2013/2018: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

Dutch text, screenshots and lay-out by Louis Koot. 

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You are Lydia and you are a student at the Drakonvale Academy. The Drakonvale Academy is a college for sorcerers. You, as Lydia, have signed up for the first year of the course. Together with your friend Celeste. But ... when Lydia arrives for her first day of school, the Academy appears to have been completely abandoned. There is no human being present .... everyone is gone, including Celeste, your friend. Of course Lydia goes on research to find out what happens to Celeste and the other students and staff of the Drakonvale Academy. As a kind of helper, you drag a doll with you. It is the favorite doll of Celeste. Through the doll Lydia can empathize with the thoughts of Celeste and she gets visions that will help you to bring this mystery to a good end. Will Lydia manage to find her girlfriend again and to unravel the mystery of Drakonvale and what is the role of Nathaniel, the director of Drakonvale, in the whole?

The Dutch walkthrough was originally made for the Dutch version of Keepsake. In the Dutch version the language is English, but you automatically have Dutch subtitles and all texts / letters and documents that you have to read in the game are in Dutch. When you start the game you will first go through a Tutorial in witch you get a clear explanation from Mustavio about how to control the game. This explanation of Mustavio is very clear and speaks for itself. Yet here I give some additional information about Mustavio's explanation:  

The Game Interface:

At the bottom left of your screen you always see the Game-Interface, except during the cut-scenes.  

  • Via the "Question mark button" of the Game interface you open the "In-Game-Hint-System". Mustavio explains how this Hint system works.

  • Via the green "Plus button" of the Game interface "you open 5 new buttons.

  •   During conversations, a Talking icon appears in the Game interface that allows you to close the conversation screen again. I

  • f you view an item in close-up, arrow icon will appear in the Game interface that will close the close-up screen again.

  •  If you click on the green "Plus button" and 5 buttons new buttons will appear. Each of these 5 buttons opens a screen.  

From top to bottom these buttons are the:

  • A: Backpack button = Opens the Inventory screen where all items you pick up are stored.  

  • B:Magnifier button = Opens the Document screen where you can read all the documents you find in the game.

  • C: Pop button = Opens the Visio screen in which all Visions are stored. You can then view the Visions again.

  • D: Options button = Use this button to adjust the sound and brightness of your screen.

  •   E: Exit button = Via this button you can Save (Save), Stop / Save and Stop. You can not give a name to the save games yourself. The game is saved when you click on Save or on Save / Stop. If you click Stop, your game will not be saved.  

About the Walkthrough:

"View" means that you have to click on an object with the Magnifying Glass Cursor. Often you see the object in a close-up. I also call this "Zoom in".

Bottom middle, Bottom left, Bottom right, Right center, Left center, Top right, Top left and Top Middle ...... By this I mean in the walkthrough than the edges and corners of your screen. So for example in the walkthrough you say that you have to go through the bottom right, I mean you have to click in the bottom right corner of your screen

Well .... so far my additional explanation. Listen carefully to Mustavio at the beginning of the game as he explains everything you need to know about the controls very well and clearly. O.by the way ... You can let Lydia run by double-clicking.

The game starts with a video. The video shows us how great the Drakonvale Academy is and we hear and see the memories of Nathaniel, the director of Drakonvale. 

Nathaniel is the father of Celeste and Celeste is the best friend of Lydia. Then the game starts with Chapter 1

Part 1: The Low Floors of the Academy

Chapter 1: Celeste's Doll
Chapter 2: The Hall of the Guardians
Chapter 3: Firs Exam: The Trial of Faith
Chapter 4: Build a Bridge fir Mustavio
Chapter 5: The Nigilis Tree
Chapter 6: The Second and the Third Exams

Part 2: The Upper Floors of the Academy

Chapter 7: Activate the Teleporters
Chapter 8: The Entrance of the Mountain
Chapter 9: The Oracle
Chapter 10: The Secret Library
Chapter 11: The Telescope Puzzle and Chapter 12: The "Ship in a Bottle" Puzzle
Chapter 13: Artist Class, Smithy and the Ghost Books
Chapter 14: Turn Zak into a Human and Chapter 15: Finale

2013/2018: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2018: This English translation by: Dick Leeuw

Dutch text, screenshots and lay-out by Louis Koot.