click "I guess......." and....

......Justin will produce an Urine sample......

In inventory click and use the rabbit to travel to the future and go to the hospital.  Give the urine sample to Doctor DR-13.

Justin is declared healthy but he still has a cat allergy.......

...Cut Scene in the lab.......we now meet the great Patriarch......and learn about the invertatron machine

Back at Justin at the doctor give the magazines to Kloot and then switch to Kloot


Go to the Fashion store and give the magazines to barber Alphonzo who then stand away to read the magazines

The customer is still sleeping in the chair. Use the scissors on the customer to cut her bald and.....

Alphonzeo comes to look and uses his secret hair growing cream to fix Kloot's mess.  

Take  the Can of Alphonzo's secret

Give Alphonzo's Hair Cream can to Justin and switch back to Justin


Go to the lab and take the elevator to the second floor. Go left to the room where Lake and the Lab Guy are. 

 Look at the "Invertatron" and then talk to Lake about it.

Use the hair growth cream in the "Invertatron" and......

......when the machine is done Justin will have strong anti-hair growth cream. In inventory left click the mouse to go back to the prehistory. Go to the medicine hut. Combine the anti-hair growth cream with the syringe. Then combine the syringe/anti-hair growth cream with the bamboo stick. Then use the bamboo stick/syringe on the saber-toothed tiger and.........The saber-tooth tiger looses his fur........

.....The end cut scene of this 2e act will no start....

You see Julia leaving the Squid pub and then you see the robot agent and Kloot.....The robot agent wants Kloot to set up a date with Julia for him

Then we switch to Julia in her apartment.....Julia want to bring Justin home and Act 3 will start....

Act III: Operation Chipmunk

2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot