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April 2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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On the Island

After 11 hours of sailing David has reach the island. The journey has consumed most of the fuel has been along the way.

It's already dark and David wants to sleep before exploring island, so click on the bed and......

......David goes to sleep and your screen gets blurred. When David wakes up some time later it is already light and he sees a shadow behind the window. Was that shadow for real or was it a dreamt? Before disembarking from the boat click the closet that stand at the foot of the bed. Open up the left door of the closet and then take the eraser that's inside the closet

Click the back arrow a few times to be outside on the deck of the boat. Then step onto the iron jetty and go forwards 1 time

You see an old rowing boat, lying on the right side of the path. There's a piece of rope in the row boat. Zoom in and take that piece of rope

Step back and go forwards over the path.....You go uphill and you reach the steel door of a cave / tunnel in the rocks. Zoom in the door which has a puzzle lock. There seems to be room for 3 concentric rings in the round recesses. You need to find those 3 rings and then place them on this door in order to open this door

Step back and go further along the path and you come at a crossroad. First take the right path to the Drawbridge

Follow the path further to the drawbridge. The drawbridge is up so you can't cross it now. 

You need to lower this damn bridge but you can't do this here

Step back a few times until you are back at the crossroad and then go forward over the left path and you'll reach the clearing with a shack at the foot of a mountain.

 In the mountain is a tunnel that is closed off with a fence which is locked with a chain

To the right is stand flagpole. Zoom in on that flagpole.  On the crate lies a crowbar.....Take the crowbar

On the flagpole is a box.....look at that flagpole box......it is missing a crank to lower or hoist the flag. You need to find that crank .

Step back and go to the shed. The door of the shed is locked from the inside. 

Left against the shed is the basement hatch. Click the basement hatch to zoom in on it.

The hatch is locked with to planks. Use the crowbar on one of the planks to remove them and then click the hatch to dive into the basement

Against the right wall  lies a yellow oxygen tank on a shelf. Zoom in and then take the oxygen tank

Go up the stairs and look at the iron box that stand behind the stairs....

......the box has a puzzle code where you must enter a 4 digit code......you will learn this code in a minute. 

Open the top left drawer of the desk. Inside the drawer is a letter but the text on it is scratched through.

 Use the eraser on the stain, making back and forth moves with the eraser to erase the stain completely. 

The number 5416 appears in red numbers. 

Step back and zoom in on the iron box again

Make the numbers 5, 4, 1, 6 on the puzzle lock of the box and....... 

......the box will go open. Take the cutter that's in the box.

Step back and then leave the shed through the door. Outside again go to the forwards to the locked fence of the tunnel. 

Use the cutter on the chain to cut it 

Click the fence to get into the tunnel and then follow the tunnel one step forwards. 

On the right side stand an oil drum. Look at that oil drum to know that is is full with oil.

Remember that this full oil drum is here and walk further forwards through the tunnel and you'll come to the entrance of a control room. 

Enter the control room

On the table you will find another iron box. Zoom in on that box. This box has a lock consisting of three numbers boxes and colours. 

You can change the numbers with the arrows above and below the numbers. With the left and right arrows you can change the colour of the boxes. There are five colour combinations. In each of the 3 boxes you can get the numbers 0 till 9, so the total number of possibilities colour / number combinations is 5000 and this is too much to simply try to find the right code by "trial and error", so you need more info. In the back right corner of the room is a control panel for the drawbridge. The panel has five levers. 

You can click each lever to four positions independently of each other. This is also to much possibilities to try to find the correct combination via "trial and error", so again you need more info. Click the back arrow a few times to leave this control room. Continue through the tunnel. Almost at the end of the tunnel there is a crank lying on a crate. Take the crank

Walk further to be outside the tunnel at the lighthouse. 

The door of the lighthouse is locked from the inside but the glass of the upper window is broken

You cannot enter the lighthouse now, so click the back arrow and keep ding this until you're back at the clearing with the shed and the flagpole

Zoom in on the flagpole again and then on the crank box of the flagpole. Place your just found crank into the crank box and.....

.........click the crank on the spot where it is stuck in the box and.......

.......The crank turns a few time to bring the flag down.

On the flag are a series of arrow drawn and on the top left corner is a key. First take that key

The white arrows on the flag give you the solution for the 5 levers in the control room.

 I won't bother you with an elaborated explanation to show you how clever I aim, but give you the solution right away in the control room. 

So go back into the tunnel and back to the control room.  Zoom in on the 5 levers again. 

There are 5 levers, A, B, C, D, E. You can click each lever on 4 positions. The positions are the lines 1, 2, 3, 4 between the levers.

You can determine which lever to click on which position via the white arrows on the flag. I'm not going to explain how you can determine this via those arrows, but will give you the solution right away. Click lever A to position 1, lever B to position 2, lever C to position 4, lever D to position 3 and lever E to position 2 and......You here yourself say "Looks Good" and......if everything is done correctly the drawbridge will be lowered now.

So use the back arrow to leave the control room and keep doing this until you are back at the crossroad. 

Then take the right path again to the drawbridge and see....the bridge is down now.

Go 1 step over the drawbridge and......On the wooden fence, on the right site, hangs a piece of hose. Take that piece of hose

Walk on over the path and you'll reach a tree house. Climb up the ladder to enter the tree house. 

Inside a telescope is looking out the window. On the table are some stuff that you need. 

First zoom in on the telescope and then click the back side of the thing to look through the telescope...... 

You don't see anything because the telescope is missing a lens......

you need to find that lens and then come back here to look through this telescope again

Step back and then zoom in on the table. On the table are three things of interest: a ring, a pair of hooks tied together, and a journal. 

Take the Ring......it's the first ring for the steel door of the cave / tunnel at the beginning of the path. You need the hooks too but if you try to take them you can't. You need to attach something on the hooks first. Open your back and then drag your rope to the hooks and click the rope on the hooks. With the rope you have now turned the hooks into a grappling hook. Now you can take the grappling hook, so take the grappling hook. You need it to get inside the lighthouse

When you have taken the Ring and the Grappling hook you can take some time to read through the diary. So take the Diary and reed through all the pages if you have the patience for it. You cannot take the diary with you, so when you're done reading click outside the diary to put it back on the table. You will come back here when you've found the lens, so lets go find that thing now. Use the back arrow a few times to go back to the crossroad and then take the left path again to the clearing and dive into the tunnel again. Follow the tunnel to the Lighthouse again

Zoom in on the lighthouse and then open your bag and drag and click the grappling hook to the broken window.

Then click in the window to climb into the lighthouse via the grappling hook rope

Inside the lighthouse you are then on the spiral stairs. First go all the way op to the top floor. 

Above the ladder is the closed hatch that give access to the lamp room. 

Zoom in on the hatch and then use the key, from the flag, in the keyhole to open up the hatch and......

...you are then in the lamp room. Go outside to be on the balcony and take your second Ring for the steel door, that stand on the balcony

Click the back arrow a couple of times until you're down on the ground floor of the lighthouse. The door is bolted with a wooden beam.

 Zoom in on the table and then take the telescope Lens that lies on the table

Step back and then click on the door to remove the wooden beam and then click the door again to leave the lighthouse

Via the back arrow go all the way back to the crossroad and then take the right path again to the tree house. 

Enter the tree house again and zoom in on the telescope again. Place the Lens on the telescope and then look through it again

You now have a sharper view when you look through the telescope. You can move the field of view with the cursor. Do that very systematically from top left to top right and then back a bit lower and so on until you have seen everything. Along the way you will see a red 9, a blue 3 and a yellow 2 on 3 bunker-like buildings......note this down, so note then the numbers and witch colour they have

When you have seen and noted down these 3 numbers then use the back arrow to get back on the crossroad. 

hen go forwards along the left path to the tunnel again Enter the tunnel and go to the Control Room.

Zoom again in on the box on the table and then on the number / colour lock of the box.

With the left and the right arrow you make sure that the left box is red, the middle box is blue and the right box is yellow. 

Then use the top and bottom arrows to get the 9 in the left box, the 3 in the middle box and the 2 in the right box

The box opens up and inside it you find the 3rd Ring for the metal door and a pare of scuba divers goggles. Take the ring and the goggles

Well....you are done in the tunnel, the lighthouse and the shed. Use the back arrow to go back to the crossroad and then further back to the steel door of the cave. Zoom in on the door and then take out your three rings, one by one, and click them on the circle that's on the door. There's n o order in to do this because each ring will click in place by itself

When you put all 3 rings on the door, the door goes open and you enter the F.L.A.R.E complex that's inside the mountain.

On the left wall stand a rack. Zoom in on the rack and then take the flashlight that lies on one of the shelves

Open the metal locker. Inside the locker hangs a wet suit. You need that suit but you cannot just take it.

 Click the yellow oxygen tank on the suit and do the same with the divers goggles and......

....then take the wet suit

Go further through the hall and.......The hall goes down but it is under water so just dive under and.....

.....you have put on the wet suit all by yourself and you are now under water. Click straight ahead to go forwards. 

Your way out of the water is straight ahead but first go into the left room.

There's a hand drill in the rack. You need that drill so take it

Click back and the go forward on the stairs and you come out of the water on the other site of the under water hall. 

At the end of this hall is the elevator. In the left wall is a hatch. Look at that hatch....it's rusted shut and you can't open it up now.

Step back and go to the elevator doors an d enter the elevator. Inside the elevator pull the lever down and...

...well....nothing....the elevator doesn't work

You need oil to oil that wall hatch here, so where did you see a full oil drum?. 

Click the back arrow and keep doing this until you are back outside on the forest path. 

Then go forwards to the crossroad and then further on to the clearing

Enter the tunnel and go to that oil drum. Zoom in on the oil drum.

Use the hand drill on the cap of the drum to drill a hole in it.

Then click with your jerry can on the drum to place the jerry can at the drum. The use the piece of hose on the drum

Via the hose you fill up the jerry can with oil. Take the filled jerry can and go back to the steel door of the F.L.A.R.E compound

Enter F.L.A.R.E again and go under water again and via the stairs back up again

Zoom again in on the hatch and use your filled jerry can on it. Then click the hatch to remove it

Inside the hatch is a slider puzzle that you must solve to get the elevator going. 

It's a simple slider so I won't give you a step by step solution because you can figure this one out yourself easy. You must bring the green E, at top left, to the two green blocks at middle right. They must connect. You move the red bears left/ right and up/ down to make room for the green E so you can move that thing to the 2 green blocks.

When done with the slider enter the elevator again and flip the lever down again and.......Now you go down with the elevator to enter Chapter One

The game goes on in Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. You can buy those chapters on STEAM

Meridian 157 Chapter 1

April 2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot