2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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This walkthrough will lead you through the game in the most logical order and it will let you end the game with the best ending. But it's by no means the only way that you can play this game. There are alternative ways in witch you can play the game and there are alternative endings. For those who are interested in those alternative ways and endings, I have made a second Lighthouse walkthrough that shows you one of those alternative ways to play the game, an it let you blow up the volcano at the end of the game

In the game you have an inventory in witch items you pick up are stored. Your inventory is the black space beneath the screen. 

However.....the inventory can only hold 4 items, but luckily you'll find an Handbag, right at the beginning of the game. 

The handbag will be your real inventory and you can open it by clicking on it. You can use items from the handbag directly in the game

On the left side of the inventory you always see the Lighthouse. When you click the Lighthouse the main screen will appear. 

On the main screen you'll find the options to Save, Load, New Game, Return to Game and Quit. You can also ask for a hint

You control the game entirely with your mouse. You move through the game via a number of Arrow cursors and these are the:

  • Forward arrow to go Forward

  • Up arrow to look up and go up

  • Down arrow to look down and go down

  • Turn arrow to turn around completely

  • Short Arrow Toward You to take a step backward. I call this Zoom Out

  • Right turn Arrow to turn right

  • Left Arrow to turn left

  • Slanted left-up Arrow to go up diagonally to the left

  • Slanted Left Down Arrow to move diagonally to the left

  • Slanted Right Up Arrow to go up diagonally to the right

  • Slanted Right Down Arrow to go down diagonally to the right

You're a well known novel writer, your books are all bestsellers. But it has been a while since your latest success and your publisher is waiting impatiently to publish your new book, that you haven't written yet. To be honest, you have a writers block and are in desperate need of inspiration. To get that inspiration you decide to go solitude for a while, in a hut, near a lighthouse on the Oregon coast and here the game starts.

The game starts with a short cut scene.....In the lighthouse you see Dr. Jeremiah Krick and his baby daughter Amanda...

.....What is it that scares Amanda?

Chapter zero: Prelude to the Game:

You start in the living room of the hut you have rented. Through the window you'll see the lighthouse where Dr. Jeremiah Krick and his baby daughter Amanda lives. 

At the wall stand a table. On that table are an telephone and an red box. There's a chair in front of the table. Click the chair to pull it out of the way

Now you'll see that the table also has a drawer. Click the handle of the drawer and.......you'll see the drawer up close,  in a little close-up screen, in the upper left corner.  In that close-up screen, click the grip of the drawer to open up the drawer. Your dairy lies in the drawer. Click the diary and then go through all the pages to read it....

The diary provide you with some background information about Jeremiah Krick and his baby daughter Amanda

When you're done reading the diary then click twice, somewhere in your screen, to put the diary into the inventory and to close the close-up screen. This is how it works in the game...whenever you click on something you'll see it in a little close-up screen where you can click again to do something or to pick something up. To close such a close-up screen you just click somewhere in the screen

The little red light of the telephone flickers, so there must by some messages on the phone. 

Click on the telephone to see it in close-up and then click the "Message" button of the phone to listen to the messages

You have 3 messages. The first message is from your mother, the second message is from your angry publisher and the third message comes from your neighbor Jeremiah Krick at the lighthouse. Apparently something bad is happening in the lighthouse, which means that Krick urgently has to leave. But he does not want to leave Amanda alone, so he asks if you want to come to the lighthouse immediately to baby-sit  Amanda. 

Zoom out of the phone and then turn clockwise to the window and..........

Through the window you'll see the lighthouse...It's stormy weather with rain and lightning and..............you see that lightning hits the lighthouse.

Turn back  to the telephone table. To the left of the telephone is a red box on the table. Click on the red box and then open the box in the close-up screen

There's a lighter in the box. You'll need the lighter later so take it out of the box to store it in your inventory

Zoom out and turn left. In front of the window stands a fragile little table and you see your front door. 

Your handbag and your blue Umbrella are hanging on the standing coat rack. Take your handbag and also take your blue Umbrella.

The small table has a drawer....Click on the button of the drawer and in the close-up window you do that again. In the drawer are your money pouch and a flyer

Click twice in the drawer to move both items so that your keys become visible. Then take your keys from the drawer and zoom out.

A warning now.......

You're going to leave your cabin now to go to the lighthouse and......You shall never come back here again so before you leave make sure that you have taken the Umbrella, the handbag and the Lighter and that these 3 items are in inventory. If you leave without the umbrella and the lighter then you better start all over again. Further more......You can open and close the umbrella but don't do this now..... The umbrella is now closed...Leave it closed because  If you open the umbrella now, you'll get hopelessly stuck in the game later when it is really necessary to open the umbrella......... That will then not work anymore. So leave the umbrella closed now, until the moment is there that you must open it.

Click the front door to open it. You'll see your car outside. Take the keys out of the inventory and click them on your car and.......

........Cut scene: You get in your car and drive, through the beastly weather, to the lighthouse of Jeremiah Krick and Amanda. You arrive and get out of your car.

Chapter 1: The Lighthouse Chapter 2: Parallel World 1: The Tower Chapter 3: Parallel World 2: The Temple
Chapter 4: Parallel World 3: The Submarine Chapter 5: Parallel World 4: Abandon Building Chapter 6: Parallel World 5: Volcano part 1
Chapter 7: Parallel World part 2: Caprture the Dark Being and the best Ending

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot