2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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This act starts in the future with a cut scene in the park with the robot agent and Sven

Then we switch to Justin in the prehistory in the medicine shack......

 To travel back to his own time Justin needs to catch a rodent that qua size is between mouse and rabbit. 

The medicine man says that squirrels are good rodents.

Then we are back in the:

Present Time:


Apartment 5

You now can switch between Justin, Kloot and Julia. You start this Act 3 as Julia and she's in her apartment.

  Julia has her own inventory with her own journal in witch you can read what Julia has to do.  

Cat Oligarch is sleeping on the carpet and there's also a ball of red Yarn on the carpet.  

Try to pick up the cat......But Julia needs something to put the cat in if she wants to carry the cat with her. 

Take the red Yarn. On the round table, at the Cure Poster, stand a glass jar with coins. Take that Change Jar

Go to Julia's desk and then take the USB-Adapter that lies on the desk

Under the Smiths poster stand a plant on the kitchen cabinet. There are plant- food sticks in that plant pot....

Take the Plant Food- Sticks from the plant pot. 

Also take the wine glass that stand straight up

Use the wine glass on the water tap of the sink, to fill it with water.

 Between the sink and the mixer stand a mug.....Knock the mug over and coffee flows into the sink and then into the dungeon in the sewer.

Leave the apartment......outside Julia notice that someone has broken into  the doorway

Look in the fountain.......Julia sees the coins lying on the bottom and maybe see can do a wish too.....

Toss the Change Jar in the fountain and...

.....the fountain is draining empty because the bottom has falling out and Salty sticks his head out of the manhole. 

Salty wants all those coins from the fountain. 

Walk to the manhole and go down into the sewer system.

See the rats and  also the banana peel that in act 1 has fallen down through the drain, on the other side of the pit .  

Because of the rats Julia doesn't want to move and because of the pit she can't reach the banana peel. 

The dungeon is at the other side of the pit. Climb out of the sewer again. Switch to Kloot.  

Kloot is still in the Squid pub. Leave the pub and go to Julia at the sewer pit. Talk to Julia and tell her that agent QT-40 is waiting for her in the park

Julia things that if she and Kloot work together they will be able to get Justin back.....

We then see QT-40 sitting on the bench in the park, hiding himself behind a newspaper

You're are still Kloot. Give the pineapple USB stick to Julia... and then switch to Julia.   

In Julia's inventory combine the pineapple USB stick with the USB adapter and then give this USB-Contraption to Kloot

Stay Julia and go to the park and talk with Cutie / Agent QT-40

Keep talking until QT-40 stops reading the paper.....

Julia now knows that Kloot works for Cutie as double agent KL-01....Exit the park but  stay at the entrance. 

Switch to Kloot and bring him to Julia at the park entrance. The switch to Julia again and talk with Kloot and ask him about his why QT-40 calls him KL-01

Switch to Kloot and go to the office. 

Use the USB contraption in the USB slot of the infested computer on the first desk to download the computer virus onto the USB device.

Leave the office and go to the park and talk to Cutie Agent QT-40, but he doesn't want to talk about Justin. 

Switch to Justin, who is still in the medicine shack. Doctor Abraxus ask if Justin can do him a favor.....

. ......a dino patient of him has a bad case of constipation and he gives Justin a bowl of prune juice to give to that dino.

Talk to Abraxus and ask him about the squirrel and he tells again about certain trees in witch the squirrel like to sit..

 Leave the shack and go to the willow place. Talk with the dino who occupies the toilet and.......

Justin thinks that this is the dino with constipation and he puts the bowl with prune juice on the ground and leave the area for a moment and when he comes back the toilet is free and open...The dino has left the toilet. There's a mirror in the toilet....Look into the latrine.....it's full with dino manure....... Take the mirror. Switch to Kloot and.........Cut scene.......Doctor QR-22is ready to see Justin

Kloot is still at Cutie in the park....Give the Dog-Poop Bag to Justin. Switch back to Justin


 Use the Dog-Poop Bag in the latrine to get a Bag Of  Manure. 

Walk to the right and use the Bag of Manure on the soil to make the soil more fertile

Click the rabbit in inventory to go to the future. Go to the hospital. Talk to the secretary in the left monitor and then go through the door to psychotherapist DR-22 and talk with him. Ask if he has any ink blots. Justin lies down on the divan.  After the treatment, take the spray can with insect repellent, that stand next to DR-22

Click the mouse in inventory to go back to the prehistory. From the spaceship walk to the right,  to the tree with the tree sap and flies.

 Use the insect repellent on the sap to get rid of the flies. Then use the sticky gloves on the tree sap. You then have super sticky gloves.

Click the rabbit in inventory to go back to the future. In the lab, take the elevator to the second floor. 

Walk left to the sliding pole. Use the super sticky gloves on the sliding pole. Justin will then reach the secret first floor.

Go right to the X room door and see the door controls. Click the controls but asks for a pass phrase and  it is not "Ken sent me".

Go left  and enter the Chrono room. Talk to the lab worker.

If you use the option "Listen. I have a proposition for you, should I ever end up in that thing....." ........

............then you have to choose a secret word from the list. 

Note down the secret word that you choices because maybe you'll need it later.

Ask about the  secret word for X room door controls and say that you forgot the password, but the lab guy is not allowed to give the password

Use the can insect repellent on the lab guy and then ask him again for the password and now he will tell you that word and it's Lorelai

So go back to the X-room door and use the controls again and you say the password Lorelai

Enter the X room and look at the first large monitor. The walk on to the right and look at the lasers. 

There's an acorn behind the lasers and Justin need it to grow a big tree from it.

Use the mirror from the Willow toilet on the lasers, but Justin needs two mirrors

Switch to Kloot and give the Barber's mirror and the butterfly net to Justin. Switch back to Justin and use the Barber's mirror on the lasers and......

By using both mirrors Justin gets the acorn

Click the mouse in inventory to go back to the prehistory. Go to the soil spot in the Willow place ant put the acorn in the soil

Switch to Julia who still stand at the park entrance. Enter the park. Cutie still sits on the park bench with Kloot standing in front of him. Walk to the right and see.....The acorn that Justin has planted here in the prehistory has now grown into a medium-sized tree. But the tree is still not big enough. Use the plant food sticks on the medium-sized tree. 

Switch to Justin. Click the rabbit in inventory. Back in the future go to the park.

 At Sven the medium-size tree has now grown into a large tree and on the top branch of the tree sits a squirrel. 

Use the butterfly net on the squirrel to catch it

You name the squirrel as Little Sam but it runs away and in a cut scene you see that Little Sam runs into the alley and there jumps into a ventilation shaft. So move Justin to the alley and in the alley walk left and enter in the ventilation shaft, above the large pile of junk

You enter the abandoned factory and you have to turn off the alarm. See a big red button. 

On top of the conveyor belt you  the squirrel tail sticking out of the funnel. 

Walk to the left and use the control panel...You need to enter a 4 digit code to shut down the alarm. 

You don't know the correct code, so go back right and climb back through the vent.

 Read the sign against the boarded up window: 7994 - 8021 = closed for 27 years. 

Climb through the ventilation opening again and walk to the control panel. Give the can insect repellent to Kloot. Switch to Kloot

Use the can insect repellent in the park on Cutie.

Give the toy helmet to Justin. Switch to Julia. 

As Julia talk with Agent Cutie QT-40. Because of the insect repellent the agent is now willing to spill out al his secrets. 

So use the options to make Agent QP-40 tell all his 3 secrets

 QT-40 tells first about Operation Chipmunk

Then QT-40 tells how to get to the top- secret laboratory on the top floor of the lab... 

The QT-40 tells the code for the alarm control panel at Justin.  But it is updated annually, according to a pretty ingenious algorithm

Ask QT-40 again about the alarm code and he then tells that you need to add 1 to the previous year code

Switch back to Justin and use the alarm control panel and now enter code 4 8 1 4 and....The alarm is turned off.

Click the mouse in inventory to go back to the prehistory. Go to the Vegan Day Center. 

Fill the mug with tea water from the pot to have a new mug with tea water

In inventory combine the mug with the Bellows to fill the bellows with tea water.

 Click the rabbit in inventory to return to the future. Go to the alley and climb through the vent into the factory.

Justin must guide the squirrel safely through the assembly line. Use the wrench on the funnel to tighten the gears. 

Use the toy helmet on the funnel to place it on the squirrel's head. Then use the bellows filled with tea water on the funnel to give it to the squirrel.

Then press the big red button and see what happens

The conveyor belt works through the gears and the squirrel falls on t and passes safely under the pestles with his helmet on.......

.....extinguishes the fire with the tea water in the bellows and then the squirrel falls into the bin. Take squirrel Little Sam  from the bin.

......Cut scene: Justin gets trapped in the lab. Talk to The Patriarch.

When the talk with the Patriarch is done talk with the lab guy and say the secret word that you have chosen the last time you were here. 

 But it doesn't work and Justin stays in the machine

You then see a cut scene with Lenny in the Con-store who is fed up with the kid not doing his job

The kid suggest to Lenny to hire a second assistant. Switch to Kloot who is still in the park with Julia

Go to the con store and talk to Lenny. Kloot can apply for a shop assistant but he has to fill in a job application form

Go to the office. Use your computer to fill in  the job application form  

Kloot need a color printer cartridge to print out the form. In inventory combine the beer glass (pint) with the printer cartridges to get black ink in the cartridge. Then left click the cartridge to hear Kloot tell witch of the colors he still need: black = check but cyan, magenta and yellow are empty. Go to the pub in the alley. On one of the tables stand a bottle with mustard. Mustard is yellow. Use the printer cartridges on the mustard: Yellow = check. 

 Bring Kloot to the fountain. Julia is still in the park. Give the printer cartridges and the magenta fuchsia flower to Julia via Julia's picture at top left

Switch to Julia and bring her from the park into the Fashion shop. As Julia take the Hair Dye bottle that stand at the mirror.

In inventory combine the Hair Dye with the printer cartridges to have cyan in the cartridge. Bring Julia into her apartment no 5 at the fountain. If it's ok then Julia has still the wine glass with water in her inventory. If the wine glass is empty now then first fill it again with water via the tap of the sink.  Pour the water from the wine glass into the mixer and then put the magenta fuchsia flower in the mixer.

Then use the mixer to mix, Then use the empty wine glass on the mixer to fill the glass with the fuchsia mix.

In inventory combine the wine glass/fuchsia mix with the printer cartridges

The printer cartridges now has all the colors. Leave the apartment and give the now full printer cartridges to Kloot

Switch to Kloot and go to the office. Use the printer cartridges on the printer and then use Justin's computer to print out the job application form

Then take the job application form from the printer......the form needs the signature of a former boss

Go to the pub and talk with Bea and she'll sign your job application form.

Go back to the Con-Store and give the signed job application form to Lenny and.....

....Kloot gets hired but he will get his orders from the kid

Talk to Kid to get your orders.....

Kloot doesn't trust the kid and he wants to stop him working on the computer

Leave the store and switch back to Julia who's still standing at the fountain. Enter Julia's apartment again. Go to the mixer and fill the empty wine glass again with the fuchsia mix from the mixer. Go outside and enter the Con-store. Use the filled wine glass on the floor tile where the yellow sign stand and........

....Julia pours the fuchsia mix on the floor tile and Lenny calls out to the kid to clean it up. The kid wants Kloot to do this but Kloot has left the store, so the kid has to do it him self. Switch to Kloot, who is standing at the fountain. As Kloot enter the Con-store again and see that the Kid has left his computer to clean Julia's mess up. Put the USB contraption infected with viruses in the USB-port of the Kid's computer and......

......The Kid's computer gets infected with the virus and Kloot quickly takes the USB stick out again and.......The Kid no longer can use his computer

We switch back to Justin who, to his own surprise, ends up in the spaceship......What has happens?///

We return to the Con-store where the Kid sees that his computer has been infected with all kinds of viruses.

You are Kloot. Talk with the Kid The Kid suspect Kloot of it and he wants to take revenge. The Kid got a job for Kloot. Kloot must scrub the freezer, from the inside

We switch back to Justin in the future

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2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot