April 2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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You can buy Meridian 157 on STEAM. The game has 4 chapters, the Prologue chapter and the chapters 1, 2, and 3. 

The prologue chapter is for free to play on Steam but you must buy the other 3 chapters

You are David Zander, a forensic meteorologist. A storm has caused a power outage. You wake up next to your computer screen.  At the bottom left of the screen you see a downward pointing arrow, which makes you go back when you press it. When the arrow disappears you can't go further back. When you click on something, a box with thoughts of David regularly appears at the top of the screen, but don't worry after a few seconds it disappears again.

Press the arrow in the left corner twice.  Left of the exit door you see a hanging cupboard on the wall. In one of the boxes of that cupboard stand your photo camera an on one of the pegs hangs your inventory bag. Click on the hanging cupboard to zoom in on it. to the left of the door and 

Take the bag and the camera.  From now on you have your camera at the bottom left and your inventory bag at the bottom right in your screen.  Click on the bag and you will see an inventory of five fields that are, of course, now still empty. If you have collected more than five objects, you can slide with the arrow left or right to see the rest of the stuff you've collected. 

Click on the camera. The camera screen comes up and you see that there are no recordings on the memory card yet. Click the camera icon on the right to take your first picture. Each picture you make with the camera uses 5% of the memory card, so you can take 20 photos. Once you have made several pictures, you can move through this series with the arrow keys below the camera icon. You can delete a recording with the trash can icon. 

Note the the curved arrows icon at the top right of the camera screen. 

If you click on it, the recording will turn upside down and this function will come in handy on several occasions

This first picture that you just took with the camera will be of now use to you but it takes up 5% of the memory card, so it's best to delete this picture. Click outside the camera screen to put the camera back at bottom left. Click the back arrow to take one step back. On the back wall, at your desk, hangs a Bulletin board. Zoom in on the Bulletin board

The Calender tells you that it is August 2018. David's diploma tells you that he has graduated in 2011. A newspaper article describes strange weather patterns:

NB: I'm not going to write out all the letters, documents and other stuff that you should read in this game. Just read through all that damn  stuff yourself

Restore power

Click on the door and you are outside. Your accommodation is apparently some kind of steel container building. 

Sparks come from a fuse box on the left side. If you click that fuse box David will tell that It's too high to reach. 

Step back and you'll see the compound with your cabin and a wooden shed. On the right side of your cabin stand your jeep. 

On the left side you see a road sign that points to the beach.

Zoom in on the wooden shed, open the door and click with the cursor inside, but you thinks it is too dark to enter. 

Click on the jeep, but it's locked and you left the key lying around somewhere.

Step back and then click on, or at, the Beach sign and then go forwards to your boat that lies moored at the jetty

Jump on deck and click the door to enter the cabin of your boat

Click on the table. Your car key is on the table so take it

Click the back arrow until you are back on the cabin / shed/ jeep screen and zoom again in on the shed or the jeep. 

Click your bag to open the inventor. Drag the key out your inventory and click the key on your jeep and.....

You then sit inside your jeep, behind the steering wheel. Open your bag and drag your car key out and click it in the ignition key hole. 

Then click the key to start the car's engine and.....the head lights of the jeep now illuminate the shed.

Open up the clove compartment and then take the screwdriver that's inside it

Step out the jeep and enter the shed and take the ladder and the jerry can, witch is full with fuel

Step back and click on your cabin to zoom in on the left side of the cabin, where the fuse box is. 

Drag the ladder out of your bag and click it on the left side of the cabin to place the ladder under the fuse box

Click the fuse box to climb up the ladder. The cover of the fuse box is screwed with 4 screws. 

Drag the screwdriver to one of the screws and click to remove all 4 screws. Then click the cover to see the inside of the fuse box

Inside the fuse box you now must solve a puzzle to restore the power. It's a very simple click and turn puzzle.  

You must make red and blue connection between the two light on the left side to the 2 lights on the right side. When all 4 lamps are lid you've restore the power

Here is the solution

Step back and enter your cabin again and go to your desk

Click your computer screen to zoom in on it.  On the screen you see a flickering red circle.....Click that flickering red circle and......

.....you zoom in on that spot and it turns out to be an island in the ocean. In the grey screen you read the Latitude and the Longitude co÷rdinates of this island..... 

Note this down or use the camera to take a picture of it

Step back and go outside and go back to your boat, at the jetty. Enter your boat again and now go forwards to the pilot seat and the controls. 

Click on the co÷rdinates screen on the right site to zoom in on it

You now must enter the Latitude and the Longitude coordinates in the 2 boxes.

 If you have no trouble then a keyboard has come up and via this keyboard you can fill in the coordinates and then click the "Plot Course" button

BUG REPORT and how to work around the bug

But I did have troubles because that key board didn't came up for me......It's a pretty annoying bug in this game and it took me some time to figure out how to work around this bug and here is my solution for it

There's a bug here in the game that could cause that you don't get the keyboard up when you must enter the co÷rdinates.  If this happens with you then you can still enter the co÷rdinates by typing them in the Latitude and Longitude boxes using your own keyboard.

-Click with your cursor 1 x in the Latitude screen and then type in the correct coordinate on your own keyboard. 
-You don't see the numbers appear in the box, but that doesn't matter. 
-Click with your cursor 1 x in the Longitude screen and then carefully type in the correct Longitude coordinate on your own keyboard. 
-Again you won't see the numbers appear in the box.  
-Confirm the co÷rdinates by hitting the ENTER Key of your own keyboard.
-Then click the "Plot Course" button and If everything went well, you will now receive a message that the course has been set.

So when the coordinates are set go sit on your seat at the steering wheel and click the wheel and.......you sail away to that island, 400 km south of Alaska and it is an 11 hours trip

Page 2: On the Island

April 2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot