Lake Ridden

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick leeuw  

Text by Dick Leeuw. 

Screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 5: The Courtyard and the Root Cellar

A: The Courtyard

When you are just around the corner you walk to the edge in the direction of the lamppost, there you will find a staircase down. 

Go down and light the lamp, then walk to the left and onto the wooden platform. Also light the lamp here. It is important that you now light all the lamps and candles in this area because later you are here in the dark and fog. Then walk further down, first go along the left side. You come to a shelter where milk cans are placed underneath,

 just look at the table that is standing there. There is a letter and a lamp. Then follow the path to the left, on the right is a ruin. If you look at the map you see that this was the laundry. If you walk past you will see a door with a padlock. You can click on it but you donít have a key for this door yet. Follow the path further down, go to the left to the hut with the jetty next to it. 

Inside the hut you'll find a letter and a lamp on the table

 Go out and now walk up the jetty and light the lamps and enjoy the view. Then walk to the other cabin and click on the door, go inside.  

On the right is a lamp and on the ground is a Puzzle Box, you now know what to do with it.

Click on the Puzzle Box to zoom in  Number the buttons from top left to bottom right 1 to 30.  Now click on the following buttons

1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28 and 30.

The box will open and you will find an old photo again, click on it and you will hear a story again.

Click the photo to your inventory, go outside and follow the path back up. Just after the remains of the laundry you go to the left. A little later you see a stone staircase to a hut on the right, walk upstairs. First go to the right above, there is a small porch. There is a letter on the chest, take it. Now go into the hut, go light the lamps and the candles. You see a typewriter on the left on a table, but you cannot do anything with that.

Remember that this typewriter is here because you'll need it later on. Go back down and at the crossing turn left, go left into the barn.

You can only light some lamps in the Barn, so do that  and then go outside through the side door. Go to the other side, climb up and go right into the building. According to the map, this is the well, no well to see.

Go out on the other side and go left. Once more left and you come to the school door (see map). The School door is locked, turn to the left and then walk right around the building.

There is no entrance on this side, at the end of the path you see stairs. If you go up this you will be in the garden of the house.

Turn around and you see 2 tons standing, next to the barrels is the door of the building (map: quarters of the servants). You can now search the ruin for a short while, but there is nothing to be found there. You can also make a round through the forest but there you will only find mushrooms. Then walk in the direction of the barn, on the right of the barn is another building. Go there, this is the elevator that Nora told about

The Elevator puzzle:

On the right you see a number of levers and just above it a music box

Click on the music box and you will hear a series of tones: high, middle and low. Listen to the tones and set the levers according to those tones

If you think the levers are in the right position click on the first lever on the right. If you have done well, you are now going up.

This is how the levers must be, from left to right:

A = up, B = middle, C = down, D = down, E = middle, F = up, G = middle, H = down.

Now click on the first lever from the right, the lift goes up.

Follow the path to the left and you will reach a building. You hear Nora again.

B: The Root Cellar:

Go inside and follow the corridor to the right, you can immediately go right again, but first go straight into the room. You will find a letter on the middle shelf of the cupboard.

Leave the room and go into the other hallway, at the end to the right. The stairs down and through the door.

You are now in the basement or must you say the cell because the door has fallen close behind you. How should you come out here? Turn around to the door, you see letter hanging on the door. This is an indication how to get out of this, you cannot open the door from this side. If you look to the right of the door, you see a wheel with a rope that is connected to the door. That wheel is driven from below, so you will have to go down.

First go light all the lamps and candles then you can see more. A mattress lies on the floor in a corner.

On the mattress lies a diary, read this. There is also a cup on the mattress, take it and it will be in your inventory.

Behind the mattress you see a box, open the box and you see a red bottle. Click on the bottle and it is now in your inventory.

Continue,  but look can see herbs hanging from the ceiling. Pick a piece from every species, lavender and nettle

On the other side stands a  low white cupboard.....Open the cupboard and take the blue bottle that stands inside it

On the white metal cupboard stands is a mortar and pestle, take the pestle.

On the table behind the metal cupboard is a book with recipes. Click on the book with your magnifying glass, this will now appear in your notebook. Mushrooms lie next to the book, take the mushrooms

Search further in the basement, on a chest is a purple  bottle. Take this too.

You now have a red, a blue and a purple bottle in your inventory. Behind that chest you see a hatch in the floor, you guessed it is locked.

You get a magnifying glass on the paper on the hatch but the text is invisible. Go back to the cupboard with the mortar, you must read the book with the recipes and also the diary. She could use all recipes except the rat poison, the rat poison had suddenly disappeared  .Apparently she was not allowed use this.

Make Rat Potion

Now go make the rat poison, you need 2 x mushroom, 1x red bottle, 1x lavender and 1 x nettle. 

Select your ingredients 1 for 1 in your inventory and put them in the mortar.

Then select your pestle and click with it on the mortar, there is now a drink in the mortar.

Zoom in on the mortar and you will hear that you now need something to put in the drink. Select the cup and click with the cup on the mortar. You hear a voice say: we will see what happens.

You now see yellow texts and figures everywhere, on the floor and the walls and also on the ceiling. Then walk back to the hatch in the floor and click on the paper. Now you see the text.

An indication to get out of this: the brightest star in the sky shows the way. You cannot see the sky now, could it also be the ceiling? Walk through the basement and look at the ceiling. In front of the cupboard next to the mattress you can see a big bright star on the ceiling. The tip points to the wall and down, look at the floor in front of the cupboard. You get a magnifying glass there, click with it on the tile and you hear that the tile seems to lie loose. Now select the knife in your inventory and click with the knife on the tile.

The tile is set aside and you will find a bunch of keys. They are Miss Nellie's keys.

Take the keys and walk back to the hatch in the floor. Select the bunch of keys and click on the lock of the hatch.

The hatch opens, go down the ladder. Turn to the left and follow the path through the rubbish. Light a pair of lamps, on the wall you will now find a mechanism.

The Gear Puzzle

Zoom in on the Gears to start the puzzle

You just have to make it complete and put the gears in the right place.

  • You start with a medium gear to the left against the fixed gear.

  • Now a small gear underneath, a medium gear next to the small sprocket.

  • Now a large gear against it, then on the top right two medium gears next to each other

  • .In addition, a small gear, a medium gear diagonally underneath and then a small gearing between.

Now the mechanism is complete, 

zoom out and turn to the left. Now click on the handle of the big wheel,

...........the mechanism will turn and if it is good the door is now open. Turn around and walk to the ladder, climb up and walk to the door.

It is now open, so walk up the stairs and follow the corridor to the outside. You hear Nora again.

Once outside you see that it is night and also foggy. Turn to the left and walk to the elevator, click the right lever down and you go down again

Downstairs you step out of the elevator and walk to the path

You then have another conversation with Nora, first use option 4 and 5 and then option 2. Then you get 2 more options, first use 4 and last 2.

You know where to go to find Pearl, in Basement of the laundry.

Chapter 6: The Basement of the Laundry and of the Estate

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick leeuw  (Lion_1251)

Text by Dick Leeuw. 

Screenshots and Web Lay-out by: Louis Koot