Lake Ridden

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick leeuw  

Text by Dick Leeuw. 

Screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 3: Lower Gardens

Go through the gate, you can then turn left or right. Follow the path to the left and light the lamp you see there. 

At the end you go to the right. You see on the left side a path with a lamp on both sides, right in front of you is a hole in the wall. Right you go back to the gate.

Light the 2 lights and then go through the hole in the wall. Follow the path and you will see a plank on the left with a drawing of a lion's head, next to it you will see a ladder.  

Go to the ladder and click with the feet on the ladder, climb up.

You are then in a tree house, also light all the candles here. On the right side you will find another puzzle box, click on it to zoom in.

Number the buttons from top left to bottom right 1 to 15. More solutions are possible, this is one of them.

Press the following buttons: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13 and 14. And the box opens.


Click on the content and you have another old photo with a story.  

Click the photo to your notebook and leave the tree house. Go through the hole in the wall again, on the right between the 2 lights, over the path upwards.

Just before the wooden gate is a lamp, you know what to do with it.

  Walk to the gate and open it, follow the path. The path makes a left turn, on the left you see a bank and a little further on the right you see 2 swings.

Follow the path further, you come to a gate with an statue of a lion next to it.  

Walk to the gate and you will hear Nora again, the gate is locked but Nora knows the combination.


  If you solve 3 puzzles, she will give you the combination.  

The first riddle: I can go far and fast but I always come down again - the swing  

Walk back to the swing and you will see 5 stripes on the right swing, 4 stripes with a cross line.


The second riddle: I give the time but I only work during the day - a sundial. You must now look for a sundial.

Walk back to the gate and then continue on the path,


on the left you see a bank and on the right a lamp on a pole. ,

Light the lamp, the path continues to the left, but on the right you see a plank with a drawing of a bird.  

First go to the right, go up the ladder to a tree house. Light the candles and read the letter.


Go back to the path and follow the path further, you come to another wooden gate. Open the wooden gate.

Do not go through it yet but follow the path to the right, on the left you will see a statue of a lion.


You can view it and then follow the path further, you will see a sundial with the number 2 on it.


You now get the third riddle: I am standing on a hill, I am made of wood but I am not a tree - a tree house. You must now return to the first tree house.

Walk back to the wooden fence that you just opened, go through it and follow the path down.  

You are then back at the path with the 2 lights and the hole in the wall.  

Go through the hole and walk to the tree house, climb up. On the wall on the left you now see the number 7.


Go back to the path, follow the path to the right until you are at the gate again.  

Zoom in on the lock and fill in the numbers that have just been found: 527. The gate opens and Nora says she is already going to the house.

Walk through the gate, you will see a few bundles of planks on the right of a tree. Next to the lamp post is a box containing a music box.


Zoom in on the music box, do the same as with the first music box. Playing back 3 melodies. Click on the wheel and look at the buttons, remember the order. Then number the buttons from top left to bottom right 1 through 9 and click on the turning wheel: Melody A: - 7, 3, 6, 1 and 5. Melody B: - 1, 6, 7, 1, 3 and 9. Melody C: - 2, 8, 1, 3, 7, 4 and 9. The box opens and you find a knife in the box, take the knife.

Zoom out and turn to the left, walk to the bridge. The bridge is broken and you have to repair it first.  

You need shelves so walk back to the lamppost, behind them are bundles with shelves. Click on the I-button and then on the knife, then click with the knife on the shelves.

The rope is cut, then take a plank. Then walk with the plank to the bridge and the plank will be over the hole.


Walk across the board, at the lamppost you can go left and right. First go to the right and follow the path, at the end you will find a piece of the diary.  

Click the paper to your notebook, 

turn around and follow the path back. Then walk on and go up the stairs, you will hear Marie again. Go up the next staircase, above you first go to the right to explore the garden.


You come to a little square with a statue or it is a fountain, on one of the benches is a letter. Read this letter.


Now go to the gate, it is closed again with a turn puzzle. 

Just rotate the rings to set the image right and the gate opens.  

Go through the gate and up the stairs and then climb the ladder up to the big house.  You hear Nora again, she says you have to go to the attic. On the right you see a gate but you cannot go through it, walk further to the house. Light the lantern and go up the stairs, you can explore this garden but you cannot get out. Both the 2 gates are stuck with branches. Then go to the door and click on the door, enter the house.

  You are now in the:  

Chapter 4: Estate: The Attick

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw  (Lion_1251)

Text by Dick Leeuw. 

Screenshots, lay-out by: Louis Koot