2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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The game is set in the 90s of the last century and in America. Graphically the game looks like the 1st GabriŽl Knight game The Sins of the Fathers. You are Kathy Rain and you are 18 years old. Kathy is studying to be a journalist and is getting her Master's degree. Kathy shares a room on campus with another girl. Kathy has a rather problematic past and also a rather problematic character, more or less formed by events from her past.

One evening Kathy is told that her grandfather, Joseph Rain, has suddenly died. Kathy has not seen or spoken to her grandfather and grandmother for years, but she decides to go to the funeral anyway. After the funeral Kathy meets her grandmother and then there appears to be something strange about her grandfather's death. Kathy decides to dig into her grandfather past and, armed with a pack of cigarettes, a stun gun and a notebook, she gets on her motorbike to find out what happened to her grandfather one night years ago.

On the main menu screen you can set a few things to your preferences in the Options menu

In the game you have an Inventory, the bag from Kathy,  that is always in the bottom left of the screen

By clicking on the bag you open it and you see the things that Kathy keeps in her bag. The game works with an ACTION MENU to view things. You can also use this Action menu in the Inventory. You left click on an item to open the Action menu and then click on one of the small circles, depending on what action you want to take.

The game has a Save / Load function and you can save whenever you want

Via the space bar of your keyboard you can make all "hot spots" visible on the screen. If you bought the game through Steam, you can hunt for the various "Steam Achievements" while playing the game. I don't have the game through Steam so I'm not going to hunt for those "Steam Achievements" and won't mention this nonsense in the walkthrough


Kathy enters her room in a rather embarrassed way, a room that she shares with fellow student Eileen. Kathy is quite nauseous and just wants to sleep

 But Eileen has found a message on the internet about a Joseph Rain and she asks if this Joseph is related to Kathy.

A dialogue window appears .... Click 1 of the options in the dialogue window to answer Eileen. It doesn't really matter which answer you give, so say that Joseph Rain was your grandfather. Well ..... Joseph Rain has died and his funeral is tomorrow. It will be the next morning.

Day 1: September 25:

Kathy's room:

Kathy wakes up from the sound of the alarm clock. The alarm clock is screaming on the table behind the right bunk bed.

Left click on the screaming alarm clock to open the action menu on it and then choose "Turn off the alarm clock" to turn off the bloody thing


Kathy turns off the alarm and finds a short note from roommate Eileen. Eileen has set the alarm so that Kathy can reach her grandfather's funeral in time. Kathy wants to go to her grandfather's funeral, so click on the room door and ...... Kathy leaves her room and we end up on the "Travel Screen"

The Travel Screen:

Through this screen you can quickly have Kathy drive from one location to another on her Harley Davidson ....

At this moment the Cemetery appears as a new location. Click on the "Cemetery" location and ....... Kathy gives gas and ends up on the:


Kathy ends up at the cemetery and lights a cigarette. Continue to the left and ....... The funeral ceremony is already in full swing ...

Kathy is modest and waits until the ceremony is over and then only her grandmother is left behind. Go talk to grandma. 

 Grandma does not recognize Kathy at first, after all it is 15 years ago that Grandma and Kathy saw each other ...... Kathy was 6 years old at the time.

Grandma invites Kathy to come and visit her home. Walk back to the right and .......

Near the exit of the cemetery, Kathy is stopped by the priest who wants to give her an edifying brochure

Kathy clearly does not like this and you tell that to the priest by giving 1 of the 3 possible answers. 

Kathy takes the brochure anyway and then jumps on her motor again to drive to grandma's house. So click on the "Rain Residence" location

At Grandma's house:

Kathy ends up in grandma's hall. Kathy now also has a Church Brochure in her bag. 

At the stairs is a table and the wheelchair of the late Joseph Rain. Go through the living room door to the living room.

Grandma thinks Kathy has taken her time .....

Kathy takes a seat and a conversation follows that tell us that Kathy's father suddenly ran away 15 years ago, when Kathy was 6 years old. Kathy hasn't heard anything about her father in all those 15 years. Grandma then wants to know how Kathy's mother, Sharon, is doing.

You again get the choice of 2 possible answers ...... It matters which answer you give, so use 1 of both answer options. I choose here "Tell me the truth, You had her committed to a mental institution" ....... If you use the other option "Avoid the subject, no reason to bring it up now", Kathy will lie a bit about her mother. So say "Tell the truth, you had her committed to a mental institution" and ..... 

Kathy then tells something about her mother and the lies she has told her daughter about Kathy's grandparents. Grandma then tells further about the accident day August 25, 1981 and what happened that day. On that day, Grandfather Joseph was brought home by Sheriff Truman ..... Joseph was in a bad state of mind and that got worse and worse and eventually Joseph disappeared. 

Kathy wants to know more about what happened that day .... 

Kathy's notebook now appears on the screen. Click the "Incident in '81" option and .......

Grandma talks about what has happened with Kathy's grandfather on August 25, 1981 . Always click the questions that appear and do so in order. Kathy finally decides to go to the sheriff's office to request the file about her grandfather. Click away the notebook by clicking on the cross. Leave the sitting room to the hall and then leave the house through the front door. We end up on the travel screen where the Sheriff Station has now been added as a new location. So travel to it:

Sheriff's Station:

Deputy Lenny Marks sits behind his desk and screams at the Sheriff, who is sitting in his office and screaming back. Go talk to deputy  Lenny. 

Lenny knows Kathy from when they were both small children, but Kathy does not recognize Lenny. 

Give Lenny 1 of the 2 possible answers to continue the conversation and then ask Lenny about the "Incident in '81", via the notebook that pops up.

However, Lenny knows nothing and so he refers Kathy to his boss the sheriff. Close the notebook and then head right into the sheriff's office. Talk to the sheriff, via the talk option in the action menu, and also ask him about the "Incident '81". Then ask for the "Police report" .......

Kathy is not allowed to read the police report. Then ask Lenny for help via "Lenny, a little help here?" ........Lenny comes to the rescue of Kathy from behind his desk but it does not help ...... Kathy isn't allowed to read the police report about her grandfather, full stop! You heard Lenny and the sheriff talking about a bum, who's locked up in the cell. Walk back to Lenny. 

To the left of Lenny are the double doors to the cells, so go through that double door through "Open Double Doors" in the action menu

 Kathy waits for Lenny to talk to the sheriff again, and  looks to the right, and then she goes  quickly through the double doors to the cells

There are 2 cells ..... in the right cell that bum is locked up.

On the right is a desk and on that desk is a portable TV and that thing is on and produces a huge noise. Behind the desk is a storage room with shelves on the wall and the lockers where the evidence is kept. Try to talk to the Bum ...... the bum can't hear Kathy because of the noise that the TV produces. So walk to the desk and then left click the TV and then click in the action menu the "Turn of small TV" option to turn off the TV ....... 

The Bum is grateful to Kathy, so go talk with him again. 

You can now ask the Bum why he was put in jail, but he still lies about it. Ask the Bum for help to get Lenny from behind his desk through "Persuade him to distract Lenny". The Bum wants to be paid for his help, so Kathy offers him $ 10, but the Bum demands $ 20, - finally Kathy finishes it at $ 7 - 

Exits the cell block via the " Exit "at the bottom of the screen and .......The Bum starts screaming and Lenny lifts his lazy ass off the chair and disappears to the cell block. Behind Lenny's desk is a file cabinet ..... Open the action menu on the files and then choose "Search Files" and .....

Kathy finds the file about her grandfather ..... Scroll through the file down to read the whole thing through

In the last paragraph, Kathy reads that a tape recorder has been found on the backseat of grandfather's car and that the tape recorder is stored in vault # 5, here in the cell block. Click the arrow at the top right to store the file in inventory and Kathy will automatically steal the key for locker # 5 from Lenny's desk drawer.

Lenny then returns and sits down at his desk. Wait until Lenny starts talking to the Sheriff again.

Then quickly go through the double doors back to the cell block, via the "Open Double Doors" option in the action menu

Continue to the right, to the lockers behind the desk. Open the inventory and then open the action menu on the Locker Key in inventory and then choose the "Combine Locker Key" option to take the key from inventory. Then click with the key on the lockers and ...

Kathy then opens locker 5 and from the locker 5 she steals the tape recorder, about which she has read in the grandfather's file.

In inventory, open the action menu on the tape recorder and click the "Examine Dictaphone" option ..... The recorder will appear on your screen ...

Click the Play button and listen to the voice of Joseph Rain ...... Kathy note down the word "Attick" in her notebook. Click the "Rewind button" to rewind the tape and then click the Play button again to listen to the tape. Now remember, or write down, what Joseph says about "The perfect bouquet", that perfect bouquet consists of: 3 red roses, 1 blue pansy and 2 yellow tulips.

Click the cross button, top right, to put the recorder back in inventory. Walk back to the left and then leave the cell block again via the exit and then leave the police station via the exit at the bottom left. We end up on the Travel screen. Now go back to grandma, so click the "Rain Residence" location again.

At Grandma's

Go back to the living room and talk to grandma again and ask her about the Attic .....

Kathy asks grandma if she may look in the attic and that is allowed ..... Grandma brings Kathy to the attic and leaves Kathy alone. 

Of course it is dark in the attic but there is a light bulb and the light switch is on the wall. So click the light switch and ...... unfortunately ..... no light ...

.... the light bulb apparently burned out. Go back downstairs to the hall. There is a table lamp on the table.

Open the action menu on the table lamp and then click the "Remove Bulb from Table Lamp" option to unscrew the bulb from the lamp's socket.  Go back to the Upstairs, to the Attick Back. Back on the attic you grab the newly packed light bulb from inventory via the "Combine" option in the action menu. Then click with the bulb on the broken bulb to replace it with the right bulb.

Then click the light switch again and ...... we have light. There is a desk at the short wall.

 There is a lot of things on the desk and 1 of those things is a book. Look at  the book on the desk .... it's a math book. Take the math book

On the left is a suitcase on a chest of drawers. Walk to the left and click on that briefcase  .....

The brief case has a combination lock and Kathy notes the case in her notebook. Stay close to the trunk lock but open the inventory. Open the action menu on the Math Book and then choose the "Read" option ....

The math book will be in your screen. There are 3 bookmarks inside the book, a yellow, blue and red bookmark.

Now think of what you heard on the tape of the tape recorder ...... grandfather Joseph says on the tape that the perfect bouquet consists of 3 red roses, 1 blue pansy and 2 yellow tulips ...

Click the red bookmark ..... the book opens on a page with primary numbers ..... On the right page you see a chessboard diagram with numbers ...... some numbers are black and are in white boxes. .... the other numbers are gray and are in gray boxes ......

The perfect bouquet contains 3 red roses, so note the first 3 black numbers that are in the first 3 white boxes,  those are 2, 3, 5

Click the blue bookmark ..... the book opens on a page with the Fibonacci numbers ....

There must be 1 blue pansy in the perfect bouquet, so note the first 1 of the series.

Click the yellow bookmark ..... it opens on a page with a symbol ..... below the symbol is a whole series of numbers .....

There must be 2 yellow tulips in the perfect bouquet, so note the first 2 digits of the series here and that is the 3 and the 1. Store the book using the arrow at the top right 

You now have the following series of digits: 2, 3, 5, 1, 3, 1 ...... The briefcase lock has 5 tumblers ..... Via the arrows above and below each tumbler you put the correct number in each tumbler. So, from left to right, put the code 2, 3, 5, 1, 3, 1 on the tumblers and ......you hear "Click" and Kathy screams "Yes" ..... Open the action menu on the case and then click "Open Briefcase" to open the case.

There is a yellow / gold envelope in the case. Take the yellow / gold envelope.

Then open the envelope in the inventory.

From the envelope Kathy takes a cassette tape (Attick), an a Overexposed Picture, a photo of Photo of soldiers, a Newspaper Clipping and a Small Key.

Read the newspaper article ..... Kathy reads the article aloud ....... 

the article is about the tragic death of a teenage girl who died of drowning. This drowning has happened on July 15, 1975, and the girl drowned in Cornwell Lake, a lake near the town of Cornwell Springs.

Scroll back through the inventory to the cassette recorder (Dictapohone) via the left scroll arrow. Make sure the cassette recorder is large in your screen and then click the Tape Slot to open it and then take the Joseph cassette from the recorder by clicking in the "slot" above the open door. Scroll through the inventory back to the "Attick" cassette and now place this cassette in the recorder. 

Click the "Play button" to play the tape ......

First we hear a Charles call Joseph to tell him that his daughter has just been born. Then we hear a very angry woman who is very angry with Joseph and threatens him with the police. Finally we hear a man who calls himself "Cocky" and who says that the same thing happened to him as to Joseph and that he no longer trusts anyone except Joseph.

Kathy notes "Cocky" in her notebook. Put the recorder back in inventory and go back down to the living room.

Talk to grandma again in the sitting room and ask her about "Cocky" ......

."Cocky" appears to be a "call sign" that pilots use and Joseph's call sign was "Aviator." Grandma advises Kathy to ask about this at the Air Force Base. 

You can also show stuff from inventory to grandma. Click on the overexposed photo (Show Overexposed Picture) and Kathy asks grandmother if she knows anything about it, but that is not the case. Do the same with the newspaper article and the soldiers' photo and grandma then tells what she know about it.

the drowned girl was only 16 when she drowned, but grandma does not know her name. The soldiers photo shows Joseph and his best friend Charles Wade. Grandma does not know the name of the 3rd person. The photo was taken at McConnell Airforce Base, the military airfield where Joseph and the 2 others were stationed during the 2nd World War, where they received their training as a fighter pilot before they were sent to the war in Europe.

Kathy notes the names Charles Wade and McConnell AFB ..... so ask Grandma further about these 2 names ..

Charles Wade became an engineer after the war and invented something that made aircraft fly better.

Wade has become dearly rich with his own company Wade Industries.

Close the notebook to say goodbye to grandma and go back to the hall. On the table in the hall, near the red telephone, is a yellow telephone book.

Open the action menu on the telephone book / telephone and then click the "Use" option to see both the telephone and the telephone book in close-up ......

Open the action menu on the phonebook and then use the "Search" option to search the phonebook .....

The notebook then pops up again ...

Kathy is  looking for the telephone numbers of Charles Wade and of the McConnell Airforce Base. Click on "Charles Wade" and ....There is no telephone number for Charles Wade in the book and also no number for his company "Wade Industries". The now rich Wade has a secret number. Click on "McConnell AFB" and ...... Kathy finds the telephone number of this Airforce Base and she notes this in the notebook on the page with telephone numbers. First close the notebook again and then open the action menu on the telephone and then choose the "Pick up Phone" option ...... The notebook appears again but now opened on the page with telephone numbers.

Click the McConnell AFB option to call the airport. 

Kathy gets a friendly gentleman from the Airforce Base on the line.  Ask the man about the "Incident '81" and about "Charles Wade".

The man from the Airforce Base also doesn't know much about the incident and he can't tell anything about Charles Wade. Charles Wade company "wade Industries" works for the Air Force and so all information regarding Wade is secret .....
You then get, in a small screen, a few options to try to get the Wade phone number out of the man. 

So choose 1 of those 3 options ..... If you choose the "Pretend to be a cop" option, the man hangs up. Then simply call the Airforce number again to continue talking to the man and then ask the man further about "McConnell AFB" and about the "Cocky call sign". ......

The man then says that pilots are trained for the air force on the Airforce Base and that "Cocky" is a call sign used at the airport. Kathy then says that "Cocky" was a call sign that was used at the time of the 2nd World War and the man then advises Kathy to ask someone who was on duty at the airport and the obvious at the time of World War II person is of course that Charles Wade. But Wade's phone number does not get to hear from Kathy.

End the conversation and get out of the phone close-up, leave grandma's house and, via the travel screen, return to the


It's raining cats and dogs and it's almost evening. In the foreground there are a number of graves with tombstones. Further to the left is a Mausoleum on the hill and you can see tombstones there too. You can view some tombstones to read the name of the person buried in the grave.

Kathy is looking for the grave of the girl who drowned in the lake in 1975.  Kathy knows that the girl was 16 years old at that time, so she was born in 1959 and died in 1975. Click on every tombstone that you can click on and you then read the name of the person buried under the tombstones. On this first screen you can click on 5 tombstones .... you will then read the names "Ernest Johnson", "Anne Blackwell", "Benjamin Hayward", "Roy Rundell", and "Eleanor Foy". None of these people is the girl Katy is looking for. Continue to the left of the Mausoleum. You will see that there is a boy at the grave of grandfather Joseph. Immediately to the left of the Mausoleum is a tombstone. Click on that tombstone and ..........

Kathy has found the grave of the drowned girl and her name was Lily Myers and this name is noted in the notebook because Kathy wants to look up the girl's family. Kathy then sees the boy, standing at her grandfather's freshly dug grave. Go talk to the boy

The boy is not very talkative or polite, but that does not bother Kathy because she herself is never so polite either. Kathy asks the boy where his mother is and he says his mother is here somewhere. Kathy looks around but sees no other people in the cemetery. Kathy decides to look for the boy's mother

Walk back to the right, past the Mausoleum, and then immediately return to the grave of grandfather Joseph and ...... the boy has disappeared ..... Kathy thinks the boy has found his mother. Walk back to the right again and keep doing so and Kathy leaves the cemetery and jumps on her Harley Davidson. Then travel back to the

Sheriff's station:

Wait in the hall again until Lenny talks to the Sheriff again and then quickly go through the double doors to the cells. Talk to the Bum again in the cell block and ask him if he can call Lenny again via "Persuade him to distract Lenny". Then quickly go back to Lenny and wait until he disappears to the cells. Open the action menu on the file cabinet again and click the "Search Files" option again .....

This time Kathy finds the police report regarding the drowning of Lily Myers.mRead the report.....

Lily's death has been dismissed as suicide. Store the report in inventory. There is a green telephone on Lenny's desk.

Open the action menu on the green phone and then click the "Use Phone" option to get to the phone's close-up.Then open the action menu on the phone and now choose the "Pick up Phone" option and then call the McConnell Airforce Base again. Ask the man from the Airforce Base again about Charles Wade ....... 

The airforce  man does not want to say anything about Wade again. Again you get the choice of 3 possible reactions ...... Now choose the "Pretend to be a cop" option "and ........ Kathy is lying and the man of the Airforce Base now sees that he is being called from the Sheriff's office, but he still has his doubts so use the "Accuse him of being a sexist" option and ........ This the man can not stand and he then gives Kathy the telephone number of Charles Wade and Kathy also writes this number in her notebook ..... Well ..... call that Charles Wade right now, so open the action menu again the phone and choose the "Pick up Phone" option again and then click the Charles Wade number.

Kathy gets the daughter of Wade on the line and the dayghtertells that her father has moved and she wants nothing more to do with Kathy and her family ..... she says it is 20 years to late. Close all close-ups and leave the police station and travel back to Grandma's house

At grandma's

Go and chat with grandma in the living room again and ask her about "Lily Myers" ..... 

Grandma tells that Lily's mother and her son still live near the lake. Daddy Myers disappeared shortly after his daughter drowned. Kathy notes the "Myers Family" in her notebook. Say hello and go to the hall and zoom in again on the yellow phone book and the red phone, via the "Use" option in the action menu. Then search for the telephone number of the Myers in the phonebook, via the "Search in Phonebook" option ........

Kathy finds the telephone number and address. Don't call the Myers but close all close-ups and leave grandma's house and ......

.... the "Lakeside Cabin" will appear as a new location on the travel screen, so now go to the

Lakeside Cabin:

Knock on the door ...... Sue, Lily's mother opens but she is not friendly and, after talking a bit back and forth, she slams the door shut.

Knock on the door again and ...... Sue Myers opens again .... Quickly grab the pack of cigarettes from inventory and click on Sue and ......

Kathy offers Sue a cigarette and after some hesitation this breaks the ice and Kathy and Sue fume together and then Sue takes Kathy inside.

Inside, Sue's son Nathan is drawing on the floor. First go talk to Nathan .....Nathan appears to be somewhat childish for his age and only says that he is drawing the "Red Man". Go talk to Sue now. Sue tells what happened years ago, a few years after Lily's drowning. Joseph showed a lot of interest in Lily's paintings. A while later Lily's sketches and paintings were bought by an art collector, but Sue still owns 1 painting of Lily

When Sue has finished talking, the question option appears in the notebook. Use the arrow in the lower right to browse to the next page

Ask Sue further about "Lily Myers", "The Myers Family", "Lily Myers'Art" and the "Art collector"

Show, via "Show Photo of Soldiers" the soldier photo to Sue and .....Sue recognizes the young Charles Wade in the photo as the art collector who bought up Lily's paintings. So ask Sue about Charles Wade ...... Sue doesn't know why Charles Wade bought Lily's paintings for $ 5,000. Kathy will have to ask Wade herself. Say goodbye and ........ Kathy gets on her motorbike and races back to the city and her room

Kathy's room:

Kathy tells Eileen what she has experienced today. Give Eileen an answer and .....

Kathy falls asleep and your screen goes black for a moment and then ...... Kathy is woken up roughly by Eileen who tells her about an idea she has about her computer and a Hacker named Dave ....... Kathy, however, wants to sleep, so Eileen decides to write down her idea. Then your screen goes black again and we see a young girl sitting in the waiting room of a clinic ...... The doctor calls the girl Katherine, but I suspect that this is really Lily Myers

The doctor says that, according to the law, one has to inform the parents but that isn't what Katherina wants, absolutely not. Say "Nobody has to know, just pretend it slips your mind", but the doctor can't do that and she takes Khaterine to do the surgery. We then end up with Kathy in her room and we are in:

Day 2: September 26, 1995:

2016: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English Walkthrough by: Louis Koot