2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot 

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Lume is a Flash game that you can buy from the State Of Play Games website and it's for sale on Steam

Grandpa is reading in his house when ... ... suddenly the light goes out. The power is out.

Lumi, Granddad's granddaughter, wants to visit her grandfather and so she happily hops through the woods to Grandpa's house.

Lumi arrives at the top door of Grandpa's house and is a little surprised that the lights are off.

Click on the doorknob of the green door .... Oh dear ..... The door is locked and can only be opened from the inside.

Behind Lumi you see a white garden gate. Click on the white garden gate and ..... 

Lumi reports that a few boards in the gate are loose and crooked and she takes those boards out of the gate and stores them in inventory

You now also know that there is an inventory and where to look for it ...... At the top of the screen. The inventory will pop open when you move the cursor up. In Inventory you will also find the "Save" and the "Quit" button. If you want to Save then click on "Save". As this is a Flash game you cannot name your save .... the game saves your game in the Temp file of the game and in 1 big file.

  Lumi cannot enter through the green door. On the left you see a ladder. Above the ladder hangs a cord with a coloured light. You can see the red front door of the house under the lamp cord. Click on one of the lights that hang in the lamp cord and then "listen" to the commentary of Lumi. Click on the ladder and ..... Lumi descends down the ladder to the red front door

There is a note on the red front door. Click on the note to read it. It's a note from Grandpa. Grandpa reports that he is not at home. His house no longer receives electricity from the village, so Grandpa has decided to generate his own electricity. But unfortunately there are a few problems and if Lumi wants to solve those problems for a while. The 1st problem is to get into the house. Click the letter away.

Grandpa is not at home. Click on the doorknob of the red front door and .... O .... the door is locked and has a code lock. Lumi must enter a 3-digit code in the code lock to open the door. We will look further into this in a moment. Close this screen via the cross at the top left. Click anywhere on the roof of the house. Lumi reports that it is a solar panel roof. Look at the bottom point of the sloping roof. The very first solar panel is a bit loose. Click on that loose solar panel and .... Lumi walks over to it and reports that the panel is loose and must be fixed

Lumi ends up in her 1st puzzle assignment:

  Solar Panel Puzzle

Lumi is in the close-up of the solar panel. You can read what the assignment is on the right. The panel has 64 squares and each square has yellow lines. There are 4 red "Connectors".

The yellow lines are "confused" and Lumi now has to connect all the lines properly so that there is a continuous connection between all 4 red Connectors. 

Click in the boxes to rotate the lines and connect all the lines together so that all the lines are connected and connected to the 4 red "connectors". There should be no "loose ends". Here's the solution:

As soon as Lumi has properly "repaired" the panel, she goes out of the puzzle and reports that the sunroof can supply power again.

Now how to open the red front door? Walk back to the red front door. Lumi already knows that the front door is also locked and that the door has a code lock. What is the code that Lumi has to put in the lock? Look again at the note that Grandpa has stuck on the red front door .. At the bottom right of the note you see 3 separate letters, they are the letters A, G, A.

Do you have an idea yet? The code has 3 digits ....... 3 letters ....... A is the 1st letter in the alphabet and G is the 7th letter in the alphabet ..... so the code is ... ..1, 7, 1. Click the letter away again and click on the doorknob of the red door again. Lumi then sees the code lock again. Lumi has to put code 1, 7, 1 in the code lock, so click on the red arrows until you have the correct number in the round windows and then click on the green button and ..

... The front door opens and Lumi steps inside.

Lumi is inside and she is standing in front of the stairs. In the stairs is a brown door with a strange lock. The door of the electrical cabinet is in the blue wall. There are 3 photos above the electrical cabinet door. On the left is a box on the green wall. Keys are hanging on the green wall near the cupboard. Above the stairs there are also 2 photos on the green wall. Behind Lumi there are also 3 photos on the stair wall, but you cannot see them now.

Click with your hand on the door lock of the brown door, in the staircase wall.

 Lumi looks at the door lock in close-up and ..... it is an "ALDRETH" piano lock.

The piano lock has 9 keys and a red button. The 6th key is orange. 8 keys sound when you click on them, but the 9th key does not sound. Lumi will have to play a melody on this piano slot, but she has no idea which melody yet. So leave this close-up again. View the 3 photos above the electrical cabinet door. You will then see a picture of Grandpa's house and a picture of Lumi. Get out of the close-up again. Click on the door of the electrical box. Lumi then walks into the electrical box and sees the electricity meter and the electricity box.

View the power meter and power box. The pointer of the power meter is at 0 and the power box is locked with 3 locks. So there is no power. Lumi has to restore the power supply in the power box, but she must first find the 3 keys with which she can open this power box. Click on the door behind Lumi to exit the cupboard. The power box, in the electrical box, needs 3 keys to be opened and those 3 keys hang on the key shelf that hangs on the green wall. The cupboard, which is on the green wall, has 2 doors.

Click on the left door of the cupboard and .... Lumi then looks at the code lock of the cupboard door.

Lumi doesn't know the code, so get out of the close-up again. Now that Lumi is at the cupboard, you can see that there are also 3 photos hanging on the staircase wall, to the left of the piano lock door. Check out those 3 photos. You will then see a picture of Lumi's Grandma and Grandpa. Also check out the bottom photo, which hangs on the green wall above the stairs. It is a picture of Lumi and Grandpa fishing. You have now seen everything you can view here. Now click on the ring with keys.... Lumi comes in the close-up of the ring with keys.

Find the 3 good keys:

Lumi sees 14 keys, which are grouped in a circle. On the right, Lumi sees  shadows of 3 keys. 

The intention is that Lumi finds the 3 keys that exactly fit the 3 "shadow keys".

So take a good look at the 3 "shadow keys" and then find, among the 14 keys, the 3 keys that look exactly like the "shadow keys". In the circle, click on the 3 keys that correspond to the 3 "shadow keys". A red arrow appears next to the keys you click. This is a "Random" puzzle because the order in which the 14 keys are grouped is always different. The "Shadow Keys" are always the same. So you have to look very closely at the 3 "shadow keys" and then look for the matching key between the 14 keys. Because the 14 keys can be in a different order with you, I cannot give you a ready-made solution for this. For me, the solution was this.

If you think you have clicked the 3 correct keys then click the "OK" button. If you did it right,  Lumi says it and you will automatically leave the close-up.

If you did it wrong, Lumi reports  that too as well. Then click again on the keys you selected to make the red arrows disappear and try again. 

When you have the 3 keys, you go back into the electrical box. Take the 3 keys from inventory and click with them on the power box and ....

Lumi then reports that she has unlocked the box. Click on the box again and ... Lumi ends up in the:

Power cables puzzles:

Lumi must connect 6 cables. You will see 12 "connectors". Below each connector is a number, letter or symbol. On the left you see a diagram explaining what the symbols under the Connectors mean. The diagram tells you which 2 connectors you have to connect to each other. Those symbols, below the connector, need to be translated into numbers and the schematic explains this.  

If you click on a Connector, a red cable will pop out. The end of the red cable is then attached to your cursor. Drag the end of the red cable to another connector and click the cable on it and you have 2 connectors connected together. In this way you have to connect 2 connectors with each other via a red cable, so that you have finally connected 6 groups of 2 connectors. The explanation of the symbols, under the connectors, is quite complicated so I won't start with that. I give you the solution that worked for me.

Number the Connectors, from top left to bottom right, 1 to 12

   Connect Connector 1 to Connector 12.

    Connect Connector 2 to Connector 3.

    Connect Connector 4 to Connector 7.

    Connect Connector 5 to Connector 6.

    Connect Connector 8 to Connector 9.

    Connect Connector 11 to Connector 10.

Click on the "TEST" button and ...... If you have connected the connectors correctly, the "TEST" button will stay green lit. 

You then automatically leave the close-up and Lumi reports that it is all right.

Click on the flow meter again and see ..... The pointer of the flow meter is now halfway. 

Click on the red button and Lumi reports that there is still not enough power.

The red button in the flow meter does not work yet ... the pointer has to be on the far right, so something else has to be done somewhere else. Close the screen via the cross and step back out of the power box. Back at the stairs, click at the top of the stairs and ..... Lumi happily hops up the stairs and ends up in the sitting room of Grandpa.

There is a chair, a bookcase and a schedule board leaning against the wall. On the bookcase is an old-fashioned gramophone player. The bookcase is full of books and Lumi can view various books from the cabinet. In the front of the gramophone player is the Crank ..... the Crank has a red button. Click on the Red Crank button of the gramophone player and ..... you now hear a melody and you see the musical notes of that melody ... Listen to the melody ..... maybe this is the code for the piano lock of the piano door?

Click in each box of the bookcase. Lumi then takes a book from each box ..... With most books Lumi says that it is of no use to her, but there is 1 book where Lumi reports that her Grandpa has written a hint in it ....... With me this book was in the bottom right corner of the bookcase and it is the "Development of the Gramophone" book. The hint in this book is 9 #, which Grandpa wrote at the top of the page. When you have found and read the "Development of the Gramophone" book, click on the schematic board, which is against the right wall. Lumi says that the board contains a schematic of Grandpa's latest invention and she gets into the close-up.

Find the location of the Connector for the Windmill:

You will see an empty graph sheet. The sheet is divided into 10 columns and 10 rows. The columns are numbered 1 to 10 and rows A to J. The rows and columns therefore form a coordinate system and you must always click on the correct points on the sheet to find the location of the power turbine. . At the top right is a compass and at the bottom right is the house. Read the note. The note tells you, step by step, at which points (Coordinates) you have to click on the sheet. Below the note you will see the "CHECK" button.

Not all of the directions on the note are important. Some clues don't take you any further while others affect your direction and orientation. But here's the right solution: So you keep clicking in the boxes on the chart sheet. A red circle appears in the box you click in, which then jumps to the next box you click in. Here is the only correct solution:

Click in box A5.

Click in box A8.  
Sorry....I have put the red circle 2 in the wrong box on the screenshot the screenshot.

Click in box G8.

Click in box G10.

Click in box J10.

Click in box G7.

Click in box G5.

Click in box F5

Click on the "CHECK" button and ...... The location of the Connector of the Windmill appears on the sheet

You automatically go out of the puzzle and Lumi reports that she now knows where to look for the wind turbine.

Het slot heeft dus 9 toetsen. Nummer de toetsen, van links naar rechts, 1 t/m 7.  Door de juiste 5 toetsen te klikken moet het melodietje van de grammofoonspeler nu nagespeeld worden.  De toetsen 1 t/m 8 maken geluid. Toets 6 is oranje en toets 9 geeft geen geluid. Toets 6 is de starttoets.  Klik op de 5 goede toetsen en klik dan op de rode knop. 

Click again on the Crank of the Gramophone to hear the melody again. You have to play the tones of this melody on the Piano lock of the piano door, so listen carefully. Click on the stairs to go back down and then click on the piano lock of the piano door at the bottom. Lumi sees the piano lock in close-up again.

The piano lock:

So the lock has 9 keys. Number the keys, from left to right, 1 to 7. By clicking the correct 5 keys, the melody of the gramophone player should now be played. 

The keys 1 to 8 make a sound. Key 6 is orange and key 9 does not sound. Button 6 is the start button. Click on the 5 correct buttons and then click on the red button.

Click on the keys 6, 3, 4, 7, 3 and click on the red button and ...... 

You go out of the puzzle and Lumi reports that she can now open the door.

So click on the piano lock again and ... Lumi ends up in the pantry. There is a bicycle, but Lumi has no use for it yet.

A broom leans against the right cupboard and binoculars are on top of that cupboard

Get the binoculars. Lumi is happy with it. Click on the cross, top left, to leave the cellar. Click again at the top of the stairs to go back to Grandpa's sitting room. Back in the sitting room, place the cursor on the wall, under the floor of the room. A triangle will now appear on that wall.

Click on that triangle ..... It turns out to be the inside of the green top door and Lumi goes outside. 

On the right now a red arrow points to the location of the Connector of a windmill.

Click twice on, or just below, that red arrow. Lumi walks towards the red arrow and reports that she sees an underground connector.

Behind the red arrow you see a "hole" between the trees and through that "hole" you see something in the distance. 

Take the binoculars from inventory and click with them in that "hole" between the trees and ...

Lumi sees the village through the binoculars and reports that the village has no power. Close the screen via the cross button. Walk back to the green door and enter the house again through the green door, or descend the ladder and enter through the red door. If you have entered again through the green door, you descend the stairs again. It is time to open the door of the cupboard, which is against the green wall. Click again on the left door of the box to get back in the close-up of the lock.

Open the box:

The lock contains 3 tumblers where you can place the numbers 0 to 9 by clicking on the arrows. The right rocker arm is connected to 3 lights and those 3 lights should turn green. To get those 3 lights green, you have to put a 3-digit code in the tumblers 3 times.   The "Development of the Gramophone" book has given you clues to this puzzle. At the top of that page it says 9 #, which means that 9 digits are required, 3 times 3. The text of the page contains a number of hints that tell you which 9 digits the code contains. I'm not going to explain this in detail ..... figure it out for yourself via the image below. The rimmed pieces tell you the 3 codes. It's not that complicated

The first set of the code is: 1, 2, 3. The second set of the code is: 2, 1, 1, the third set of the code is: 8,8,7. Now enter these codes on the rocker arms

First put 1, 2, 3 on the rocker arms and then click on the red button. The top light turns green.

                          Put the 2nd code 2, 1, 1 in the tumblers and click on the red button again. The middle light also turns green.

                          Put the 3rd code 8,8,7 in the rocker arms and click again on the red button and ..... all 3 lights are green and.

........ the lock and the door open. In the box, Lumi finds a Bahco-wrench and a bobbin with electrical wire.

Take the wrench and take the spool of electrical wire. Click on the close button to exit this screen.

  Build a Windmill:

  Click on the piano door again to return to the pantry. Lumi needs something from the bike as a "motor" for the windmill. T

he hub is located in the front wheel of the bicycle. Click on the hub of the front wheel. Lumi reports that it is also a Dynamo.

Take the wrench from inventory and click it on the dynamo hub to take the dynamo from the front wheel. The dynamo then stands in front of the front wheel.

Take the wrench again from inventory and now click it on the bar of the bicycle where the saddle usually sits and ..... Lumi now takes the entire bicycle into parts.

Now pick up the Hub  and then also pick up the Rods, which are now to the left of the wheel.

Leave the pantry again and go up the stairs again and then leave the house again via the green top door, so via the triangle. Back outside you walk to the red arrow again. Lumi stops in front of the red arrow again.Take the Bicycle Rods from inventory and click on it, or just below, the red arrow and .....Lumi puts the rods together and then place the entire rod on the red arrow in the ground.

Now take the Dynamo-hub from inventory and place the thing on top of the pole.

Take the white fence boards from inventory and click them on the Dynamo and ..... Lumi has made a Windmill.

Take the spool of electrical wire from inventory and click it on the rotating blades of the windmill and ...

You then see the power meter in the electrical cabinet and you see that the pointer in the power meter now goes all the way to the right and ......

Lumi reports that there is enough power now being sent to Grandpa's house.

Go back to the house and go down the ladder and then back in through the red front door.

Dive back into the electrical box and click on the power meter. The red button is now on, so now click the red button again and ...

... The power in Grandpa's house comes on again and ...... well .... Watch the ENDING

The lights, inside and out, go on again and ..... Grandpa returns to his house. Grandpa and Lumi greeting each other warmly.

Grandpa has experienced incredible things in the village and he would like to tell Lumi about it .....

....... but that is for LUME Part 2 that is not out at the time of writing this walkthrough.

2021: NB: Louis: I believe that Lume Part 2 has never been made, instead of that they made a new game based on the idea of Lume.....Lumino City. 

Dick has made a  walkthrough for Lumino City

June 2014: Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

January 2021: English translation by: Dick Leeuw.  2014: Screenshots by Louis Koot