Lumino City  

2021: Walkthrough by : Dick Leeuw

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In Lumino City you cannot save yourself but the game is saved after certain puzzles, these are the places where you can stop and where the game is saved.

The House of Grandpa

You are standing in front of grandfather's house, at the door with enter. Click enter and you will enter. You are talking to grandpa, you have to click on Lumi a number of times and grandpa will ask you to make tea. Go down the stairs to make tea, when you are doing that you will hear a lot of noise upstairs and you run up the stairs.Grandpa has disappeared, you will find a red book on the floor, pick it up and put it in your bag.

The stairs

Click on your bag and then on the red book, this now appears in a large screen and you can browse through it or you click on the red arrow.

You will read this book later. You follow the red arrow through the door, walk through a forest and you come to a few high posts.

At 1 of these posts there is a stick on the ground, take this. Climb on the box  and jump to the hook,

Now take the stick out of your bag and click on the bell. You will be lifted up.

The Gate building

On top you click on the man in the booth, when you are done talking jump on the plateau and you go down the stairs, gate is locked.

Open the lock according this screenshot and.....

 .......and go inside, turn right twice and then you enter a room. There is a lemon tree against the right wall, pick the lemons. In the bookcase is a yellow book, take this and open it, you find a drawing that disappears in your bag. Out of the room again, a cupboard hangs on the left wall. Open this and take the drawing from your bag and click it on the switch box.

Take the lemons from your bag and click them on the switch box each time on a + and a-, the power is now restored and the light switches on.

Go up the stairs and then further up the ladder to the roof, click on the antenna, you are not strong enough to bend it. Go down the ladder on the other side and take the hook of the hoist, climb back up click the hook onto the antenna. Go down the ladder in the middle and press the button at the front of the loft, the winch starts to work and pulls the antenna backwards. Climb up again, sit on the antenna and click on the hook.

You will now be shot away and land on a tea house, some people will look out of the windows and a cat will jump on your house.

The Market Square

Climb down from the house and go up the stairs and follow the kitten up, down to the right and then go inside the house, there is a granny sitting there, talk to her. 

Then go down the spiral staircase. Here you have to put the gears in the right place to restore power.

When this is done, go upstairs and outside again, walk to the snack bar and talk to the baker / chip shop. 

Walk back to grandma's room but do not go inside but walk to the cupboard at the end, click it open.

This is the control panel of the turntables under the tea house, if you set it correctly and press the stair button, the discs will change into a staircase.

 Press A twice, then B 3 times and then C. The stairs will open.

Go up these stairs and follow the path. Here you can leave the game, here the game is saved.

The photographer

Continue to the back and go up the stairs and go to house B, you need a photo to open the house. Now go to house A, this is the photographer's house. If you click on the door, a photo will be taken of you, enter the house and talk to the photographer. He tells you that of the last 3 people who have entered the house, a picture has been taken. Enter the dark room, you now have to make all the lamps red.





Ring on 1: 3 x A, ring on 2: 1 x B and 1 x C, ring on 1: 2 x C and then the red button. Pull the handle next to the door and you will get a sheet of photo paper. 

Turn around to the tray on the table and click on the tray.  You now have to restore the labels first.

Fill with bottle 1 to level A and then with bottle 2 to level B, now take the photo paper from your bag and put it in the developer, this is a picture of yourself. Pull the lever again and you get another sheet of paper, put this in the liquid, now you have a picture of the photographer. Get another sheet of paper and place it in the liquid, now you have a picture of grandpa. Go outside and walk to house B, take the picture out of your bag and hold the picture of grandpa in front of the camera and the door will open, walk in and you will come to the back  outside again and walk up the plank. Climb the ladder. You now see a wall with a crane and a number of buildings against the wall with ladders in between.

The Crane

Talk to the man in 2 and then to the woman in 3. Climb into the crane, it has no power, you have to connect the emergency power.

When you are in the crane, the control panel of the crane pops up.

 Click down the lever on the far right of the panel. A piece of cable is now coming down.

Climb back down from the crane and then climb up the wall, now talk to the workman in the yellow coat. Walk up the plank 5 and hang on the cable, you are not heavy enough to start the power. Jump back on the shelf and climb down and talk to the baker in 4. You now have to get 4 people upstairs to hang on the cable so that the emergency power works Ask the baker first, he has a problem. He is taking inventory and there is something wrong with the stock. He asks you if you want to have a look. Click on the black pastry and then on the check mark.

When you have solved this puzzle you will receive a cake from the baker and the baker goes upstairs and stands on the shelf 5. The woman in 3 wants to hide from the noise of the man in 2, talk to 2, he needs a can opener.Go to 3 and ask for can opener, you now have to go up and down a few times between 2 and 3. You now get a can opener and give it to 2, a little later 2 and 3 also come on top, on the shelf 5. Now go to 1 and talk to him, he will go back in. Now take the cake from your bag and click it on 1, he eats the cake and goes upstairs to shelf 5. Go up and in the crane.

`Let the 4 people now jump into the cable and you have power, move the lever to R up, L down, R b and L o again, R b and L o again. The power is gone, let 4 people climb into the cable again. You have power again. Now lever L b, L o, L b, L o one more time L b and L o, the power is off again, let the 4 people jump in the cable once more and you have power again, now the lever to R o then to L b. the glass dome is now on top of the light well and the workman goes to rest / sleep. Climb out of the crane and then up to plank 5, now walk to the right, the door is locked but you have a lid on the floor. Click on this and the hatch will open. Climb inside. Here you can save.

The Light Source

You arrive on a platform in a dark room, on the left are 5 lamps and on your right is a cable reel (K). First click on K and you attach the cable to your belt. 

Take lamp 3 and click on A when you are back on the landing. Take lamp 2 and click on D, then lamp 4 on C, lamp 5 on B and finally lamp 1 on E.

Now click on F and you go down via the cable.

Click on the door and you will get a number box, you have to enter a code here. You see a painting hanging in the illuminated rooms, in which 2 buttons have been made black. 

The sequence is room 1, 2, 3 and then 4.

Press 1-6, 4-9, 2-5 and then 1-10, the combination lock disappears and you go through the door. Here the game is saved again.

You are now at the water wheel and the guitar puzzle.

The Park / Waterwheel

Walk to the red door and click on the lock. Put the lock correctly and you will enter the bicycle / pump room.

Click on the lever and sit on the bike and water is now pumped into the container.

After a while you can get off the bike but the pump continues to work.

Exit the room and walk down the slope pass in front of the water wheel and climb down the rope. Walk to the bird's nest house with the lounger in front of it.

Click on the opening and talk to the guitar man. He actually lives in the house to his left, together with his wife, but because he no longer plays their song, he moved to this house. He wants to try to learn Lumi to play but he can't come outside because he doesn't have pants. It hangs on the water wheel, it is the green one in the middle of the wheel. You need to get his pants now. Ask now if you can take the spanner that is against the lounger, you will need it in the bicycle / pump room. Take the key and climb up again, walk along the water wheel, up the slope to the house.

Inside, take the key from your bag and click it on the broken handle, this will turn off the sprinkler.

There are 3 places on the edge of the wheel where you can climb the wheel.  You have to see which point you have to take and then climb via the clothesline to the centre of the wheel and take the green pants there, climb back to the ledge and jump to the ground. Now climb down again via the cable and give the pants to the guitar man. He now comes out with his instrument and hangs in the lounger. Now click on the stool with the guitar in front and Lumi sits on it with the guitar in her hand.

There are 6 parts in the song and the guitar man plays them first, you have to play them, then you play together all 6 parts in a row. If you do this correctly the window of the house will open and the woman will say this is your song. Go down the stool via the red arrow in front and walk to the house. Knock and the door will be opened.

Continue to the left and you will arrive at the cyclist. Here the game is saved again.

The Cyclist

Talk to the cyclist, you ask if you can cycle for a spin but that is not possible because the tire is flat. Click on the tire.


This is how the patches have to be placed, the tire is now fixed and is pumped up. You can now cycle for a while.

You can now just cycle a round or you first climb via the ladder to the roof and you put the red part of the cycle track up there. Climb down again and get on your bike. At A you now get a point that you can grab if you click on it in time, are you too early or too late to click? Don't worry because you just make it round and cycle another round until you reach point A. This is the bottom of a rope ladder.

You will reach A on the walkway, climb a few more steps and jump onto the balcony to the right. Continue to the entrance and enter the building.

In the container with plants in the right front corner is a shovel, take this shovel. Now walk back to the rope ladder, jump in and climb down.

Walk in front of the house to the left and climb up the ladder to the roof.

Potatoes grow on top of the roof, but you still have to harvest them.

 Click with the scoop on the right boxes, you have to click a number of times per box to dig up the whole pile of potatoes.

When you have all the potatoes put the potatoes in the bag that hangs from the crane in front of the house. There is a board on the bag, step on it and you sink down.

You are now hanging above the chip shop that you saw by the gazebo, if you have talked to the chips baker earlier then you know that he had no more potatoes. He now puts out a stick with a hook and open the bag at the bottom, the spuds fall into the funnel and the chip shop starts baking.

Moments later he puts a bag of fish and chips up on a stick. Take this bag and go upstairs again. Walk the path to the rope ladder and climb up.

You come to a house and in the garden a man is busy with a barbeque, to the right of him are a few boxes of salt. Stand under the ladder and try to get a pack of salt. You have to try it several times, usually he says he can see you but after a few times you can score a bag of salt. Then climb up the ladder and here the game is saved at the boat again.

The captain

Talk to the sailor and he will tell you that there is no water pressure, climb up and over the wheel to the water tower.

Climb up and then take the pack of salt from your bag, pour the salt into the water tower.

 Now climb down 1 ladder and you are at the closed valve, you now have to solve the puzzle of the valve.

Climb further down and go back to the sailor, you tell him that there is water pressure again and the sailor starts to pump. 

The captain in the hammock is now being sprayed with salt water.

Now walk to the mast and climb in it, now take the package of fish and chips from your bag and place it on top of the plank in the mast. The seagull that flew with you for a while and regularly sat on your head, now sits on the board with the fish and chips. Walk to the hatch and climb down to the "engine room".

Talk to the officer with the map in his hands, they have a problem because the drive is broken. Click on the map, it's a blueprint of the drive.

This is how it should look, if you have done it right you go out of the close-up. Climb out of the engine room and go to the sailor

Meanwhile the ship starts to rock. Because of this and because of the salt water and the gull, the captain wakes up.

He looks through binoculars and then calls down for them to drop anchor. The officer in the engine room pulls the handle and the anchor drops. 

Now climb down the anchor chain and you will come to the Bubbles garden. Here the game is saved again.

The Air bubble garden

Go down the stairs to the green cupboard and open it. They have problems with CO2 supply and you have to fix it here. 

Click on the arrows to choose the correct tube. 

If this is successful, go up the stairs again and walk to the ladder at the anchor. Climb up, someone is hiding behind the bushes. 

Talk to him and when you are done talking click on the periscope.

You have to get the i.d. Put the coin in the circle, click 1 x on the bottom red button then on the middle one and then 1 x on the bottom one. The coin now flies up and ends up in your bag. Climb down again and go to the man with the landing net, talk to him and when you are done talking. Climb to the red house. Inside is a machine that can make bubbles.

Number the buttons from left to right 1 to 4, they must all be pressed all the way but it is not as simple as it looks: if you press button 1, button 2 also responds, with button 2 these are buttons 1 and 3, with button 3 it is 2 and 4 and with button 4 also button 3 reacts. Take the coin from your bag and put it in the slot at 1. A series that worked well for me a number of times is: 1-3-4-2-2-4-1-3-3-1-1-4-4 sometimes the end is not right completely, sometimes you need to press button 4 one more time. From time to time a different combination is needed.

When all buttons are fully pressed, a bubble will appear. Take this one, now climb to the roof and walk to the gas cylinder at the back.

Take the air bubble from your bag and click it on the gas cylinder. 

The air bubble will now be inflated further and you float under the bubble to the other side, to the houses under the mill.

There in the corner of the buildings, jump down onto the walkway. Here the game is saved again.

The windmill

Go through the door behind you, you will enter the library.

Walk to the middle ladder and click on bookshelf M, a book about Morse signals will now appear on your screen.

Click on the paper with Morse signs and it will go into your bag. Go outside again and follow the path, go down the ladder and then up the other ladder.

Then climb up the next ladder.

Walk over the roof to the line with flags, click on that line and slide down it. You will see such a click point again, click on it if you do it on time then you swing towards that point. Not in time you just slide further down and you end up at the library again,then follow the same path and try again.

Walk over the roof of LUDO's and then click on A, then B and then on the top step of the stairs. You swing from A to B and you climb up. Along the next ladder you come to a balcony with binoculars C. If you look through the binoculars you will see that a boy is looking at you with binoculars. Now climb up the ladder against the house to a balcony, from here you can climb up along 1 of the windmill blades and you arrive at the door of the windmill. Go inside.

Against the wall is a device with a coat hanger on it, get that coat hanger. Now climb up the ladder.

You enter a room with a lamp with a lens in front of it. 

On the left you have a desk with a few levers, the mechanism hangs on the back wall to focus the light beam and in front is a telescope.

If you look through that, see that boy again. You must now first focus the light beam.

I did the top part first, number the buttons from bottom to top 1 - 4.

If you press 1 then rotate 1 + 2, with 2 it is 1 + 2 + 3, with 3 it is 2 + 3 + 4 and with 4 it is 3 + 4.

Click on 2 until 3 and 4 are equal

Click on 3 until 2 and 1 are equal

Click on 1 until 1 and 2 are correct

Click on 4 until 3 and 4 are correct

Then the bottom half in the same way.

Under the handles is a drawer with a key in it, take the key. You can open a cupboard downstairs with this, but it won't help you. 

You should now send a message with Morse signals. Click on the desk with the levers.

The note with Morse signals is on the left of your screen, in the middle the windmill and on the right the operating levers for the windmill blades. The left lever turns the blades on or off and the right lever determines whether it is a point or becomes a stripe, bottom position is stripes and the top position is dots. You have to make each letter separately e.g. S is 3 points, so put the right lever up, then the left lever up and after 3 points the left lever down again. The letter O is 3 stripes so put the right lever in the down position, then the left lever up and after 3 stripes the left lever down again. Do the letter S one more time. Your 1st message is S O S (..., - - -,....).

When this is done you look through the telescope again, you see the boy and he hold up a note asking what you need. 

The following message is ROPE, this is a bit more difficult to send because you have points and stripes you need both (.-., - - -,. - -.,.). 

You can find the code in the Morse note.

Look through the telescope again and the boy writes on the note that you have to wait, when the boy returns you will see that he has a signal gun with which he can fire a rope. 

The rope turns around a support post of the balcony at the back of the mill.

Now go outside and walk to the telescope, look through the telescope and you can see everything.

With the button at the bottom of the screen you move the telescope, at a certain moment you will see your grandfather. He is at the highest point in the village. Get out of the close-up and now take the coat hanger from your bag. Click with the coat hanger on the rope and you slide down the rope hanging on the cloth hanger and you come to the platform where the boy stood.

The Pub

The boy has crawled away but now comes back out and says he followed you. He asks if you are looking for someone and you tell him you want to go to your grandfather who is at the highest point of the village. The boy tells you to be on top of the power plant, but that this is forbidden area. In the past they used to go there through a shortcut. You then have to go through 1 of the houses and they can only be reached via the post pipes. He also tells you that the postman is in the cafe and is not happy. Enter the cafe and talk to the postman.

He says he only drinks silly shit because he doesn't have a drink token, you can win this with the pinball machine. Go to the pinball machine but it doesn't work because there is no power. Go outside and walk to the end of the trailer, there is a ladder to the roof of the trailer. There is a solar panel there, but it still needs to be lined with reflective material. And you should do that now.

When this is done enter the cafe again and go to the pinball machine, for the drink token you have to win 2 jackpots. 

For the 1st pot you have to put 1 bumper in a different place (see image), then press the firing button and the ball will hit the jackpot through the bumpers.

For jackpot 2 you have to move 3 bumpers then shoot the ball and you win pot 2.

Now a drink token comes out of the cupboard, take it and give it to the postman. He is very happy with it, but also says that he still has a problem with the last letters he has to deliver. There are strange things like address on the letters and he cannot make sense of it so he does not know in which mailbox he has to deliver them. He asks if you want to look at it and if you understand, deliver them too. Go to the mailboxes and get the letters. You will see numbers from 1 to 39, now draw a line from 1 to 2, then to 3 and 4 and further to 39. With some imagination you can sew 32 new str.

in it, make with the device you received with the lettersa new address sticker and then click on the post send sign at the bottom and the letter will be placed in the correct PO box. On the next letter you will see musical notes at the top with the alphabet below each note, on the next lines is a melody in musical notation, you have to use the top one to convert notes to letters and then it says: eight piano garden square.

Make a new address sticker for this as well and click on the send button at the bottom again. You start the next letter at the bottom left at 2 and you follow the line, you will arrive at the following address: 24 Lightwell st. make a new sticker and send the letter.

The last letter states the periodic table and some numbers, which must be convert from numbers to letters and you get: 

one spinner house, also make a sticker and send to the correct PO box via the send button at the bottom.

Now climb down again and talk to the boy again and he asks for the addresses, 

the The first 3 say nothing to him, but the last one does: one spinner house. You can go to the power plant through this house.

 Climb up again and click on the mailbox and you say that you now know the correct address,

you walk to the boxes and climb on them and you slide down a mail tube to Spinner House.

Spinner House

When you are downstairs, you first talk to the resident who is reading his newspaper on the balcony, he will tell you all about it. There is a loose wardrobe in 1 of the rooms and it blocks a passage, you have to secure the wardrobe and for that you need a hammer and nails, these are somewhere in this house. You also need a key for the back door so that you can go to the power plant that way. When you've finished talking, look at the house first. There are 7 pivot points, I have numbered them from left to right and from top to bottom. If you hang on one of those points, the house turns upside down, point 1 that used to be top left, is now bottom right, etc.

When you are done talking, walk through the room with floral wallpaper, up the red stairs and on to point 5. 

Click on that and you will hang at that point and the house will turn upside down.

When the house is stationary again, you automatically climb up to the floor, Now walk down the yellow stairs and outside to point 6. Click on it and you turn around again, you automatically climb back to the floor. Now click on the pole that goes from 6 to 7, you slide down this. Walk across the room and up the stairs to point 4. Click on it again and the house turns again, when you reach the top you walk through the blue stairs to the door in the red wall. 

Click on the door and you enter, it is dark there but you will find a table with a hammer on it. You take the hammer and this one comes in your bag. Walk back to point 4, click on it and the house will turn again. Now walk back to point 7, click on it and when you are standing still, slide down the pole. Walk into the room and down the white stairs, walk to point 1. Click on it and you turn again. When you stopped turning, slide down a pole, now you go up 1 floor via the yellow ladder.

There is a ladder in the right corner of the room. Climb up there and walk to the chest, click on it and you will find some big nails. These goes in your bag.  Climb down again and go to point 3. Click on this again, the house will turn around again. You are now in the room with the floral wallpaper. Now climb the yellow ladder up and then slide down the pole. Walk outside via the white stairs to point 6. Click on 6 and when you have finished sliding down the blue pole.

Walk into the room until you are under the brown wardrobe, now take the hammer and nails from your bag and click it on the wardrobe. You are now nailing the cabinet to the floor. Walk back to point 7. Click on it again and there you go upside down again, now slide down the pole. Go inside and go up the yellow stairs. You now see a doorway on the left. The cupboard used to be there before you nailed it down to the floor. Walk outside to a box, click on it and take a key from it. Go back into the room and walk past point 5 to the red stairs.

Go up the stairs to the back door, take the key from your bag and click it on the back door. It opens now

and you can now go to the round door. Open this and you are one step closer to the power plant.

The moving city

You come out of the brown door, click on the roof of house A and climb on it via the pipe. Now click halfway up the ladder on the side of house B to take a run-up and you jump to the ladder, you get the bottom rung. Climb to the roof of house B and jump off on the other side and walk to house C.

Now click on the ladder above you. You climb up and then you click on the box that you see there, this is a gearbox. 

The gears are off and you have to put the correct gears on the correct axles. This's how it should be. 

If you did it right, you see the houses move back and forth.

Jump on the roof of house 1 and from there on the roof of 2. When house 3 comes forward click on it and immediately after that click on the bar at 4, you quickly walk over 3 and you jump to 4. Now climb through the gate of 5 to the front of 6 and climb up through the grid. Now click on the pipe and you slide down here.

Jump down here on the green roof, you will see a house coming forward and go back again. 

In this house there is a window in the side, if it comes to the front click on that window and you walk to the window and climb inside.

You see a chair, a gramophone and a cupboard. You can click on the gramophone button and then a record starts playing. Click on the box until it is open, you now take a key from it. Walk to the window again and click on it again, you climb out again and walk back to the green roof. Click on the pole of the awning and you climb up the pole. Next to the door you see a cupboard on the wall, use the key on this cupboard.

You will find a switch panel here, but the connections are not correct, you must now make the correct connections. 

When you have done this, press the red button and if all is well, a green light will light up. Leave the close-up via the red arrow.

Jump on the green roof again, walk to the right. Click on the red roof and you jump over the parasol to the red roof, you then climbs up the roof. 

Continue to the right until you get to a ladder, click on it and you climb down.

Via a gangway and another ladder you come to a round door, click on it and you will enter the:

Turbine Hal.  

You will see a red button on the central axis, climb up to it and click on it.  

The bottom vanes will now start to rotate and stop a little later with one of the blades just below the hatch.

Climb further up and walk over the blade to the hatch, enter and you will enter a control room.

On the right is a desk with a booklet "Birds" on it and behind you is a machine where you have to insert a punch card. Click on the booklet.

Open the booklet and a message is written on the first page sign with Mary, remember this name, you will need it at the machine behind you. Turn around to the machine. You see a green screen and a pile of punch cards, a device for punching holes and you also see a table. Click on that table and it will appear large on your screen.

You now have to convert the name Mary to a punch card, the first 3 squares are for the column and the back 4 are for the line. 

The capital letter M is in the 3rd column and the 3rd bottom line, the code for M then becomes 1-0-0-1-1-0-1. Do this also for the other letters and make the punch card.

You will see in the green screen that you have to enter a password, so stop the punch card now with the code for Mary in the slot below the screen.

 If you did it right and get a new screen otherwise you will read on the screen that you have to enter the correct password.

The machine now gives 3 options and you now choose 2: "manual override", this is option 2 so make now a punch card for 2. 

Put it back in the slot and you will see that the middle blades start to turn.  Again, 1 of the blades stops under a hatch on the right.

Exit the control room and walk over the blade to the shaft, climb up and walk over the other blade to the hatch. 

You will now enter another control room.

Walk to the corner to a machine with a number of spools.

You must first put all the reels in the right place and then put the tape around the reels in the right way. You will see 4 control lights, if you place the tape correctly, the lights will come on. You start at the green coil at the bottom left, it also says start on it and you have to end at the small coil to the right of it. You go from the green to the gray coil bottom right and from there further. If you have done it correctly, you will see "turbine 3 activation" in the green screen. You will now see that the top vanes start to turn and 1 of the blades stops again under a hatch on the left.

So leave the control room and walk and climb to the top layer, then to the left and you will enter a room.

There is a film projector in front, but it does not work, you are missing a number of connections and also a voltage source.

Zoom in on the board, now click between 2 points that you want to connect and then a plate is placed in between and finally you take the lemon that was left from the gatehouse. Place the lemon on the 2 pins with the lightning bolt in between. The movie projector is fixed and starts playing an instructional movie. In the movie a code number is shown: 49463. 

Als de film af is verlaat dan de kamer loop over de bladen van het schoepenrad naar de rechterkant, je ziet een klein kastje hangen , klik daarop.  

When the movie is finished leave the room and cross over the blades of the paddle wheel to the right, you see a small box hanging, click on it.

Here you have to enter the code number from the movie, the door opens and you climb out.

Walk over the plank to the left and climb up the red ladder, click on the hatch, the hatch opens and you climb inside.

You come on top of the hatch there, cross the walkway and climb the 2 rungs up the ladder. Walk to the mast with the orange stripes. 

Climb the 2 ladders up and via the cable you cross to the next ladder.


Climb up here too and you climb through a rack to the right to the next ladder.

Climb up here too and you will find grandpa at the top of the ladder.

You can sit back now cause the work is done you just have to watch the final movie.

Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw