Lake Ridden   

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick leeuw  

Text by Dick Leeuw. 

Screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 7: The island In The Lake and The End

After the conversation with Nora you go left and then right at the lamppost. At the next post you go left through the fence and then follow the path until you come to a gorge.


There you find a ladder down, click on the ladder to go down. Below you turn around and follow the path until you come to a gorge again.

There you will also find a ladder, click on the ladder and go down.  

Turn around and follow the path further, you will see a kind of arc of 2 trees. There you hear something from Nora again.


Just follow the path over rocks and planks. The path goes up and you are between 5 boulders with a hole in each block.


In the middle is a flat rock, there is a scale with a tripod.

 Bones lie on and under the scale, walk to the stone and pick up the bones.  

You now have 7 amulets in your inventory.  

Take a look around and then you see between two stones a hut standing in the distance. Now call the stone to the right 1 and number the stones clockwise.  

The path you came here is between stone 1 and 2. Turn further to see the stones 3, 4 and 5

You can see the hut between stone 5 and 1. Here is a drawing of the situation


There is a text on each stone, when you are close to the stone you see a magnifying glass. Go to each of the 5 stones and read the text 

Click on the text, they are strange characters but if you click on it you see text.

           Stone 1: the main word here is Roots - here amulet 2 has to be added in the hole

Stone 2: the most important word is: Pitchfork - that is amulet 1 in the hole

      Stone 3: the main word is: Sharp Teeth -, amulet 4 must be placed in the hole

  Stone 4: the main word is: Crossroad - amulet 6 must be placed in the hole

           Stone 5: the most important word is Arrow - amulet 3 must be placed in the hole


  Now go and hang the right amulets in the holes of the 5 stones.  

Go to Stone 1 and put Amulet 2 in the hole

Go to Stone 2 and put Amulet 1 in the hole

To Stone 3 and put Amulet 4 in the hole

Now to Stone 4 and put Amulet 6 in the hole

And finally to stone 5 to put Amulet 3 in that hole

If the right amulets hang everywhere, a red light will be lit in all the holes.


You now have to click on the amulets in the correct order.  

Read through the 5 texts and make 1 story of it then you see which order it should be. Click on the amulets in this order: stone 3, stone 2, stone 4, stone 1 and last stone 5.

Nothing happens for a few seconds and you think you used the wrong order but just wait......... Then the red lights go out and there comes a red ball hovering over the flat stone. There are a few things put down including a long narrow role. You hear Nora again and then you see that the role is taken away by the invisible Pearl. Nora then says you have to go back to Jack's cabin, the hut next to the laundry, where you saw a typewriter

Jack's Cabin:

The cabin here below you will look at that later when you return to the island,  but first you have to go back to Jack's cabin. Walk between stone 1 and 2, over the rocks and planks back to the ladder. Ladder up and follow the path to the next ladder. Here also up and down the path to the house. You are then back in the garden with the gazebo......Go left along the house to the slope on the side. Walk down and go to the left at the bottom. A little further for the laundry you go to the right and then up the stairs to Jack's cabin.


The role that Pearl had taken away is here on the table next to the typewriter. Take the role, click on the tab-key and then on the roll. Then click on the typewriter with the roll.

  Click on the typewriter.  It turns out that Jack is trapped in the typewriter, you now have a conversation with Jack via the typewriter.

You get 2 options, choose 4 and then 2.

Jack wants to help you but you have to figure out something for him first, something has been stolen. There is a second secret part in the study and there you will find the solution.

You have to figure out what has been stolen, who did it and where the stolen things are now.  

Once you have sorted this out, you have to start typing with Jack again, if you give the right answers Jack will help you find your sister.  

  The research.

Leave the hut and go to the house, walk right past the house and enter through the double doors. Go up the stairs and walk to the study room. Go through the opening and crawl to the hatch, close the hatch and you will see another hatch behind it. Push open that hatch. Crawl into the room, light all the lamps and candles and look around for a while.  

In front of the hole is a small table with a drawer, in the drawer you will find a piece of Einar diary.


In the corner is a chest, on the bulletin board against the wall hang a number of papers.  

You have to read them all, they are statements from Miss Nellie, Einar, Jack and Pearl. It's about the time of the theft, these statements are all in your notebook.

  Between the windows is a chest of drawers with a music box on top. You will find a newspaper in the upper large drawer. Turn around and you will see a table with a chest underneath, there is nothing to be found there. Click on the music box to zoom in, click on the jog wheel. You have to replay 3 melodies again. Melody 1: 2, 1, 2, 7, 1, 8. Melody 2: 5, 9, 5, 2, 7, 6, 5. Melody 3: 3, 4, 1, 3, 7, 1, 6. In the box you will find a receipt from a jeweler for a ring.  

Then go read the statements again, Einar lied. He states that he was in the cellar but Nellie saw him in the square with a stack of boxes. He left the estate, you can now answer the three questions from Jack: What was stolen? - a ring Who stole it? - Einar. Where is the object now? - somewhere outside the estate.

Then go back to Jack's cabin and click on the typewriter, Jack asks the questions again and you answer.  

You get a number of options each time, choose the following option:

Option 1: a ring

Option 3: Einar

                        Option 3: outside the estate.

  You have to find the ring now, Jack gives you an indication: Einar was doing experiments on the island. You get a key from Jack. If you return his ring he will tell you where to look for your sister.  

Find the Ring

  You have to go back to the island, walk back to the house. Go right along the house to the path near the trees. Follow the path and climb down the 2 ladders, then over the rocks and the planks to the island.

Above between the stones, turn to the right and go between stone 1 and 5 to the hut.  

In the front part you see a box on the left, click on the box. This is locked but you have received a key from Jack, open the inventory and click on the key.

Then click with the key on the box, open the box. Take the objects that are in it.


In your inventory you now have 5 lenses and a lamp. The chest also contains part of a diary of Einar, the results of his experiments.

Go to the back of the hut, there is a letter on the table and there is a puzzle box.  

Read the letter and click on the puzzle box to zoom in. Number the buttons from top left to bottom right 1 to 42 and then click on the following buttons:

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36.

  In the box you will find an old photo,

 zoom out and walk up the jetty to light the lamps.

  Go back up to the stones, you have 5 lenses in your inventory and there are 5 stones. Now first go to a stone and hang a lens in the hole.

 Open your inventory and click on a lens, then click with the lens in the hole. Do this with all stones.


Then go to the flat stone in the middle and click on the scale, it will fall off. Open your inventory and click on the lamp, then click with the lamp on the tripod.


Then click with your flame on the lamp, it now shines on a stone.  

You can turn the lamp and also the lenses in the stones you can turn. In what order should the light shine on the stones.

  You see 5 symbols around the lamp on the stone. Now it's time to read the diary again

  • On November 17 it is high water.

  • On November 18th, it is new moon and this is also the day that he has found a new secret hideout.

  • On November 24, you will read that it is clear for the first time in months.

  So on November 18 it was a new moon, high water and cloudy.

Then look at the last page, there is a list of circumstances and the symbols that go with it.  

You must have the fourth line from above, walk to the flat stone.

You see that the light of the lamp first has to go to stone 5, turn the lamp to send the beam of light to stone 5.

Walk to stone 5 and then click on the lens to send the light to stone 3.

Then walk to stone 3 and click on the lens to send the light to stone 1.

Walk to stone 1 and click on the lens to send the light to stone 4.

Then to stone 4, click on the lens to send the light to stone 2.

Now walk to stone 2 and aim the light beam at a pile of rocks between stone 3 and 4.  

Walk towards it and click on the rock where the light falls on, the block falls to one side.


In the hiding place you can see an oval box with a circular twist lock. Turn the rings A, B, C until the lock opens,

 the lid opens and there you will find the ring. There is also a letter. Take both

  You have found the ring so now you have to go back to Jack's cabin. Zoom out of the hiding place and turn around, leave the island and follow the path over the rocks, planks and ladders back to the house. On the way you hear Marie talking. Walk past the house and go down the slope to Jack's cabin.

Inside you go to the typewriter. Click on the typewriter to talk to Jack, you will now get 6 options. Use all options and but use option 2 last

  So you have to find a well in the middle of the village. But first you have to make sure that the water is pumped out of  the well. You have to do this in the basement of the laundry, in the room where the oven is located. There you will find a metal cabinet on the wall. Leave Jack's hut and then turn left, then to the right in the direction of the lake. At the second lamppost you go right into the laundry, walk through the room and go down the stairs. Go left into the room, there is the oven. Right in front of you hangs a metal cupboard on the wall.


The Pipe puzzle

Walk towards it and you see that the plate is stuck with screws. Open your inventory and click on the screwdriver, then click on one of the screws.  

The plate comes loose and is pushed aside, you see a pipe from the side at the top left and bottom right.

At the bottom are a number of pieces of pipe, you now have to make a connection from top left to bottom right.


A simple single pipe is not enough, on some pieces there must be a double pipe. There are several possibilities.  

When you have finished the pipe, click on the red wheel, if you have done well you will hear water flowing. The wheel also stays with the tip above.


Go back outside to the path, turn left. Then go to the right in the direction of the house. At the first building on the left you go inside, there was first a pile of rubbish in the middle. This has now been pushed aside and you see the well. Walk to the ladder in the pit and click on the ladder. Go downstairs.  

There you have another conversation with Nora about what happens here because you see a few bones lying down.


Turn to the right, there you see a white line, click on it and you come back into a dream. Follow the blue light, click on the ladder and go up. Then follow the light, you have to open a gate for the light.


The light stops at a stone, there is a lamp. You have to take this one otherwise the light does not go any further.

You also see a red light turning around the blue light. Open the next gate to continue.

  You then come in a circle with large stones, on the right is a large stone on top of 2 standing stones. There are also 3 other large stones.

  Go to a group of smaller blue lights then you see that a figure is formed there.  

You must copy this figure on one of the stones. When you get closer to the stones you see white points, each stone has a different pattern.

  you must have the stone to your left, 

mark the figure here.  

You get to hear a whole story from Nora. Then follow the light again, you still have to open a gate.  

You come back in a circle with stones, you have to have the second big stone on the left. You also see 2 groups of lights, they both make  part of the figure.  

Look at the right-hand group, at the figure that is being made there. Then turn to the left group and look at the figure there.

Zoom in on the pattern of the second stone on the left.  

Draw the figure from the blue balls on the right, then the figure of the blue balls on the left.  

  You will hear a story again, Follow the light, first open a gate.

 Follow the light to the next group of stones. You see a group of lights making a number of stripes.  

You have to draw these stripes on a stone, you have to start with the correct line.

  Go to the stone on the right and zoom in on the white points. You must use the order in which the lights has shown them  

.....When you're done you'll get to see the END MOVIE of the game

The red and the blue light compete with each other, you see on the stones the 4 symbols: the bird, the tree, the star and the snake.  

You come in a white screen with text, Marie reads it. She found her sister back, miss Nellie was the good spirit and Nora the evil spirit. Only where did Jack and Pearl go?

You get the credits, but at the bottom right you see an arrow, click on it and you see a letter from Jack and Pearl.  

Read the letter and click this away.

The End  

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw  (Lion_1251)

Text by Dick Leeuw. 

Screenshots and web lay-out by: Louis Koot

I will repeat here my initial comments about this game. You can decide for yourself whether you agree with me or not........

Lake Ridden is a "Ghost" game, but it isn't scary. You are Marie and  you have to find your younger sister Sophie, who has vanished during a camping trip. During your search for your sister you must solve a number of puzzles, that aren't that easy De game is keyboard/mouse controlled and it works with automatic Save Points.  You can not save manually in the game, so you go from one Save Point to the next Save Point in this game. If you quit the game between two Save points than you must play that bit again when you restart the game. The next Save Point overwrites the previous one, so there's no change of loading a previous Save. Mostly the next Save Point isn't that far away from the previous one, but there are a few areas in the game where that isn't the case.

The screens in the game are a bit dark and hazy, due to the graphics in this game.  So if you have bad eye's then you good have trouble to see everything clear and you could get lost.  I myself have had headaches from staring at the hazy screens, especially in the woods and in the gardens. It gets better in the inside areas, but not much. I strongly recommend to lighten up all the candles and lanterns you will encounter in the game because that will give you a better view and they also can guide you to find your way

Don't get me wrong...........I have enjoyed playing this game, but I really think  that 20,- euro is to big a price for it, certainly as you consider the hazy graphics and the Save Point system. And after playing this game 4 time, to make this walkthrough, I do not think that I shall ever play it again. Thanks for playing and for using our walkthrough.......Louis Koot