2014 / 2020 This is an English translation from my original Dutch Walkthrough from 2014 by: Louis Koot 

2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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King's Quest 6: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow is the 6th game in the King's Quest series and it is one of my All Time Favorite games. Unfortunately, since the end of the Windows 95 era, I have never been able to play the game again, but now I have regained possession of the series up to King's Quest 8, and including King's Quest 6,  via www.gog.com

You can finish King's Quest 6 the in 3 ways ..... one way gives a better ending than the other and I will cover all 3 in this walkthrough.

General Information

Always look around first, with eye symbol,  on a new screen, and listen to the narrator. Also look at individual objects with the eye symbol. 

Talk to everyone (with talk symbol) and always exhaust conversations completely. Also speak again with characters you have spoken to before, they may tell you something different the second time than the first time. 

Look for objects and try to pick them up. If you can pick up something, it is more than likely that you will need that object at some point in the game. 

Alexander can die at different points and in different ways in the game, if you do something wrong. When Alexander dies, you always see the same "death scene" and then you get a screen where you can "Restart" or load your last Save. So save your game often to avoid having to start over from a long way earlier when Alexander has died.

In order to complete the game successfully, you need to collect the following items during gameplay:

On Isle of the crown.

Royal insigna ring. Copper coin. Poem Boring book, Spell book. Rabbit paw, Magic folder, Peppermint, Mechanical Nightingale, Thinner box, flute, brush. Hair band with hair. Letter from the princess. Exchange old lamp for new lamp

On the Isle of Wonders.

Pearl. Unfinished sentence. Weird book. Rotten tomato. A hole in the wall. Iceberg lettuce. Red scarf. Swamp Ooze. Milk bottle. Baby tears. Teacup. A Drink me bottle.

On Isle of the beast.

Bug in tree. Old hunters lamp in tree. Stone. White Rose. Water from the fountain.

On Isle of the sacred mountain.

In the cave = Peppermint leaves, these are really important. In the catacombs = Skull. Shield. Ancient gold coins.

On the Isle of the mist.

Cabbage from fire pit in the tree village. Scythe. Burning coal from the fire at the holy place.

In the Realm of the Dead.

Bones. Bone key. Glove of the knight.

In the castle.

Letter from chest. Sword.

There are several ways to bring this game to a successful conclusion. This depends on the choices you make in the game. So I will give you all possibilities in 3 differend walkthroughs

The game has a prologue movie ....... you may see the prologue immediately when you start the game the first time. You may also end up on the start screen first. When your game doesn't start with the prologue, then choose "Opening" on the start screen and you will still see the prologue movie


A long time ago, in the castle of a kingdom called Daventry ............

In the throne room of Daventry Castle, Prince Alexander has been staring sadly ahead for days

Queen Valanice, Alexander's mother, now comes to find out why Graham is so sad

Alexander is sad because he can't put that damned Princess Cassima, from the Land of the Green Islands, out of his mind. Alexander only met Cassima once, but he was instantly in love with her. Mammie disappears and Alexander continues to mourn on the throne but then ........ the Magic Mirror, which hangs on the wall, suddenly starts to glow and Alexander walks towards it ..... stars appear in the mirror and Alexander touches the mirror and .....

Princess Cassima appears in the window of her room, in the castle of the Land of the Green Islands, and she calls out for Alexander ... 

Cassima doesn't look particularly happy

Alexander gets the firm impression that something is not quite right with his beloved Cassima and so he decides to go on an expedition to the Land of the Green Islands ..... the stars in the mirror have shown him where He can find that land. Alexander has sailed for months and months over the oceans and seas, but found no trace of the Land of the Green Islands ... but then ... finally after 3 months, Alexander discovers, in his binoculars, that mysterious island. Alexander's crew is as delighted as he is

So we immediately set course for the island but ...... the weather changes .... a terrible storm arises and ........

.... Alexander's barge punctures the rocks and sinks to the depths of the ocean., ...

Fortunately, Alexander can swim and he washes up on the beach of the island and here the game starts.

I recommend that you first play the game via Walkthrough 1 and then start a New Game to play it again via Walkthrough 2

King's Quest 6:Walkthrough 1.        King's Quest 6:Walkthrough 2