Lake Ridden

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick leeuw  

Text by Dick Leeuw. 

Screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 6: The basements of the laundry and the Estate

Before you start looking for Pearl, you first have to search through the 2 buildings that are locked up. Cross the path and take the stairs to the 2 buildings, the school and the servants' quarters. Walk between the buildings, in the middle is the door of the left building. Take the keys from your inventory and click on the door.

  In the back of the room, between two beds there is a chest and here you will find another letter.  

Leave this building and go to the school door, pick up the keys and click on the lock. Go inside and light the lamps.

 On the right wall is a white cupboard next to a chest of drawers, at the bottom you will find a letter.  

On the floor behind the desk is a puzzle box, click on it to zoom in.  

Number the buttons from top left to bottom right 1 to 36. Then press the following buttons: 1, 2, 5, 6, 15, 16, 19, 24, 25, 30, 33 and 34.  

In the box you will find an old photo and you will hear a story. The photo is saved in your notebook.

  Leave the school and walk back to the path, go left. Walk along the path to the lake. Next to the laundry are 2 lampposts on the left side of the path.  

At the second post turn to the right and walk to the door with the padlock.

A: The Basement of the Laundry:

Click on the tab or the I button and then click on the keys. Then click with the keys on the padlock, go inside.  You also have to light all the lights and candles here. Also the lamp that you carry with you. In the end you go to the right, walk around the closet to the doorway in the back of the room. Down the stairs, you cannot go straight because that has collapsed.

First go to the right, you see 2 water basins and between them a machine. Walk to the machine and click on the red wheel, you are be told that the machine is not working.  

Look at the pressure gauge, it is at zero. The steam boiler / furnace has to  be pressurized.  

Then look at the basins, the left basin is full of water and a box floats in the water. The wooden door on the other side is locked, but you need to go into that room. The right basin is empty, on the bottom you see a chest.  

 Go to the ladder of the right basin and go down to the box.  Click on the box, again you will find a puzzle box.

  Number the buttons from top left to bottom right 1 to 48. Now click on: 1, 2, 6, 7, 11, 18, 22, 23, 26, 27, 31, 38, 42, 43, 47 and 48.

The box will open and you will find an old photo again, you will also hear a story again.  

Zoom out of the box and climb up again. You first have to let that machine work again, there must be pressure on the boiler. Walk to the other room, there is a furnace in the wall

You have to make a fire here with the coals, with the red wheel at the bottom right you light the fire.  

You now have to make enough pressure that the big wheel will turn in the other room. But if you throw too many coals on the fire then the fire goes out and you have to start burning again. You must just enough coal into the furnace so that the pressure gauge will be on the 300 mark.  So first pick up a coal from the coal heap and throw it into the furnace, then you click the red wheel to start the fire. Now you have a fire going on in the furnace, you need to through more coal into it, so keep throwing hunks of coal into the furnace until the pressure gauge is on the 300 mark.

If you through to many coal into the fire then the pressure gauge goes beyond the 300 mark and then the fire goes out again, but no can try again. When you have enough pressure (300) then close the door of the furnace and run back to the pump machine in the other room..,...If all is correct the pressure gauge on the machine will also point at the 300 mark.....You have pressure now, so click the red wheel 2x now, to pump all the water out the left basin into the right basin.

When you have drain the left basin then the box is on the bottom, you now see a drain pipe in the left wall of the basin

Go to the ladder and climb down to the bottom of the left basin and slide the box against the wall, so that the box is under the large drain pipe on the left side.  

Climb up again and go back to the machine, now put the red lever in the middle, or click the red wheel 2x again, to fill the left basin with water again.

You see then that the box floats just under the pipe in the left basin.

  Walk around the basin and jump on the box. Now click in the pipe and then crawl through the pipe.  

On the other side you search the room, on the table is a letter.  

You do not have to crawl back but go up the stairs, you see a chair under a doorknob.

Go left into the hallway, at the end turn left again. You see and hear now that things are being pushed aside, the ghost Pearl is here.  

 In the end you go right, you now get a conversation with ghost Pearl

You ask questions but you donít get an answer, only things are thrown. The ghost runs away, follow the ghost.

Pearl kicks the chair away under the doorknob. Go through the door that is now open, you hear the ghost going through the room. You also see things moving. Now follow the spirit outside. It may be that the door falls into the lock, if that happens then take the keys and click on the door.


Outside you have another conversation with Nora, option 4 and then option 2. You have to go back to the big house, to the study.

So follow the route back to the big house, 

Go up the stairs and to the Gazebo side of the house en enter the house

  B: The Basement of the Estate

  Walk through the double doors and you are in the hall, turn to the left and go up the stairs. You hear a lot of noise again, Pearl is throwing things again.  

Go left and behind the other stairs turn left again, walk to the back and then to the right.  

  A desk and a cupboard have been pushed aside and a door is on the floor. Enter the room, this is the study room. Under the windows is a chest of drawers.

You will find a letter in the right small drawer. Turn around to the table, there is also a letter.


On the floor near the fireplace is a puzzle box, click on it to zoom in. Number the buttons from top left to bottom right 1 to 18.

Then press the following buttons: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16 and 18.  

The box will open and you will find an old photo, which will be saved in your notebook.

Go to the bookcase in the right corner, this is now pushed aside. If not, open the doors of the cupboard next to it and Pearl moves the cupboard aside.


Crawl through the hole you see there, on the left around the corner you see a hatch in the floor.There is a big lock, but the hatch opens when you click on it.  

Go down and turn around there, you will see a bright blue / white light shining there. This is another sphere that will take you to a dream.  

Turn around again and walk to the passage, you can walk in there but there is nothing to be found. Just behind the boilers you go to the left. 

You walk against spinning wheel, you can click on it but nothing happens. Then look up and follow the cable you see there, it is connected to a box on a lower platform.  

Turn around and look again at the turning wheel, you will see that on the other side there is  a small turning wheel. Click on the small turning wheel on the left and turn around, you will see that the box has been hoisted. Now click on the larger turning wheel on the right and the crate now comes to the platform where you are standing.  

  Look at the place where the crate stood and you see a "cannon" device standing there, next of a crate with bottles

Click on the ladder and go down, 

next to the "cannon" is a box with bottles. Zoom in on the "cannon" and you'll see that you can aim the "cannon" with your mouse: left, right, up and down.  

  What to do with this cannon?.....You don't know yet, so zoom out and turn to the left. Walk to the back. You can go to the left to a door with a rotating lock, you can go down a slope.


Straight ahead you come to a table, there is a letter. Read this. Turn around and walk to the left alongside a few boilers. Turn to the right and you will see the blue ball in an open ball behind a few boxes.

 You cannot go there, you have to shoot the blue ball down with the cannon. Turn around and go back, go down the stairs to the door with the snake lock.  

Turn the rings A, B, C until the lock opens. 

It is a mess in the room and you have to climb over the mess.  

 You come to a table with a diary on it, on the chair is a music box. Read the diary and then click on the music box.

  Number the buttons from top left to bottom right 1 through 9, then click on the wheel on the right.  

First melody: 3, 4, 8, 3, 2. Second melody: 7, 2, 4, 9, 8, 1. Third melody: 6, 1, 4, 9, 2, 7, 6.

  The music box opens and you will find a screwdriver in it, take it.  

Climb over the crates back to the stairs and then go down the slope again.  

  Walk past the boilers to the back and there you will find a puzzle box, zoom in on it.  

Number the buttons from top left to bottom right 1 to 20. Then click on the following buttons: 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 17 and 19.

In the box you will find an old photo, which is stored in your notebook.  

 Then go up the slope and to the cannon, you will now have to shoot the blue ball down. If you have just followed the story with the photo, you now know what you are going to shoot with.

Take a bottle from the box and put it in the device, it is a kind of crossbow, 

(but Louis has named the thing a Cannon in the screenshots... that stupid man.......)

Now point the bow at the crates where the blue ball is behind, then click on the bow to fire the bottle

  The bottle is shot away but does not come far because there is now a spring gone.  

You can search downstairs for the spring but you will not find it, turn around. Click on the ladder and go up to the box on the hoist, above the box in the hoist you will see 2 springs.  

Zoom in on the hoist.....Click on the tab or the I-key and then click on the screwdriver, click on the springs in the hoist.  

  You now have a spring in your inventory, go back to the crossbow. Grab the spring in your inventory and click with it on the bow, bow is repaired.  

Take another bottle from the box and put it in the bow, zoom in on the bow to aim it. Then click on the bow and the bottle shoots away, if you have focused well a few boxes fall down.  

  Take another bottle and place it in the bow, point and click on the bow. You have to shoot until the blue ball falls down.

 Then walk down and click on the blue ball, after a black screen you will see some small blue balls.  

Follow the blue balls through the corridor again, open the door and you will enter a forest. You come across 3 boxes, open them and more blue balls will come out.  

  Follow the blue balls until you reach a large stone, you will see 4 white dots and you will also get a magnifying glass there.

Then first turn left and you will see stripes in the blue spheres, mark these stripes on the stone.  

  Turn to the stone and click on the magnifying glass. Then click on the white points: Top left, bottom left, bottom right and top right.  

  You then enter a white screen with text at the bottom, Marie reads the text.

You wake up again in the basement and you have another conversation with Nora: option 4 and then option 2

You have to go outside, Nora is waiting for you under the balcony. Walk up and climb up through the 2 ladders, you are in the study.

Go down the stairs and then right through the double doors to the outside.  

  At the gazebo you have another conversation there with Nora and she says you have to go to the lake and you have to take the path through the woods.  

Turn to the left and there you will see a few lampposts, if it is good you have already lit them. Go across the path past the lights and go through the wooden gate, 

you are now in

Chapter 7: The Island in thelake.

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw  (Lion_1251)

Text by Dick Leeuw. 

Screenshots and web lay-out  Louis Koot