2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Page 2

Going Home


Justin is in the spaceship. Use squirrel Sam in the hamster wheel and....We go Time travel again. 

When it's done the place seems flooded. See Bob lying on the floor. Walk to the right and go through the open porthole and.......

Cut scene: In the Squid pub Serge and Reginald talking about the upcoming poetry slam contest

We return to Justin who has stepped through the portal into the sewer dungeon, where he was kept in Act 1.  Justin is back in the present time. Salty now sits in the cage and in the other cage is the skeleton of that big caveman. A fish is thrashing about on the floor and there's a crowbar lying too.. Try to catch the fish. This doesn't work. Try to catch the fish with the empty fishbowl.....this doesn't work either. Take the crowbar

Look at the skeleton in the cage and also look at it's ribcage. Talk to Salty and use all options

Walk to the right, to the banana peel that lies on the edge of the pit. Try to take the banana peel and.....

...Justin doesn't want to take the banana peel but you have now scored the first of the 2 chicken trophy's in the game

Behind Justin you see that broken pipe. Go stand at that broken pipe 

Leave Justin at this pipe and switch to Julia. Julia is still in the Con-story but Kloot isn't.

Look at the locked freezer.....There's something big in the freezer. 

Talk to the smiley magnet that's on the freezer. Talk to Kid (The man who would be king).

Leave the store and enter Julia's apartment.

Use the empty wine glass from inventory on the water tap of the sink to fill it with water. 

Then use the wine glass on the sink to pour the water from the glass into the sink.

Switch to Justin....The water from Julia now comes out of the pipe. 

Quickly take the empty fishbowl from inventory and click with it on the water that comes out of the pipe to fill the fishbowl with water

NB: If you were to slow then you must do this again starting with Julia to poor water trough the sink

If you have filled the fishbowl with water then walk to the left, to the fish. Now take the fish with the full fishbowl.

Use the crowbar on the rib cage of the skeleton.....but Salty doesn't allow Justin to hurt his "friend".

Look at the rib cage and skeleton. Talk to Salty again and use all options. Justin tells Salty about the time machine 

Salty isn't interested in going to the past but he is interested in going to the future but first he wants to drink salt water to built up his courage

Go to the pit. Look into the pit.......Justin can see that there are crocodiles on the bottom of the pit

Switch to Julia: Go to the manhole and go down to the sewer system. Talk to Justin.

Julia needs to find something to get rid of those pesky rats and to cross over the pit to Justin. 

Exit the sewer and go to the Pawn Shop. In the Pawn shop look at the pet carrier and then try to take it.

Leebee wants a medium pile of monies for the pet carrier and Julia doesn't have this right now. Go to the Squid pub in the alley and talk with Serge

Julia wants to enter the poetry competition but the poem from Justin isn't good enough to win it. So Julia needs to steal the poem from Serge. 

Ask if Serge wants to order a new drink and when Serge is looking away then steal his poem via "Swipe Serge's poem from the table". 

Julia swaps Justin's poem with Serge's poem. Read Serge' s poem in your inventory.

Walk to the right and talk with Reginald to enter the Poetry Contest.

The poetry contest begins and Serge is first and he reads Justin's poem and gets thrown out of the pub

Then it's Julia's turn and she reads Serge's poem but some sentences are a bit vague to read. 

You must help Julia finish the sentences by clicking the correct option

These are the correct options you must click1: "I'm sticking to you". 2: "Just in time".  3: "Reach for my tea". 4: "So I wrote it in braille"

Julia wins a pile of money.

Go to the pawn shop and give the pile of money to Leebee and you get the pet carrier.

Talk to Leebee....he suggest to Julia to use her cat on the rats in the sewers. Go to Julia's apartment again

Use the pet carrier on cat Oligarch to take the cat with you. If you didn't take the ball of red yarn before then take it now

Leave the apartment and go back to the sewer, through the manhole. Back in the sewer use the pet carrier with Oligarch in it on the rats. 

Julia let Oligarch out but the cat is scared of the rats and it flees.

Exit the sewer and.......Cat Oligarch sits in the tree and on the ground lies an earring. Look at cat Oligarch in the tree and take the earring

In inventory combine the earring with the ball of yarn. Go back to the Squid pub and take the salt shaker from the table

Exit the pub and talk to Mike and then go back to Julia's apartment.  Switch back to Justin and move him back to the broken pipe to be ready to catch the water from this pipe in a moment. Switch back to Julia. In Julia's apartment fill your empty wine glass again with water from the tap at the sink. In inventory combine the salt shaker with the water/wine glass to get saltwater . Pour the saltwater/wine glass into the sink. Switch to Justin and quickly use the mug on the pipe to get salt water.

Stay Justin and move him to Salty in the cage. Give the mug with saltwater to Salty.

When Salty asks you not to touch the bones of the skeleton, you first say "no" and then "ok". 

Salty goes and leaves with the time machine to the future.. 

Use the crowbar on the rib cage and then take the Sardinia tin out of the rib cage

Move Justin back to the pit and then switch to Julia.. Leave the apartment and outside stand at the drainage grid.

Use the ball of yarn/earring on the grid to lower the earring hook into the sewer

Switch back to Justin and hang the Sardinia tin on the hook of the earring and see what will happen.

...a crocodile tries to catch the sardines but it fails but the rats run away. 

Switch back to Julia. Julia has the sardines now. Go back to cat Oligarch, in the tree at the manhole.

 Click with the sardines tin on Oligarch to get the cat back into the pet carrier

Oligarch is back in the pet carrier and Julia also has kept the sharp lid of the Sardinia can in her inventory.  

Go down the manhole into the sewer again.

 Back in the sewer talk with Justin and then use the ball yarn/earring on the water drain grid above the pit and.......

Julia swings over the pit to the other side.

......and then.....the Patriarch shows up and he takes Justin and Julia prison

Justin is tied up in the interrogation chair....The Patriarch wants to torture Justin

Julia is tied to a pole of the cage. You are Julia. Use the sharp lid of the sardines tin on the rope to free yourself.

When Julia has freed her self then move here to the banana peel at the pit. Take the Banana peel to score the second Chicken Trophy

Go back to Justin and the Patriarch.  Notice the ventilation hole in the Patriarch. Talk with the Patriarch.

Try to put Oligarch in the ventilation hole of the Patriarch

Switch to Justin and put the cheese cube in the ventilation hole. The Patriarch then stinks of cheese. 

Then put the mouse in the ventilation hole.

Switch to Julia: Again click with the pet carrier on the ventilation hole and now Oligarch goes also into The Patriarch.

Cut Scene: This is to much for the Patriarch and he goes down into the pit

Before Julia helps Justin, she wants to interrogate him now that he's in the interrogation chair. Julia wants to know how Justin feels about here

Well.....use the options to give Julia an answer and.....Justin's first tree turns out not to be the correct one

...So Justin gets a second chance.....Make sure you now give the correct answer......"I Love You Julia" and....

.......watch the ENDING......

......Much Much Much Later in the Con-store.....

.Hologram Bob has taken over the store and Justin has survived his time in the freezer and he's taking the smiley magnet with him

...Justin leaves the Store and according to Bob  Justin will be alright

After the credits Daela pops up for the last time


2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot