Lake Ridden

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick leeuw  

Text by Dick Leeuw. 

Screenshots and lay-out by: Louis Koot

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Some comments about the game by Louis Koot

Lake Ridden is a "Ghost" game, but it isn't scary. You are Marie and  you have to find your younger sister Sophie, who has vanished during a camping trip. During your search for your sister you must solve a number of puzzles, that aren't that easy

De game is keyboard/mouse controlled and it works with automatic Save Points.  You can not save manually in the game, so you go from one Save Point to the next Save Point in this game. If you quit the game between two Save points than you must play that bit again when you restart the game. The next Save Point overwrites the previous one, so there's no change of loading a previous Save Mostly the next Save Point isn't that far away from the previous one, but there are areas in the game where that isn't the case.

The screens in the game are a bit dark and hazy, due to the graphics in this game.  So if you have bad eye's then you good have trouble to see everything clear and you could get lost.

 I myself have had headaches from staring at the hazy screens, especially in the woods and in the gardens. It gets better in the inside areas, but not much. I strongly recommend to lighten up all the candles and lanterns you will encounter in the game because that will give you a better view and they also can guide you to find your way

So.....I have enjoyed playing this game, but I really think  that 20,- euro is to big a price for it, certainly as you consider the hazy graphics and the Save Point system. But that's my opinion and luckily I didn't had to pay this price. But that's one of the perks of being a successful Walkthrough writer

As always....We will do our best to guide you through this game, when you decide to buy it and to play it, so.......Happy Gaming

Start a new game and click on options, on the tab Gameplay choose key bindings. You will see which keys are used to play the game.

At Graphics you can set the Full Screen mode, click Back a few times and then start a new game.

First you get a tutorial about the most important keys, then choose start new game.  

The game automatically saves you when you reach a new area, they are not too far apart.

Chapter 1: The Woods and the Lake Ridden Hut
Chapter 2: The Lower Garden
Chapter 3: Upper Garden
Chapter 4: Estate: The Attic
Chapter 5: Estate: Courtyard and the Root Cellar
Chapter 6: Basement of the Laundry and the Estate
Chapter 7: The Island in the Lake and.....The Ending

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick leeuw  (Lion_1251)

Text by Dick Leeuw. 

Screenshots and lay-out, and some occasional comments (not that much) by: Louis Koot