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2022: Walkthrough by  Dick Leeuw en Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw. Screenshots and this English translation by Louis Koot

Page 1

Outside the Lambda Complex

You are standing in front of the big door of Lambda, there is a big hole in that door

Before entering through the hole, go back 1x. You will then see the back of the car you drove up to here.

Click on the trunk lid of the car to open the trunk and then zoom in on the trunk

Take the jumper cable that is in the trunk.

Click the exit arrow a few times and go forward again to the hole in the large steel door and now step through the hole through the hole inside

Lambda Complex

1e Floor

You are in the dark tunnel of the Lambda complex. On the right you see a box with 3 cables, 1 of the cables is broken.

You need to fix the cable so that the lights in the Hallway come on.Click the box and then take the wrench that is here on the box

Then select the jumper cable in your inventory and then click on the cable that is broken

The light in the Hallway is now on, on the left you see a green cupboard.

Zoom in on that cupboard and then click on the door. The door of the cupboard is stuck in the ice.

Step back and continue through the Hallway, on the right is a concrete office with the door locked.

On the right you also see a weighing platform with 2 meters: for kilograms and for grams.

On the plateau are outlines of 5 shapes. You have to find these 5 shapes and then place them here on this plateau

Step back and continue down the Hallway and you will come to a large Halll where you will find the main entrance.

On the left you see a truck on a bridge, on the right you see a door.

Right in front of you you see the MAIN ENTRANCE with a small blue box to the right of it and aginst the wall you see 3 racks with boxes.

First walk further to the main entrance and then click on that blue box

The Main Entrance door is locked and you need a special key to open the locker.

Step back and then click on the boxes. You see light and dark boxes.

Take a picture of the pattern of the light and dark boxes, you need this for a puzzle that you have to solve in a moment.

To the right against the wall is another rack, here you will find a gas tank. Get the gas tank.

Step back and go to the truck now,

......the rim of the rear wheel has the same circumference as 1 of the shapes on the weighing platform.

With the wrench you now have you can't grab the rim.

The door of the back of the truck is of course locked, but on the door you see a lock consisting of 2 cylinders with a pattern

But of course this is not the correct pattern and you can't solve this puzzle just yet.

Step back and go through the door next to the truck, you'll come to a train platform. You would have arrived here by train if you hadn't crashed

Via the ladder you can reach the rails and there you see a hatch that can slide, but the hatch is rusted shut.

Go back to the platform and go to the door with a panel. The door is of course locked.

You have to open this door by solving the puzzle on the panel. Click on the panel and you will see 3 blocks with 8 light boxes, if you click on a box this box will become dark for a while. You now need the pattern of the boxes in the racks, at the third rack 2 boxes have fallen.

The dark box fell last so it should be on the left in the rack, the light should be on the right in the rack. You now have to move over the squares in a block with the left mouse button pressed, the blocks become dark and if you go over the square again they become light again. You now have to copy this pattern per block of 8 squares, after which you can release the mouse button. Then the next block of 8.

If you have all 3 blocks correctly, the door will open.

You come into a corridor, on the left is a lower room with water in it, you can't enter that room yet.

So step back into the Hallway and go through the next door...you'll end up in a supply room

you see 2 racks and in the front rack is a pipe bend. Grab that pipe bend from the front rack

After you've taken that pipebend, continue to the back.

To the right against the wall hangs a key cabinet with a special lock. Zoom in on that key box

You see 11 blocks and 12 boxes, at the top left you see a blue button and that button has to go through the blocks to the lock on the top right.

You cannot move the 2 red/pink blocks.

On this screenshot you can see the solution, you have to first slide the right block in the middle row up.

When you have the blue button in the top right lock, the cover of the box will fall to the floor, take the key from the box

This is the key for the concrete office at the weighing platform so now click the back step arrow until you are back at that office.

Then select the key in inventory and then click twice on the door of the office and .....

You are then inside the office. In the cupboard, on the left, is a pipe wrench

Take the pipe wrench from the cupboard, this key fits on the blue box at the main entrance.

Step back and go to the desk and zoom in on it

There is a report on the desk and you can read this in its entirety by sliding it up, but the report does not make you any wiser.

Open the top drawer of the desk, in it you will find a nozzle for a burner. Take the nozzle piece and ....

... ....you the see a drawing, take a picture of the pattern you see on the drawing.

Turn the photo in the camera because you have to recreate this pattern in reverse in a moment

Step back and then open the closet.

Zoom in on the clothes that are hanging in the closet and slide the clothes to the side and you will see a pattern again, take a picture of this too.

Go back to the truck, click on the lock on the back door.

You must make the reverse pattern from the closet on the left en on the right you must make the pattern from the drawer

It must be like this......

If you've got both patterns right, you'll end up in the back of the truck

In the cargo area you will find a pair of rubber boots and a ladder. Take the ladder and get the rubber boots

Use the exit arrow a few times and then go forward to the large MAIN ENTRANCE door and zoom in again on the blue box next to the main entrance door.

You can open this box with the pipe wrench from the concrete office. You see a combination lock with an image of a weight. You have to enter a 4-digit number, but you don't know this number yet. Turn around and go back to the train platform. High left of the door you can see a fan in the pipework. You can't reach it but.....

Select the ladder and click on the fan. Then click on the ladder/fan to climb up to the fan.

Then click on the grid and then on the fan blades to store the fan blades in your inventory.

Step back and then go through the door again and in the Hallway go left again to the lower "water chamber.

Thanks to the boots, you can now enter that room.

On the left in the rack is a wheel wrench. Click on the rack and then grab the wheel wrench

Step back and then go to the tubes in the back of the room. There is a valve in the vertical pipe, but it is screwed with nuts

Select the wrench and click on the nuts.

Now you can grab the valve and take it with you

Use the return arrow to return to the truck and zoom in on the wheel rim again. Select the wheel wrench and click on the rim to store it in your inventory

Step back. Open your inventory and click on your combine tool and now combine the gas tank with the nozzle and you then have a gas burner.

Now go all the way back to the entrance of Lambda, to the green cupboard in the ice. Zoom in on this "icy" cupboard again

Select the burner and click on the latch of the cupboard, the ice will melt and the green cupboard can now be opened.


Click on the latch again to open the cabinet. Take the jar of grease and the pipe piece from the cupboard

Go back to the train platform and click on the ladder to descend to the hatch between the rail

Zoom in on the hatch and select the jar of grease and click on the hatch between the rails, now you can slide the hatch open.

Click on the latch and then slide the hatch open to the left.

You will see 3 gears in the hatch hole. Zoom in on the gears...

There are 3 gears with a segment out, you have to turn the 2 levers until the segments together form a circle.

You have to turn 1 of the gears with a lever completely at least a few times before you can make the circle.

Then you can grab the gear that appears in the circle

Now go all the way back to the weighing platform, in the 1th corridor in front of the concrete office and zoom in again

Combine the pipe bend, valve and piece of pipe in your inventory.

Now you have all the objects depicted on the weighing platform. Place the objects on the platform and zoom out

Zoom in on the 2 meters and in close-up you see that the weight is 46.29 kg. The code for the number box at the MAINENTRANCE gate is then 4629.

Zoom in again on the plateau and take the pipe with the bend back because you will need this in the next part.

Go back to the blue box at the main entrance. Zoom in on it.

You have already opened the box before, so zoom in on the number pad and enter the code 4629 and confirm this by clicking the "V" button and ......

Beyond the Main Entrance Door

.....the big door slides up. Go forward and you will see a door of the Security room on the right.

However, this door is locked and you need a code card to open the door. Past that door the Hallway continues to the right so go around the corner too. On the left is a table. Zoom in on the table. On the table you see a drawing of 30 squares containing geometric figures. There are 4 shapes: square, triangle, circle, diamond.

A little further is a baggage scanner, you will come back here later to use this scanner.

Go through the scanner gate and continue down the Hallway. Right in front of you you see the door of a Supply Room, but it is locked.

The Hallway continues to the left.

So turn left around the corner. A map of this floor hangs on the wall on the right.

View the map, the red asterisk is where you are now.

Continue down the Hallway. The corridor then splits to the right and to the left and straight ahead you will see the door of the Maintenance Room. The door is closed with a combination lock. First go to the left because you first need clues for the puzzles in the right corridor. On the left you see a small kitchen, go to the kitchen.

To the right is a sink, the tap knob is gone so you can't open the tap.

On the left is a metal box on the table and under the fluorescent lamp you see something on the wall.

Zoom in on the sink ..... You see a key in the drain of the sink.

Open the cupboard under the sink and then zoom in on the drain pipes.

Select the wrench and click on the gooseneck. However, the key does not fall out of the drain pipe yet.

Zoom out and zoom in on the metal box that is on the table. The lid of the chest has 8 colored circles but it lacks a rotary knob.

 Right in front of you on the wall you see vague parts of numbers / letters. You'll need a tool to tuck the plaster away to make those letters more visible.

Step back and continue down the Hallway, around the corner to the right, there is an ELEVATOR sign on the left.

Continue. On the left you see a box on a low cupboard. Zoom in on that box

it is a jigsaw puzzle box of 30 pieces. On the lid you see 6 boxes drawn which are numbered 1 to 6. Take a photo of it

Open the box and take out the puzzle pieces

Continue to follow the corridor and you will come to a door, according to the map this is the stairwell door.

Of course, the door is locked with a special lock. A little further you see that the corridor has collapsed.

Now go back to the table near the scanning device and zoom in on the table again.

Select the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and put them on the table and........

.....put the pieces in place, 6 pieces are missing.

Now divide the puzzle into 6 parts, as it is on the lid of the box ,and note which shape belongs to which number.

1 is a triangle, 2 is a square, 3 is a triangle, 4 is a rhombus, 5 is a circle . 6 is a circle.

Zoom out and go back through the corridor until the intersection at the maintenance door and now dive into the right -hand corridor

On the left there are 8 lockers with colored doors. Zoom in on those lockers. There are zodiac signs on the doors. You can click open the doors and in the lockers you will also see signs of the zodiac. Maybe it means nothing, but take photo's of both the outside and the inside of the lockers. In the locker at the bottom right there is a suitcase, take the suitcase.

Continue in the Hallway and ...... past the lockers, the Hallway is blocked. On the left you see a spot on the wall.

If you click on that wall spot you will read that the wall there is not solid. 

On the right you see a small metal cupboard in the wall. Zoom in on that cupboard and ......

..... click on the lock of the cupboard door ...... The lock consists of 6 tumblers.

In each tumbler you see geometric figures with dots. There are 6 figures with dots from 1 to 6. You cannot move the dots, but you can change the figures with the arrow buttons. So here you need the figures and numbers from the jigsaw puzzle, on the table near the scanner. Find the box with 1 dot,........according to the jigsaw puzzle 1 belongs to a triangle so change the shape into a triangle. Then find the box with 2 dots, that includes a square so change the shape into a square.

Do this for all boxes and the door will open. In the cupboard you will find a keycard.

Now go all the way back past the lugage scanner, to the Security office.

Zoom in on the security door and use the keycard on the keycard scanner to open the door.

You will automatically end up in the office. Immediately to the right you take the briefcase that you see there.

At the back you see the screen of the luggage scanner with a joystick in front of it and to the right of it you see 4 dark screens. Continue to the desk.

On the right there is a putty knife in the open cupboard. Also take this putty knife.

Zoom in on the desk. To the left of the joystick is the colored rotary button, take that rotary button.

Now go all the way back to the kitchen and zoom in on the box with the colored circles.

Drag the colored rotary knob to the box and you then have 3 colored rotary buttons, you can exchange these rotary buttons.

You now have to put the right rotary knob in the right place and then rotate the circles so that the colored areas have the same color as the color on the rotary knobs. The rotary knobs in this screenshot are the numbers 1, 2 and 3. You can interchange the 3 rotary knobs. You can rotate the 8 circles A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H so that the color segments per circle are positioned differently.

Can't give you a step by step solution for this.

You have to make sure that colored boxes in the circles have the same color as the colors on the rotary knobs, as in this screenshot

If you have solved this puzzle, the box will open and you will find the rotary knob of the tap in the box. Grab the tap knob

Go to the sink and zoom in on the tap and drag the tap knob to the tap.

You can turn on the tap but no water comes out. So that key that sticks in the drain is not coming out yet. 

Zoom out and then zoom in again on that spot on the back wall and select the putty knife. 

Click on the spot with the putty knife and ....... you will see inverted numbers

Take a photo of the numbers, so they are upside down.

Click on the flip button on the camera and you now have the code 82596 for the door of Maintenance.

Use the back step arrow to return to the Maintenance Door

Zoom in on the code lock of the door and enter code 82596 and then press the arrow button to confirm the code and ....

You will automatically end up in the Maintenance Corridor. To the left on the table is an extension cable.

Take the extension cable and continue to the back, on the left you see 3 thick pipes, each with a red handle, that come together. In the back wall you see a panel with pipe pieces. Zoom in on the thick pipes. On the 3 pipes are the flags of England, Russia and Japan, above that you see the flag of the United States and at that flag it says 6:00

You have to set the 3 red levers at a certain time but you don't know those times yet, so zoom out and then zoom in on that pipe panel in the back wall of the Hallway. Select the red pipe part in inventory and then click somewhere between the pipes to place your pipe part here

Now you need to connect the pipe pieces correctly. You cannot move the copper bends, but you can move the steel parts.

You need to make this a closed circuit and this screenshot shows you the solution

Once you've solved it, use the back-step arrow to return all the way to the Security office and re-enter

Go to the 4 dark screens. Select the extension cable and connect the power cable to the outlet under the screens.

You now see the times in the world cities, New York now has the same time as yours.

The time stamp does not go beyond 12 o'clock so 1 o'clock in the afternoon is noted as 1:00 and not as 13:00.

In Tokyo it is 1 hour later, in London it is 5 hours later and in Moscow it is 7 hours later.

Go back to Maintenance and go to the 3 big tubes.

The flag of the USA says 6:00 so Tokyo becomes 7:00, London becomes 11:00 and Moscow becomes 13:00 = 1:00.

Set the lever on the left tube to 11 o'clock, the lever on the middle tube to 1 o'clock and the lever on the right tube to 7 o'clock.

Now you can hear the water flowing. Go back to the kitchen and ....

........ turn on the tap.

The key will be flushed down, so step back and zoom in on the cabinet under the sink and take the key

Go back to the Supply Room and use the key from the sink on the door.

You go inside. Take the sledgehammer leaning against the rack on the left and go back out of the room.

Go back to the collapsed Hallway, past the lockers. Then select the sledgehammer and click on the weak spot in the left wall.

Crawl through the hole in the wall. You end up in an office

There is a diary on the desk that you can read. To the right under the desk is a cupboard with a panel with 2 x 4 spaces, here you see the signs of the zodiac, the same ones that are also on and in the lockers.. You can change the signs and you should do that but you are not sure which one to change yet

In the back left you see a dumbwaiter with a box next to it. On the right wall is a sign with on it the lockers in the Hallway

Go to the dumbwaiter . But it doesn't work now, the connection to the boxl is broken. 

Open the box and you will see 3x3 buttons and on the inside of the door you will see 9 images. Take a photo of those images

Zoom out and then click on the sign board on the right wall.

The solution of the locker puzzle is a matter of perspective, you have to open a number of doors.

So go back to the lockers in the Hallway. 

Zoom in on the lockers and close all doors if they are still open. On the board you have seen that, from above, 4 colors must open. At least 1 door of each color must be open. Seen from the left you can only see blue above and white below and seen from the right you can see blue above and green below. So only open the next 4 doors: the top blue door, the bottom white door, the bottom red door and the bottom green door

Now write down the zodiac signs that you now see, on the doors and inside the open lockers.

Go back through the hole in the wall to the panel, on the cupboard under the desk

now put the correct characters on the panel.

I only had to change the characters in boxes 1, 6, 7, 8 to the characters of the lockers whose doors I opened.

The rest were  all right already... The cupboard will then open. Grab the bag that's in it

You now have a briefcase a bag and a briefcase in your inventory. Now go back to the lugage scanner and place the suitcase in the scanner.

Enter Security again.

Zoom in on the monitor and joystick. Pull the joystick to the right......

You will see the suitcase in the monotor and you will see a red figure with a drawing of an hourglass in the middle. 

You have to move the joystick back and forth a bit to get that drawing right

Make a drawing of the figure ..... it's the drawing that is circled in yellow in the screenshot.

Then pull the joystick to the left, or right,  to make the suitcase disappear.

Go back to the luggage scanner and take the suitcase and now put the briefcase in the scanner.

Back to the monitor in Security. Use the joystick again to get the briefcase into the monitor where you will now see a blue figure. 

Move the joystick back and forth until you see a blue figure in the briefcase with a triangle in the middle with a stripe above it .... thus

Also make a drawing of this figure. Back to the baggage scanner and put the last bag in the scanner,

Back to Security inside and pull the joystick to the right again.

A green figure is created with a triangle in the middle with a line through it. Also make a drawing of this.

Now go down the left Hallway past the elevator to the door of the stairwell.

Zoom in on the lock of the door,

It is a hexagon and now you have to draw the 3 figures of the 3 scans in it but you can only go 1x over each line from corner to corner and to the middle

Number the vertices, and the center, as 1 to 7, as shown in this screenshot

You now see an hourglass in the middle (7) of the hexagon. So you must now make the the red figure in this hexagon .... you can only use each line piece once. Click on a corner point and then hold down your mouse button and then drag your cursor through the lines to the next corner point and so on until you have made the blue figure.

The Red Figure:

Click on 6 and then drag through the lines to 1, 2, 7, 5, 6, 7, 3, 2

If successful, the image in the middle will change into a triangle with a stripe above it.

You now have to draw the blue pattern on the hexagon.

The Blue Figure

from: 5, to 7, to 4, to 5, to 6, to 1, to 7, to 2, to 3, to 4

If successful, the drawing in the middle changes into a triangle with a line through it.

The Green Figure

5, 6, 7, 1, 4, 7, 1, 2, 7, 3, 4..... thus

The door of the stairwell now opens,

So step through the door and go up the stairs to the 2nd floor.

Then open the door above and step inside.

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2022: Walkthrough door Dick Leeuw en Louis Koot