2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Memoranda is a "point and click" adventure game and it  is based on several shorter stories by the Japanese artist Haruki Murakami.

The story takes place in a quiet town where some strange, but also ordinary, people live together. There is one thing that the people in the town have in common ... they all lose something and that can be their name or their husband or their mind. One of those people who is  lose something is a girl named Mizuki .......... Mizuki forgets her name ...... Does Mizuki really suffer from amnesia or is something else going on in the town? Help Mizuki find her name, in a town where everything is different from what it appears to be at first glance. 

In the game, use your ESCAPE key to open the Pause Menu screen where you can Save, Load, go to the Options and leave the game via "Quit"


Click "New Game" to start. 

You will then receive 3 photos in your screen. Click on one of the photos to continue .....

 Mizuki tells the story that goes with the photo, so listen. Then click the photo and click on the next photo to let the story go on .....

If you have clicked all 3 photos you will see the Excavation. Mizuki continues. Then we hear the old sailor ...... We are in Mizuki's flat ....... Mizuki is teased by the old sailor who does not let her sleep .... For 17 days now Mizuki has not been able to sleep. .... the Old Sailor is Mizuki's torment, but is he a reality or a product of Mizuki's imagination. The Old Sailor disappears and Mizuki is dressed and standing in front of her bed. The "How To Play" screen appears. The screen tells you how to control the game and that seems clear enough to me. 

Click this screen away and ...... You now have control over Mizuki

Apartment building

Mizuki's flat

If you move the cursor to the top of the screen, the menu bar pops up with the options "Load", "Save", "How To Play" and "Quit".

You can Save and Load as often as you want and at any time you want. If you press the ESCAPE key on your keyboard, the menu bar will also pop up. Right click with the eye cursor to view things ....... Mizuki then tells something about it. Left click the Hand cursor to grab things. Things that you pick up are stored in the inventory. You open the inventory by pressing your Spacebar

Look at  everything you can look at. Look at the photos and the Post-itt notes, hanging on the wall above Mizuki's bed. Mizuki then tells something about it. At the window the radio is on the left large loudspeaker box and a record player on the drawer cabinet. There is a pair of scissors on the radio. Look at the record player and then grab the Scissors

The scissors are stored in the inventory. Look at the small square Safe, which stands on the floor in front of the sofa. Mizuki has forgotten the code for the safe, but  she does not want to worry about it now. Miso, the white cat of neighbor Erica, sits stubbornly on the couch. Just click with your talk cursor on cat Miso to say something to the animal.

Mizuki's laptop is placed on the round glass coffee table and there is a pack of fruit juice on the table also. Watch the laptop ..... Mizuki does not want to waste her time with it. 

Take the Fruit Juice pack. On the stool lies the map of the town. Take the Map. The map appears briefly in your screen but Mizuki quickly stores the map.

From now on you can bring up the Map by tapping your TAB key from your keyboard. Via the Map, Mizuki travels quickly and safely to the various locations in the city, provided you have made those locations available first. Mizuki also keeps a diary in which she writes down what she has to do / have done. You open the Diary via the M-key of your keyboard. 

Double-click the door cursor on the left edge of the screen to leave the flat. Mizuki is then in the stairwell of the apartment building.

The elevator is between the stairs. Mizuki's flat has number 1921 and it is on the 3rd floor and the building has 4 floors. However, the elevator does not go to the 4th floor. On the left wall. at Mizuki's flat door, hangs a decorative bracket on the wall and Mizuki's Kidney-shaped Stone is fluttering on this ornamental bracket.  You can now take the "Kidney Stone", but if you leave this floor you will notice that the "kidney stone" automatically disappears from the inventory, to go back on the ornamental bracket ....... apparently, Mizuki must first have a reason to take the "kidney stone" with her

4th floor: the Film Room:

If you step into the elevator you will see that you can not go to the 4th floor with the elevator, so do not bother and take, left of the elevator, to the 4th floor.. It is somewhat dark on the 4th floor. The door of the Screening Room is locked. On the wall hangs an old movie poster. Boxes are standing in the bottom right corner and there is a blue cloth on the floor, in front of those boxes. There lies also an Old Photo on the floor

Look at the door and at the movie poster. Take the Photo, which lies in front of the blue cloth. Take a look at the photo in inventory, so open the inventory and right click on the "Jack & Phil's photo" to look at the photo and hear what Mizuki has to say about it . On top right in the photo you see a Phil logo with signature.

Right-click to close the close-up of the photo. Left click in inventory on the Scissors to pick up the scissors ..... drag the scissors to the "Jack & Phil's photo" and then click with the scissors on the photo and ...... Mizuki cuts the corner with the scissors logo from the photo. In inventory you have the picture with the corner cut out and you have that corner with Phil's signature. 

Go, via the stairs back, to the 3rd floor ....... 

If you had previously taken the "Kidney Stone" then you now see that the "Kidney Stone" is hanging back on the ornamental bracket. 

Go, via the stairs, further down to the 2nd floor.

2nd Floor: "Runaway Man's flat":

Arriving on the 2nd floor we hear a woman talking in the "Runaway Man's Flat". Listen to the one-sided telephone conversation. At the upstairs stairs a little girl is sitting on the floor and she is drawing there.  Look at the flat door ...... Try to talk to the little girl, but she does not want to talk to Mizuki. Go, via the stairs, further down to the 1st floor. 

1st Floor: Qardash Apartment: 

Here is the apartment of Quardash. Six playing cards have been stuck on the door of the flat ... it is the knocking system for the flat door. Click with your magnifying glass cursor on the 6 playing cards to view them in close-up. Via the Hint button at bottom left, you can get a total of 3 hints to solve this knocking puzzle. So click Hint 1, then Hint 2 and then Hint 3 to read the hints......You have to look for a poster that has the solution for this puzzle.

Click on the cross, top left, to exit the close-up. Continue down the stairs to the Lobby on the ground floor. 

Ground Floor: Lobby: Caretaker Jack: 

Caretaker Jack is sitting at his counter, drinking his coffee. On the small round table lies  a Newspaper. On the wall hangs a notice board on which a Poster and a Arash's Photo hang. Look at the Newspaper ...... Mizuki does not read the newspaper because is weeks old. Look at the Poster and the Arash's Photo. You can see the Photo in close-up ......... the boy in the photo is Arash, the son of Jack. Arash is a film director and he is currently working on his 2nd major feature film.  If you have looked at the newspaper, the poster and the photo and you have looked at the closed door of the movie room on the 4th floor, you can talk to caretaker Jack.

Mizuki and Jack first talk about Mizuki's name and about some other things. 

Click on Jack again when the conversation is over, to continue talking to him and this time Mizuki asks Jack about the movie room and why it is closed. 

Jack explains why he closed the movie room and where the films are. Jack points Mizuki the way to the home of his former friend, to whom he has lent the films and this location is now available on the Map. It is the "Jack's Friends House" in Lexington Str. 

Then there is currently nothing more to discuss with Jack. Before you leave the apartment building you dive into the elevator.  Double-click with the door cursor on the elevator door to step into the elevator. In the elevator you see the button panel to go to the floors with the elevator. On the other wall of the elevator hangs a Poster .... it is a Qardash poster, the occupant of the flat on the 1st floor. Look at the "Qardash Poster". 

On the poster you can read the solution for the knocking system of Qardash's door ...... because that solution is in the rhyme ,written at the top of the poster ... The important words are "Quartet", "Duet" and " Solo". Left click to exit the close-up and then click with the door cursor or click on the "G" button to step out of the elevator again.  Now press your "M-key" to open the diary. In the diary, Mizuki records all the important things that she hears and also what she has to do. So look regularly in the diary. Press the "M-key" again to close the diary. 

You can now travel directly via the Map, but do not do this now...... Instead leave the apartment building via the door cursor at the bottom right. 

Mizuki then ends up on the street and she is standing at the front door of her apartment building 

On the other side of the street, neighbor Marta hangs out of her window. Talk to Marta ....... 

Marta is somewhat hysterical because her cat is gone and Mizuki promises that she will look if she sees the cat somewhere.

Double click the door cursor, in the middle, to end up on the: 

Tanuki square:

You could have traveled to this city square via the map, but then you would have missed Marta. On the map this square is called Tanuki Square and it is the center of the town. In the middle of the square stand the Tanuki statue in the round pond. There is a Memorial Plaque in front of the statue. 

In the down left corner of the screen sits a cat on the red roof of the houses. Top left is the Bakery shop and across the street is the Café. The street at the bakery shop is the street where the apartment building of Mizuki is. The street on the right is Lexington street. There are 2 other streets on the square but they are not yet available. Look at the Tanuki statue and the Memorial Plaque and see the Cat on the roof.  Then Enter the 


Upon entering the bakery Mizuki has a "memory loss moment" but she is called out of it by the Mr. Donut, the baker. 

On the counter stand a bowl with Donuts.  Talk with Mr. Donut and do this several times. 

Mr. Donut turns out to be a huge fan of the music of composer Wagner and he also whistle a few chords of a Wagner opera. Mr. Donut also tells that he will be baking special Wagner sandwiches for his regular customers. When Mr. Donut start to repeat himself you know that you have discussed everything with him.  

Then Take a Donut from the bowl on the counter.

Mizuki wants to go to the house of that friend of caretaker Jack and that house is in Lexington Str. You can walk to Lexington Str or use the Map to get there.

 If you want to use the Map then press your TAB-key to bring up the Map and then click on "Jack's Friend's House" and ..

..... in an instant you will end up in: 

Lexington Street: House of the Puppeteer:

Against the curb sits Mizuki's tormentor, the old Sailor. The second house is the house of the Puppeteer, the friend of Jack. A "Missing Elephant" poster hangs between the two houses. On the left you can go back to the town square. Talk to the old Sailor and check out the "Missing Elephant" poster. That missing elephant will become important for Mizuki later in the game. Then enter the house of Puppeteer. Mizuki is then in the hall of the house. 

Immediately next to Mizuki stand a large chest and on that chest stand a small dark red Box. A shelf rack hangs on the wall above the box. On the top shelf of the rack is a Creepy Doll and in the bottom shelf there are all kinds of tools including a  Bradawl. In the middle of the hall is the passage to the Corridor and on the other side is the door to the Bright Room. Mizuki does not want to take anything yet because she wants to introduce herself to the resident of this house, the puppeteer. 

Walk into the Corridor. The walls of the corridor are full of photos / paintings and in the back is the door of the Living Room. 

You can look at 3 of the paintings via your eye / right click.

 On the right wall look at the Family painting and the Soldier painting and on the left wall look at  the Little Girl painting ......

..... you see these 3 paintings in close-up and Mizuki tells something about it. ......

Take particular note of the clothes of the soldier, the children and the mom and dad.

 If you have viewed the 3 paintings then double click the door of the living room to enter and ... ..... Mizuki meets the doll maker in the living room, who is watching TV from his chair, but the TV gives no picture. Talk to the Doll Maker and keep doing that until there is nothing new to ask. 

The doll maker was the former owner of the restaurant in the 20th street and he and Mizuki know each other from that time. The doll maker is also an inventor and he does not want to talk to Mizuki until she proves that she is intelligent enough. The doll maker wants Mizuki to connect his TV to the old "Global TV Network" whose images are still "floating" through space. 

Go back to the corridor and then to the hall. Now Mizuki has talked to the doll maker, she can take things here in the house. 

Back in the hall you take the Bradawl from the bottom shelf of the shelf rack. 

Also check out the Creepy Doll and zoom in on the red Box that is on top of the big chest. However, the box is locked. 


The lid of the box has 16letters. You have to press the right letters in the right order. You do not yet know which letters you have to press but you can get 3 Hints again via the Hint 1, 2 and 3 button at the bottom left. If you click those hint buttons , Mizuki will give you hints about a bookcase that also has 16 sections. 

Exit from the close-up and then enter the Bright Room across the hall. There is a puppet theater in the room and a bookcase is placed at the wall. The bookcase has been divided into 4 columns and each column has 4 compartments. there are books in 7 compartments. Number the compartments, from top left to bottom right,  1 to 16 and then note in which compartments there are books .........

... there are books in the compartments: 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. ...... this is the solution for the red box in the hall. 

Go back to the hall. Back in the hall, click again with your magnifying glass cursor on the red box, which is on top of the large chest. You get back into the close-up of the box. The lid of the box has 16 letters, just like the bookcase in the Bright room has 16 compartments. Number the letters too, from top left to bottom right, 1 to 16 and then click on the letters where the books are in the bookcase ...... So click on the letters  4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 ....... and .... the box opens.

 In the box is a Golden Key ........ grab the Golden Key and leave this close-up.

Return to the Bright Room. Left click with your gear cursor on the red curtain of the puppet theater .......... Mizuki opens the curtain and she looks in the puppet theater and she sees three dolls and clothing hanging in the puppet theater.  You see the mom and dad and their son. You have to dress 1 of the 3 dolls with the right clothes ..... You only have to dress 1 doll with the right clothes ..... You can get 3 more hints and if you use those 3 hints then Mizuki tells you that the solution for this puzzle can be seen on the 3 paintings that are in the corridor, and that you have already viewed. Click on 1 of the 3 heads and then click on a pants, blouse or shirt that belong to the doll of your choice. I have choose the boy, but you can also choose the mommy or the daddy.

If you do this well then you will automatically leave the puppet theater and a Teddy Bear will be revealed on the stool. 

Click with your gear cursor on the Teddy Bear. You come in the close-up of Teddy. Teddy apparently has had  a stomach operation because you see a scar on his stomach.  Open the inventory and take out the Bradawl and then click with the Awl on the Scar in Teddy's belly ....... You open up Teddy's belly and you will see a small keyboard with a keyhole

Take the Golden Key from the inventory and insert the key into the keyhole of the keyboard and ...... 

Teddy will open both his eyes ........ In Teddy's right eye you see a little C and in his left eye a little O

Click on the keyboard on the C and on the O key and these 2 keys will turn red and then green and you will automatically go out of the close-up and ...... 

You will hear the doll maker who screams that  Mizuki has succeeded in connecting his TV to the old Global Network and that he now wants to talk with her. 

So go back to the doll maker in the living room, via the hall and the corridor, and have a chat with him again.

 Mizuki can now look around in the flat. Go back to the Bright Room and .......

 In the paneling, bottom right of the bookcase, there is now a hole and in that hole is the Film Reel Storage Box ... Take the Film Reel Storage Box.

Open the city map and travel via the map, back to the street where Mizuki lives (My Home). 

Apartment building: 

Mizuki returns to the door of her apartment building. Marta is still hanging out of her window. Go inside 

Walk to the counter. Take the Film Reel Storage Box from inventory and give it  to Jack. 

Then talk to Jack ... Mizuki reminds Jack that he would open the movie room when he would have the movies back. Go back outside and then immediately back in and ...... The film roll is no longer on the desk. Talk to Jack again and do this 3 times ...... On the 3rd time you talk with Jack, Mizuki makes the suggestion to Jack to show the old film "What About Jack" in the movie room.  Go, with the elevator or via the stairs, to the: 

1st Floor: Qardash: 

Zoom in again on the 6 playing cards that are stuck on the door of Qardash's flat. You have to click the 3 correct cards and the solution of this puzzle can be read on the Qardash Poster in the elevator. The rhyme on that poster tells about "Quartet", "Duet" and "Solo". Quartet = 4, Duet = 2 and Solo = 1, so click on the cards 4, 2, 1 and .........

 Mizuki may go in and she does so. Talk extensively with Qardash. 

Qardash is an inventor and currently he is working on his latest invention, the "Nature DTMF Machine", a machine that can capture sound frequencies and then encode them. However....Qardash can not finish the thing because he needs 4 new frequencies.

Left next to Qardash (Right side from the players point of view)  a drawing sticks out from underneath the rug on which he sits ...... That drawing is a "Machine Diagram". Take the "Machine Diagram" and ......2 new locations will be available on the map and they are the "Opera Singer" and the "Dark Alley" location. Open the inventory and then view the "Machine Diagram". Leave the flat of Qardash and go up to the 2nd floor. 

2nd Floor: 

On the 2nd floor the little girl is still drawing. The little girl still does not want to talk to Mizuki. Take the Donut from the inventory and give it to the little girl and ......

The little girl eats the donut with great taste and now she wants to talk to Mizuki. The girl tells Mizuki about Mr. Spaghetti, the husband of the woman who lives here in the apartment. It seems that Mr. Spaghetti has disappeared. However, the girl has a film box with a movie of Mr. Spaghetti and she gives it to Mizuki with the request to give it to Mr. Spaghetti if Mizuki comes across him. 

Open the inventory and right-click on the Film Box to extract the Film Reel.  You then have a full Film Reel and a now empty Film Box  in inventory. 

Go, via the stairs or the elevator, to the 

3rd floor. 

Here is Mizuki's flat. Do not go inside. The Kidney-Shaped Stone hangs on the ornamental bracket. You know that if you take the "Kidney Stone" it will disappear from the inventory to go back on the ornamental bracket again. Mizuki can only take the "Kidney Stone" with her if she can put it in a box or something like a box. Well ...... Mizuki now has an empty Film Box, so take the "Kidney Stone"  from the bracket and........

.........in inventory, put the "Kidney Stone" in the empty Film Box.

Now the  "Kidney Stone" will no longer disappear from inventory  Go, via the stairs to the 4th Floor 

4th Floor: 

Because Mizuki has given the box with films to Jack, the Screening Room  is now open, so go in.

 There's a projection screen in the film / screening room and the film projector. Take the Film Reel from inventory and click it on the projector and ..... 

On the screen we then see the "Cat movie" You see 8 cat heads, in 3 rows under each other.  3 of the cats say something. 

Make a note of which 3 cats say something and note the order and their position: The 3 cats that say something are the cats on top left center middle row and top right 

Open the Map and now travel to the Dark Alley 

Dark Alley: The Nark:

Here we see Marta's cat and a guy named The Nark.  On the wall, behind The Nark, hangs a "Missing Elephant" poster

There is also a Dark Entrance and beyond that dark entrance stand a bottle of Liquid Propane

First take the bottle of Liquid Propane

Look at  the Dark Entrance and the Cat ........ Mizuki does not dare to go into that dark tunnel. 

Walk back to The Nark and talk to him. The Nark, however, does not want to tell much ... he wants Mizuki to get lost. Look at the "Missing Elephant" poster and ......... Mizuki asks the Nark if he knows where the missing elephant is and ......The Nark screams that Mr. Spaghetti has something to do with this and a new location will be available on the map and that is the "Cottage". 

Go, via the map, to the "Opera Singer" location (Where I Hear Someone Singing) 

The Opera Singer: 

The "world famous" opera singer Cat stand outside the office of the Counselor, screaming an aria. Talk to the Opera Cat ...... 

The Opera Cat torment suffers from flies that always want to crawl into his mouth when he opens it to sing his aria and because of that he has to cough every time. Mizuki asks the opera cat if he can sing the frequencies of the "Machine Diagram" and Opera Cat want's to try it 

So take the "Machine Diagram" from inventory and give it to the opera cat and ....... the opera cat tries to sing the aria but he can't because he gets a terrible cough fit.

Take the Pack of Fruit Juice out of inventory and give it to the ca and ...... opera cat drinks some juice and then he sings the aria of the diagram again and ... 

You see then the 4 colorful frequencies rise up from the mouth of the opera cat ..... Unfortunately .... the 4 frequencies fly away and that isn't suppose to happen ....... 

Mizuki has to make sure that the frequencies fall on the ground ....Combine in inventory the Propane with the Fruit Juice Pack

Then click again with the Fruit Juice on the Opera Cat and ....... The cat drinks some juice again and then he sings the frequencies again and this time they fall to the ground. 

Take the Frequencies

Mizuki can not enter the Counselor's office yet ... that will come later. Open the map and travel to the Cottage


This cottage is the house of Mr. Spaghetti and the Nark has said that he suspects that the lost elephant is also here. On the continuous path lies a potato. Take the Potato. 

Behind the mailbox you see a rat hole in the grass. Look via the magnifying glass cursor into the rat hole. 

Mizuki peeks through the hole in the grass into the rat hole. View all the hotspots in the hole and hear what Mizuki says about it.

There is a small garden on the bottom, but nothing grows in one of the holes. The sink does not give water. Mizuki thinks that there may be a seed in that empty hole that can produce a plant, provided that the seed gets water and nutrients. Click the door cursor to exit the close-up. Click on the doorbell of the Cottage ........ Mr. Spaghetti does not want to open ... he wants to be left alone. Look at the garden path and hear what Mizuki says ..........

Mizuki thinks that the elephant "lives" in the house but she wants to know for sure ... maybe there are footprints on the garden path? 

Go to the city square and enter again at the baker's bakery: 


Talk to baker Doughnut again. 

Mizuki asks for a Bag of Flour and she gets it from Mr. Doughnut. 

Travel, walking or via the map, back to the apartment building (Home). 

Apartment building: Qardash: 

Marta is no longer hanging out of her window. Enter the apartment building again and go back to Qardash on the first floor. Give the 4 colored Frequencies to Qardash. 

Qardash can now finish his machine and he says that if Mizuki comes along the next time she can take the machine. 

Leave the flat of Qardash but immediately go back inside and see .......... The DTMF machine is ready and stand on the stool. 

Take the DTMF Machine and look at the thing in inventory........Travel back to the 


Take the Bag of Flour out inventory an empty the bag the bag on the garden path.

Travel back to the

 Apartment building. 

In the standard of the bookstore is a Newsletter and the latest edition of the "Tips and Trics magazine"

Look at  the Newsletter and read about the Doll Maker

Return to the 

City Square: 

At the fountain now stand a girl and 2 men. Go talk to the girl and the 2 men, Ray, Niall and Chris. Talk to them multiple times, until they repeat themselves


Via Chris the Beach and the Pier with the Lighthouse will be available as locations on the map. 

From the square you can now also walk to the Cottage and to the Beach and the lighthouse. Go back to the: 


In the flour that you have scattered on the garden path, Mizuki now sees the Elephant's Footprints ...... yes, sure ...... the missing elephant is hiding in the Cottage of Mr. Spaghetti ........ Mizuki wants to warn Mr. Spaghetti  that he is being watched, so press the doorbell again ....... but Spaghetti does not respond, so Mizuki has to find another way to warn Spaghetti. Go, via the map, to the: 


 A disabled Fischerman sits on the beach in a wheelchair near a fire. In front of the Fisherman lies a nice shell on the beach. 

We also see the wooden pier, leading to the lighthouse. At the lighthouse Chris's son, Henry, sits on the wooden pier. 

Grab the Sand-filled Seashell. View the shell in inventory .......The shell is full of sand, but Mizuki currently has nothing to scoop the sand out of  the shell. Go talk to Fischerman.

 Fischerman is waiting for his mother, who has to roll him back to their house. But mother has apparently forgotten that she has left  her son on the beach because she does not show up. Fischerman is starting to get cold by now, because the fire is going out. 

Double click with the door cursor on the pier, behind Fischerman and ......... Mizuki lands at the lighthouse and at Henry 


 There's a Note on Flag he door of the lighthouse and above the note you see a Flag. You also see a Bird's Nest with 2 baby seagulls in it . 

Henry isn't very cheerful. Just before Henry hangs an Anchor on a rope.

Read the Note, that's on the lighthouse door. Take the Flag

Look at the Bird's Nest. Talk to Henry and do this a few times until the boy tells nothing new. Then try to grab the Rope where the anchor is attached on ...

... that does not work ... Mizuki only wants the rope and not the anchor but she has no knife to cut the rope from the anchor . 

Now go into the Lighthouse and then via the stairs, up to the lamp house of the lighthouse, where the old sailor will appear again outside the window. 

Look around and pick up the stuff you can get here. Mizuki is now on  the right side of the big lamp.

 A Telephone is hanging on one of the window bars. There is a Condenser under the phone. Take that Condenser ....... 

Mizuki says that the Condenser is not complete ........ When you look at the condenser in inventory Mizuki tells that this thing is part of a larger device. 

To the left of the large lighthouse lamp is a small metal rack. Walk to the metal rack. 

On the top shelf of the rack lies a vinyl LP and a Mirror. And on the shelf, beneath the LP, stand an Oil Can.

Take the LP and Take the Mirror = Lens. Look at the Oil Can ..... Mizuki says that the oil in the jug has become as black as Indian ink ... remember this. 

We will return here later, but now travel back to Mizuki's apartment building via the map. 

Mizuki's flat: 

Enter the apartment building again and then go, by elevator or via the stairs, to the 3rd floor. If you have not taken  the Kidney Stone before and put it in the film tin then you do that now. Enter Mizuki's flat and walk to her turntable. Take the LP out of inventory and put the LP on the turntable and listen to the piano music and what Mizuki tells about it. 

Click with your gear cursor on the turntable to turn it off again. Leave the flat and descend to the 2nd floor. The little girl has disappeared. In the "Runaway Man's Flat" we still hear the telephone conversation. Stand in front of the flat door and take the DAM Machine out of inventory and click on the flat door and .......... 

With the DTMF Machine, Mizuki captures the frequencies from the flat. 

If you look at the DTMF Machine again in the inventory (right click) then Mizuki says she has caught the telephone frequencies in the machine. 

Travel, via the map, back to the: 


Via the map, Mizuki now arrives at the Lamp House of the lighthouse. Take  the DTMF Machine again from inventory and click with it on the Telephone and ...... 

The frequencies that you  just captured with the DTMF machines are the tones of the phone number of the Cottage and the phone calls that number now and we get  Mr. Spaghetti on the line. Mizuki talks to Spaghetti about the elephant and she is invited into the cottage. Travel, via the map, back to the: 


Now that Mizuki has spoken Mr. Spaghetti, via the telephone in the lighthouse, she is allowed inside, so go inside. 

There will automatically be a conversation between Mizuki and Mr. Spaghetti, who is cooking in his kitchen. 

At the fireplace sits Phil, the missing elephant in the lounge chair and in the other chair sits black cat Naia.

Try to talk to elephant Phil but Phil speaks a language that Mizuki does not understand. On the mantelpiece of the fireplace stand a Photo and lies a Book of Matches. A Moose Head hangs on the wall above the fireplace.  Look at the Photo on the mantelpiece Mr. Spaghetti then tells who the woman in the photo is ...... the woman in the photo is the Counselor and Mr. Spaghetti advises Mizuki to visit the Counselor. The counselor's office is now available as a location to which we can go. Take the Matches (Matchbox). Talk to the Moose ...... The Moose speaks English. 

Go talk to Mr. Spaghetti ...... 

Spaghetti understands the language of elephant Phil and he tells that Phil wants to become a human. In order to become a Human, however, Phil needs a "Human" drink and such a drink can be supplied by a man named Dabchick. Mizuki then gets  the business card of  Dabchick from Mr. Spaghetti

Travel, via the Map, back to the Opera Cat alley


The Opera Cat is gone, but the office of the Counselor is now open, so go inside . The counselor has a client and his name is Kapena, the taxi driver. 

Talk to the counselor and listen carefully because I am not going to write this all done for you. 

After this interview you try to talk to Kapena but the counselor does not want this. Travel back to the:

Dark Alley: Dabchick 

The Nark is still here in his post, but leave him alone now. Because Mizuki has obtained the business card of that Dabchick, from Spaghetti, the dark tunnel is now available because there is the office of that Dabchick (Underground Office). Dive into that dark tunnel and then continue through the door and ...... 

Mizuki lands in the front hall of Dabchick's office. The actual office is guarded by the newspaper reading Clerk. Go talk to the Clerk. 

Mizuki asks if she can speak with Dabchick but the clerk says she should make an appointment. 

The door of Dabchick's office is locked, but on the wall, behind the clerk, is a panel with 3 sliders and with these 3 sliders the door can be opened. But as long as that arrogant clerk stands in front of the panel, Mizuki can not reach the panel. A little back are 3 vases standing at the wall. The vases are of different heights. Remember the height of those three vases ..... The left vase is the largest, the middle vase is half the size and the right vase is slightly lower than the left one. Remember this. The Clerk has to be distracted. Walk to the vases ... Then take the Film Tin with the Kidney Stone from the inventory and put the Film Tin into the left vase and ..........

........ the kidney stone makes a lot of noise in the vase and the clerk will take a look. 

While the clerk is peeping into the vase, click with the gear cursor on the sliding panel ......

You come in the close-up of the panel. The 3 sliders are each at the bottom of their groove and the 3 lights are red. Consider the height of the 3 vases ... The left vase is the largest, the middle vase is half the size of the left vase and the right vase is 1 dash smaller than the left vase. The slots have a layout with dashes. Number the dashes, from bottom to top, 1 to 7.

Slide the left slider all the way up,  slide the middle slider to dash 4 and slide the right slider to dash 6 and .... the 3 lights turn green and ... ........

........ the door of the office opens. So step into Dabchick's office. 

Dabchick is busy cleaning his bookcase. At the bottom of the bookcase, near Mizuki, stand the Humanimal drink

Behind Mizuki is a stuffed bird with an Instant Camera. Talk to Dabchick .........

Mizuki shows Dabchick his business card and she asks him for the Humanimal Drink. 

Unfortunately ..... Dabchick does not want to give the drink because Phil's signature is not on the business card.

So Mizuki has to put Phil's signature on the business card in one way or another. 

Get the Signature of elephant Phil:

Travel back to the Cottage and enter again and talk to Mr. Spaghetti ....... 

Mizuki asks Spaghetti if he could ask elephant Phil to write his signature on the business card. But Spaghetti does not know how Phil should write his signature on the card ... with his trunk? Well .... this does not work like that ... there must be another way to get Phil's signature on the card. Go back to the 

Dark Alley

The Nark is still on guard here. In inventory combine the Potato with Phil's Signature and then give it to Narky and ........

Narky carves Phil's signature into the potato and returns it to Mizuki. 

Ok ... you now have a "potato stamp" of Phil's signature ...... now we need ink. 

Hey ...... didn't Mizuki told you that the oil in the oil can, in the lighthouse, has become as black as Indian ink?. So go back to the: 


Take the Potato Stamp from inventory and click on the Oil Can to get oil / ink.


Combine in inventory the "Oil Stamp" with Dabchick's Business card to stamp Phil's signature on it. 

Back now to the:

Dark alley 

Go to Dabchick in his office and show him the Stamped Business Card and ...

Dabchick still has some hesitation but then he's convinced and Mizuki may take the Humanimal. So grab that Humanimal bottle and also take the Instant Camera .............. 

with the instant camera Mizuki can now take photos of all "Humanimals" in the game, so take a photo right now from Dabchick. 


 Enter again and go to elephant Phil. Take the Humanimal drink from the inventory and click it on elephant Phil ......

.....But Philippus does not want the drink it and ...... Spaghetti tells that Phil does not need the drink but that he has let Mizuki get  the drink just for fun. 

Take a photo of the elephant  with the Instant Camera and .......

...... well ... elephant Phil appears half man to be half elephant. Click the photo away and ...... Spaghetti says that Mizuki better take  pictures of the old tree instead of Phil ...... the Old Tree is now available as a new location on the map. However, first travel back to the Lexington street where the house of the doll maker is. 

Lexington street 

The old sailor is still sitting against the curb. Take a picture of the old sailor and .......

 well ...... the old sailor is an invisible man. Now go back to the 

Dark Alley

 ....... The access to Dabchick's office is now closed with police tape and The Nark is gone. 

The Nark has  finally betrayed Dabchick to the police. Now travel through the map to the: 

Old Tree 

The Old Tree is on the edge of a frog pond. There are 2 owls in the tree and a scarecrow in front of the tree. 

To the left, behind the scarecrow, you can pick up some dry grass ..... Take that tuft of Dried Grass

Talk to the Scarecrow and the 2 Owls in the tree ...... both the scarecrow and the 2 owls have little to say. 

Take a photo of the scarecrow with the instant camera and .......... the scarecrow was once a bird. 

Walk, via the door cursor, a screen to the right ...... Mizuki then is at the other end of the frog pond. There are frogs in the pond and a water pump (Bamboo Clock) pumps water into the pond. There is a sign board on the bank. At the bottom of the screen a couple of bamboo sticks stick in the water and more to the right is a Bucket behind the bushes. 

Look at the frogs and look at the sign the board. Also check out the pump (Bamboo Clock)

Take a Bamboo Stick and take the Empty Bucket. Use the Empty Bucket on the water pump (Bamboo Clock) to fill the bucket with water. 

Go back to the Beach:


Fisherman is still in his wheelchair, lonely and shivering from the cold. Take the Dry Grass from the inventory and click it on the fire ........ 

Fischerman is grateful to Mizuki and there is a conversation about his mother. 

When the conversation is over, take a Photo of Fischerman with the instant camera and see ........ 

Fischerman turns out to be half fish / half human. Click the photo away and then give Fischerman the Humanimal drink and .....

.... well ...... Fischerman drinks the drink and then dives into the sea and ........... 

.... on the map a new location becomes available and that is Vanya's Cafe, on the city square. Fischerman is thus immersed in the sea. In the wheelchair lies the Hunting Knife of Fischerman and next to the wheelchair stand a red Jerry can with a green Funnel in it. Take the Hunting Knife and take the green Funnel

Double click on the pier, behind the wheelchair, to get back to Henry. At Henry, cut the anchor rope of the anchor with the Hunting Knife and .....

.......you get the Rope with Bag in inventory ..... Right click in inventory on the Rope with Bag to release the bag from the rope ...... the bag contains "Magic Pirates Tobacco". ..

Hey ...... doesn't Mizuki's tormentor, the old sailor,  want  tobacco for his pipe? So go back to Lexington Street and give the Tobacco Bag to the Old Sailor and ......

The Old Sailor disappears out Mizuki's life for good ... Maybe Mizuki can finally sleep peacefully for the night .. ..... Let's test this right away. Go back to the Apartment building and to Mizuki's flat on the 3rd floor ....... Oh ..... before you enter the building again you can read 2 new messages in the newsstand of the bookstore ...... about the Counselor and about the arrest of Dabchick.

 Back in Mizuki's flat you click with the magnifying glass cursor on her bed and ......

 Mizuki crawls into bed and goes to sleep .......

....... but Mizuki does not get a quiet sleep because she dreams and you end up in 

Mizuki's Dream:

Moriko stands among the trees. Walk to Moriko and go talk to her


 ........ While Mizuki is talking to Moriko, some other dream figures pass by ...... Moriko talks about her cats eating "numbers". 

2 trees past Moriko a Strange Device is on the ground ..... Take that Strange Device

Go  a screen to the left.  Between 2 trees hangs the "Wake Up" gong. On this screen we see the cats that Moriko was talking about. There are a total of 8 cats and they are just as divided on the screen as in the cat movie you watched in the movie room.  Walk to the second tree on the left. Then combine in inventory the Rope with the Strange Device to bind the rope to the device. Take the Strange Device out of inventory and then hang it on the 2nd tree from the left. 

When you have hung the strange device on the tree you will read that it is a Translator ..... Now Right Click on each of the 8 cats  and......... each cat meows and the translator translates the meow in digits .... You hear the translator say the number that belongs to the cat ......Note  down the position of each cat and the number that belong to the cats. 

When you have noted all the cats then left click on the "Wake-Up" gong to get out of the dream .......... Mizuki wakes up and dresses herself.

Travel back to the Counselor and go talk to her again .... 

Mizuki tells the Counselor about her dream and about Moriko who has committed suicide. Mizuki has received the Name Tag from Moriko and she has stored it in her safe, with her own name plate. The counselor wants Mizuki to pick up the name plate.......... Travel back to the: 

Apartment building: 

Go back inside and take the elevator to the 3rd floor and then the stairs to the 4th floor. Enter the Screening Room again .. The cat film is still running .... The film shows us the 8 cats from the dream and they are also at exactly the same position as in the dream. Do nothing ..... watch the movie ...... There are 3 cats who say something ...... and their numbers are the code for the small safe in Mizuki's flat ...... These are the cats who had the numbers 1, 4, 3 in the dream. 

Go to Mizuki's flat on the 3rd floor and zoom in on the small green Safe, with your gear cursor. 

The safe has 3 turn knobs and on each knob you see a black arrow. The code is 1, 4, 3 ....... 

  • Click the left knob until the yellow 1 mark is below the arrow. 
  • Then click the upper right knob until the yellow 4 mark is below the arrow. 
  • Then click the bottom Knob until the yellow 3 mark is below the arrow and ........

...... the safe opens but ........ the safe is empty .... there is nothing in it, so no name plates ........ 

Go back to the Counselor and talk to her again to tell her that the nameplates have disappeared ......


The Counselor is not surprised at this .... according to the Counselor, a super intelligent monkey stole the nameplates ..... Mizuki has to find that monkey. 

There are 2 new locations available on the map and those are "The Outskirts" and the "Junk Yard" 

Travel to the 


 in a fenced field stand a Soldier at a steering wheel that has been rammed into the ground. 

To the left you go to the frog pond and the Old Tree and to the right is the Junk Yard. flies are flying around the soldier 

Talk to the soldier and watch the flies and the ground....... 

When you watch the flies you hear Mizuki think that these flies fly around here because there is something hidden under the ground. Go a screen to the right, to the

Junk Yard:

 ..... A little dragon sits between the wreckage. A Rare Flower grows in the wreckage, underneath the dragon. The door of the car wreck is loose.

Take the Rare Flower ..... Look at the flower in inventory ..... the flower resembles an ice flower but it is not a real ice flower. Walk to the car door and then click several times on the door until the door breaks and falls to the floor. An antique pocket watch hangs on the door and you can take that now. Grab the antique Pocket Watch 

Once you have taken the antique pocket watch your map will be updated with the "Barbara Flower Shop" on the city square. Go there now

Barbara's Flower Shop:


Via the Map Mizuki enters right inside the flower shop of Barbara. Talk to Barbara ....... Barbara would like to have a very rare ice flower. There are 2 items here that Mizuki needs but she can not take them from Barbara yet ..... those 2 items are a Pack of Seed, from the basket on the table in the back of the store, and an Odor Analyzer, which is located in the bottom left corner. To get those 2 items, Mizuki has to give an ice flower to Barbara. Go back to the Apartment building (Home) and

At the front door of Mizuki's building we now meet street vendor Tiso Spencer .... Talk to Tiso and he will give a bottle of CooLiquid to Mizuki.

 Combine in inventory the CooLiquid with the Rare Flower and ...... You then have an Ice Flower

Go back to the Flower shop and give the Ice Flower  to Barbara .........

 Barbara cancels her trip to the North Pole right away but now Mizuki can take the stuff, so take a Bag of Seed from the basket that is on the table and take the Odor Analyzer 

Leave the flower shop and then enter Vanya's Cafe on the city square.

 Vanya's Cafe:

 Vanya is behind the bar. Lake Kubilus is sitting at the bar and Peter is sitting at a table. 

Vanya, Peter and Lake Kubilus are the 3 important people Mizuki has to talk to here. The other guests are not important.

 First, talk to Peter, who isn't happy. Peter is thirsty but he is broke so he asks if Mizuki wants to order a Peanut Punch for him. 

So go to the bar and talk to Vanya and do it twice in a row .... The first time Mizuki and Vanya talk about Vanya's music choice and the second time Mizuki orders the Peanut Punch for Peter ....... ... Vanya can no longer give Peter credit, so Mizuki has to pay for the Peanut Punch. Mizuki has no money but she has a nice antique pocket watch. So pay for the Peanut Punch with the Pocket Watch and ........ Vanya taps the Peanut Punch and she places it on the bar.

Take the glass Peanut Punch and ........automatically  Mizuki gives the Peanut Punch to Peter, who drinks it greedily but then has to puke ....... 

Peter's delicious vomit is on the table ..... Take the Flag from inventory and click the flag in Peter's Vomit to clean it op ....... 

Your screen is goes black, but we hear Mizuki mopping up the vomit and we hear that Peter runs out of the cafe. Peter is gone and in inventory you now have a Dirty Flag. Walk back to the bar and go talk to that guy Lake Kubilus now. Lake has been sent here by the government to track down the missing elephant Phil and he says he has installed various recording devices in and around the town ........Well .... this is interesting info for Mizuki . Travel back to the 

Old Tree: 

There is a translation device in the Old Tree. The thing hangs from the branch where the 2 owls are on. Talk to the Owls ...... Via the translation device Mizuki can now talk to the owls and tell them that a guy has hung the thing in the tree ..... that guy would be that Lake Kubilus. Take the Translation Device 

Go back to the: 


Look again through the Rat Hole,  behind the mailbox

Take the bag of Seed out of inventory and click on the empty Hole, in the bottom to put the seed into it 

The seed needs some scent and water. Go out of the rat hole and then take the Odor Analyzer from the inventory and click with it on the Rat hole to place the device in the grass. 

The tube of the odor machine hangs in the rat hole. The rat must be lured with a nice scent .... 

Take the Dirty Flag from inventory and put the flag in the odor device

Now click with your gear cursor on the Odor device to view the thing in close-up ....The device indicates that it is now spreading the smell of chicken and you have to change that because the flag has the smell of peanut butter. Click on the number button until "Peanut" appears in the display and then go out of the close-up 

Look into the Rat Hole again, via the magnifying glass cursor ...

.. The rat has appeared and is viewing the seed. Rat wants to water the seed with his watering can, but there is no water. 

We have to help Ratty man a bit. Stay in the rat hole. Combine the Bamboo Stick with the green Funnel in inventory .....


You put the funnel on the bamboo stick. Take the Bamboo / Funnel Stick from the inventory and click it on the watering can of the rat ......


Mizuki sticks the stick in the watering can and you automatically go out of the close-up and then return to the mailbox and the odor machine. The green funnel sticks out the hole. Take the water-filled Bucket out of inventory and then pour the water from the bucket through the green funnel and ............ 

through the funnel Mizuki fills the watering can of the rat with water and it immediately the rat sprays its garden with water ....... 

 a nice Bloody Mint plant grows and the top of the plant rises up out of the hole. Pick some Bloody Mint leaves

The bucket is still full of water so Mizuki keeps the bucket. Now enter the Cottage again and use the Translation Unit on elephant Phil. 

Mizuki puts the device next to Phil against the table. Now take the sand-filled Shell out of inventory and click it on Phil and ...... 

Mizuki asks if Phil can blow the sand out of the shell and via the translation device Phil understands this and he blows the shell clean and gives the thing back to Mizuki.

However, the translator is gone now. Now travel back to the soldier in the: 


Give the Shell to the soldier and ....... The soldier hears the rustling of the sea in the shell and he disappears.....

 Soldier and the steering wheel are gone but the soldier left his Baseball Bat behind. Take the Baseball Bat. Above the hole in the ground the flies are still flying around. Take the Empty Bottle from the inventory and click with it on the swarm flies to catch a few flies in the bottle.

Mizuki needs something to dig the hole further. Go 2 screens back to the left, to the:

 Old Tree: 

If you have not done it before, you will now talk 2 times with the Scarecrow ..... you will get an update in your diary.

If you have not taken a photo of the scarecrow then you  do that too now. Also talk to the 2 owls again. 

Take the Empty Bag from inventory and click on it with the scarecrow....The scarecrow puts the bag over his head. 

Put the bag on fire with the Matches and ..... 

The scarecrow goes up in smoke ...... 

The wooden body of the scarecrow turns out to be a Shovel. Take the Shovel

Go 2 screens back to the right and use the Shovel on the hole in the ground, where the soldier stood before and ....... 

Mizuki digs out the hole and this is then an entrance to the Sewer

dive through the hole and Mizuki lands in the: 


In the sewer, Mizuki meets Matt Hawkins, the Counselor's missing husband. Talk to him extensively .......

 Matt is stuck in the sewer and he says he can not go further into the sewer because there are  "evil forces" at work here.

You can go to the right and to the left. First move 1 screen to the left. Further left lies a stool ...... Try to grab the Stool but ......... 

Mizuki can not reach the stool because the "evil forces" prevent it and she walks back quickly. 

Behind Mizuki is a drawing  on the sewer's wall......Look at that Carved Painting ... 

Mizuki tells that the drawing "tells" about the historical conflict between the frogs and the giant worm and she thinks that the frogs in the frog pond know more about this

Go back to Matt and then yet another screen to the right and ....... a weird guy is sitting on the floor with his water pipe. A thick slab of mud hangs above the guy. Try to talk to the guy ... Mizuki needs the guy's pot, but the annoying guy turns out to be deaf and stupid, or he's just too arrogant to give Mizuki a reply. 

Well ..... .we have kindly asked him. ...... Take the Shovel out of inventory and then use it on the lump of mud on the ceiling and ...

.. the guy gets is buried in the mud. Take the Water pipe Pot 

Go back to Matt and then climb out of the sewer, via  the ladder. 

Back in the upper world you see that there is something in the heap of sand that Mizuki has dug out of the hole ..... 

It turns out to be a Jar and the soldiers Name plates. Take the jar and then the Soldier name Tags. 

Return to the Counselor and tell her you have found her husband in the sewer. 

Then travel back to the: 


Enter again and walk to the fireplace. Grab the Bloody Mind leaves from the inventory and click on the talking Moose Head,  hanging on the wall above the hearth ........ 

the Moose chews the leaves fine and spits the it on the floor......Take the Chewed Bloody Mint quack from the floor ......

Combine the Chewed Mint leaves in the inventory with the Water pipe Pot  and combine the full Bucket with the Water pipe Pot

Then combine the Water pipe pot with the Condenser and .. ..... Mizuki now has an Alambique

Travel back to the frog pond at the Old Tree. 

At the old tree you walk a screen to the right again,  to end up with the frogs in the pond. Talk to the frogs ....... Mizuki and the frogs understand each other now ...

listen to what the frogs say about their grandfather, the Super Frog, and how Mizuki can defeat the Black Force in the sewer. The frogs need the magic of the Super Frog ..... write down what the frogs tell about the battle ... they tell the number of frogs that are retired, the number of frogs that were Insulated, and the number of soldier frogs that Died and Battle. 

After this conversation there is a Magic Bottle, on the bank of the pond..... Take the Magic Bottle 

On the sign board, that stands here at the pond, you read that this is the "Pond of 200 frogs". Travel back to the: 

Dark Alley: Super Frog: 

In the trash can you now see 2 eyes ...... they are the eyes of Super Frog, who has hidden himself  in the trash can .....

Try to talk with Super Frog but he doesn't want to talk. Take the Bottle of Flies from inventory and click it on Super Frog and ......

well .....Super Froggy likes flies and he now comes out of the garbage can to talk with Mizuki

Super Frog says that Mizuki has to view his "Magic Menu" ..... Keep talking to Super Frog until that "Magic Menu" appears. 

This happens when Super Froggy has changes himself to his true form

It's  not really necessary but you can take a photo of Super frog, with the instant camera. 

Then zoom in on the "Magic Menu" via the magnifying glass cursor ....... a puzzle ..... On the left you see icons. On the right you see the numbers 0 to 9 and and see 6 squares. You can get 3 hints 

You have to get the right numbers and icons in the 6 squares by clicking on the numbers and pictograms and that must also be done in the right order 

The frogs have told you what you need to know to solve this puzzle and also the drawing in the sewer is part of the solution ....... but ok ..... here is the solution

  • In the lake there are 200 frogs. After the battle, 30 frogs retired. 
  • 20 frogs live separately and ........ there were 40 dead soldiers. 
  • The numbers that has to be in the top 3 boxes is therefore: 200- (30 + 20 + 40) = 110. 
  • The frog icon must be in the middle box.
  • The drawing in the sewer shows the battle between the frogs and the giant worm, so in the bottom 2 boxes you must put the sword  and the worm 

Click 2 times number 1, click number 0, click frog icon, click sword icon, click worm icon 

When you have you filled the 6 boxes then click the "V" to confirm your solution and .... you go out of the puzzle and Super Frog spits out the Magic Words. 

Catch the Magic Words with the Magic Bottle. The bottle is then a bottle of "Frog Magic"

Travel back to the frogs in the frog pond, via the Old Tree. Click with the bottle "Frog Magic" on the frogs in the pond and .......

The frogs now ensure that Mizuki will no longer suffer from the dark magic in the sewer. ..... 

Go to the right and then dive through the "soldiers hole" back into the sewer. 


 Back in the sewer you ignore that wacky Matt and you immediately walk to the left. 

You see the stool again .... Click again with your grip hand on the Stool and .........

...... because Mizuki is now protected by "Frog Magic" the black magic does not bother her. The black magic disappears. 

Click again on the Stool and ..... Mizuki continues to grab the stool

Mizuki stores the stool in inventory ..... the stool has no seat. Walk further to the left and ....... we have found the SNOW MONKEY 

Walk on to the monkey ....... the monkey flees into his tent ..... Look at the Waterhole .

Open the map and travel back to the: 

Old Tree: 

Where the scarecrow has stood is now a small hole in the ground. Take the Baseball Bat from inventory and use it on the hole to make the hole bigger 

Combined in inventory the Mirror with the Stool to place the mirror / lens in the stool 

Place the Stool over the just bigger dug hole


Now go back to the: 


Walk to the fire at the wheelchair . Take the Alambique out of inventory and click it on the fire. 

Then take the glass Jar from the inventory and click on the Alambique

Via the Alambique,  Mizuki heats the contents of the glass jar and she then has  a glass jar with Anesthetic

Return to the Outskirts and dive into the sewer again. 

Ending in the Sewer

Matt is now gone, probably back to his wife the Counselor. Go to the left, to the monkey, who has crawled out of his tent. Now talk to monkey

Keep talking with monkey, who says nothing, until you get the message that the diary has been updated ... then press "M" to read the update in the diary. 

Close the diary. Take the Anesthetic from inventory and click on the Snow Monkey ....

.. Mizuki pours the anesthetic in the water and monkey wants to talk to Mizuki ...... 

Monkey wants something in exchange for Mizuki's name, so give the Soldier Tags to Monkey 

Monkey and Mizuki dive into  Monkey's tent and there is a long conversation in which Monkey explains everything to Mizuki

Mizuki gets her name and her memory back but she has to do something for it ..... Mizuki takes a photo of Monkey .....

 Click the photo away and .....Mizuki goes back to the quarry and ..... 

This is the END of MEMORANDA .......Hope you've enjoyed it

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot