2018: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw en Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw. Screenshots and some additional remarks by: Louis Koot

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  Intro and The Round Room

  You stand on a path between the rocks, you can go forward and backward. Turn around and follow the path, there is a tree falling across the path and you cannot continue here.


  Turn around again and walk back to where you started and follow the path forward. The path bends to the right and continues along a river


  Follow the path to a fork ..... the path continues to the left and to the right ...... To the left the path goes to a gate and to the right the path leads to a cave.

  At the junction is a sign and that sign says: Moon Castle.


  First follow the path to the right, in the rock you will find a cave/room. Inside you turn to the left.


  On a shelf on the wall you see a few candles on the left, a glass ball in the middle and a sheet of paper on the right. Click on the paper and you will see an clue for the glass ball: click, 1 - 2 - 3 click.


 Click the paper away and then click on the glass ball, you will hear tapping. According to the instructions on the paper, click on the glass ball again after the 3rd tap.

X - - - X

  After the mist has dissolved you see an image in the glass bulb, Grim Reaper with the scythe.


  If you do not see the image of the Grim Reaper, then you have not clicked the ball again after the 3rd click. Then do it again

  Go outside again and go back to the junction, now follow the path to the right. You arrive at the gate to the garden of the castle.

  As soon as you approach the gate in de back will close, walk in and the other gate will also close.

  Turn around and you will see a box on the wall on the right and you will see a push button on the pole at the gate. Go to the button and press it, the box will open.

  You have to fill in words here, but whether you do it right or wrong doesn’t matter that much.

  You really do not know which words you have to fill in, so click in each row on some letters until you have a red cross with each row and keep repeating this until the floor slides away from under your feet .....

  Turn around and look down. You look into the depth


 You can jump down, go in the depth, or you can turn back to the cupboard to click on letters to get a red cross in each row so that the floor is completely pushed away. 

You will automatically crash down and .......... Your adventure in the Moon Castle will start now.

Chapter 1: Get into the Castle:

A: Get out the Round Room

  You have survived the fall and ended up in a round room, you stand for a photo / painting. That is a photo of the place where you have to go.

  Turn around, on the other side a cupboard hangs against the wall with 3 pushbuttons to the left, these are not yet active.


The Ball Machine puzzle 1

  Now first solve the puzzle in the cupboard, so go to that cupboard ........... on the right side you will see a red lamp and above it a green lamp.  

 The wall of this room is a rotating wall that has to rotate so that there is an open gate between the two pillars through which you can go outside. To the left of the cupboard there are 3 thick buttons on the wall ...... With those 3 thick buttons A, B, C you can turn the wall but those buttons are not yet activated. You have to activate those 3 buttons through the cabinet. The cabinet is a ball machine. Take a closer look at the cupboard.

Next to the red lamp you see 3 red buttons and on the left you see 3 white buttons, in between you see 6 balls.  

The red buttons are for you, the white ones are for the machine. If you press a red button a number of balls disappear. From bottom to top 1 - 2 -3, the machine picks up a pair of balls 1, 2 or 3. The intention is to let the machine take the last ball.

Later in the game you get 2 more of these puzzles but with more balls. At the 2nd you get an clue for the puzzle: 1 + 3 = 4, 2 + 2 = 4 and 3 + 1 = 4. So 4 is the magic number. You and the machine must take at least 1 ball and no more than 3 balls, so you can always make sure that the machine + you take away a total of 4 balls. This does not apply to other numbers.

You have to start at the end and then counting back to the starting point of the puzzle. You have to leave the last (golden) ball for the machine, add 4 to it and you get to 5. You have to leave 5 balls for the machine. There are now 6 balls and you can start so take 1 ball away by pressing the bottom red button. Rest 5, now it does not matter how many balls the machine picks up because you can ensure that only the last ball remains. The machine must then take the last ball, you win and the green lamp will light up. The 3 buttons to the left of the puzzle are now also active.

  This solution also applies to the other 2 puzzles, but there are more balls there. Add 4 more times than you know how many balls you have to leave each time: 1 + 4 = 5 + 4 = 9 + 4 = 13 + 4 = 17 + 4 = 21.


  There are 6 balls so take one away now by pressing the bottom red button, the machine will also take away. The machine can take a maximum of 3, then you can take away as many balls you need to let only the last ball remains for the machine.

The green light comes on and the 3 large push buttons A, B, C are now activated.

  Press the bottom button C and you will see the wall turning. Locate the buttons and the ball machine and go back again and press the bottom button C again, then a number of times on the middle button B until the openings coincide and you have a gray stone slab between the two pillars. Then press a number of times on the upper button A to turn the opening in the outer wall correctly.  

 B: Castle Gardens

  Go outside and you are in the garden of the castle. Walk forward, on the left you will see a large golden ball behind a fence.


  Right next to the fence is a board with 9 squares, here you can play a game of Tic Tac Toe, but you cannot win that yet. Try it but you cannot win.


  Walk to the tower, there is a note on the wall.

  Click on the note to read it.  

You must turn on the power and then press start. Fence opens when the ball is in the hole.

  To the right of the tower you see a walled space with a hole in the floor. Furthermore, you see 2 small posts, the front one has a fixed place and the one rear will slide.


    On the corner on the right you see a paper hanging and also a button in the wall. Go to the corner and click on the paper to read it. There are a number of stars on the paper, this is different in every game. With me it is now 5, with you that is a different number. This is an clue for starting the generator.

  Click the paper away and underneath there is a button, it is not yet active. Now search and start the generator. Turn around and walk back, keep left and walk to the gate with the yellow pillars. To the right of it you see a stone column with a sphere on it, behind this column you will find the generator.

  Press the button and the hatch opens, inside you will see a button. When you press that button, you can see flashes of light under the button.

  You must press and hold this button until you have seen as many flashes as there are stars on the note.


  With me that was 5 stars so I have to see 5 flashes and then release the button, if you did it right you hear the generator starting.

Metal ball puzzle

 Turn around and walk back to the tower,


  You now see the back pillar slide from left to right and back. If you click on the button below the note that pillar stops, a big metal ball will come down.


  It looks like a big pinball machine without flippers. The metal ball collide against that pillar and then roll down, the ball must come into the hole in the floor.


  If the ball does not disappear into the hole, the pillar will slide again, press the button again and a new ball will come. You can then try again to get the ball in the hole

 You have to put the back pillar in the right place and then roll the ball against it and then in a straight line to and in the hole. If you look at the hole you will see a number of tiles in front of it, in the row of tiles just to the right of the hole the pillar must be placed. It may be that you have to be a bit more to the left but you have to try that. Usually you have to do it a few times until it succeeds and the ball disappears into the hole.


  When you have managed to make the ball disappear through the hole you will earn points and ..... the gate in the wall will be open.


  Turn to the right and walk past the pond to the gate, you will see that the gate is now open.


  Go through the gate and turn to the left, to the right of the barrels you will see a note again.

  Click on it to read it, you will see a drawing of the device you saw in the round room at the beginning. You will also see an clue for this game: 1 + 3 = 4, 2 + 2 = 4, 3 + 1 = 4.


  Turn to the right and you will see several rails, also a pedestal with lamps and a push button. This is not yet active. In the left corner you see a staircase down, go there and go down.


    Follow the path until you reach a side path to the right. Go down the stairs and enter the room. Inside you turn to the right and there you see another device, but now with 11 balls.

Ball machine 2


  Press the middle red button to get 2 balls, 9 balls left. The machine now takes a number of balls: 1, 2 or 3.

You have to make sure that what the machine picks up and what you pick up next is 4, over 5 balls. For the next step the same applies:

 together 4 balls have to be removed, then only the last one remains for the device. Then you have won and the green light goes on.


    Go outside and follow the path further to the right, you will come to a gate with a round disc in the middle.

Press the button in the middle and the gate will raise. If you had not solved that  ball puzzle then this fence was still locked.

  Go up the stairs and you come to a square, on the left you see a room under the castle. Right in front of you is another staircase and on the right you see a gazebo.


  Go to the bench in the gazebo, there are 2 notes. These are instructions for the Disc puzzle in the room on the left.


  Read the 2 notes:

The left note says: When the two holes are aligned the button is revealed. The right note says: The back one twice then 2 times the front. The back again and front twice. Middle two times. Finally the back one

Disks puzzle

Click the notes away. you can now just go through but then you come to a locked gate. Turn around and walk to the room and enter.

Inside you see 3 discs on the wall. The front disc C has 3 holes and a push button in the middle, on the rear disc B you now see a push button and a hole. On the middle disk A you now only see a hole.

The 3 disks overlap, so you do not see all the holes on the disks A and B and not the push button that sticks on disk A, because that is now covered by disk C. You now have to combine the 2 notes and then execute them as follows:

  • Press the button on the rear disc B twice,

  • Then press the button twice on the front disc C.  

  • Press the button of the rear disc B once again,
    you do not see that button now but you can press it into a hole on the front disc C.

  • Press the button on front disc C twice again.

  • Press the button on the middle disc A twice.
    you cannot see this button either, but through a hole of disk C you can press it.

  • Finally press once on the button on the rear disc A, which is now visible and ......

  When you have pressed the buttons of the discs in the correct order, you will see a hole in the middle of the discs, these are actually 3 holes that coincide. You can now press a button on the wall in this hole, the disks will move apart.

You will see a note on the wall, click on it and you will see a code on it.  

It may be that there are more codes but I have 2 times the same, if there is another then you use that code that you see here.

  Click the note away and turn around, leave the room and go up the stairs on the left.


  At the top you come to a gate with 3 buttons next to it, here you have to enter the code you just found, among the 3 disks.

  Press the 3 buttons in the right order and the door opens. According to the code I got on the note under the discs this is: button 2, button 1, button 2, button 3, button 1


  If you have received a different code, you obviously use that code. The gate opens.


  Chapter 2: In the Castle

  2018: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw en Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw. Screenshots and some additional remarks by: Louis Koot