May 2022: Wallkthrough by Louis Koot

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You get a short summary of what has happened in the prologue Chapter that ends in the elevator where you have stepped in at the end of the prologue. 

The elevator descends but then stops due to a power failure. Here your Meridian 157 adventure continues with this Chapter 1

Elevator Shaft

Click on the hatch in the ceiling of the elevator to open up the hatch. 

Click again  in the now open hatch climb on top of the elevator.

You are standing on top of the elevator and you see the steel door of the next floor. Click the steel door to land and on the ledge .

A coin is lying on the ledge. Pick up the coin 

 Zoom in on the door panel / hatch and use the coin on both screws to get rid of those screws and then remove the cover

.........Behind the cover is a simple slider puzzle.

You have to bring the bolts A and B and C and D to the middle of there row by moving the other things out of the way. 

It's a simple slider puzzle and I won't give you a step by step solution

It must be like this, so study this screenshot to know what you must do

When you have solved the puzzle the doors go open, so step into the corridor and go one step forwards

Arrival Corridor

There's a blue cupboard on the left wall. Behind it, the passage to the left is inaccessible due to hot steam. 

 Zoom in the blue wall cupboard and click on it to know that you need a key to unlock it

On the right is a wooden box on the floor, the lid of which is fastened with nails. You need a tool to remove those nails

Open the steel door at the back of the hallway that gives access to an old mine.

To the right you can go to the machine room and to the left to the Power room and the Residence Area.

Go right and you enter a large cavernous hall where you will see the door of the Control  Room on the right. Go to the control room door en go inside

Control Room

 At the right wall stand a safe and 2 cupboard. At the back wall stand a desk with a computer on it. 

There's also a bulletin board on the back wall.  First go forward to the bulletin board.

The window in the left wall  has a blind but when you zoom in on it and then click the stick of the blind it won't go down. 

The blind is missing something to lower it completely

Under the bulletin board stand a "table" and on that "table" is a brush.  

Zoom in on the bulletin board and first take that  Brush to be sure that you won't forget to take the brush. 

The bulletin board contains a map. We learn from this map hat you are in the Transport District of FLARE.

Also click and read the other two documents that are on the board........I'm not going to write out all the text of each document or letter or diary in this game for you. Just have the patient to read through all that stuff yourself. The middle document on the bulletin board is a Staff protocol document and the other document is a To Do List.......Take a photo with your camera of that To Do List because you need this list to solve the bookcase puzzle here later on.

Step back from the bulletin board and then zoom in on the file cabinet that stand between the bulletin board and the computer desk. This top drawer is locked with a code lock that has 3 dials. You need to turn the arrow of each dial on the correct number but you don't know this code yet.

Step back and then go to the computer on the desk. Click the monitor to know that the computer has no power. 

Also notice the old fashion floppy drive that is connected with the computer 

Step back on open up the desk drawer and then look in the drawer. There's a metal box in the drawer. 

Pick it op to see the puzzle that's in the lid of the box. You cannot solve this yet, you need more info for this

Step back a few times and then go to the bookcases and the safe at the right wall The larger bookcase is missing 2 books, you need to find those missing books. Above the lower bookcase is a wall safe in the wall, but you need the computer to open up that safe. The big safe that's on the floor needs a code and you don't know that code yet need to go look for more clues, so click the back arrow and keep doing this until you're outside this control room again.

Then go forward through the cave to the entrance door of the Machine Room.

The Machine Room door is locked. You need a key card to open up the door. The key card box hangs beside the door on the wall

On the wooden box stand a table lamp. Zoom in on that table lamp to see that it has no light bulb in it

Click the back arrow until you are back in the divide hall and then go left to the Power Room cave

Under the Power Room sign is a cave in. Click inside that cave in to zoom in on it and then take the red Pliers that lies on a ledge.

Zoom in on the box that stand at the end. Click the box to know that you need to clean the front side of the box. 

So use your Brush on the box to wipe it clean

On the box you then see the solution of those 3 dials of the file cabinet in the control room. Use your camera to take a picture of it. The box shows the solution upside down, so use the turn arrows of your camera to turn your picture around to see the correct solution The dials must be set on 9, 3 and 5

Step back and then go 1 step further forwards through this cave and..... take the Cable that lies on a box

Walk on to the door of the Residential Area, witch is locked and you don't have the key yet. Look inside the iron crates......

Inside the left iron crate lies the pull rope of the window blind in the control room. You cannot take this pull rope now

Now go back to the other cave and enter the Control Room again

Zoom again in on the three dials of the filing cabinet and now set the dials to the correct numbers, as you saw them on the box in the Power Room cave

The top drawer goes open. First take the Tweezers that's in the drawer. Then pick up the yellow folder and look at all papers that are in the folder. There are 3 papers. You need to click the number tabs to see each paper. You don't need the text on the papers but you need to recognize the 3 watermarks that you see on the need this in a minute

Step back and then look inside the open drawer of the computer desk again en pick up that metal box that's in it again.

You can now solve this. You must put the 3 sliders on the correct symbols and these are the watermarks that you saw on the 3 papers from the yellow folder

When done the box goes open. Take the key that's inside the's the key for the blue cupboard in the corridor

So click the back arrow and keep doing that until you're back in the corridor with the locked blue cupboard and the wooden box.

Zoom in on the cupboard again and put the key into the keyhole and then open the cupboard. There's a puzzle inside but you cannot solve it now. 

Inside the cupboard door you'll find a knife. Take the knife

Step back and zoom in on the wooden chest again. 

Use the pliers on the chest to pull the nails out and then open the chest and take the light bulb out of the chest

Go back to the door of the Residence Area and when you're there zoom in on that metal crate again. 

Now use your Tweezers on the blind cord to fish it out of the crate

Use the back arrow to get back into the divide corridor and go right and back to the table lamp at the Machine Room door.

Zoom in on the lamp again and put the light bulb in the lamp. Then step back and look at the now burning lamp. 

On the lamp shade you now see a drawing. Take a picture of it because you need it to solve the puzzle that's inside the blue cupboard

Now go back to the Control Room. At the desk is a painting on the wall, you probably have looked at it already. Zoom in on that painting again

It's a nice painting and you're not a culture barbarian, but you need to cut this painting out of it's frame. So use the Knife on the painting to cut it out of the frame and.....You see another drawing. Take a picture of this drawing because it's part of the solution for the puzzle in the blue cupboard

Step back and go the window at the bulletin board. Zoom in on the window again and now click the pull cord on the  top right corner of the blind

Then click the pull cord to pull the blind all the way down and.....

.........on the blind is your 3rd drawing that's part of the solution for the puzzle in the blue cupboard so take a picture of it go back to that blue cupboard in the corridor and zoom in on it again.

The circle has 10 segments that you can press.

 You have to press 7 of the 10 segments and those are the 7 segments that have a dot on the 3 drawings 

Then only the bottom three segments remain un pressed.

When you have pressed the 7 segment then you have interrupted the steam that has blocked the entrance of the side room here. 

So step back and enter the side room now and take the 2 books that are on the shelf

Go back to the Control Room and zoom in on the bookcase again and place the 2 books between the other 3 books 

On the spines of the books you see a picture, fire, water, sail boat, lighthouse and a movie reel.

You now you have to put the books in the right order according to the instructions on the task list. 

So you have to swap the books into the correct order. 

Click a book and then click another book to make the 2 books swap places according the order on the To Do list

When you have put the books in the correct order then step back and zoom in on the safe's keypad.

 Note that a dark block is flashing. Enter a 1 for this moment. Then a dark block next to it starts to flash. Enter 1 again. 

The next blinking block is light, the fourth dark again and the fifth light again. That means that you have to fill in the black, black, white, black and white numbers of the books from left to right, so successively 2, 4, 6, 0, 9. First press C to reset and then enter this code followed by the Enter key T

The safe goes open an in it you find the key for the Residence area door, so take the key

Use the back arrow until you are back in the divide hall and then go left and to the Residence Area door.

Residence Area

 Use the key on the door and you enter the start hall of the residence area

On the left is a fan, on the right a door and in the back also a door. Look at the fan.......the vent grate is tightly fastened. 

Go through the door on the right......The corridor behind that door is flooded so you can't go on there now.

Step back to be back in the start hall and now go through the door at the back to enter the Residence Area. 

On the right is the game room, on the left it goes to the basement and straight ahead is the "living room" and the kitchen.

First go into the game room

Game Room

Prominent in the game room stand a pool table. Under the pool table stand a triangle. First take that Triangle

Behind the couch is a poster with instructions on the wall and there is also a score board on the wall 

Go look at the instructions that are on the wall above the couch. 

Note the spot on the pool table where you must place the white ball on and also note the number order of the balls in  the triangle

Step back and zoom in on the score board that's also on the wall. The score board is in fact a cupboard but you cannot open it now. 

On the door you read the initials of the pool players and at each initials there are 5 little holes.

Step back and now zoom in on the pool table. You are then standing at the long side of the pool table. 

Drag the triangle out your bag and place it on the pool table, some where at the right short side of the table. 

You need to find the pool balls

Step back a few times to be back in the corridor again and then go down to the basement

The blue door is the door of a storage room but it has a code lock. On the door you see a hint for that lock in the form of a "dart disc" and the pool ball triangle.

Go forwards to be around the corner. On the wall you see a wall safe. Zoom in on that wall safe. It has a puzzle. You see 12 blocks in 3 rows of 4 blocks each. All blocks are connected to their neighbors with rods. Each block has a light. When you press it turns on or off. But the neighboring lights also participate (the lights on the associated blocks). The goal is to get all the lights on.

There are all kinds of solutions, but the shortest route is:  press 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 5, 8. 

The safe goes open an in it is a rubber mallet, take the mallet 

Step back and then go forward to descent the stairs and to be at the end part of this basement. 

Here is a pump on the left and in the corner is a yellow generator. On the back wall is a control panel for the pump

Look at the's missing a part

Look at the yellow has no fuel and it isn't connected with the pump control panel

Look at the Pump Control Panel.....On top of the panel sits a green wooden triangular block.....
First take that green block

The Energy and Status lights on the panel are both lid. When you pull the switch, it immediately flips back. At the sockets it says 'Alternate', which means that the generator comprises a fuel engine that converts fossil energy into electrical energy and supplies alternating voltage for the pump. In addition to the sockets, you can open a flap behind which are two fuses. A third fuse is missing, so you need to put in a new fuse here. You'll have to come back here  a few times later, but for now click the back arrow until you're back in the corridor and then go forward to the "living room".

Living room

On the right stand a table and on that table stand a blue metal case. Zoom in on that blue metal case and look at the two locks of it

In the bookcase stand a red wooden cube that you need. So zoom in  on the bookcase and grab that red wooden cube. 

Open up the dust bin and then click in it to take a Diy Fuel note out of it. Read what is needed to make Diy Fuel

Step back and go the TV. Zoom in on the TV and then look at the dials of the TV....They are stuck. 

Open the 2 doors of the TV cabinet and then take the Darts that are in it

Step back as much as is needed to see the whole room again. Against the left wall stand a sofa, zoom in on the sofa and then click the cushion to reveal a wooden box where you have to put in 3 geometric figures . You have the triangle and the cube, so you still have to find the circle

Step back and go to the bar. In the front side of the bar you see a panel that's different then the rest. We do that panel later. Behind the bar is a dart tracker score list on the wall and in the cupboard you will find the pool billiard balls. First zoom in on that dart tracker list and take a picture of it with your camera. On this list you see the names of the people whose initials are also on the score board in the game room. You also see what the have scored, so you from there scores you can make out the order. The list already tell you that Tamma Owens has won

Step back and then zoom in on the cupboard that's behind the bar. You are then zoomed in on one of the cupboards glass doors and behind it you see a box with the billiard balls. The door is locked so smash the glass in with your rubber mallet and then take the billiard balls

Step back and then go through the kitchen door to enter the


On the left is the stove that you can look at. On the right is a cooking pot on the table. Take the Cooking Pot

Go to the back wall and turn left to be at the fridge. The fridge is locked with a chain and padlock so you need the key and you don't have it yet.  On the cupboard that hangs left of the fridge you see a panel with six domino stone. Look at those domino stones. To get this cupboard open you must change the value of the domino stones but you don't now the correct values yet.

Read the yellow note that is stuck on the you like hard boiled eggs?

Step back and then zoom in on the rack that stand against the other wall. In this rack you find the 3rd wooden's the blue wooden circle so grab it

Click the back arrow until you're back in the living room and then zoom in on that wooden box that's on the sofa. 

Now put your 3 wooden figures on the box and.....a drawer flips out and in it you see 3 domino stones with values. 

Take a picture of it or note down the values and there colors

Go back to the fridge in the kitchen and zoom in on those 6 domino stones panel again. 

Now click on each domino stone to chance there value to the values you saw on the stones in the wooden box

The cupboard opens up and inside is a pack of sugar, take the sugar

Use the back arrow to get back in the corridor where the game room is and enter the room again

Game Room

Zoom in on the score board cupboard again. 

Drag the darts out your bag and click them on the cupboard door with the holes. The darts will automatically end up in the top row.

Now you need to place a dart at each of the initials into the correct hole. The initials match the names you learned from the Dart Tracker list behind the bar. TO is Tamma Owens and she became first with 8 points so put an arrow on the bottom row far left = No 1.  Second was Ted Harvard with 6 points. Place an arrow on the second bottom row in the second hole from the left (No. 2). And so on according to the list

The cupboard door opens to reveal a dartboard with 10 'pie slices' in five different colors and the numbers 1 to 10 alongside.  

There is a key in the cupboard on the right. Take that Key.  

This dartboard is made op with "pie slices" that has different colors and the numbers 1 till 10. Take a picture of it

Step back and turn your attention to the pool table again. If all is correct then you have already put the triangle on the pool table. 

 Click the pool table, or the triangle, to zoom in on it again. Now drag your billiard balls to the triangle and then them inside the triangle.

The order in which the balls are placed inside the triangle doesn't match the order as shown on the wall poster above the sofa. 

So within the triangle arrangement the balls so that they match the number order as shown on that poster. 

Click a ball and then click another ball to swap places inside the triangle. 

Now find out for which numbers the balls and the 'pie slices' of the dartboard have the same color. 

That is so in ascending order for the numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 10.

Use the back arrow to leave the room and then go back to the blue door in the basement. Zoom in on that door and it's lock. The lock has 10 buttons that are places as a pyramid, just as the billiard balls inside the triangle. You can push every button in but you must only push in the buttons  1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 10 and then the door goes open

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May 2022: Wallkthrough by Louis Koot