2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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This is an "old school" point and click adventure game. It's a "Cowboy" game with a humorous slant. There's no shooting and no fighting in this game and also no mini-games. In the game you can find and collect 32 sheriff stars. Those sheriff stars are well hidden in the game, so you have to look carefully to find them. To collect a sheriff star you click on it with the pointing finger cursor.

In the steam edition you can earn 14 achievements. Some achievements you get automatically. Those achievements don't affect the course of the story and I will not point them out to you in the walkthrough. Right click to select  an action cursor on the hotspots. Then left click with that cursor to perform the action

  • Eye cursor is to look at things. Lone will tell you what it is that you look at
  • Pointing Finger cursor is to walk. So left click with this cursor to where you want to go
  • Fist cursor is to take things to put them in inventory, so you need this cursor to pick things up
  • Orange beard / mouth cursor is to talk with other people and to eat and drink things. 
  • Booth cursor is to kick against things to get hidden items that you need in the game

  • Always look at / examine everything with the eye cursor first. Kick against everything with your booth cursor to find hidden items
  • Always talk to / with the other characters multiple times to use all the dialogue options that you get in conversations
  • In conversations with other characters you must often give the correct response to continue to get the correct outcome of the conversation.
  • If you use / give a wrong response then the conversation will be over. If this happens then talk to that character again and then give the correct response
  • You will have to travel a lot up and down to a number of locations and you do this via the map. You will find this map very early in the game, but to get a new location on the map you must do things or talk about it with other people in the game in order to get a location available on the map

If you get stuck in the game it may be that you have not seen or discovered something yet, or talked about it, so that an action or puzzle is not yet activated. Or you have not yet do the things that you were suppose to do in the game at any given moment

Intro at Loneville

While resting from his latest successful heist, Lone Mclonegan hears over the radio that he is no longer the Most Wanted Outlaw In The West.

Bragg Badass just stole the nation's gold reserve, making Bragg Badass the most wanted outlaw in the west. Lone Mclonegan has dropped to 2nd place. The radio then reports that Bragg Badass has deposited the loot in the vault of the Oldewell Bank. Lone decides to travel to the town of Oldewell to rob the bank and become the number 1 outlaw of the west again.

Mary's stagecoach comes by and Lone asks if Mary can take him to Oldewell. 

Lone gets into the carriage and we go on our way to Oldewell but ........

.....the stagecoach is ambushed by the Badass gang and however Mary makes her horses run, the coach cannot win and a few miles before Oldewell the coach crashes and everything gets stolen. You now get control of the game

Desert: Stagecoach

Look around. The carriage has a broken wheel and cannot continue. 

Mary, the coachwoman, is under carriage but she can't fix the wheel. Go talk to Mary. Mary wants Lone to go to the blacksmith in Oldewell.

Mary tells that there must be a map somewhere and she explains which cursors are available in the game and that you have to right click to change the cursor. 

Okay......change your cursor into the Booth cursor and then left click with the booth cursor on the stagecoach to give it a good kick and.......

.......then take the Map that has fallen on the ground

Move your cursor to the backpack that's on top left to open up the inventory. In inventory you now have the Map.

 Change your cursor to the Eye and then left click the Map to see the map in close-up. 

There are only 3 locations available on the map now, the carriage (cart), the cemetery and the town of Oldewell. 

You are now at the cart and you have no reason to visit the cemetery yet, so travel to Oldewell now to go find the blacksmith


Town entrance:

Every time you travel to Oldewell via the map, Lone does not immediately end up in the town, but at the entrance of the town. 

To enter the town you still have to click at the signposts. But don't do this now.

Before you go into town now, first go to the lonely house you see at the top of the screen. At the lonely house you can look at the windmill, the signs on the post of the porch, the window and the little doggy door. Then change the cursor to the booth cursor and then left click on the front door to kick (knock) against the door and....

The resident of the house puts his rifle through the window of the door. 

The resident does not like visitors very much. You get conversation options. Use all talk options you get. But it doesn't matter what you say ...... the resident of the house doesn't trust Lone and he doesn't open the door. But you get vital info about the telegraph office and about the Oldewell bank. So at the end say "Sorry to bother you" and then go back to the town entrance, via the map or just click with your walk cursor on "go to the path". Back at the Oldewell town entrance you now click on "Go to Oldewell" to enter the town's main street


The invalid Larry Halfman sits on the porch of the saloon. There is a lonely guy on the veranda of the general store and there is also a vending machine. Next to the store is the sheriff's office. First look at everything with your eye and then go talk with Larry Halfman, on the porch of the saloon.

In the conversation with Larry Halfman you must use the correct conversation options. You have to make sure Larry gives Lone his room key. If you use the wrong options, the conversation will be ended immediately. If that happens, immediately talk to Larry again and choose the other option to continue. Start this conversation with "What happened with you" and then continue so that Larry tells what  has happened to him. If you have to answer first choose "Of course" and then "I thought you said it was a crocodile" and then "What ever you say". Larry then goes on to tell about his plan to rob the Oldewell bank. Then say "Can I Sign up?" and.....

....Larry is ok to take Lone on as his partner in crime and he gives his room key to Lone

Larry has room 102 in the saloon, so enter the:


The bartender is behind the counter. There are 3 bar stools in front of the bar. Look at the left bar stool. Lone says that this bar stool has a coil spring that is a bit loose. Look at the split tone, which is to the left of the bar ..... Lone has absolutely no appetite to put his hands in the filthy spittoon .. There is a picture on the wall, look at the picture .... The bartender then says that the man in the picture is his father. You also see that the wall where the picture hangs has a frame, but you can't do anything with it yet. Behind the bartender are bottles of liquor on the shelves. On the top shelf is a "W" bottle. Look at that "W" bottle.....it's a bottle of whiskey. 

When you've seen everything at the bar counter, go talk to the bartender . 

Order a drink immediately via "Pour me a drink" and when the bartender asks which drink you say "Caipirinha with an umbrella" and ....

The bartender pours the drink and slides the glass to Lone. Pick up the glass to drink it. 

Lone returns the empty glass. Lone has no money but maybe he can get some money from the bartender through a ruse. 

Talk to the bartender again and now say "There's a fight at the door......" and.....

.......the bartender turns to look at the door and while he does this you quickly take the "W" bottle from the top shelf....

When you have taken the whiskey bottle, you go back to talk to the bartender and ask for a drink again via "Pour me a Drink" but now you ask for "Whiskey" and ....... The bartender then notices that he's out of whiskey. So take the "W" bottle from inventory and then give the bottle back to the bartender. 

Lone sells the bartender his own bottle of whiskey and he gets a check to the carrier in return

Your done with the bartender for now. Walk to the left, to the stairs. You're not allowed to use the piano at this time

You can look at the gramophone and the plant. The gramophone is missing some pieces. Go up the stairs to the rooms

Larry Halfman's room:

You cannot enter room 101. Room 102 is Larry Halfman's room, so use Larry's room key on the room 102 door to enter the room. Look around in the room. By now you must know how to look, take, talk and walk in the game with the different cursors, so I won't explain this any more. Look at the crowbar on the bed, the vibrator on the wall, the picture on the wall, the matches, the hanger.

Look at the Note that's on the wall at the window. Lone reads the plan that Larry Halfman has come up with for robbing the bank. To blow up the bank safe you need 5 sticks of dynamite. Take the Hanger, take the Matches that's on the table and take the Crowbar that's on the bed. Then open op de Wardrobe........Then look in the wardrobe with your eye.......In the wardrobe are dirty blankets........

Click with your Take cursor on the wardrobe / Blankets with life growing in them and.......

.....Lone takes 3 dynamite sticks that were hidden in the blankets...

Check in inventory to see that you now have 3 dynamite sticks, the crowbar, the matches and the hanger

Leave the room and go down and exit the saloon. Go right from the saloon to the side street.

Repair Shop

In this side street are the Oldewell Bank, the Repair Shop and the Telegraph Office. There are also two alleys.

There is a note taped to the door of the repair shop. Go see/read that note with your eye cursor. 

The note tells you to enter the shop through the alley between the bank and the repair shop. So click with the walk cursor in the alley between the bank and......

.......Lone enters the repair shop through the back entrance.  Go talk with Manny, the mechanic that Mary has told Lone about.

 Start with saying "Stagecoach Mary sent me......." and.....

Manny wants Lone to show him on the map were the stagecoach has stranded. 

So take the Map from inventory and click with it on Manny to saw him were the coach is now. 

Then go talk with Manny again and now use all other talk options completely. Many doesn't have a new Wheel but he aspect to get one real soon. You find out that you may not take / lend any of Manny tools and that Many is an expert regarding safes, in fact Manny installs safes. When you're done talking then look at everything you can look at here. There's a plank standing against the window and Manny's toolbox is on the floor. Against the wall stand an old fashioned bicycle and on the front wheel of the bicycle is a pedal. If you try to take something then Manny will see it and doesn't allow you to take anything. Manny will also protest if you click at everything. So leave the repair shop via "Go to street, on the left side of Manny

Back on the street you now enter the:


Talk to the cashier and be sure to ask about the safe. So you must use the correct talk options here again to be able to ask the cashier about the safe. So start with saying "I'm come to rob the bank....."....The cashier then tells that the safe of this bank is outlaw proof because it's welded to the floor and that it can withstand and explosion up to 5 dynamite sticks. Then use all other talk options and you learn that Bragg Badass is the only client of t5his bank.  When you're done talking look at the Ink stamp that's in front of the cashier.....It's the stamp of the bank and it has number 1 on it.  Take the Check, from the bartender, from inventory and give it to the cashier and.......

....Lone cashes in the check and he now has a pile of coins in inventory. Before you leave take a look at the cactus and the barrier that blocks the stairs. Then leave the bank and walk back to the repair shop. No enter the alley between the repair shop and the telegraph office and.....we end up in a courtyard where the outhouse (WC) is


There's is poster sticking on the WC. Read / Look at the poster.....it says "For saloon customers and bank employees only". Try to enter the WC (Bathroom) but it's occupied so ask the guy that's occupying it when he's ready. Then say "I'm in a hurry" and the guy tells that he works at the bank. Click with the talk cursor on the door again to go on talking with the guy and ask "What can you tell me about the Bank?" and.......then say "I Love Banks" and.......  the guy then tells about secret tunnels that can be used to enter the bank and that the safe has a "backdoor".  Say "Goodbye" and go back to the street. Try to enter the Morse Co telegraph office, but it's closed now. So go back to the main street via "Go to saloon entrance" at bottom left. Back at the saloon  you walk left and then enter the Store 


A shovel leans against the wall. On the counter is a chewing gum vending machine and a balance. Through the backdoor you can go to the courtyard of the store.  Look at the shovel, the gum machine and the balance. Then go talk to the saleswoman and ask about the shovel. The shovel will cost one dollar. 

So take the shovel and then give your coins to the saleswoman to pay for the shovel......

Lone then has no more coins put he has the shovel. Talk again with the saleswoman and now ask all other questions you can ask her. Then go to the backyard, through the back door. There's a mount of dirt sticking out in the backyard. Use the shovel on the mound of dirt and....you dig up a box. Open the box with your crowbar and then take out the 3 dynamite sticks. 

Lone now has 6 sticks of dynamite. Enter the shop again and then exit the shop to main street.  If you have taking the shovel without paying for it, the saleswoman will not let Lone leave the store......you then must pay for the shovel first, before you can leave the store. Back outside enter main street, between the saloon and the sheriff's office.  Lone ends up at the Bath House and the Undertaker shop.  

The Bath House is closed but there's a sign on the facade. Look at that sign.....it simply says that the bath house is closed for today. 

Enter the Undertaker Shop.


Look at the portrait photos on the wall. The rightmost photo shows an old lady with a diamond ring on her finger. Kick the table with the coffin on it  and...... From behind the door with the red lamp you then hear the undertaker screaming that you should not kick his stuff to pieces. So the undertaker is behind that door but he doesn't come out. So click on the door with the talk cursor to talk to the undertaker. 

So you talk to the undertaker through the door. You get several conversation options, most of which are not really important. Immediately ask who the lady with the diamond ring in the photo is via "Who is the lady with the ring in the photo?" That old woman is Mrs. grapevine and she is dead and buried on the cemetery and her precious diamond ring lies in her grave. Lone is interested in that diamond ring, so open the Map and now go to the cemetery via the map


There are 3 graves in the cemetery. 2 graves have a stone but the right grave has no stone but a simple wooden cross. Look at each grave with your eye. In the left grave lies Mrs. Grapevine buried. In the middle grave are the remains of one Wild Bob and in the simple right grave the remains of Rufus a jackal like dog. The undertaker has said that Mrs. Grapevine is buried with her ring, so take the crowbar from inventory and click it on the left grave and ...... Lone opens the grave and you then see the arm / hand of Mrs. Grapevine with the diamond ring on it. Take the Ring

Open the map and go back to


Blow up the Bank Safe

Go to the saloon and enter it and go up the stairs again and enter room 102. Back in room 102 climb out of the room to end up on the balcony of the saloon. 

This balcony is above the street where the bank and the repair shop are. The bank is opposite the street and a telegraph wire goes from the balcony  of the saloon to the balcony of the bank. Take the clothes hanger from inventory and click the hanger on the telegraph wire and ...... Lone slide via the wire and the hanger to the balcony of the bank.

Look at  the window of the bank ..... the window is closed and connected to a stat-of-the-art security system. Take the diamond ring from inventory and click it on the window and ...... Lone cuts a circle out of the window pane with the diamond, so go in through the round hole and .....

We're at the safe. Take all 6 dynamite sticks from inventory and click them on the safe to place them against the safe. 

Then light up the 6 dynamite sticks with your matches and ......... well .... see what happens ....... 

The safe is blown open but the safe is empty. There is a note at the top of the safe ..... read the note and .......... 

Sheriff Bragg Badass shows up and Lone is arrested and locked in the cell of the sheriff's office...

..The safe was a trap of Bragg Badass  and Lone fell for it and now he's in deep trouble.

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2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot