Lake Ridden

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick leeuw  

Text by Dick Leeuw. 

Screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 4: The Estate

A: The attic

Nora said you had to go to the attic, that's what you're going to do first. To the left of the door is a staircase to the first floor. Before you go upstairs, you take first the oil lamp from the table. 

This oil lamp will now be on the right side of your screen, with the F-key you can toggle it on or off. You can use this lamp every time you are in buildings.

Go up the stairs, when you are almost upstairs, look at the bottom shelf of the bookcase. You see a symbol there.., Remember that this  Sigma symbol is here and in which shelf... it is. 

Search everything and light all lamps and candles. In the third bookcase you see, in the 3rd shelf from the top,  a code lock where you have to put in 5 symbols in the right order

You have found 1 of those symbols already, so you must find the other 4 symbols 

In the fifth bookcase you will see again a symbol... Θ......, it's in the second shelf from the top..... also remember this one or mark it and in which shelf it is.

Walk along the wall and light the lights. 

Go to the cupboard against the side wall, open the doors. You will find another letter in one of the lower cabinets. 

Then proceed to the 2 bookcases against the other wall. In the 3rd shelf from the top, of the left bookcase,  you see another symbol... ψ..., remember this and in which shelf it is.

To the right of the bookcases is a door, which is closed. Take a look at the rest here and then go back to the stairs because here you cannot go any further.

If you stand in front of the stairs look up, there you see the hatch to the attic but there is no staircase.

Below on ground floor again you turn left, you have to search everything here. Now follow the right wall and search in all drawers and cupboards.

In a drawer of the large white cupboard you will find a drawing of a girl, which is stored in your notebook. 

Follow the wall further, another closed door. To the left of the painting is a closet with a cloth in front of it, in the 5th shelf from the top you see another symbol.... Θ..... 

this one is the same as the second symbol you saw upstairs

Further to the corner, there is another closed door. Behind the blackboard you will find a few boxes and a chest of drawers, but there is nothing to be found in there.

Go to the table, there is a letter. Read this letter. 

Then continue along the left wall, there is not much to find just a lot of lamps and candles. Light them all. Beyond the fireplace and behind the stairs you see 4 more bookcases. 

In the 4th shelf (top down) of the third bookcase you see another symbol... π.....To see this one clearly you have to crouch a bit

You now have found the 5 symbols, so go back upstairs and zoom again in on the code lock

 the order in witch you must put the 5 symbols on the code lock is determined by the shelf they are in. 

If you count from the top down then the symbols are in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th shelves of the bookcases....So the order, left to right, in witch you no must place the symbols on the code lock becomes:

Θ,  ψ,  π, Θ,  Σ, 

 When done you will hear a sound. Zoom out and turn left, the stairs to the attic is now  up. 

Walk to the stairs and go upstairs, search everything again and it seems like a small attic, but appearances are deceiving. Open the doors of the tall brown cupboard and enter. 

Turn to the left and slide the painting to the left, walk or crawl further and push the box forward. 

If the box cannot move further forward, push the box to the right until you cannot push it further. it stands next to a barrel

Turn to the right and you will see another box, also push it forward until you cannot go any further. You are now in the next part of the attic, you now have to work systematically.

Turn to the left and go to the corner, light the lamp and search the cabinets. Follow the left wall, walk around a pole and go to the left corner. There are a few crates.

Push these crates to the right out of the way, there is now a low passage to the left.

 Crawl through and you enter a shelter / playground of a child. On the bed you will find a puzzle box, click on it to zoom in. 

Number the buttons from top left to bottom right 1 to 24. 

Then press the following buttons: 1,2, 4, 8, 9, 12, 13, 16, 17, 21, 23 and 24. 

The box opens and you find an old photo again, click on it.

 Zoom out and crawl through the hallway to the attic again. Then follow the left wall, in the back wall is a closed door. Turn around to the right wall, on a table near the door is a nice metal box. 

You can zoom in on the front of the box, there you see a sign with 6 x 6 buttons. How many and in what order should you use those buttons, just search for clues. 

On the top you get a magnifying glass, what you should see exactly is not clear yet.

 Zoom out and continue, left around the corner is a door. It opens but then close it because there is nothing to see in the closet. 

When you stand in front of the cupboard, turn to the right and walk to a low cupboard with 2 large drawers and 2 small drawers.

 In the button large drawer you will find a letter on the left, read it and click it to your notebook.

Walk back to the cupboard door and turn left, there you will see a table. On the table is a device with a turning wheel on the left side, if you click on that wheel it will turn and a light will come on. 

In addition, there is a wheel with slides and a lens on the table. Grab these both.

Then click on the I-button and then on the wheel, click with the wheel on the device. This is now being set on the device. 

Click the I-button again and then click on the lens, click with the lens on the device.

You now have a slide projector, you see the projection on the case door. You see a block with 6 x 6 squares, the squares are numbered along the edges. 

There is 1 black box and you see a figure in the lower right corner, note where the black box is and which figure is at the bottom right. 

Turn to the projector and click left on the ring to see the next slide 

write down the place of the black box and the figure at the bottom right. Name this slide 2. Do this for all slides, how should you use it now and where?

There is 1 slide badly damaged and you can no longer see what is on it, call this number 1Those 6 x 6 boxes stands for the 6 x 6 buttons on the metal box, 

now walk back to that box and look with your magnifying glass on top. With 4 figures on the slides you can make this symbol 

These are slides: 3, 5, 7 and 8, you get the following coordinates: F2, E6, B1 and C5.

Go to the box and zoom in on the front. Number the rows of buttons the same as on the slides Then click on C5, E6, B1 and F2, 

the safe box door opens. Take the key that is in it.

Turn to the left and walk to the door, click on the I-key and then on the key .Click with the key on the lock and the door opens, 

You enter the next part of the attic. Walk across the attic and light the lights you see, then walk to the right.

You can then go to the right or straight ahead, go to the right and you will see a hatch in the floor in the right corner.

Unfortunately, this too is locked, walk to the left-hand corner to the lamp and light it. Next to the lamp is a letter, read this and click the letter to your notebook.

Turn and walk to the other part, right in front of you is an 8-cornered "table".

On the top you get a magnifying glass, click on the top and you hear that you are missing something. Behind the "table" is a lamp, light it. You also get a magnifying glass on the lamp and stand. Here too you miss something. Go all the way back to the slide projector and take the lens back out

Then walk back to the lamp behind the 8-corner table. Click on your I-button and then on the lens, click with the lens on the lamp stand.

The lens comes in the standard. Turn to the left, on the table there is a small figure along the edge.

Take that, if you look in your inventory for a moment, you will see that it is a small model ship.

Crawl past the table further to the back and then to the right.  You see a box, open it and you see 5 books. Take these 5 books.

The content of the books is not important, only the front covers. On the front cover of each of these 5 books is the title and also 2 combinations of a letter with a number. You sometimes have to look carefully to see them. Go back to the 8-cornered chest, look at the top, you will see a compass rose and a dark box.

Click on the I-button and then on the ship model, then click on the dark box.

The boat will be on the top, you can now zoom in on it.

Click on the top, you will now see all boxes.... only where do you have to go.

Go to your notebook, on the Attic tab you will find the 5 books.

Look at the title and the combination of letters and numbers: Sonnengott E1S3. Memories in blue W3S2, Aurum Donum W1N1, Historia E1N2, Liber W1N

If you put the initial letters of the titles in sequence: A - H - L - M - S. Then you get the following route: W1N1 - E1N2 - W1N2 - W3S2 -E1S3.

Click on the boxes from the ship according to these instructions.

If you have followed this correctly you will hear a sound, zoom out and you will see a side of the box open.

An open ball rolls out, in the ball is a bright blue light....

Click the Ball and.......Now follow the blue  light through the house, open the door and follow the light outside. 

The blue  light stop at a large stone, click on the large stone and........You now see a white screen with text and you hear Marie read that text.

You are back in the attic and you have a conversation with Nora. Go back to that hatch in the floor...that hatch is now open

Go down  the stairs and........

B: Search the house

You now have to systematically search the house, light all the lamps and candles that you come across. You will come back here later when it is dark.

You can see the sun shining through the windows. Between the two doors stand a couch and in front of the couch lays a Map

It may be that this floor plan is not on the floor, this is placed here later with an update of the game. If you play the game via Steam or via GOG Galaxy you get the update automatically. Otherwise you have to download it somewhere else. The map is saved in your notebook, 

Take the Map....

Go left into the hallway and go right into the room, on the drawer cabinet is a drawing .. that's all in this room.

Go out of the room and go into the next room.....You will find a drawing again in a chest for the middle bed.

On the other side of the room is a door, turn the key and open the door. You are then in the room where the code lock for the staircase is.

Turn around and go back through the room, in the corridor go left to the double door. Open these doors and you come to the balcony, light the lights here. Furthermore, nothing can be found here. Go back inside and then walk to the right of the stairs to the back, make a round through the room. On the table on the left is another drawing, otherwise there is nothing to be found.

Behind one of the cupboards you see a door but it is blocked. Then walk back to the stairs, on the left you see a doorway that is closed. Go down the stairs, under the stairs there is a chest. 

Walk back to the front and then walk to the double doors on the right. Open the doors, do the same with the other doors you see there. These are the doors to the outside, you see a gazebo. There you will look later but now you search the rest of the house first.

Between the 2 double doors is a corridor, go into the hallway to the left corridor .In the cupboard  that stands against the wall you will find a drawing, walk to the end of the corridor. Open the door and you are back in the room where you entered the house. Turn around and go through the hallway to the other end, you enter a large room. Go to the large table and then see a round table in the back left corner, on which you will find another drawing.

You also see a closed timber door. To the left of the fireplace is another door. Open that door and go through it, 

immediately left is a room. Go in there, on the table / desk you will find a letter.

Go in the hallway to the left, on the right you see a double door. Open and go inside, you are back in the hall with the stairs.

Left behind the door you see another door, go inside and on the ground next to a lamp you will find another letter

Go back through the double door to the corridor, right in front of you is another double door again. This is the door to the garden, you will do that later. Go back to the hallway and turn left, immediately left is another door. Go in there, light the lamps and the candles and look around for a moment. Nothing can be found here. Back in the hallway you go to the left and open the last door, you are back in the room where you started.

Turn around and return to the double door, go outside into the garden. Light the lights here in this section.

You can go down in the left corner of the garden or along the wall to the side of the house. 

But you do not do that now but you go back into the house and you walk to the other side of the house. No go outside to the gazebo, 

on the table, in the gazebo,  is a letter. 

Turn around and walk back into the garden. On the right you see a lamppost, walk towards it and light it. A little further you see another lamppost, also light it.

You also see a wooden fence with a path behind it, remember that the path is here. You will go there later. Turn around and walk past the house to the other side.

You are now looking out over the courtyard of the Estate.

Chapter 5:The Courtyard and the Root Cellar

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw  (Lion_1251)

Text by Dick Leeuw. 

Screenshots and  lay-out  by: Louis Koot