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2022: Walkthrough by  Dick Leeuw

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  First you see what happened before.

Walk forward on the metal walkway, on the left you see a door with a puzzle lock with 12 colored lamps.

If you click on a button, the color of the button changes, but you do not yet know what the color of the buttons should be.

  Walk further and go up the first stairs, on the right you see the entrance to a storage room.


  Enter the storage room  and take the saw that's hanging on the board.


  On the right is a cupboard with a closed compartment.

Click on that box and you will see 3 puzzles, zoom in on the left puzzle.


  You see light tiles and a few dark tiles. Click on a tile and hold down your mouse button, the tile will go dark, and now you have to go to the next tile. Keep your mouse button pressed and then make a path over all light tiles, you can only get 1x on each light tile. There are several possible solutions, if you did it right, the tiles will remain dark.


Do the same with the middle and right puzzle.

When you have solved all 3 puzzles, then the box opens, take the wrench that is there.


Go back 2x and go up the next stairs.


Straight ahead you see a blue sliding door and on the right is the Boiler room.


Go to the blue door and you will see a sign that the Flow Pressure must be at the correct value.

You can press the green button but the door will not open.

Go to the Boiler room, straight ahead you see 4 red turning wheels and you also see a pressure gauge.

You also see that 1 of the pipes is broken.


Zoom in on the turning wheels and try to get the pointer on the pressure gauge in the green area. This doesn't work, you have to repair the pipe first.  

Zoom out and then zoom in on the broken pipe. Select the wrench in your inventory and then click on the broken pipe.


The broken bend has disappeared and you will find a key there, take that key.


Zoom out 2x and then go to the red table that is on the right against the wall.


On top you see 12 buttons, you also see a drawer that is closed. Select the key and then click on the drawer, you can now slide it in and out.

Pull the drawer slightly forward and you will see colors on the top row of buttons: red-red-green-blue.

Pull the drawer further forward and you will see the colors on the middle row of buttons: blue-red-blue-green.


Pull the drawer even further forward and you will see colors on the bottom row of buttons: green-green-red-red.


There is a roll of duct tape in the drawer, take the roll of tape.

Go back a few times until you get to the door with the 12 buttons.

Zoom in on the buttons and give the buttons the correct color.

The door will open, go inside.

You enter a room with a semi-circular roof, there is also a ground floor.

Go over the right aisle, the left aisle is broken, to the door in the back.

Go inside and you will see a spotlight in front of a dirty window, a small part has been wiped clean.


Click on the spotlight and you will see that the power cable is broken

Zoom in on the break and then select the roll of tape, click on the break and the cable will be repaired.


The spotlight is now on.

Zoom out and then zoom in on the cabinet in the back and take the gear.


Go back to the beginning of the shed, there is a ladder going down.

In the back you see a barred gate and on the right hangs a cupboard on a pillar.

On this box you see a puzzle with lines, you have to make a pattern here, but which pattern?


Go to the barred gate, the gate is blocked with a plank. Select the saw and click on the plank, the plank will be sawn through.


Enter the dark room, on the right is a chest.

On top of the box you see 3 patterns, zoom in on the box and draw the patterns.

Go back to the box on the pillar, you now have to imitate those patterns here.


If you have done this correctly, the cabinet will open, take the bottle with cleaning agent.


Go back up and then go to the left path, this path is broken. There is a cleaning cloth on the railing, take the cloth.


Go back to the pen at the back via the right walkway, go to the dirty window.

Spray the cleaner on the window and then wipe the window with the cloth.


Go back down to the dark room with the chest, now there is more light in the room.


Click on the boxes on the left and then climb through the broken window.


Go through the door and you are on the balcony on the left. Take the pipe bend, which is on the chest.


Go back a few times until you are outside the shed. Then go up the stairs to the Boiler room.


Zoom in on the broken pipe and then put the new bend in the right place.


Zoom out and then zoom in on the turning wheels, now you can get the pointer in the green area: 3, 2, -1, 3.


Then go to the blue sliding door and press the green button and the door will open.


Go right into the tunnel, on the right you will see a cupboard with a door of sturdy mesh.

The cabinet is locked with a padlock.

Zoom out and turn and continue into the corridor, there is a box on the wall on the left.

The box is connected with a thick cable that continues into the dark hallway.


Click on the box, you see 12 buttons with geometric figures. Also see 3 colored buttons, you can move these buttons.

Go back 2x and you are again at the sliding door, now go to the left.

Go forward 1x and you are at a fork, you will see a traffic light in the middle.


Go forward 2x in the left tunnel, on the left is a container past the container you see that the bridge has collapsed.


Zoom in on the container, you will see a door and next to it a hatch. You cannot open the door and hatch now.


Go back to the fork with the traffic light and now enter the right tunnel.

Go forward 1x and you will see a broken tube where oil is leaking, zoom in on the liquid on the ground.


Zoom out and continue into the hallway, there is a hut on the left.

The corridor is closed with a gate and behind the gate you see a manhole cover in the floor.


Enter the hut, you will see the panel of the gate control. You see that you are missing a few cogs.


The control panel for the traffic light is on the desk, zoom in on that panel.

On the left you see the lights of the traffic light, in the middle you see a round disc divided into four.

Number the fourths from top left to bottom right as 1 to 4.


Press the red button and you will see a number of segments light up one after the other, note the order: 1-2-4-2-4. Click on the segments in this order and the first white lamp will light up. Press the red button again and now you see the segments light up in a different order, note the order: 1-4-1-3-2-4. Click on the segments in this order and white lamp 2 will turn on. Press the red button again and you will see another sequence, note the sequence: 3-4-1-2-4-1-3. Click on the segments in this order and the third white lamp will turn on.


The lights on the traffic light now work: green-yellow-red.


Go back to the fork and zoom in on the traffic light, you will see a different symbol on each colored lamp.

Write down those symbols and the color.


Now go back to the sliding door and then go into the right corridor again, there is the cupboard with the symbols and the colored buttons.


You now have to put those buttons in the right place, to the left and right of a button there must be symbols that are part of the figure on the lamp in question. The red button should be in the middle of the middle row, green should be on the left of the bottom row and yellow on the right of the bottom row.


You hear a sound, zoom out and you see that the light in the rest of the tunnel is now on.


Walk further through the now lit corridor, on the right is an excavator. On the left you see a bucket, take the bucket.


Zoom in on the cabin and take the keys from the dashboard

Go back 1x and then zoom in on the side of the excavator.

You see a hatch but you can't open it now, in the middle you see 2 squares.


Zoom in on those squares, you will see a number of squares and rectangles with dots.

You can click on the dots and then the number of dots changes, you need more info here.


Go back to the beginning of this side of the tunnel, zoom in on the closet with the gate.

Open the padlock with the keys, take the binoculars that are there.

Zoom out and go back 1x, then enter the left tunnel. At the traffic light, enter the left tunnel.


Walk until you can't go any further, take the binoculars and click on the pick-up truck that is there.


You have to look for the number plate of the truck and it says BUGGY.

Go back to the traffic light, zoom in on the oil flowing out of the pipe. Take the bucket and then click on oil, the bucket will be filled.


Zoom out and go back to the left corridor, go to the container and zoom in on the door.

Take the bucket with oil and click on the lever, the lever is lubricated and now the door will open.


Go to the cupboard in the back of the container.


You need a code for the padlock, on the cupboard you can read: What is the nickname of the old blue pick-up?

Zoom in on the padlock and enter: BUGGY and the cupboard will open.


Take the gear and from the box also take the UV lamp.


Go to the desk. There is a magnet on the desk, take the magnet.


A map of the tunnel system hangs on the wall and there is also a clipboard on the desk.

You can read the report on the clipboard.

Take the lamp from the desk lamp and then take the UV lamp, click on the desk lamp.

You now see an image on the wall, take a picture of it.


Go outside and then click on the hatch next to the door, with the magnet you can now slide the bar upwards.

The hatch opens, take the gear. You see red and blue tubes, on tubes you see numbers from 1 to 6.

This is the clue to the puzzle on the side of the excavator.


Go back to the sliding door and then go into the right tunnel to the digger.


Zoom in on the puzzle on the side of the excavator


  For the left side you have to look at the red tubes, look at the arrows and the numbers.

For the right part of the puzzle you have to look at the blue tubes.


  See this screenshot for the solution.  

  The puzzle slides away and there you will find another gear, take the gear.

Go back to the beginning of this tunnel and then into the left tunnel. At the traffic light, enter the tunnel on the right and enter the hut.


Click on the board on the wall, click on the green button and watch the wheels turn.


You have to make sure that the 2 red gears start to rotate. Now you have to put the 4 gears in the right place.


Click on the green button and the gate will be opened.

Walk through the gate to the manhole cover, you see the 4 buttons and the drawing in the middle (you took a picture of this).


Now put the buttons in the right place and the lid will open.

You have to turn the photo so that the symbol in the middle is the same as on the manhole cover.


Click in the opening and you will enter the sewer system.


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2022: Walkthrough by  Dick Leeuw