Lake Ridden

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick leeuw  

Text by Dick Leeuw. 

Screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 2: Lower Garden

Go through the gate, you will see a glove again. You can pick it up but it is of no use for you. Follow the path, descend down and then follow it to the left.

You come to a kind of tunnel/cave, your cursor becomes feet again. Click in the tunnel and you crawl through the tunnel.


As you crawl through the cave/tunnel, you hear Marie say something again. Follow the path further and you will see a staircase on the left, climb up and a little further on there is an oil lamp on a pedestal. Click with your flame cursor on the lamp, you can now see the surroundings better. Follow the path further, you will see an open gate on the left.  

You can walk straight ahead, but then you come back to the lamp, you walk around. Go through the gate, you will see a gangway over the water and on the right you will see a gazebo.

Walk across the board, now you have to light all the lamps and candles that you see.


You come to a small island with a pedestal on it, you can zoom in on the disc that is on top of the pedestal but then you hear that you are missing something.


Behind the pedestal with the disk you see the gazebo, on the right in front of the plinth you see a stone with an image. It looks like a bird.

  If you now look left along the gazebo you see a white symbol on a rock.


Turn even further to the left and you will see a white symbol next to 2 trees.


Turn to the right of the gazebo and you will see a passage in the rock, to the left of the passage you will also see a white symbol.

First walk to the gazebo now, 

you will see 6 stones with symbols lying on the ground.  

Grab these stones and view them in your inventory by pressing your I-key or your TAB-key


Click the inventory away and then look at the stone in the middle of the gazebo. You see a hole in the middle with 7 holes around it, you also see 4 symbols on the stone.

  Zoom in on the stone and you will see a drawing of the stone with the symbols and at which hole they are.  

Click away the drawing and it is in your notebook, you need this drawing for this part of the game.  

There goes a path to the right to Symbol 2 and to the left to Symbol 3. There's also a Path behind the round stone but that path is blocked and the soul purpose of the puzzle you now must solve, here around the Gazebo, is too unblock that path, so you can follow it to the Upper Garden.

  Now walk back to the island with the pedestal and look at the stone with the symbol.  

Go to your inventory and find the stone whose symbol most closely resembles the bird symbol next to the pedestal.

  Click on that stone and then click with that stone in the hole in the middle of the disk.

If you now click left or right next to the stone you can twist the disk.  

If you twist the disk you see a light in one of the holes along the edge of the disk, but in which hole does that light have to stand? View the drawing of the big round stone in the gazebo in your notes, at the bottom you see a bar and the symbol at the third hole on the left. Click the drawing away and rotate the disc so that you see the line on the right and the symbol in the third hole on the left of the bar.


Then look at the gazebo and if it is good you will see that the bird symbol on the round stone is now illuminated, Is that not the case then you have to turn the disc further. Or you have used the wrong stone.  

  Ready, walk to the gazebo and then go to the right. Walk to the stone arch,

on the left you see symbol 2,  It represent a tree. Light the lamp that hangs here.  

Go through the arch and follow the path to the right, you will see 4 lights. Light those 4 lamps as you follow this path

You will come at a wooden chest. Open the chest......, there is a letter from Einar in this chest. Grab the letter and read it


Opposite the box is a path to the left and a path goes straight ahead. Follow the straight ahead, path a bit further you see a lamp again, also light it. To the right is a cave / tunnel

You can go straight ahead here but first go to the right, through the cave / tunnel.....

It is a bit more hazy here. You come again to a lamp, light it and turn around. There is a pedestal with a disc on it, walk towards it and zoom in on it. You are told that something is missing.

Press your I-key and then select the stone with the tree symbol. Click with the Tree stone on the hole in the middle of the disk,

now you have to turn the disk to the right position. Look in your notebook on the drawing of the round stone in the gazebo again. You see that this symbol must be in the third hole to the right of the bar.

So Turn the disk to the right position.


On the round stone in the Gazebo the Tree symbol will now also be illuminated, but you can't see this from up here.

Turn around and walk back to the path, go to the right.  

You come to a junction again, the left path goes to a pedestal. Follow the right path up to a wooden bench.  Next to the bench here is a lamp. 

 Light the lamp... you will see that there is a box on the bench. This is puzzle box 1.


Puzzle Box puzzle

Click on it to zoom in, you see 16 buttons. Now all buttons are empty, click on a button and a few other buttons turn around. On these buttons is now a circle, you have to make sure that a circle is placed on each button. It seems simpler than it is because not the button you press turns around but buttons next to it. Number the buttons from top left to bottom right, 1 to 16.  

Then press button 1, 4, 5, 8, 14 and then 15.

The box opens and there is a photo in it, click on the picture to take it.  

NB: Note from Louis: There are more of these puzzle Boxes hidden in the game and you can open them in the same way as this first puzzle box. But....each next puzzle box will have more buttons to click to get the box open. I didn't open up all the puzzle boxes that are hidden in the game, I just hadn't the patient to do the last 2 or 3 puzzle boxes, but I could still finish the game.... So, I think that opening up all the puzzle boxes isn't really necessarily for finishing the game

Turnaround. You came out the left path....Now follow the right path down, light up all lanterns. 

You'll will reach a small pedestal / pillar with a lamp next to it, light the lamp again. Then zoom in on the pillar, you will see a spell. This is also stored in your notebook.  

You can find and follow a few paths more in this part, lighting lamps, but these are connecting paths between paths. You will not find any other puzzles or letters there.

Turn around and follow the path to right path, you will see lights a little bit further on. You come back to the stone arch, go to the right under the arch to the gazebo.  

In the gazebo you'll see that there are now 2 symbols burning on the round stone

 Cross straight over in the gazebo, then follow the path there. You see on a rocky point a white symbol of a snake or whatever it is.

Follow the path and light all the lights and candles again. You walk through a jumble of crooked branches, on the right you see another small pillar with a rosette. Zoom in on the pillar and you see a spell in your screen, click this way and you can read the spell in your notebook. Then follow the path through the crooked branches, through a pool of water, you come to a fork.  

First go straight ahead, it looks like a dilapidated hut. You will find a box here, open it and there is a letter in it. Read the letter and click this away to your notebook.  

  Turn around and walk back to the junction and follow the other path, at the back of the hut you will find a box on the left. Open the box and pick up the letter, read this and click away the letter.

Follow the path further and you will see a lamp hanging above the path, light the lamp.  

Just follow the path, you will see a few boulders in a ray of light. A little further you see the plinth with the disk standing, above the plinth is a lamp. Light it.


Then go to the disk, Press your  I-key, or your Tab-key  and then click on the correct symbol. The symbol that you saw on the rock. Click with that stone on the hole in the centre of the disk. 

Then look at the drawing in your notebook at what hole it should be.

At the second hole to the left of the line, turn the disk by clicking on the left side of the disk.

  If it is right, turn around and follow the path back to the gazebo,


go right to the island with the first disc.  Immediately right on the island you see a path to the star symbol but first go to the back of the island.

There you see a wooden plank bridge to a small pillar, go there and zoom in on the pillar. You see another spell, click it again to your notebook.

  urn around and go over the path to the star symbol, to the left of the symbol there is a lamp.  

Walk along the path through the jumble of crooked branches, you come to an illuminated piece of rock. Behind it you see a gate, you go there in a little while, but first go left.


Follow the path through the crooked branches until you cannot continue and turn around. There you see another small pillar, light the lamp and zoom in on the pillar.

You will see a spell again, click this spell to your notebook. Then go back to the gate and zoom in on the lock.


You see a coiled snake, but the drawing is not quite right.

The middle part is fixed, around it are 2 rings, A and B,  that you have to put well by turning them.  

Then the gate opens, go through the gate and follow the path again through the crooked branches.  

Go up the stone stairs and at the top you turn to the right, light the lamp and walk over the bridge to the base with the disc.

Light the lamp here, click on your I-button and then click on the stone with the star symbol. Then click with that stone on the middle of the disk, look again in your notebook at which hole it belongs. The first right of the line. Turn the disk to the right position and you will see a light wire emerge, follow this wire of light back to the gazebo.

When you are in the gazebo you see the 4 symbols lit, in the hole in the middle of the stone is now also a light.  

Keep looking calmly.... the symbols turn red and there will be see branches moving aside behind the gazebo. Also these 4 symbols now burn on 2 stone pillars.

  Walk there and go through those pillars. Follow the path further to a gate.


Click on the gate and go through it, a bit further you will reach a large open space. As soon as you get closer, a big fire starts and you hear Nora.

You will then receive 3 call options that you can select with the number keys at the top of your keyboard.

On the other side you see a gate, walk towards it. This lock is also a ring lock. Open the lock by turning the rings A, B and C  properly.

When you get it right, see this picture, then.....

......the gate goes open.....Go through the gate and....

You will then enter.......

Chapter 3: Upper Gardens

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick leeuw  (Lion_1251)

Text by Dick Leeuw. 

Screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot