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King's Quest 7 The Princeless Bride was released in 1994 by Seirra-On-Line. As the number 7 in the title says, this is the 7th game in the King's Quest series and also the last in the series that is truly a 2D "point and click" adventure game. After King's Quest 7, Serria-on-Line released King's Quest 8 Mask of Eternity, but that was not a "point and click" adventure but a 3D keyboard game. In King's Quest 7 The Princeless Bride, you play chapters separately as Queen Valanice and her daughter Princess Rosella.

 When you start King's Quest 7 The Princeless Bride for the first time, you will be taken to the game's home screen, which looks like this

The game has a nice intro movie that you can watch first, or you can immediately start a "New Game". You play the game entirely with your computer mouse.

When you start a "New Game" you have to enter a name. Use your own keyboard, or the game's letter board, to type a name

The game is divided into 6 chapters and you will be asked which chapter you want to start with

You can start any chapter, but of course it makes more sense to start with chapter 1 when you first start the game. If you choose a random chapter, you start that chapter with all the inventory items you would have had at the end of the previous chapter if you had played that previous chapter. You go from screen to screen in the game. You can move screens up, left, right, and down using the edges of the screen. You will see a white "Crown". If you have to go to the next screen, I will indicate this in the walkthrough via: Go a screen: Up, Down, Left or Right. If Valanice or Rosella dies you will see the "Try Again Screen". Click "Yes" to try again. If you click on "No" the game will be saved and closed.

A bar protrudes below the game screen. In that bar you will find the Inventory and buttons to skip between cutscenes, a scroll button to scroll the screen, an Eye to view items from the inventory in close-up and the button to go to the Menu screen, where you can then Save, Load and Exit

You can save your game at any time in the game. You can Save as much and as often as you want.

If you want to Save, click the oval red button .... you will end up in the Chapter Progress screen.

Klik op de Quit knop en in het volgende Bookmark scherm kies je dan de optie die jij wilt.

Click the Quit button and in the next Bookmark screen choose the option you want.

... further explanation about how the game works I will explain in the walkthrough. Start a New Game or first view the:


Princess Rosella is outside and she sings a beautiful song about how she would like to experience a little more adventure in her still young life.

We then look to the sky and see a flying Seahorse flying. Then Rosella and her mother Queen Valanice walk through the woods

Valanice talks about marriage to Rosell because after all, Rosella has already turned 20 years old. However, Rosella has absolutely no desire to be married off and she resolutely dismisses all potential suitors from her mother. Rosella and Mommy then come to a pond. Rosella goes to peek into the pond, taking off her hair comb. Valanice goes to pick bessies and she doesn't see what Rosella is doing. Then that flying seahorse appears....

the animal starts flapping in front of Rosella's face and Rosella becomes interested, but then........ the animal dives into the pond and disappears underwater and........

..... Rosella decides to go after the animal and so she also jumps into the water and ............

......Rosella disappears underwater....Valanice hears the splash, looks back and just sees her daughter disappearing underwater.

Valanice runs to the pond, grabs Rosella's comb and jumps after her daughter.

Rosella and Valanice have entered a vortex and are being sucked down. Valanice is a bit heavier so she falls down faster and she gets closer and closer to Rosella ..... and .... just as Valanice and Rosella can grab each other, a Hand appears out of nowhere ....... and ..... The hand grabs Rosella and pulls her through a "portal" and .....

........Rosella has disappeared and Valanice only falls further down and .... You then end up in Chapter 1 and you play as Valanice.

              Chapter 1:  Where in the blazes am I.

         Chapter 2: A troll is as a troll does 

Chapter 3: The Sky is falling  

                                    Chapter 4: Will the real troll king please stand up

                 Chapter 5: Nightmare in Etheria: Part 1

                  Chapter 5: Nightmare in Etheria: Part 2

    Chapter 6: Ready, set.......BOOM

2023: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot