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2022: Walkthrough by  Dick Leeuw

First you see what happened before .The train you were riding has crashed. The train is on its side, in the middle under the 2 windows you see a hatch

Open the hatch and take the saw and roll of bandages out of the red box.

You will see a new symbol in your inventory, with which you can combine objects in your inventory.

Zoom out and click on the large button/pipe, select the saw to cut the button.

Grab the button and click on the broken window, you are in a corridor.

On the right is a cupboard against the wall, click on the cupboard to open it.

You will see a puzzle, click on a piece and then another piece and they will switch places.

You now have to put the blocks in the right order so that 4 lamps are lit.

Now all the lights in the corridor are on.

Go forward 1x, on the right is a side corridor.

Enter the side corridor and go forward, on the right you will see a large cogwheel. .  

Zoom in on the center of the gears and you will see a few symbols, take a picture of them.

Zoom out and you see a staircase going down on the left. 

Click on the stairs but you do not go down because the space below is filled with a poisonous gas.

Click on the back arrow and continue through the hallway.

You will find a mine cart, zoom in on that cart and you will see that the cart is chained to the fender.

Zoom out and you will see a fork in the hallway, the right hallway has collapsed, and the left hallway is blocked by concrete blocks.

Go back to the main hallway and continue walking.

Go left to Storage 2, there you will see 2 containers..........

..........there you will see 2 containers...........

.........The right one is open so look inside it and take the thick branch.

Click on the lock of the left container, it is a puzzle lock and you need more information for that.

Go back 2x and then go to the right and you will enter a large hall

Right in front of you is a large column and on the left you see Storage 1 and on the right you see a wooden shack on stilts.

Go to the room under the wooden shed. On the left on the pole you see a semicircular device, here you need a lever.  

On the right is a chest with a padlock, look at the padlock and you will know what to look for the solution.  

Behind it is a rack with a pickaxe hanging in it, take the pickaxe.


1x back and then click on the round tank, next to it is a cupboard with a puzzle on the front.

There is fuel in the tank and you need a clue to solve the puzzle.

Go back 2x and then go into the corridor between Storage 1 and the column.

After a few clicks in the corridor you will see a blue cupboard on the right with a dark corridor next to it.

You can click on the lever on the side of the cupboard, but nothing happens.

Continue down the hallway and you will come to a wooden office, go inside.

Inside you see a table, an open cupboard and on the right a cupboard with a combination lock in the middle.

Zoom in on the lock, under the numbers you see the clue for the code. You have already found the gear, now find the rest.

There are a few blueprints on the table, click on the bottom one and you will find a clue to the solution of the padlock on the chest.

Note the order of the numbers.


Zoom out and then click on the table on the right, you will see a paper with lines.

Take a picture of it or make a drawing, you will need this later to open that one container.

Go back to Storage 1 and the large column. Go to the room under the wooden shed and then zoom in on the padlock.


On the blueprint you have seen how the buttons should be, only a piece of rail is broken.



5 to the center,

6-3-2-4-1 pass,

6 push through and 5 to the edge,

4 to the center

1-6-5 move forward

 4 slide to the edge

The chest will open, take the key from the chest. Also take the padlock.

Go back 2x and then go to the door of Storage 1.

Open your inventory and select the key, click on the door. You are then in Storage 1, on the left is a control panel on the wall.

A chain goes from this panel, through the ceiling to the right and there you see a hatch. Against the back wall is a work bench.

Zoom in on the work bench, take the bolt cutters that are on the table. Also note the order of the colors: red, green, blue and then yellow.

Zoom out and click on the panel on the left, turn the handle clockwise.

The chain drops down but the chain does not drop far enough. You cannot attach the chain to the hatch.

Go back 5 times and you are back at the first side corridor.

Go down the side corridor until you get to the minecart again.

Zoom in on the chain and select the bolt cutters in your inventory, click on the chain.

The cart drives forward a bit and you see a crowbar.Take the crowbar and also take the piece of chain.

Go back to the main hallway a few times and then go forward to Storage 1.  

Go inside and zoom in on the hatch.

Select the piece of chain and click the chain on the hook and the hatch, select the padlock and click on the chain.

The chain is now attached to the hatch.

Go to the panel and turn the lever counterclockwise and the hatch is now up.

Go down and you'll be in a storage room.On the right is a lever on a chest, take the lever.

Zoom in on the clock and write down the time: 10:00.

Go back up and outside, go to the room under the wooden shed. Select the lever and click on the semicircular device, pull the lever down.

Zoom out and go to the ladder that has now come down. Go up the ladder to the shack.

Zoom in on the bulletin board, there are 2 pieces of paper, zoom in further on each paper.

On 1 are the moon phases with numbers and on the other are symbols, these are numbers.

You've also seen these symbols on the large gear in the side corridor.

Then zoom in on the table, click on the book and take the blue card. You can also browse the book.

Go back down to the entrance of this cave, then go forward to the wooden office at the end of the hallway. Zoom in on the table and then click on the paper on the right of the table. Select the blue card and click on the card with lines. Slide the card until it is in the right place and in the hole of the blue card you see a pattern of lines. Copy this pattern, you need this to open the container in Storage 2.

Go back to the main corridor and then go left to Storage 2.

Zoom in on the lock of the left container.

Click on the orange bars to rotate them, you now have to make the pattern you saw in the hole of the blue card.

The container opens, there is a screwdriver on a box. Take the screwdriver.

Exit the container and open your inventory, click on the hammer + wrench to combine items.

Then click the roll of bandage and the thick branch to the left part, click on the hammer and on the right you will get a torch.

Now you need fuel for the torch. Go back 1x and then go to the right, go past the wooden shed to the barrel with fuel.

Next to it is a box with a colored panel, click on that panel.

In Storage 1 you saw the order of colors above the workbench: red green blue yellow.

Start on START and click on red-green-blue and then yellow, then the next red-green-blue-yellow and so on until you reach END.


Success? Then the panel opens, you see a pipe puzzle.

You must make a closed connection from the top left to the bottom right, there must not be any opening in the pipe.

If you have done everything right, the fuel will flow out of the tank.

Take the torch from your inventory and click on the fuel, click the torch back to the inventory.

Go back 2x, go forward into the corridor and you will come to the blue cupboard at the side corridor.

Zoom in on the blue cabinet and use the screwdriver to open the cabinet.

 If you now pull the lever down you will see sparks in the cupboard. 

Put the lever back up and take the torch from your inventory, put the torch in the blue cabinet and pull the lever down. 

You now have a burning torch.


Take the torch and click it to your inventory, now go down the side corridor. Thanks to the torch you can now see something.

You come to a large room, first click left in the opening, here you will find an ignition cord.


Go back and then click on the right side, you can just see a sign hanging: EXPLOSIVES.

The door is blocked with planks. Take the crowbar from your inventory and click with it on the planks and...... the door is now open.

Go inside, at the back of the cupboard you see a yellow shield, zoom in on it and you see on the shield: 33


Go back 1x and click on the box, you will see a puzzle on top of the box but you need something for that.

Go back to the blue cupboard and then go forward to the wooden office. Go to the cupboard against the wall and zoom in on the code lock. Left shield and clock = 33 + 10 = 43  On the right you see the gear wheel and a figure of the moon, on the gear you saw signs and according to the paper in the wooden shed: 10 and 8 + 5 = 23. The number 7 belongs to the shape of the moon, so on the right it becomes 23 7 = 16


Put these numbers on the code lock and the cupboard opens, there are wooden blocks on the shelf.

Take the cubes and go back to the blue cupboard, go back into the side corridor and go to the chest in EXPLOSIVES.

Zoom in on the box and then select the wooden blocks.

You now have to place the blocks in such a way that all dark squares are covered with a wooden block.

The chest opens and there is a barrel with TNT, take the barrel.

Now go back a few times until you reach the first side corridor.

Enter that hallway and walk past the minecart to the concrete blocks in the left hallway.

Place the barrel of TNT in front of the concrete blocks, take the ignition cord and click on the barrel.

Go back and you will then be at the entrance of that corridor, take the torch from your inventory and light the fuse.


After the explosion you go into the corridor, through a hole you will see another part of the corridor.

Go in there and walk to the back, in the wall next to the barrel you will see a pile of stones in an opening.

Take the pickaxe and hit the stones a few times, you will see a gas mask. Take the gas mask and click it to your inventory.

Go back until you get to the big cog.Turn to the left and.....

...... then take the gas mask from your inventory.

Now go down and walk through the poisonous gas, you will come to the next corridor where there is no gas.

 Walk further and you will see a door on the left with 12 colored lights.

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2022: Walkthrough by  Dick Leeuw