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2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack is a 2D Point & Click adventure. 

You play three characters trying to unite lost lovers, getting a fun-loving caveman back to his own time,

 all while steering clear of the scary-looking robots trying to erase you from the timeline  

In the options menu you can choose various languages. 

As you can see I chose English because my German is even less than my English, and I don't speak the Polish language at all

When you start a new game you will be welcomed by Daela ..

... Daela is your source of information in the game, she can give you hints if you don't know how to proceed in the game. Daela herself explains how to approach her. 

.......The game then starts with Act 1


You now see the Intro of the game and it starts with 2 robots from the future. 

Apparently the robot lying on the couch has mental problems, and the robot sitting on the chair is his psychiatrist

The robot on the couch talks about  planning his revenge

Then we zap away from the future and end up in the past, in the prehistory and we see a caveman and a dinosaur

. ........It seems that the dinosaur is in charge of the caveman, who is called Kloot. 

We zap away again and end up in our own time. We are in Julia's apartment.

Julie and her fiancÚ Justin Wack want to move in together but there is a problem ...... Julia has taken in a stray cat and Justin does not agree

But Justin  is allergic ofcats, so he plays it hard....Justin gives Julia the choice ..... the cat out or he is out and .....

....unfortunately for Justin.....Julia chooses the cat and the engagement is broken......and now the game really starts with Act 1

 Act 1: The Grand Scheme of Things Act 2: A Case of The Rosy Cheeks Act 3: Operation Chipmunk

       2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot