Lake Ridden

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick leeuw  

Text by Dick Leeuw. 

Screenshots, lay-out and some personal comments by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 1: The Woods and the Lake Ridden Hut:

The game automatically saves you when you reach a new area, they are not too far apart. You will first hear Marie, who talks about a letter that she has received.  

The letter is about something that happens in 1988:  

Marie (13 years) is camping with her sister Sophie in the woods of Maine. Sofia has run away and is missing, Marie is looking for her sister.

  Follow the only path there is, it is a bit misty but there is good visibility. 

You cross a forest brook and then you reach a wooden gate. 

Open the gate and follow the path further.


You eventually come to a broken bridge and you see Sofia on the other side, you call: wait there, I am looking for a way to you.  

Turn around and walk back a bit and then turn right.........A path / stone staircase goes down here, so go down and.....

........ you will see a tree, that lays over the gorge in the distance, so follow the path until you reach the tree trunk.  

If you are with the tree trunk your cursor changes into feet, click on the tree trunk.


  You are now standing on the tree trunk, walk to the other side and follow the path again.  

A little further on you'll be at a crossroad

.....Your path goes to the right and then up the hill, follow this and you come to a sign with announcements. Turn to the right and you will see a house.  

Lake Ridden Hut:

You can walk around the house and also into the forest but do not go too far otherwise you will get lost. Go to the door of the house and your cursor turns into a hand, open the door and enter.  

It stinks inside and it is a mess.

You can pick up everything, usually empty cans, you can look at things and put them down again. You can read what you can do with the things you pick up  at the bottom right of your screen.


Here inside, and later on in the game, you see a lot of candles and oil lamps, when you put your cursor on it, it becomes a flame. Click on the candles and the lamps to light them.


The best thing you can do is light all candles and lamps here and do this always in the rest of the game too. Later on you'll have sunlight but you also come back later but then it is dark and foggy and then burning lamps are useful. You can pick up a lot of things here, but you donít need most things. You have to examine everything just because there may be notes and diaries between there and you need them. If you click on objects that you do need to use right away, they will appear in your inventory, which you can view with the I-button.

  There's  a gray box hanging on the wall.  

Go up there and look up, light the candle. Pick up the can on the left and drop it on the floor. Then pick up the box and drop it on the floor also and.....

Now you see, where the box stood,an indication for the code lock of this safe box, 2 x to the left, 3 x to the right and again 2 x to the left.


  Go to the lock and click on it with your hand cursor, you are now zoomed in on the lock.  

If you hold the cursor to the left of the button, you will see a anticlockwise arrow and on the right you will see a clockwise arrow.  

Think of the clue and then click 2 x left of the button, then 3 x right of the button. And finally again 2 x left of the button, the door opens.  

You now have a magnifying glass as a cursor, click on the paper that is in the safe It is a list of numbers, which you will need in a short while. 

The list will be stored  in your notebook. Click the N-key to open the notebook.


  On the inside of the safe door you see messages from people who are missing here. Search the rest of the room and switch on the lights and the candles. Then go to the other room and also light the lamps and the candles.


On the table, at the right side of the room, is a diary 

Go to the table, light the lamp and reed the diary

You read here that a boy is disappeared in 1935, the note is from 1985 and it is 50 years ago.

  Turn to the left and you will see a map crooked on the wall, click on it and a note will be dropped onto the ground


Click on the note to read it, it will be saved in your notebook. To the right of the card is the back door, open it and go outside. 

Turn to the left and walk towards the gate.  

The gate is closed with a code lock, on the fence there is a note. Zoom in on that note to read it

The note says that next time you get here you have to change the code and the next code is the same as the year your brother disappeared.

Click on the N-key and then on the note with numbers, search for the number 1935. You must have the code just above it: 5264.


  Then click away the notepad and then click on the lock.


Enter code 5264 and the gate will open.  

Walk through the fence and follow the path, 

You will come to the broken bridge, but now you are on the other side of it. You cannot go further here.  

Go back a bit, you will see a low wooden fence on the right side. Go right on the path before the fence.

  Follow this path, goes up hill and you occasionally come across objects that you can pick up but donít need.


  Follow the path, it winds upwards. You then arrive at a camp site with a tent and the remains of a campfire. Go to the tent and click in the tent and listen to what Marie says

On a rug, behind the camp fire, is a note, Go there, click on the note to read it. It is stored in your notebook.

  Continue the path through the dark forest....... becomes more difficult to see the path until you reach the remains of a campfire.  

On the stone next to it is a lamp, light it. There is a backpack against the stone and there is also a book on the stone. Click on the book

  It is again part of the diary, click it away.

Turn to the right and follow the path to an illuminated spot, you can go left and right here. On the right you see a strange curved branch, walk towards it.


You come to a gate, zoom in on the lock and you are told something is missing. The lever to open the gate is missing


  Turn around and walk back to the illuminated spot and then follow the other path around the boulder.  

In the middle of the white flowers is a music box, click with your hand cursor to zoom in.  

Your first music box puzzle

In the middle you see 9 buttons, above that you see vaguely 3 squares and on the right you see a turning wheel.

Click on the turning wheel and you hear a melody, you also see buttons moving in a certain order. You have to replay this melody by pressing the buttons in the same order. Number the buttons from top left to bottom right 1 through 9. You have to play back 3 melodies, look closely at the buttons and remember the sequence. If you have played a melody well, 1 of those 3 slots will open.  

Melody A: click the buttons 1, 3, 7, 9, 5. Melody B: click the buttons 4, 3, 7, 2, 9. Melody C: click the buttons  4, 6, 1, 8, 2, 8.

When you have played all 3 melodies well, the music box opens,  in there is the lever of the gate.


  Zoom out by right-clicking and walk back to the gate, 

zoom in on the lock. Press your I-key or your TAB-key to open up the inventory and in your inventory click on the lever, then click with the lever on the lock.  

The gate opens, go through the gate.

You are now in the lower garden.

Chapter 2: Lower Garden  

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw  (Lion_1251)

Text by Dick Leeuw.

Screenshots, lay-out and some personal comments by: Louis Koot