2020: walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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After downloading and unzipping the game you can play the game directly because there's no install needed.

 But before you start the game I strongly advice you to first set some things up via the Winsetup function in the game folder

The game plays well with all kinds of versions of Windows, including Windows 10.

 But via Winsetup you can choice the best screen resolution, the best rendering driver,  filter or whether you want it to play in full screen or in a window.

It's a matter of trying out what is the best option for you. Save your change

On the start screen click "New Game" to start playing.

We hear painter Richard Elmsted, the son of the beloved mayor of the city, Carl Elmsted.  

As mayor of the city Carl Elmsted tried to improve the situation of ordinary people in the City. But shortly after his election mayor Carl Elmsted was murdered.  

The murderer was quickly arrested, convicted and sent to prison. So the case of the murder of Richard's father was closed rather rapidly. However, Carl's son Richard is concerned about the details and decides to investigate further. His prime suspect? His father's political rival, Edward Raban. Throughout the investigation, Richard will discover that the truth behind the murder is hidden deep underground, deeper than he could have ever imagined. Richard wants to get help from Judy, his ex girlfriend,  in investigating his father's death. But Richard hasn't seen and talked to Judy for 6 years now.

Day one


We start in the living room of Richard while his daughter Patricia comes home from being away for a while.  After a brief conversation Patricia goes lying on the sofa.

If you hover over an active spot with your triangle mouse cursor, it will light up yellow. Right click on the active spots to hear Richards comments about it. Left click on items / active spots to pick it up and store it in the inventory

To open the main menu screen, click on the icon at the top right of your screen, or the ESC key on your keyboard. 

You can save your game at any time and any place you want. You open the inventory by clicking  the bag icon at the top left of the screen.

Right-click on objects in the inventory to hear Richard's comment about it.  Left click on items in inventory to take it out the inventory. Show objects in your inventory to the characters,  maybe they say something new and important about it.

When you're talking to people, keep talking until the conversation option disappears or until they repeat themselves, otherwise you will be missing certain important information.

Look around the room. Right click on everything where your cursor turn yellow on, to hear Richard's comments about it. On the painter easel stand an unfinished painting of one of Richard's arts students. In front of that easel stand a table with painting tools on it. Left click on that table to take a Paint Brush of it. In the middle of the room lies a pair of scissors on the floor. Take the scissors from the floor. On the left stand a low cabinet against the small wall. Left click on the doors of that cabinet to open it and....Richards finds his knife in the cabinet and he stores it in inventory. 

Patricia lies on the sofa, bored stiff. Left click Patricia to talk to here and then use all topics that you get. 

However, Patricia is quite a normal teenage girl, so she really doesn't want to talk seriously with her father

Richard want to call  his ex Judy now, so open up the inventory and right click on Richard's cell phone

The cell phone is then in your screen. Patricia and Judy are the only two contacts in Richard's phone right now. 

Patricia is selected, so click the down arrow to select Judy and the click the green phone button to call Judy

Judy doesn't sound too friendly, but then again....she hasn't heard from Richard in 6 years. However, she agrees that he visits her.

So Richard want to go to Judy now. Left click on the door and.....

The DESTINATIONS screen appears. Click on Judy and....

........we arrive at:

Judy's office

Richard automatically starts the conversation. Then choose the other options. 

Start with "Apologize" and use this until it's from the list.  Richard tells Judy why he left her and never got involved with other people. Judy thanks him for his honesty. Then ask Judy about "Herself" and then ask "Judy's Help". Judy is then willing to look up information for Richards. 

Judy once worked with the police and she can still access the data from here computer. So say that you want data about Edward Raban Richard wants to know more about his father's rival, Mayor Raban. But Judy says the killer has been arrested and that she wants more proof about Raban's involvement in the murder of Richard's father first.

Go outside and the Destinations screen appears again. No go to 

Father's office

Upon entering his father's office Richard firs looks out the window to speak a few words in remembrance of his dead father.  The desk of Richard's father stand in the middle of the room. The desk has 2 drawers. You can open both drawers put the top drawer is empty. So open up the bottom drawer and....Richards finds a bottle hydrogen peroxide and he stores it in inventory. 

There's a bookcase at the wall. Click in the bookcase and Richard finds an old telephone book and puts in inventory. 

Between the window and the door hangs a poster and a bookshelf on the wall.  Right click on the poster on the wall...it has a motto of Richard's father. Richard wonders why PEACE is written in capitals on the poster. Right click on the book shelf that's also on that wall. Then left click on that book shelf and......you see the 5 books that are on the shelf in close-up. The 5 books all have a title. 

You must rearrange the 5 books so that the first letters of the titles spell PEACE.  It's a simple swab puzzle. Left click with your hand on a book and hold down your mouse. Then slide the book left or right to another book and release your mouse button.  So from left to right the solution is Pride and Prejudice,  Electra, Animal farm, (the) Catcher in the rye,  (the) Elephant man

When done you go out of the close-up and you hear "Click". 

In the floor, in front of the big bookcase, one of the floor tiles has slide away revealing a secret compartment

Left click in that now open floor compartment and Richard takes a Sealed Envelope out of it and he wonders why his father has hide it here. 

Open the inventory and then right click on the sealed envelope to take some documents out of it. 

Right click on the documents and......Richard reads the documents

Richard's father had great plans for the city and he thought that he could get the money for his plans from corrupt politicians who have misused funds.  

Richard suspects that Raban had his father killed for this. 

Exit the office and go back to Judy's office.

Judy's office

Walk to Judy. Open the inventory. In inventory left click on the documents. T

he documents are then on your cursor, drag it down to go out the inventory and then click with the documents on Judy to show then to her. 

After the conversation Judy wants to help so ask her to do some research on Raban. Judy looks up Raban but Raban's data is classified, only the real Raban can access this data. Richard wants to investigate Raban's office, so Judy gives her access card to Richard which he can use to get into any building in the city. Leave Judy  and go to Raban's office.

Raban's office

Richard doesn't want talk with the receptionist girl because he fears the she might recognize him. Richard has to disguise himself.

Open the inventory and  combine the scissors with the paint brush to cut the bristles of the brush. 

Close the inventory. On the left wall stands a coffee machine. Take your money out the inventory and click it on the coffee machine. 

The machine spits out a cup of coffee. Right click on the coffee cup to here Richard's comments

There is extra sugar in the coffee. Left click the coffee cup to take it. 


Right next of the elevator is a radiator on the wall. Left click the radiator. The radiator is hot. 

Take the coffee cup from inventory and click it on the hot radiator and.... 

Richard puts the coffee cup on the radiator. Wait a few seconds and then right click the coffee cup. 

Because of the heat of the radiator the coffee in the cup has dried up. Now left click the coffee cup  and.....

In inventory you now have sticky dried up coffee with a lot of sugar. 

In inventory combine the paint brush hairs with the sticky dried coffee to make a fake mustache

Take the fake mustache out of inventory and then click it on Richard and.......Richard sticks the fake mustache on his face.

 Now that Richard has disguised himself with a fake mustache go talk with the reception girl. 

The girl wants to see an employee card, so take the access card from Judy out inventory and saw it to the receptionist girl and......

The girl then things then Richard is the famous painter Salvatore Dali, but that's okay...Richard now may use the elevator. 

So click on the elevator buttons, on the left of the elevator doors, to open up the elevator. Step into the elevator and.....

Richard calls Judy who then says that Raban's office is on the top floor. We then end up on the top floor. When Richard comes out of the elevator, he is in a hallway on the top floor where Raban's office is. At the door of Raban's office is a card scanner on the wall. There's also an  electrical breaker box for this floor on the wall. If you try to swipe Richard's access card through the card scanner you find out that his card doesn't work here. So Richard must find an other way to get in to Raban's office.

Left click the electrical breaker box to open it and then left click again to switch of the power on this floor. 

Now Richard can enter Raban's office so left click the office door to go in there. On Raban's desk you'll find Raban's smart phone. Take the smart phone

Richard wants Judy to look into Raban's phone. There's nothing else to do here, so leave the office and......someone is coming. 

Richards hides around the corner and overhears a conversation between two men who then turn on the electricity again. and then they leave

Enter the elevator and when Richards is down in the lobby again, exit the building and travel back to:


Talk to Judy about the men in the hallway and then about Edward's phone and then use the follow up topics also

In the 1980s, murders similar to those of Richard's father were committed by a secret criminal organization. Judy thinks the men in Raban's building  meant that organization and  she recommends that Richard visit the library to look some things up. Judy also says that the police and even the CIA haven't found no evidence that that organization exists.

Judy cannot do anything with Raban's smart phone. So she returns the phone to Richard. Leave Judy and now travel to the Library


A older man is reading a book at the table. The librarian sits behind her counter.  To the right a computer stand on a table.  Talk with the librarian and use all topics. Richard needs a library membership card in order to use the library computer. Richard doesn't have a library card and he also can't register as a new member now

Talk to the old man at the table and use all topics until there's nothing else to talk about. The man is looking for a woman who's name is Mary and therefore he has looked in all the phone books here at the library but he hasn't found that Mary yet. When the conversation is over give the Old Phone book to the old man and......

the old man finds his Mary in the old phonebook and he gives his library membership card to Richard. Click with the library card on the librarian and......

Richard may use the computer. So walk on to the computer and left click it to us it

Richard reads an old about article about detective Procter, who has investigated the 1980s murders

Give the library card back to the old man and then leave the library and go back to


Talk with Judy to ask her to find the address of detective Proctor. Judy find the address and writes it down for Richard. 

Leave Judy and travel to that Proctor guy

Richard arrives in the street where Proctor's house is. Left click on Proctor's door. 

Proctor doesn't open because he isn't feeling well and he asks if Richard can go to the pharmacy to get his pills.

Click to left or right arrow to leave the street and then go to the Pharmacy, via the Destination screen.


The woman pharmacist  stands behind the counter and a man is putting boxes through the window into a storage room. 

First go talk with the woman pharmacist behind the counter and ask here for the medicine of Proctor.

 But Richard needs a doctor's prescription to get the medicine. If you look carefully at the man you'll notice that there's a card sticking in the back pocket of his trousers. Go stand behind the man and then left click on that card that's in his trousers pocket to steal the card...It's an employees card. 

You can talk to the man, but he has nothing important to say and he isn't a nice guy. 

Show the just stolen employee card to the woman pharmacist and..........

Richard poses as an regional pharmacist inspector and he then gets the Heparin pills from her. Go outside and go back to Procter to return to his street


Knock on Proctor's door again and Procter lets Richard in and want's his pills. So take the Pills out of inventory and give them to Proctor......

Proctor immediately recovers and is grateful to Richard for saving his life. Proctor doesn't swallow all the pills, so he give the remaining pills back to Richard. When Richard and Proctor are sitting in the chairs, click on Proctor to talk with him and use all options you get

Proctor says that the murderer of Richard's father has already been found, but in the end he wants to help. Procter has never been able to prove the existence of an underground secret society that controls everything in the city and that kill everyone who steps out of line. But in spite Proctor has never been able to prove that such an organization exits he believes that it is true. Proctor mention a rumor about the existence of underground tunnels. Proctor also says that of the '80s murderers, only one of them has been arrested. However, that 'Crazy Mike' has completely gone crazy and only talks about aliens in incoherent sentences. Richard still wants to speak to that 'Crazy Mike".

When you're done talking with Proctor go out and then out of the street and then go to the Prison Hospital.

Prison Hospital:

Upon arriving the duty officer is behind the left counter. The right counter is closed..

Talk with the duty officer but he won't let you see that 'Crazy Mike' unless you're a psychiatrist or a police officer. So leave and go back to:


Talk to Judy again and ask her if she can make fake papers that will allow you to speak with that 'Crazy Mike'. A conversation follows and then Judy makes fake papers for Richard. Richard then finally tells Judy why he left her and didn't associate with others. Leave Judy and return to: 

The Prison Hospital: Crazy Mike

Give the fake papers you got from Judy to the duty officer. 

You now may visit and talk with 'Crazy Mike' who, according to the duty officer,  has been more coherent since they got him on his medications. Go to the right and then click on the bullet proof glass wall. Crazy Mike is behind the glass wall, so speak with him.  Introduce yourself and choose to be honest.   if you chose to lie, you will not receive any information from 'Crazy Mike' but you can then choose the honest option again Use all the option you get.

Crazy Mike is reluctant but cooperative and he tells about a murder assignment he carried out for a guy, who was all dressed in black. 

Mike has remembered the power and wealth of the group to witch that guy belong too.

Richard wants to investigate Mike's house for possible clues to the secret group Mike worked for. So go back to the duty officer and then leave the prison and go back to Judy. Ask Judy if she can look up Crazy Mike's home address. Judy looks it up and says the house is empty. No one has lived in it after Crazy Mike. Leave Judy and travel to Mike's apartment.

Crazy Mike's apartment:

Left click at the bricks in the wall, left next of the doorway. The wall sounds hollow.  A table stands at the windows. The table has 4 legs. Left click the table and.....

Richard kicks the table and one of the table legs breaks off. Take the table leg. 

Take the table leg out of inventory and click with it on the bricks of the wall and.....

Richard breaks the brick out of the wall. Left click in the hole and.......

Richards finds a Map. Look at the map in inventory (right click

 It's 's a map of the woods and it saws the way to a hut that was Crazy Mike's secret hiding place.  

Leave the room and....that Hut in the woods is now available, so go there now.


Go inside the hut  At the door stand a knitted basket, it almost looks as a small table. In the right corner is a shelving unit.

 In the shelving unit you find a dry wooden board, a small stick and a block of wax. A rug is on floor and left of that rug lies a piece of rope on the floor.

Take from the shelving unit the dry wooden board,  the wooden stick and the wax block. Take the rope that's on the floor. View the wax block in inventory....it's a solid block of wax. Left click the rug to remove the rug. A trap door is in the floor where the rug was. Open the trap door and then go down to the basement.

It's dark in the basement. You can just make out that there's a table against the left wall. 

On the table is something that Richard needs but if you click on the table Richard says that he can't see a thing because it's to dark here. So Richard needs to light up the cellar. Richard needs to make a candle and therefore he needs to melt the block of wax and he must do that here in the hut. Go back up via the ladder. Richard must make a fire now to melt the wax block. 

Take the wooden board out inventory and place it on the knitted basket / table, that's at the doorway. 

Then take the wooden stick from inventory and click with it on the table/  board and.......

.....as a regular boy scout Richards rubs and rubs and....starts a fire. Take the wax block from inventory and melt it in the fire and.....

You then have melted wax in inventory. Put the rope in the melted wax to make a candle with a wick. 

Take the candle from inventory and light it up in the fire.

Go down to the basement, through the trap door, and put your burning candle on the table and......

You now have some light shining on the table through the candle. Left click on the table and......  

Richard takes 2 papers with symbols from the table. View those two symbol papers in the inventory. 

Richard has never seen symbols like this before. Go up again via the ladder and leave the hut and then walk left to get the destination screen. 

Richard wants to now more about those symbols, so now go back to the


Back in the library show the two sheets of symbols to the librarian.

The librarian does not know the symbols on the small piece of paper but she says that the symbols on the large piece of paper are Sumerian. You could go back to Judy to ask here if she knows anything about the symbols, but that's a waste of time because Judy can't help with the symbols. So use the computer here in the library and....Richard finds information about a  Dr. Blake, who can translate Sumerian and is also a psychologist, historian and biologist.

Exit the library and visit Dr. Blake. He's in the University

 University: Dr. Blake

Richard automatically enters the university and he is then in a long hallway. 

On the left wall hangs a bulletin board, left of the swing doors.. On the right wall hangs an electrical breaker box. There are two messages on the bulletin board. Right click on each message. The small message is a "We don't need no education" message. The large paper is a note from a Bryan Kosloff with his telephone number, who offers help with biological research for a fee. His phone number ends up in your phone. 

Go through the swing doors and Richard meets Dr. Blake. Talk to him. Then show Blake, one by one, both symbol papers. 

Blake can not say anything about the smallest symbol paper other then it doesn't resembles any human language. Of  the large symbol paper Blake says that the language is very  old, but that the paper itself is not more then 50 years old. Blake really wants to know where Richard got it.  Richard  gives the parchment to Blake to translate it and he can come back to pick it up after 2 days. Richard doesn't trust this Blake guy

Leave the room and Richard will automatically call up Judy and ask here to check out Blake. 

 But Judy can't find any bad things about Blake but promises to keep an eye on Blake through the on-campus cameras.

 For example, she sees Blake drinking a cup of coffee with 4 lumps of sugar in it.

After this phone call with Jude Day 1 has come to an end and Richard wants to go to sleep. 

So leave the university and go home and......Richard goes to sleep and then we go on with.....

Metaphobia: Day two

2020: walkthrough by: Louis Koot