2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Crashed on a barren planet, with hardly any memory of the missions goal. Equipped only with her own apprehension. Tessa, a space explorer at the service of the Intergalactic Mining Corporation, tries to overcome this impossible situation and to escape this place alive. The broken ship will not provide her shelter for long. The only support she has got is a small analysis robot called C.O.R.E. and his few but helpful functions.

This is the beginning of a quest for fading hope. If she can not help herself and can not call for other people, she is lost.
Although her prison makes every effort to pretend its uninhabited, Tessa finds an old mining station between rocks and swamps which belongs to her employer. While exploring the old structure and trying to bring it back to life a bad feeling comes alive with it. This place does not look as if it was left orderly.

You start the game on the main menu screen where you can start the game, go to the options, continue your game and load your saved games

In the options menu you can set some options to your own preference

When you start the game it begins with an introduction video. 

A spaceship from the Intergalactic Mining Corporation zooms through space on its way to a mine on a remote planet. The spaceship grazes a meteorite along the way and crashes on the planet. Then we are in a hospital room where Tessa Carter wakes up from a coma. The hospital psychologist is also present and she asks if Tessa can still remember what happened that put her in a coma.

Tessa will now try to remember how she ended up in a coma and she tells this to the psychologist. The game now starts with Chapter 1: Day 1

Day 1: The Accident

Day 2: Survive

Day 3: Hope Day 4: Confusion Day 5: Departure

2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot